How Millennial Are You?

Social Trends | Feb. 24, 2010

Take our 14 item quiz and we’ll tell you how "Millennial" you are, on a scale from 0 to 100, by comparing your answers with those of respondents to a scientific nationwide survey. You can also find out how you stack up against others your age.

Read the report: The Millennials: Confident. Connected. Open to Change.

Visit the project: Millennials: A Portrait of Generation Next.

Question 1 of 15

In the past 24 hours, did you watch more than an hour of television programming, or not?

Question 2 of 15

In the past 24 hours, did you read a daily newspaper, or not?

Question 3 of 15

In the past 24 hours, did you play video games, or not?

Question 4 of 15

Thinking about your telephone use, do you have…

Question 5 of 15

In the past 24 hours, about how many text messages, if any, did you send or receive on your cell phone?

Question 6 of 15

How important is being successful in a high-paying career or profession to you personally?

Question 7 of 15

Do you think more people of different races marrying each other is a…

Question 8 of 15

In the past 12 months, have you contacted a government official, or not? This contact could have been in person, by phone, by letter, by sending an email, or posting a message on their website or social networking page.

Question 9 of 15

Have you ever created your own profile on any social networking site such as MySpace, Facebook or LinkedIn, or haven’t you done this?

Question 10 of 15

How important is living a very religious life to you personally?

Question 11 of 15

Were your parents married during most of the time you were growing up, or not?

Question 12 of 15

Do you have a tattoo, or not?

Question 13 of 15

Do you have a piercing in a place other than your earlobe, or not?

Question 14 of 15

In general, would you describe your political views as…

Question 15 of 15

Finally, please tell us your age so that we can see how people in different age groups score on the quiz (we don’t use your age in computing your score).

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