August 21, 2013

Black unemployment rate is consistently twice that of whites

FT_13.08.202_BlackWhiteUnemploymentMuch has changed for African-Americans since the 1963 March on Washington (which, recall, was a march for “Jobs and Freedom”), but one thing hasn’t: The unemployment rate among blacks is about double that among whites, as it has been for most of the past six decades.

In 1954, the earliest year for which the Bureau of Labor Statistics has consistent unemployment data by race, the white rate averaged 5% and the black rate averaged 9.9%. Last month, the jobless rate among whites was 6.6%; among blacks, 12.6%. Over that time, the unemployment rate for blacks has averaged about 2.2 times that for whites.

The widest gaps, when black unemployment was as much as 2.77 times that of white unemployment, came in the late 1980s, as the manufacturing sectors that employed disproportionate shares of African-Americans shriveled. The smallest gaps, ironically, came in the summer of 2009 during the Great Recession; white unemployment rose so high, so fast, that the black jobless rate was “only” 1.67 times higher.

The black-white unemployment gap appears to have emerged in the 1940s, according to a 1999 analysis of Census data. Although labor economists, sociologists and other researchers have offered many explanations for the persistent 2-to-1 gap — from the differing industrial distribution of black and white workers to a “skills gap” between them — there’s no consensus on causes. One 2011 working paper, after reviewing existing research on wage and unemployment differentials among blacks and whites, concluded that “none of the existing models of race discrimination in the labor market explains the major empirical regularities.”

One common explanation, as William A. Darity Jr. of Duke University told Salon in 2011, is that blacks are “the last to be hired in a good economy, and when there’s a downturn, they’re the first to be released.” A 2010 article testing that “last hired, first fired” hypothesis against panel data from the Current Population Survey (from which the unemployment rate is derived) found considerable support for the “first fired” part but not for the “last hired” part: Blacks are in fact disproportionately likely to lose their jobs as the business cycle weakens, but the hiring side is more complex: “[E]arly in the business cycle, those blacks with a stronger attachment to the labor force (i.e., the unemployed) are the first hired. Blacks who are nonparticipants tend to be hired late in the business cycle when labor demand is particularly strong.”

Topics: National Economy, Socioeconomic Class

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    is a senior writer at Pew Research Center.


  1. Anonymous1 year ago

    It is very sad that today people see colour before talent.However it also shows how recruitment agencies and companies do discrimination against surnames.We live in a white supremacy society where being black is seen as inferior.

  2. JessB2 years ago

    Yes this is exactly very true. So go to college? okay! get your phD or maybe a medical degree? check. But, will you find a job easily? probably not! Why you may ask, I have an effing PhD. It’s because of your skin color. Because your ancestor’s needed to have that darker skin so that they can adapt to an environment. Something you cannot control. But your outer appearance says ALL about you so you won’t get the job. What a lovely world we live in. Isn’t it?

  3. Blake S. Davis2 years ago

    Interesting – how about family status? Since the Democrats have pretty much destroyed the black family, what happens when you factor in whether the parents are together? I’m just asking – also what would have happened if the Democrats hadn’t provided for the importation of millions of unskilled legal and illegal immigrants since 1968- the jobs taken were in areas previously dominated by African Americans – in a labor short market those jobs could have led to far better wages. But Democrats were more interested in importing votes than protecting African American employment, and if the GOP hasn’t been entirely innocent, you would think that the fact that African Americans give 97% of their vote to the Democrats would have resulted in the Democrats lifting a finger to protect black employment. Instead, Democratic media made single parenting acceptable, made drug use acceptable (c’mon, of course they did), promoted a culture of non-success, and much more leading to the terrible conditions we have today – just whose children are those in those videos of stores being plundered? What the Democrats have done to African Americans is a national disgrace! I saw this first hand in the 1990’s – I saw it when I represented juveniles in Essex County, Newark, NJ in the ’90’s – this in a place controlled by Democrats for 100 years. The Court was straight out of Dickens – an elderly hard of hearing Judge, and all you heard over and over again was “where’s the grandmother.” And half the time there was no one showing up for these kids. You think anything has changed since then? I also remember in 70’s the kitchen workers in the local restaurant was staffed almost exclusively by African Americans – making decent wages. But, it was cheaper to hire illegal Chinese workers who lived upstairs, and were always ready – this was something that started in the Chinese restaurant in town, and soon spread everywhere else. African Americans out, cheap illegal Chinese laborers in. Hey, it IS anecdotal, but I bet there were similar stories everywhere else – just how did Latinos come to dominate kitchen help? And couldn’t those jobs have led to something else? You get the picture. How about doing a study on how immigration legal and illegal has affected black employment? Or the destruction of the black family? Don’t think we will be seeing those anytime soon – I don’t see any difference between Pew surveys and push polls I get in the mail.

    1. Anonymous1 year ago

      Well said..

  4. Dalton Jones2 years ago

    It may be a case somewhere else, and this probably isn’t a good representative, but. Here in Memphis there is a black man who was back in court again because of his child support. He has 26 children from 17 women and the $200.00 must be allocated among them. Food stamps and Medicaid will take care of the rest.

  5. txchoo2 years ago

    My question is, why hasn’t the Democrat Party, to whom the African American community has been faithful for the last 50 years, done something about this disparity.

  6. jospeh3 years ago

    I find it interesting that blacks tend to have more education than Indians, but they have less unemployment.

    1. txchoo2 years ago

      Who do you mean by they, african americans or native americans? You need to be more concise.

  7. Ken no Ganseki3 years ago

    I will be the honors of being the 69th comment.
    It appears that problems like these happen frequently, and I think it’s due to the unfortunate stereotype that most black people have pinned on them. Negative stereotypes like this are stupid, because they’re human. They’re human, and they have emotions. Furguson shooting; Michael Brown was shot by a police officer for no reason according to multiple eye witnesses. It’s possible the Officer was racist, but it still isn’t concluded. I assume most police officers to not be bad, but with every police officer shooting someone showing up on the news, it ruins their reputation. They’re supposed to maintain peace, but with all these new military class weapons they are being given, they feel more obligated to search and destroy apparently.

  8. NotSurprised3 years ago

    It is really disappointing individuals still want to exist as if they were living in times of old when inequality was rampant. For those of you who pretend discrimination doesn’t occur or companies with highly educated individuals are unable to see beyond the color of a person’s skin…wake up. It is still here. Why…Those in positions of authority continue to voice the excuse of why a person of color is not the ‘right fit’ for their organization. The reality is ‘Caucasians’ are choosing not to hire anyone except those of their race. The goal is to provide a world of ‘have’ and have nots’. It goes back to the belief the jobs should be theirs and not ours. I cannot comprehend why a nation whose history is that of Caucasian stealing from those who were originally in America feel this country is there. Aparthied in America!!!!

  9. Marguerite Bellamy3 years ago

    I have known this has been changing for years and continues to see with protests when police kill to feel important. What is a can of soda to be taken for food, and BANG bang and DEAD.
    Unjust, as I see it happening frequently.


  10. Renee3 years ago

    High school drop out rate, unwed pregnancy, and addiction also higher in the African American community. Which problem should be tackled first. Unemployment of a 40 year old or the desire to be a professional (although broke) rapper/hip hop artist. No need to answer. Look at the number of unwed pregnancies. When a woman has to be mom & dad – provider, nurturer, and disciplinarian sometimes homework does not get done – mom’s or her child’s. So there are two uneducated people on welfare – FACT complaining that they never got their 40 acers and a mule. The missing would be husband/father states ‘sorry no child support cause although I refused to wear the condom woman bought I have no money till I get the 40 acers and the mule’. Finally one or both is eligible and able to utilize Pell Grant, Hope Scholarship, Work Study, etc unwilling to wait for the 40 acres and a mule. I am black – sick & tired of hearing about the acers & the mule. Mexicans come here every year without knowing the language, with only the clothes on their backs, and within a few short years own their own businesses. I am constantly told to ‘forgive’, ‘let go’… within the black community is a militant segment that refuses to let go. They want reparations, and pay back for white presidents drugging up the Black Panthers who (in their minds) would have brought about a revolution. Now that weed is slowly becoming legalized under the leadership of a black president. When some are too high for a revolution, to better (dare I say it) themselves – what will be the excuse? That is the question I want an answer to.

    1. HughMungus3 years ago


      You are incorrect regarding your assumption that drug use in the African-American communities exceed that in their Caucasian-American counterparts.

      Corpus research literature verifies that alcohol, nicotine, and illegal drug use is at least twice as prevalent among Caucasians, as qualified by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services report. Examining this data from a financial variable, this seems perfectly rational and plausible. As Caucasians possess both greater access to financial resources and disposable income.

      Despite Caucasians’s increased proclivity towards drug usage, African-Americans are four times more likely to be arrested, charged with a felony, convicted, and sentenced. Whereas, Caucasians are more likely to be offered a reduced misdismeanor charge and sentence, which frequently includes drug rehabilitation treatment and boot camp.

      Once a person has a felony conviction on their criminal record, particularly related to drug, this is a virtual death sentence for employment opportunities, federal PEL Grant Awards, and even housing-as many rental agencies are not prone to rent housing complexes to convicted drug offenders. It’s a perpetual social indictment and punishment. There are even disparities, in States, revolving the severity of sentencing according to which illegal drug is used. For example, in Illinois (along with many Midwestern states) there are harsher sentences for someone using Crack Cocaine and heroin, drugs that are predominantly favored by African-Americans. Conversely, drugs such as Meth and Cocaine warrant less severe sentencing and available resources devoted by the government and private organizations to treat addiction from these drugs.

      1. Dragonfly3 years ago

        The Black unemployment rate is a fraud, and does not accurately represent the actually severity of the problem. For decades, the Black school drop out rate in Chicago has been above 50%, often above 70 %, and a significant number of Black adults in Chicago have never held a job of any kind. Never employed, never unemployed, they are simply never counted!

    2. Pamela Kennedy2 years ago

      And if minority women can’t get jobs even if they DO have advanced educational degrees in “the white man’s fields” like Math, Science, Technology, Engineering or Law, then what is the incentive for any of the next generation to keep their noses in books, keep their legs closed outside of marriage, use birth control, etc, so as to not wind up the “stereotype” which perpetuates itself as long as the educated minority can’t get HIRED in their fields because of skin colour. When our resumes play “guess who’s coming to the interview” and we can’t get the job over a less-qualified White person, then there’s no incentive to do anything other than the way that society wants to see us in the first place. It’s a never ending vicious cycle.

      No, we have to eradicate employment discrimination and that will be next to impossible if people’s perceptions of brown-skinned people doesn’t change.

      Funny though, being “seldom employed” because you’ve spent most of your adult life in college living off either student loans or Indian Affairs grants, and then later doctoral research grants, is viewed by employers as the SAME as “seldom or sporadically employed” for having NO education. The end result is viewed the same. And yet apparently stupid people have the power to make hiring decisions. Go figure.

  11. Mohima3 years ago

    Since there is so many fields of sicaieltpes that I have a choice of, I still really can’t choose one. So I am going base on my personal experiences. My original goal back in high school and maybe even before that, was to work in a Neonatal ICU! I had a brother that passed before he had his first birthday from heart complications, and that year I spent a lot of time at hospitals with my parents. My goal the first couple of years was to work with babies just like him. That was until I had my own children, I would of still loved to have worked in that career field but the heart ache I would most likely endure when one of those babies did not make it home. I could not have handled!On to more positive experiences, I have worked with the elderly and Geriatrics interests me very much. Being surrounded with people that have lived a fulfilled life is so much more rewarding. Even though at times it is the ending stages of their lives, and it is sad when someone does pass. It’s less of a heartache to know that most of the time they are ready to move on. They are still very dependent on you and when you are able to help them with their needs that’s the most rewarding of all, plus you form a special relationship with the patients and their families.

  12. christina3 years ago

    I think the criteria for “black” in America has changed over the years. In the 50’s if you were “light enough to pass” most people tried. I don’t blame them, with the injustices back then, why wouldn’t you?

    After the late 70’s and 80’s with the advent of hip hop and less social economic pressures, more people of mixed races were declaring themselves African American or black.

    Statistics are only as accurate as the data that is put into it.

  13. Pop3 years ago

    What the black American need is to get back on the nuclear family. Folks it all start from the stating line. Bring back the black family and all this calamity should end. I don’t know how long it will take. Get out of drugs sex and rock and roll. You have to hit does dam books that a free library has an educate your self esteem. Folks T.V is just bubble gum for your brain. For God sake get a library card .It more important than a gym me membership. Learn about math science the natural law of nature. Yes nature has its own laws. And by the way study common law learn how to conduct yourself in a court of law. Man it’s dam free just get the Card. You really don’t need college. Just read I know I am not surrounded by academic people all the time than pick up a book very simple. Stop being lazy life is too dam short the Rican, Pop

  14. Tommy3 years ago


  15. Dirt Dunnz3 years ago

    The same ones screaming “racism” don’t know that Nigerian-Americans make more than whites and much more than black Americans. Their starting point is way behind the average black American, as 63% of Nigerians live on less than a dollar in their homeland. They have European colonialism in their history and became independent in the 1960’s. One of the reasons why they succeed is because 40% of them have a college degree, compared to 18.6% of black Americans. There are plenty of examples of black immigrants from Africa and the West Indies outpacing black Americans on the same terrain. Black Americans must embrace education, entrepreneurship, and a nuclear family.

    1. Andy Parrott3 years ago

      Nigerian immigrants are not at all the same as the Nigerian population as a whole–they’re wealthier and more educated. The best explanation for their relative success is their relative privilege.

      1. John Mansa3 years ago

        Nigerians that have the opportunity to immigrate into America were either selected by lottery green card or admission by the government. Nigerians have a hard work ethic, are strong willed, and value education; it’s part of our culture. Your attempt to discredit African immigrants’ achievements by claiming they’re wealthier than those in their native land is simply untrue. Though Nigeria and other African countries are striving towards major progression, corrupt government stunts this growth significantly so you’ll rarely find money being invested into building schools, providing of 24/7 electricity, water supply, infrastructure, etc. It will only be found in predominant wealthy states. Black Americans have no excuse, since they have all the opportunities at their disposal, yet they struggle to find ground in terms of education attainment and financial power. Nigerians and other Africans have similar mentality than Asians who come to the states; it’s no surprise we both have the highest educational attainment rate and high income on average.

    2. Unknown13 years ago

      You know; You kind of have a point with the work ethic thing. But let me show you a critical diffrence that is unique ONLY to the black collective. We never fought for our own liberation. This is critical because slavery took away our identity; and our cultural point of refrence is the plantation. As a result we suffer in this enviornment because we have no structure for which we can properly interface with a ‘national identity’ with like being an ‘American’. Everyone else comes here with a culture, sense of identity and therefore can make a community to support things such as ‘family’ ‘educational values’ economic values etc etc. Without culture you can’t begin to have economics, and economics is what allows non-white people to compete. Its that simple. Its like having come across massive ammounts of gas; but having no car. We really don’t have a car that works; we keep offering gas to ride in other people’s cars and when they don’t have room for us; or don’t want to take us because they want to give a ride to people they are more familar with– we get left with all this gas and no way to get around; and NO DESIRE to build a car because we think someone else will give us a ride. Long metaphor but this is in essence the issue. This; however is going to’ll see a super-class of black people emerge soon which will fix this by making our own damn cars, and trust me, eventually; when more black people realize the true situation they are in they’ll get on board. When they do; you won’t even recognize this country anymore; trust me.

      1. Joe Lammers2 years ago

        Unknown1, you may actually have a good point. The root of the problem in your analysis, though, is probably immune to a state-imposed solution. The solution may be, as you imply, in the hands of blacks themselves.

  16. jessica moreh3 years ago

    this should be stopped. its a bad condition for blacks.

  17. Tommy3 years ago

    Wow Elise,that was stated quite brilliantly could not have said it better myself.In plain basic english the slave masters still control all the jobs in this country and around the world,but we should be so happy at least we are not enslaved hmmmm or are we ? 🙂

  18. Elise Stacey3 years ago

    The Stronger the Equality The Stronger The Society. America is a vulnerable weak society because of its resistance to equally distribute wealth. How can this society expect African Americans whose families/ancestors were enslaved for 460 years, free us and expect us to catch up with the rest of America. We don’t have American Dreams, We have nightmares. We have American missions, but everything is closed to us. Poverty is more than economics, its health, rate of pregnacy, rate of crime, it’s unrest. Dr. Martin Luther King said it best “To fix the problem is to rid its cause.”

    1. Sally MJ3 years ago

      So why do blacks keep electing Democrats, who promise the world, but deliver smoke and mirrors? The War on Poverty has failed. It’s been 50 years, folks. Maybe we should try something else that actually works.

      1. E Eek2 years ago

        The so-called War on Poverty failed because it was never fully funded, thanks to Johnson’s commitment to and continuation of the Vietnam War. Society at the time was affluent enough to support ONE war, and he picked the paranoid one with imaginary dominoes. It took very little time after Johnson before already underfunded basic safety-net provisions added pointless “make work” requirements, like resume-writing busywork courses for people applying for fast food and assembly-line positions. Since the War on Poverty was never actually pursued, dropping safety net provisions (an entirely different animal, BTW) isn’t progressing and moving on, it’s giving up and quitting (again, without ever having made a real effort). See Michael Harrington, New American Poverty.

        Were you confusing Trickle Down Economics (aka, Voodoo Economics) with the War on Poverty? While the War on Poverty didn’t last long enough or receive enough funding to help people build a path out of poverty, preventing accurate evaluation, Trickle down has absolutely been disproven, repeatedly, although brain donors like Kansas’ Sam Brownback continue to pursue it, I suppose for its power to make the political contributor-class and other Koch-suckers happy. Sadly, the conflict between their belief systems and the real-world results of Trickle Down leads to intense cognitive dissonance, making those who somehow still manage to believe in it jump up and down and scream even more loudly.…


    2. Sophie11503 years ago

      Elise, you express yourself very well and I expect educated. But there is a flaw in your comments. The Irish were enslaved before and longer than the black African. Their families were taken from them, never to be seen again. So similar to what happened to the black race, yet they have succeeded as a group. Blacks are influenced by haters like Sharpton and rappers. Time to adopt a positive and determined value system. Look at what white women have accomplished in the last 70 years. It wasn’t easy for them. Blacks have to burn the race card. stop blaming the past and look to successful blacks as models. An attitude change doesn’t happen over night so get started now.

      1. lm3603 years ago

        Not really. I am assuming here that the Irish were enslaved by people who were racially very much like themselves. They were not enslaved by Africans or Chinese, but by other Europeans. Similarities of people do count for something.

        1. Dalton Jones2 years ago

          the Irish were enslaved by the French fry magnates.

  19. Elise Stacey3 years ago

    @Drew DeSilver, I don’t know who your readers are, but you’re not telling African Americans anything that we don’t already know. There are a gazillion analysts, posts, blogs, and etc. Everybody is talking what already exists, however no one is suggesting how to fix this American tragedy, the problem. Why is that?

    1. alivia Ratcliff3 years ago

      TRUU! Can a sista say WORD

    2. Mary3 years ago

      Elise..this is the website of PEW research. They do polls. Nothing else. The people who read this want to know stats. It is for other people to figure out solutions.

    3. Sally MJ3 years ago

      Conservatives and libertarians have been recommending free market principles for decades. Maybe you should start listening.

  20. Nancy Smith3 years ago

    I was the HR person at a big company here in Detroit, MI. Almost every black person that we interviewed has a long criminal record and we cannot hire them. They need themselves, not the government!

    1. Edwin Thomas3 years ago

      What an asinine comment. Every Black person that came into your office could not have had a criminal record that would automatically disqualify them. I applied and did not get a job and I have not a criminal record.

    2. Robbie3 years ago

      That’s part of the problem! The criminal justic system is clearly NOT balanced! And definitely bias towards the young black man standing before her. He’s condemned and sentenced before he speaks! Lady justice is for sell to the highest bidder! If you’ve got the money, you can pay your way out. But your average Black American struggles to take care of his family, if he’s fortunate to be employed at all and can’t afford to pay lady justice for some trumped up charge that should never have gone to court in the first place. It’s just another form salavery used to hold blacks down and away from decent employment!

      1. Mary3 years ago

        It would be a very good idea to legalize pot across the board because most imprisionments are non-violent drug offenses. Also try to funnel others into drug rehab.

        And most of all minors should have their records expunged for non-violent offenses.

        But even though I am white I can well believe that many blacks get a raw deal. It is crazy to say that racism does not exist any longer.

        Like why is it that using crack is a bigger offense than using powdered cocaine, the (possibly richer) white man’s choice?

  21. fed up+with+every+race+even+my+own.4 years ago

    to be equal, you said it. i am not a slave keeper though. i employ the willing not the colors.
    nice statement i hope i didnt come off in the wrong way. nicely put though.

    1. brad3 years ago

      OK this whats need to fix America. let the government run and manage all apartment buildings in the USA. low income jobs do not pay enough to cover rent in America. raising the minimum wage is not going to help that much. apartment rent prices need to drop by 50%. the median and average rent in America for a 2 bedroom apartment is 800 each month. it needs to drop to 400 each month with water and electric included. also put more people on food stamps. every body is not going to college. we waist to much money and effort trying to send all students to college. all public employ’s need a pay cap at no more than 80,000 each year. college professor’s need a pay cap no one working for the government should earn over 80,000 each year. this includes congress, senators teacher, soldier’s you name it. all public government jobs should start the pay on a 36,000 a year salary. teachers should earn between 36000 to 56000 a year salary, i my self i earn 2850 each month as a welder and dump truck driver. that is a decent income for what i do. the folks who work at hospitals like nurses and doctors should earn 40,000 to 60,000 a year. 4000 -6000 each month is plenty of money. banks need to be all non profit. America needs a mixed economy in order to survive. some socialism some capitalism

  22. To be equal4 years ago

    To be equal would mean to be made equal which we are not. The controversy over being equal when you have been socially engineered to a given media, community, economic, standard with no community will not and is not deemed equal. To be viewed as a dominating force or a intimidating opponent with the means to do with little to no opportunity. To be a lion but kept in a cage just so you can say you have one. Really people be employers= masters not employees= slaves. FDR said there is nothing to fear but fear it self.

  23. fed up with every race even my own.4 years ago

    First and foremost, why is everyone so uptight. asian white black green purple. if the person is honest and reliable and is willing to work, i will hire them. matter of fact i tell everyone to put other on application where it says ethnicity. it shouldnt matter what color you are. it also depends on what city you live in. i have lived in indianpolis indiana, kansas city missouri, alot of big cities. when i say this do not be offended. if the crime rates go up. and statistically showing that the majority of the crimes were commited by blacks, the jobs in that area will be less likely to hire blacks that come walking in with baggy pants and shirts with pot leaves on them, but on the other hand that goes the same for whites asians any race. what should and needs to be done is the president needs to stop making remarks about blacks being treated unfairly on national tv and stirring things up. i live in south carolina right now and im right by the ocean. so this is going to commented to the southern town comment. statistically showing that blacks in my town make up 30% of population and whites are 57% of population. when i walk into walmart mcdonalds clothing stores even high end stores you see a hole heck of alot more blacks than whites working there. i was in the army and the only color i see is green refering to my brothers and sisters in arms. my point is i know of alot of people who keep having more kids so they can ride the system and not work. but i also know of alot of people blacks asians mexicans whites, who want to work but have not been given the chance because of there race. white people have been not hired because of there race as well not just blacks. i wish there was a pill where we could all just be green. everyone is so caught up on the black vs white thing still. STOP its getting old hearing the news talk about it then the president talk about it. all that does is stir things up in both communities. then everyone gets so worked up that racism steps in and whites dont hire blacks and black dont hire whites. maybe its time we take the ethnicity question off of applications. and i hate the fact that businesses have to hire so many people of different ethnicity. how many whites blacks asians mexicans have applied that are very capable of doing the job but ohh no we have to hire a white guy because we are one white guy or black guy down sorry. ok im done ranting its just my thoughts sorry if i offended anyone.
    best of luck with everyones ventures in life and i hope all will work out.

    1. Keith Talone3 years ago

      Facts show backs crime welfair bad nabor hoods all go hand in hand. What makes a bad area? Think about it? The people it’s safe to say if the area is mostly black the crime rate will be huge.

      1. Pamela Kennedy2 years ago

        Right. “Facts.” So when you see a brown-skinned minority standing in front of you with, say, a Master’s in Biochemical Engineering (and the job is high school MATH teacher for which she is probably overqualified but that’s what it takes these days) and a secondary teaching license in Mathematics, you, what, fall victim to stereotypes and ask her “so what subject can you teach, again” as if you’ve suddenly forgotten you have her PAPERS RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU. Or when she walks into the room, all “suited and booted” as they say in the UK, you almost visibly recoil and spend the entire interview hemming and hawing and going back over the resume and certificates with a fine-toothed comb trying to “catch her in a lie” and no mention ever is made of any job duties.

        And then you claim you “can’t find any minorities qualified in Math” and hire a white person. Because they’re white. And they “fit in better” with the STEREOTYPE of what colour a high school Math teacher is supposed to be.

        That needs to be outlawed. Oh but wait, it IS. Problem is that that’s what they would call a “my word against yours” case and everything I said in court (charging you with discrimination) would be dismissed as “speculation.”

    2. David3 years ago

      I hate fake equivalency. How many whites apply for jobs own by a Black person(s) compared to the other way around? Be honest “fed up with every race even my own”.

      1. lol3 years ago

        i agree

  24. Mickey4 years ago

    Good Lord, I can not believe the amount of complaining on this page…if you are unemployed and talented start your own business! DAMN this is the LAND OF OPPORTUNITY. Stop looking for someone else to solve your problems…
    When my last employer and I parted ways, I started a business with $500 in the account. I scrimped and saved until I could buy some DJ equipment. Now I consult and DJ and scrimp and save. This Christmas I will be taking pictures of people with a camera I borrowed from my kid. I will consult, DJ and take pictures. Next Spring, with luck, I will open an automotive service business. Which is what all of these other small dead end business are leading too. Then I will take that state wide, then nation wide.
    So my question to you is: am I Black or White? Wow, it doesn’t!

    1. Sammie McNeal Jr.4 years ago

      Mickey good for you, tou have been fortunate to be so lucky to have had a chance to continue to fullfill the (american dream), so many other veterans are not as forunate as you are in these time of “fical auterity” our nation has a huge debt. and deficit.

      We have a government of the (people, by the people, for the people, and all about the people), the government must play a part in our nation’s problems; however, our elected officials must be responsible in making sure that equality is shared equal in our society.

      America needs to bring back the (military draft) many americans feels it would help our disadvantaged citizens in our society, many americans also indicates that our nation needs “term…limits” for our elected officials, and a “national lottery” would support many of our problems we are going through today in our nation.

      We must be totally connected with all citizens in order to make things better for our nation overall. Veterans get’s a better deal when we have a veteran President.

      Disable Veteran,
      African, Native, and Caucasian American

    2. Sensible4 years ago

      Who cares! Now answer this: am I black or white?

    3. Daneil4 years ago

      you chat too much…u think u know it all. stop thinking about yourself and try to remember that life is not based on your one denominational thought process. its not always going to be the same for someone else….BLACK OR WHITE

    4. ANGEL4 years ago


  25. David4 years ago

    I’m black and am a Phd student with job experience. I’ve been applying for a half decent job for years. I currently pick up trash and dig ditches for my city.

    1. B Wilks4 years ago

      I simply do not believe the PhD who is picking up trash because he/she can not find better a better job. My girlfriend who is black seems to have no problem finding gainful employment and has been offered several promotions in her current job. (She only has a Bachelor’s) People are so quick to point the finger rather than look in the mirror. At what point will it fall on blacks to improve themselves so that as a large group they are more employable? Asians do not seem to have these problems. Hispanics seem to find work.

      1. James Berg Martinez4 years ago

        There’s been two things that Asians and other ethnic groups in America don’t have against themselves that makes them look more likeable (or less disliked?) in the eyes of (mostly, the racist ones) white people: 1) neither do they have been slaves to white masters and 2) they haven’t challenged ‘white establishment (what the hell does that mean, Bill O’reilly?)’ to achieve racial, social equality.

        Blacks are stereotyped as violent mostly because they’ve stood up against all the abuse that white supremacists have put them through. You may understand my point if you’ve ever understood anything about American history. I speak a little bit more about this at…

        1. Karla Nolan4 years ago

          Yes, Blacks stood up for the establishment of their civil rights (Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King, The Little Rock Nine); any decent group of minorities would have done the same. However, the violence that plagues the Black community continues on to this day in the form of gangs, drugs, and crime. Those three things have nothing to do with fighting for civil rights. However, if Blacks saw themselves as something more and didn’t use slavery to promote hate then maybe the nation would see these young, Black men for who and what they really are: a human being with promise to do greatness. Blacks are no longer slaves and they have equal freedoms under the American Constitution to do with their lives what they want. Blacks have the same opportunity for greatness but hatred and ignorance are holding back their potential.

          Gangs, drug-use, and crime are not solely committed by Blacks. All racial groups are in someway involved in these types of activities; there is a higher percentage of crime rate in the Black community.

          1. Keith Talone3 years ago

            Wow that was said great!! Good job! So true!! But I’m sure the race card has been pulled I. Reply to your honest post.

          2. Dalton Jones2 years ago

            they really help their cause when they asked money because they had an ancestor that may have been a slave. Reparation. Enough so none of them ever had to work. They were owed a living. This did not help them. Even today, getting an education and getting a good job is a white thing. A research which doesn’t help them. They took children about 3 years old ( girls ) and asked them which baby dolls they liked. Even the black kids chose the blond baby doll. When asked why, they said because they were so pretty. This was with out coaching. To do better, you have to have good self respect.

      2. InDepth3 years ago

        Your girlfriend, like I am is black and female those are two things differently welcome for diversity in any job, it’s like killing two birds with one stone rather than hiring, a female and a black male. I hope that makes sense. it is more difficult for black men than black women for that reason. And if you do have a black girlfriend and you say she is doing well, then you should say some black people rather than black people it sounds like your generalizing and that could be offensive to your own girlfriend.

      3. Netto3 years ago

        You have to be black to know the full extent of race bias & unemployment in America. My brother who was educated,bright and hardworking lost a job due to lay-off and was not hired again for the rest of his life. I have a master’s degree but was the first to be laid off in my department even though there were folks who had been only recently hired (2 whites). Seven years later I still cannot get a job anywhere. To be fair, some white folks also lost their jobs due to lay off, however, all of them have been hired by other companies. I have attended several interviews on the phone but as soon as I walk in for face-to-face interview and they see that I’m black, I never hear from the hiring companies anymore. I endeavored in a few businesses but due to the general bad economy, the businesses unfortunately failed. It is a bad time to be black in America.

      4. Anonymous1 year ago

        It partly depends

    2. Sensible4 years ago

      Don’t be sorry that your black though. You will see a promotion. Humility always win in the long run.

  26. Terry4 years ago

    All I want to do is help out and pay my own college tuition and maybe even get my own place. I’m black though and what white person hires someone with my skin.

  27. john4 years ago

    the disparity began with the start of min wage.

  28. Luanna4 years ago

    I have a college degree from a great school, I write well, speak well. I’m sophisticated and well-groomed. I’m also black. When I show up for a job interview, employers seem suddenly skeptical They begin to ask me personal questions which have nothing to do with the job. It’s like they can’t believe I’m really the whole package. I’ve been applying and interviewing for five months and no one’s hired me. It’s humiliating.

    1. Jalisa4 years ago

      I can believe this, same here. That’s why I joined the military.

  29. Keith4 years ago

    Racism Hurts Family And Destroys Comunity When Do Adults Filled With Ill Fillens Go Up
    But Attact Godly People In The Community With Their Ill and Selfesh ways Grow
    Up See People as Equallys and Human Being Stop Try To Prove Your Supersior Way By Hurt Others
    Your a Coward and Loser Because all People Have Something Inprotant To offer and They dont have to be White

  30. Marie4 years ago

    I am Black and well educated with 2 MS degrees and a doctoral candidate as well yet I cannot find a position. I have been unemployed for over 2 years just as many Caucasians have however, I have found that many Caucasians have found positions in organizations that I have applied to and interviewed for but never received. I further found that those Caucasians who were hired offered far less in qualifications than I did but they had one thing going for them and that is they are Caucasians. A great deal of this comes down to networking and who you know especially in a tight job market. This is nothing new there has always been preferential treatment but for anyone who generalizes and states Blacks don’t want to work or would rather collect welfare than work they are doing nothing more than showing how ignorant they are furthermore a great deal of us are educated and are still looking for positions just like many Caucasians are the fact is preferential treatment and networking is what many Caucasians have going for them while many Blacks like myself do not have those networking capabilities because even while working we are often locked out of the Caucasian circle when it comes to opportunities. This is not to say its every Caucasian or every Black but the numbers don’t lie and reality is reality like it or not.

    1. Katherine Whitlock McLemore4 years ago…

    2. Kendall4 years ago

      I have read the comments and it saddens me how African America or treated in America from the beginning. What you have to realize that we are the underdogs. If you sit and think about it why or white people called Americans? This is not there native country but they call us African and them self American instead of Europeans go figure. We we’re doomed from the beginning sorry to say but what we have to do as African Americans is stick together and regain what is already ours. Now let me tell my story. I work for a company for approximately 5 years the whole time that I work there I was harassed and discriminated against. I was written up for things that I did not do. Eventually they had me where they wanted me on a disciplinary standpoint and was able to fire me and they did. Now to add insult to injury. The company appealed my unemployment benefits and they won the appeal. Now here I am jobless and without unemployment benefits while I’m in between jobs. With all that being said it made me realize that I have to keep faith and take my destiny in my own hands and not be depended on an employer. Thank you for reading and God bless.

      1. Lisa4 years ago

        You do realize that even in Africa the blacks had black slaves, don’t you? Have you noticed that by having Obama as president, the wedge between the races is even greater? He hasn’t tried to bring anyone together except for each race for itself. Even the political parties are even more at odds since he has been in office. I am white and if Herman Cain had made it to run for the presidential run-off, he would have had MANY white voters, including myself. He is an amazing man-whatever color.

        1. E Eek2 years ago

          There is an ENORMOUS difference between systems of slavery in which prisoners of war are enslaved for a limited time, or even the remainder of their individual lives, and chattel slavery (i.e., the American kind) in which human beings were owned as property, their children would be owned as property, their children’s children would be owned as property, their children’s children’s children would be owned as property, and on and one, until the end of time. As objects, not human beings, family groups could be broken up at any time, mothers were sold and infant children yanked from their breasts so cruelly it would put even Sea World to shame, etc. Yet some have the gall to gripe about weak nuclear families within the African-American community (when it was white plutocrats who actively prevented the development of black nuclear families for 250 years!).
          Seems pretty stupid to turn to a businessman to resolve a problem that was created by businessmen doing the most lucrative business possible.

    3. Goddess3 years ago

      im am so glad you stated that comment you have a lot of cowardly blacks on here acting as if they love what is happening to their race of people. glad you are one of the ones that see reality for what it really is.

  31. Stephen Sumner4 years ago

    How can there be no mention of the educational gap as related to the persistent employment gap?
    I don’t think MOOCs are a cure all, but they might have an impact with less expensive, more available education. Of course, that will depend on the demographics of their use.

  32. Jeremy Flannery4 years ago

    “I disagree with most of the comments and analysis on the black/white employment rates…Most of the people i know that lost jobs in 2009 and 2010 were white and many in their late 40s and 50s.” No offense, Ben Screwed, but I do not think your anecdotal evidence can possibly compete with statistical analysis of a survey. Statistics uses mathematical computation with available data to develop an inference of the population (U.S. with more than 310 million citizens) that the data represents, which is what the Pew Research Center uses to provide us with these statistical analyses. You could conduct your own survey, but you would have to survey respondents with “random sampling” in order to more accurately represent the population, not just ask people we know.

  33. Ben Screwed4 years ago

    I disagree with most of the comments and analysis on the black/white employment rates. Especially when related to the 2009 recession. Most of the people i know that lost jobs in 2009 and 2010 were white and many in their late 40s and 50s. Corporations are worried about racially based lawsuits so white, males mostly, lost their jobs.

    If you look at $250k – $350k neighborhoods around my metropolitan area most of the foreclosures were homes where whites lived. It is really obvious in many. After the layoffs many are still underemployed.

    I think the key factor is how many blacks are considered to be in the market for employment and are really looking. Are the race comparisons apples to apples? i have a feeling they aren’t.

  34. Charles Browne4 years ago

    People who worry about black unemployment should come spend some time in small southern towns. Jobs are available but most young Blacks don’t want jobs because they get more from welfare than they could get working. Those who can read and write and wear their clothes correctly can get jobs. Before I retired and sold my business I tried to hire some of those who came looking for jobs (as required in order to get unemployment) but when asked if they really wanted a job or were just doing what was required to get unemployment, most of them admitted to the latter.

    1. A. Patricia4 years ago

      Mr. Browne,
      Generalize much?

      1. smorty4 years ago

        What’s your theory?

      2. CharlesWilliamMorganJr4 years ago

        No, he is stating facts. What he has stated is 100% correct! See my own post above. I could have continued writing for hours!

        1. Thomas4 years ago

          Sorry but what you and the other writer wrote was absolute nonsense and I’ll tell you why. In economics there is a term called Full Employment, you seem to be relatively informed so I’ll take it that you know what that means, and I won’t go into detail explaining it, but it’s deemed to have been reached when the overall unemployment rate hits 5%.

          White full is employment is deemed to be equal to the overall full employment rate of 5%. Black full employment is deemed to be at 8%, 3% higher than the full employment number for Whites, due in part to many historic social and economic factors. Full employment also means two other things,

          1.) That every able bodied person who want’s a job has one

          2.) That there is a certain segment of the population, the ones that makes up that 5% and 8% respectively, who in even good economic times will have a difficult time finding employment. They either lack the skills, have physical and or mental issues and or background issues that will make it difficult for them to find a job.

          White unemployment as recently reported is 6.2%, 1.2% away from full employment for that group. Black unemployment is currently reported to be 13%, 5% away from full employment for that group. That 5% of the 13% of Blacks that are unemployed is made up of educated and skilled white and blue collar Black workers who should be finding jobs even in this fragile economic recovery.

          People like you and the other writer are sighting those people who are part of that 8% of unemployed Blacks who will always have a hard time finding a job and for the reason that I sighted. You also try to use them to broad brush all Black people that are looking for work when the facts say that you are just wrong. What you are doing is unfair and at it’s core may speaks to some other more sinister motivations on your part. I think you can figure out what I mean.

          Go to a Job fair in Chicago, NYC, Atlanta and or any other major city in this country and you will see African American job seekers dressed in professional attire. At the ones that I help to host, I have never seen any one who was looking for a job come in looking the way you’ve described, never.

          Maybe you should either get out of the environments that you’re in and see what the bigger picture look like, because what you wrote is in no way descriptive of the broader group of African American’s who are looking for and not finding jobs in these tough economic times.

          1. Goddess3 years ago

            Well stated THANKS for understanding and acknowledging what is truly taking place and always have

    2. Joshua Cox4 years ago


      All these people complaining about welfare and not the 1% probably aren’t worth listenting to.

      “Oh, all these people on welfare! What? No I can’t show you any statistics! I just know it’s a lot!”

      1. Thomas4 years ago

        Tell the truth and shame the Devil!

        1. Keith Talone3 years ago

          I never though that the black is the devil? But you might be on to some thing. They behaive so rotten. Don’t take care or pay for there kids bills. Refuse to conform to society norms. You may be right the black is a devel! It’s dark the devil likes dark. And evil laZy all sins. So could be!:-)

    3. JW4 years ago

      Mr Browne sounds like you were offering very little financial security to the applicants. Seems like you don’t know the difference between unemployment with welfare. People who didn’t accept your low paying offers probably have bills to pay and don’t want to make a bad situation worst. I notice you are in a small southern town which gives you very little credibility when it comes to a discussion about blacks.

      1. Thomas4 years ago

        Mr. Brown made that all up. If pressed he can not cite one verifiable instance of where that really happened. As an employer he had an obligation to report any job seeker who came to him and told him that they did not want to work, that they were just applying so that they could get unemployment and or any other form of government assistance. If he did not report them, and or substantiated their story allowing them to use his company as a job searched for but not offered, then he is an accomplice in an effort to defraud the government. He committed a crime.

    4. Least4 years ago

      Had a small business and found the same as Browne. I remember some exhibited a hint of anger when I hired them. All they wanted was to fill the requirement of looking for employment so they could keep drawing unemployment. 71 Retired.

    5. Rhonda clark4 years ago

      They will not hire whites where I live, Blacks behind every counter Whiutes got through discrimanation also

      1. Milash3 years ago

        Discrimination is everywhere. Tribal prejudice, color, sexual discrimination.
        There are so many lunatic and confused scholars do not know what they writing about and wasting their time good for nothing. They are planting hatred and making division among the communities. I think they are suffering illusion and
        sociology-political phobia. They are totally outside the game, no goal, vision and agenda just they putting whatever they feel on the websites