Early in the 2016 presidential campaign, Republicans in the United States were more likely than Democrats to value experience and a proven record in a presidential candidate. But that changed with the rise of political newcomer Donald Trump.

Today, nearly a third of Republicans say they like a political leader who has no previous government experience, compared with just 10% of Democrats, according to a survey conducted in July by Pew Research Center.

Among the public overall, 20% of U.S. adults say they like leaders without prior experience in government. A larger share, 36%, say they dislike such political leaders, while another 43% say they neither like nor dislike inexperienced political leaders.

Nearly half of Democrats hold negative views of political leaders without previous government experience, including 24% who dislike such leaders a lot. Republicans’ views are more divided. While 32% say they like political leaders with no prior government experience, 22% dislike them, and 46% neither like nor dislike such leaders.