Pew Research CenterNovember 20, 2006

Seeking Science in Cyberspace

A Pew Internet/Exploratorium project finds nearly 9-in-10 online users have researched a scientific topic or concept on the internet. Nearly three quarters (71%) of internet users say they turn to the internet for science news and information because it is convenient.

Pew Research CenterOctober 18, 2006

The Changing Landscape of American Public Education

Public school enrollment in the U.S. has risen sharply since the early 1990s, with Hispanic students accounting for about two-thirds of the increase. The growth has triggered a surge in new school construction, but two-thirds of the new facilities are not serving Hispanic students.

Pew Research CenterOctober 17, 2006

Who Are the Immigrants?

This Pew Hispanic Center statistical profile provides a detailed look at the foreign-born population in the United States.

With a foreign-born population of over 35 million, who are these immigrants and what do we know about them?

Pew Research CenterOctober 5, 2006

Nerds Gone Wild

Ceremonies at Harvard honor scientists who discovered why woodpeckers don’t get headaches, why people dislike the sound of fingernails scraping on a blackboard and how many photos are needed to ensure that no one in the picture has their eyes closed. Plus declining teacher quality and the latest research into shop-a-holics.

Pew Research CenterSeptember 26, 2006

Getting a Grad Degree in Cheating

Researchers find that about half of all graduate students admit they cheated in the past year, with MBA students the most likely to say they cut ethical corners. Plus, studies of hockey thugs and the declining percentage of alcohol in liquor, beer and wine.

Pew Research CenterAugust 30, 2006

Women Can’t Do Math…Or Can They?

A pair of psychologists devised an experiment to see if they could improve women’s test scores in math by triggering positive self-images.

Pew Research CenterAugust 24, 2006

Parental Pressure on Students: Not Enough in America; Too Much in Asia

Americans think parents here are too lax; Asians think parents there are too tough.

Pew Research CenterAugust 8, 2006

Male Lefties Have More of the Right Stuff

College-educated left-handed men earn 21% more than male righties with college diplomas. But there’s no wage differential between left and right handed women. Go figure. Also, find out why 2002 was an off year for girl babies in Korea.

Pew Research CenterJanuary 26, 2006

State of Education: Who Makes the Grade? takes a look at the progress made by states on national reading and math tests since the mid-90s.