America’s religious groups are deeply divided about President Joe Biden’s performance so far, just as they were about former President Donald Trump. In fact, Biden’s approval ratings today are nearly a mirror image of Trump’s four years ago.

Religious groups that tended to disapprove of Trump’s performance as president, including Hispanic Catholics, Black Protestants, and the religiously unaffiliated, mostly approve of Biden’s performance now. By contrast, groups that approved of Trump in his early days, primarily White evangelicals, now rate Biden negatively.

For example, seven-in-ten religiously unaffiliated adults say they approve of how Biden is handling the job of president, compared with three-quarters who said they disapproved of Trump’s performance in April 2017.

At the other end of the spectrum, three-quarters of White evangelical Protestants say they disapprove of Biden’s performance so far, which is about equal to the share who approved of Trump’s performance four years ago.