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Trends 2005

Report Cover: Trends 2005

What matters more in shaping partisanship – beliefs about national security or economic, social and religious values? What does church attendance have to do with electoral behavior? How much credibility has the media lost? Is the internet more mail pigeon than library? What percentage of the labor force will Hispanics make up in 2020? How many red states have blue governors, and vice versa? How far has anti-Americanism spread? To find answers in the Center’s new reference book, click on the headings below and read the chapters in PDF format.

The American Public: Opinions and Values in a 51%-48% Nation

Religion & Public Life: A Faith-Based Partisan Divide

Media: More Voices, Less Credibility

Internet: The Mainstreaming of Online Life

Hispanics: A People in Motion

The States: Policy Innovation Amid Fiscal Constraint

Global Opinion: The Spread of Anti-Americanism

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