June 4, 2013

A global snapshot of same-sex marriage

Around the world and in the United States, the pace of same-sex marriage legalization has picked up in recent years. Of the 15 countries worldwide to permit gay men and lesbians to marry, eight have done so since 2010. In addition, same-sex marriage is legal in some parts of the United States and Mexico but not others; of the 12 U.S. states (plus the District of Columbia) where same-sex marriage is or soon will be permitted, nine have legalized it since 2010.


In the United States, the spread of same-sex marriage laws has coincided with rapidly shifting public attitudes toward homosexuality. Six-in-ten Americans now say homosexuality should be accepted by society, up from 49% in 2007; 33% say it should not be accepted, down from 41% six years ago. (Look here for details on Americans’ changing attitudes toward same-sex marriage itself.)


In most other countries, attitudes toward homosexuality have been fairly stable in recent years. Not surprisingly, same-sex marriage has advanced the most in countries and regions where acceptance of homosexuality is highest.

We’ve surveyed eight of the 17 nations that have legalized same-sex marriage in all or part of their territory; in all but one of them at least 60% of people say homosexuality should be accepted. (The exception is South Africa, where only 32% say it should be accepted versus 61% saying it should not be; still, that was the highest acceptance level among the six African countries surveyed.)

On the other hand, among all but one (Jordan) of the 13 countries in our survey where 80% or more of people said homosexuality should not be accepted by society, same-sex relations are illegal in all or part of their territory, according to a report from the International Lesbian Gay Bisexual Trans and Intersex Association.

Topics: Gay Marriage and Homosexuality

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    is a senior writer at Pew Research Center.


  1. rw2 years ago

    i think your map is a little flawed. I find it difficult to believe that Libya, Syria, Turkey and all the other countries that are depicted as “mixed” are actually mixed.

  2. Alex Paradis2 years ago

    I´m proud that my country, Spain, has the highest levels of homosexual acceptance. That says much about the level of concience and civilization of any group of people.

  3. Erik3 years ago

    I think your percentages are Extremely skewed towards homosexuality. I work with the general public in large numbers on a daily basis and although I don’t enjoy the topic, I would say that the percentage of those accepting would be closer to 1 in 8. You do the math to figure out the percentage.

  4. Carlos3 years ago

    Lets not be hypocrites and be honest. Homo-sex will never be hetero-sex. It doesn’t matter how much money advertisers and lobbyist try to fool the population into believing its the same. Never has been, never will be. Just look at history and you’ll see that. There is no Homo-gene or genes, if there is one show me several studies that prove that it exists and the name of it. The human body has a natural function to breed and reproduce, just as everything else in nature. Psychologists have mentioned over and over that a child’s mind is best when raised in a parent environment where they can be raised in a healthy Father/Mother environment. The desires of adults have been put ahead of the needs of children. see Isaiah 5:20.

    1. Gregory Reed3 years ago

      Actually haha it isn’t unnatural to be gay. It was intended by god to happen this way. Nothing goes against god or nothing happens that’s out of his control. God made us for a reason, he makes absolutely no mistakes when creating us. He is a mother figure and a father figure as well so he completely understands same sex attraction. Sex doesn’t always have to reproduce. The true point is when to people make love and their souls become one. Gender is extremely temporary anyway and god always sees us as our higher selves. He sees us as light. God only thinks about love not hate. He made gays for a reason actually and its a very good and understandable reason. Its just a little too complicated for us to understand right now. Love your brother and sisters, teach love not hate. The purpose in life is to learn love. Trust me on this, the point of sex is not to reproduce just to reproduce. The main point is two beings of light joining together in the act of making love. If you really want to learn more why god created gays then I actually know why. It was on the news when a gay man went to heaven, asked this question and figured out why. I really cannot believe that you are so concerned of your own well being and your own afterlife that you not once got worried for my people and our afterlife. I even worry about horrible sinners. You should have researched near death experiances for LGBT people. The worlds biggest flaw right now in man is how selfish we are. And you know I’m right. However I dedicated most of my night last night to share what this man already shared to us a second time. Here I think you might actually find this a good read. whygodcreatedgays.wordpress.com/…

    2. Gregory Reed3 years ago

      it has been proven. Homosexuals have a different sized hypothalomise in the brain then straight people. That’s in charge of your hormones. Many other brain differences we have as well. Its definitly genetic for some people. I was attracted to boys since I could speak at age 2-3 I thought I was normal. It wasn’t tell I figured out what the word gay meant at age six tell I figured out I was wrong. I came out at age six. How can you say something like that and be so certain of it without experiencing what we as gays go through. Listen to me please. I would never try to have sex with someone I’m not attracted to, women, and try to change myself. If I was straight seeing how awful gays have it I would never try to force myself to like men when I’m clearly not attracted to them and live in a world were half of its people hate me, kill my kind, imprison my kind, do hate crimes to my kind, and not get equal rights and marriage. Would you? I think your a man so I’ll say it like this, would you force yourself just for a joke to like men when your clearly not attracted to them. That’s torture. You know nothing of the pain I’ve been through of being gay. Not to shock you but I attempted suicide three days ago because of it. Its not easy trying to live this hateful life down. I didn’t choose this, and Im upset with god for making me gay. I want to be straight so bad. Also its not really a lifestyle either. Its who your attracted to. Would you say its a lifestyle for you to be attracted to women? Peace and love brother

    3. Gregory Reed3 years ago

      I don’t agree with picking and choosing from the bible. Especially the what I believe to be hateful old testament that Jesus said was wrong. In the Bible believe it or not in Mathew 19:10-12 Jesus said that some are born gay. And that being born gay is a gift from god. It also said that Jesus said that there are three types of men who should not marry women. One, men born gay, two, men married to god, three men who chose to be gay. I believe if you really want to pick and choose then why not pick and choose the loving stuff. The stuff that makes since. Jesus basicly said that the entire old testiment was wrong. The old testiment also said that women who don’t wear a hat, people with tattoos, people who eat shellfish and animals with hooves should be stoned. Why only discriminate the gays. The old testament doesn’t make since to me at all. I personally believe that if the bible didn’t exist and that people were able to think freely and believe what they wanted and thought was right. Through evolution we would be a lot better off today. I believe that the bible controls a lot of people. Which is why some people break off from it and start thinking for themselves. Without the bible saying gay was a sin we wouldn’t be thinking that it was this wrong. Man wrote the old testament. The only thing you can trust is what Jesus said. The new testament. Jesus said that about gays. He loved everybody and came to teach us love. I believe people only believe what the old testament said and chose to ignore what Jesus himself said about gays because it didn’t make since to us. We don’t understand two beings that cant reproduce through having sex. But I can promise you that god made everything for a purpose. I also promise that if you had god in your ear explaining every decision of his in full detail that you would understand it fully. Even understand why he made gays. But we don’t, we only have we he gave us. And that’s Jesus when he came to teach us love because that’s all that really matters. Please know once you learn love fully you will realize that that’s all you ever wanted and that’s all that makes since. If you cant find that scripture its because he used a different word then gay. He used “eunuchs”. But in ancient times eunuchs was refered mainly to homosexuals

      1. ForHisNameSake2 years ago

        First, how can you use the Bible to argue your case if you don’t believe.
        Now let us discuss your words, “hateful old testament that Jesus said was wrong”. Why would Jesus say the old testament that foretold His coming was wrong. Matthew 19:10-12 does not refer to a “gay”. A eunuch is not a “gay” person. A castrated man employed as a designated officer, chamberlain. Custodians of royal harems. Matthew 19:10 concerns marriage between man and woman. Read all of 19. Do not pick out pieces. The Bible is His story from Genesis to Revelation. Matthew 19:11 – 12 teaches of celibacy. (1 Corinthians 7:32). The other things you speak of are laws given to the children of Israel for well-being… physical, moral, spiritual after leaving Egypt. For Christians it gives direction to God and instructions for spiritual worship. NKJ
        God is three in One. God the Father. Jesus the Son. Holy Spirit the Comforter. Jesus came to earth to reconnect the sinful man back to God. Roman 3:24-25. By the way, your spelling. You don’t want a God who is a god. Moving along, The Holy Spirit is in man, left to do just what He said. Comfort and guide. Now, God’s word is freedom. When you read all that he has for you, and there is so much, then you will understand. Please, take the time to read. Romans 3:23 then John 3:16 then Ephesians 2:8-9 and last John 1:12. When that sinks in, sit down for the time of your life and begin….Genesis 1:1.
        Be blessed.

        1. Eduard Doron Flores2 years ago

          You are interpreting the Word too literally. If we interpret it by your logic, born eunuch will mean born castrated. Thus, you are saying that there are fetus that were castrated before being delivered. Eunuch of the Kingdom of God should mean priest and preachers. Show us a proof that priests and preachers are castrated.

  5. TnT3 years ago

    Gay marriage is wrong love the person hate the sin if it was right then how can you explain why men arent able to have a baby while sleeping with another male or why is it that a women body parts are a perfect fit for her male counter part or why was law even written that marriage is to be between male and female please explain this to me because I dont understand I have nothing against anyone that is gay however I dont like the act I love the person but I will not except what the world think is pkay when the word of God says the truth and whether people want to believe the word of God or not you just better be right when you pass this life!!!!!

    1. TCMM3 years ago

      I don’t really think that it is right to say that “gay” people shouldn’t be able to marry because “why men aren’t able to have a baby while sleeping with another male”. Why is it that the best heterosexual couples in the world sometimes aren’t able to have children? And furthermore there are so many children that just need love and nurture from two loving people, quality over gender, I’m more then positive would be the option to a child who is livening lovelessly in a shelter. Another thing, who says that your god is so absolute that he should control everybody’s life? I believe in god and though the may not agree with homosexuality he also doesn’t agree with judgement being passed on others. Assertion of religion as a means to deny somebody the right to love one another and promise eternity to each other is bogus. And also denies all other religions that permit such marriages of there right that is no different for Christians. If we want to go that route we should firstly look at gods regulations on divorce and do something about that among all the “straight” people in america that don’t last a year before divorce. At the end of the day NOBODY should be able to tell somebody that they can’t be with somebody. This is no man nor woman’s place to judge somebodies sexual orientation and deny them some odd 1100 rights that heterosexuals receive when signing the marital contract. I think that at the end of the day we are scared more then anything, whats gunna happen when a million gay couples actually stay married and straight people get divorced more and more every year leaving children in broken homes. This is not right. If it weren’t for change women and people of color( what ever color that may be) wouldn’t have any rights either. Change is inevitable and small minded people should probably start acknowledging that some time soon.

    2. Alex3 years ago

      TnT@ “Love the person, hate the sin?” Is it sinful to love? Please define or show me within bible, quote by quote from GOD, that LBGT individual is sinful in any shape or form? Please do not speak from your ignorant believes. It’s ok that is your view of point, but do not bring religion in and have your wrongful believe be related to religion or GOD. Ignorant is a choice, a choice to fails to educate yourself. Therefore, do not bring your ignorants into religion and/or God teaching because that is sinful to lie or quote God words. When the bible has not mention anything about same-sex marriage and/or LBGT. Please do us all a favors and grab a book or two and read about genetic cause to why a person is homosexual or heterosexual. There has been plenty of psychological and genetics research out there to prove that LBGT is not a choice and or a sin. That is why some are born that way. For example; if a child who born with Aids, Autism, Schizophrenia would you then call that child and/or individual sinful because of who they or mentally and physically? Mr. or Mrs. whoever you are, you are not perfect yourself. I know you have not lived your life by the bible either. So, don’t go around judging people and feel like you have the rights to call out certain group or individual sinful. You have no rights to do so, when you yourself fails to educate your narrow minds and believes.

    3. Gregory Reed3 years ago

      if you want to know why god created gays I know why! I posted it here if you want to read it. whygodcreatedgays.wordpress.com/…

  6. Bob Truthteller4 years ago

    To paint the U.S. green is enormously erroneous. Thirty-three states have put the question to the voters and had overwhelming majorities vote for traditional marriage. Also, in a study conducted by political scientist Richard Powell, and reported by Pew Research, the true opposition to “gay marriage” is understated in polls. Indeed, there is a social desirability bias that makes people feel like they must answer in a particular way because of political correctness. The true opposition to same-sex marriage is much greater across America than most people realize. Still, common sense based on the results of votes of the people, show that most people know that real “marriage” can only exist between one man and one woman. When you look at how the concept of “gay marriage” has been foisted upon American culture, you see that liberal governors, legislatures and federal judges have been the impetus for it’s existence in 18 states, not the will of the people. Based on a real, honest consensus, the map of the U.S. would be orange. But, most news and “facts” are presented with a liberal bias that fools the uninformed into believing that all of America supports something it doesn’t.

    1. roman catholic3 years ago

      In my country – Poland people are very intolerant like us citizens. They are like talibs, which are hypocrise stupid and archaic. They scream like you americans that you are democracy or fight for humans rights but you are like muslims which hates gay people rights. You have Westboro Baptist Church which is church of valueeless human nits which are against basic human law. We Europeans had two terify ideologies nazism and communism and we are much more tolerant than you. Of course not in Poland and Slavs countries but these countries have no democracy more than twenty years ago and have often communism mentality. So I know that the communist, nazist and fundamentalists scream the most loudly against gay people rights such as same sex marriage and right to adopt children.

  7. matt4 years ago

    the uk is legal now.. they need to keep this updated

  8. nick4 years ago

    I find it interesting that people are so concerned about marriage when it doesn’t effect them in any way.
    Why would I care who you marry?
    Originally marriage was about property rights. But everyone would love to forget that and just stick to what was in their lifetime of what marriage was to mean.

    Laws and religion are not to be mixed so that we don’t pass laws that conflict with your religion.
    Everyone’s religion isn’t bothered by having to do without something because another person feels it is wrong or right.

    What does a person that isn’t for marriage equality going to miss or what harm to them for two people getting married? I do know what the people miss and what harm to their family is causes to deny them equality.

    1. Bob Truthteller4 years ago

      Actually, marriage wasn’t created because of property rights, but was defined in the Old Testament in the Bible and has been in existence for 5000 years. When you look at sociology studies that show the results of children raised by a mom and a dad vs. any other arrangement, the need for traditional marriage becomes well understood. It is everybody’s business for the same reason it is the government’s business. Procreation continues the human race, which is required by all modern cultures. In industrial societies, it means there are continually taxpayers to support the infrastructure of the culture. Social science tells us that children born and raised in a traditional family have the best chance of growing up to be productive citizens. This is in sharp contrast to any other arrangement. When you introduce these unnatural distortions of original marriage, you pick apart the building blocks of a culture. Political correctness is the most destructive force in American culture. Framing the argument as being for equality is misleading and contrived and meant to distort the true origins of marriage.

      1. TnT3 years ago

        Well Spoken

        1. Katelyn3 years ago

          What about for happiness? What if I am just truly happiest with another lady instead of a man? Single parents raise children all the time, why not me and my future wife?
          I want to take a moment to add that the traditional marriage of the bible means men could have many wives, concubines and slaves. Traditional marriage also means men could inherit women as property if her husband died. ~ religiondispatches.org/archive/s…

          You should look at a new study too. Here is a list for your convenience.

      2. Carlos3 years ago

        Well said.

    2. TCMM3 years ago

      Where is the like button on here, you are absolutely right, and women were the property, even when the husband passed they were still nothing to society.

    3. M2 years ago

      I agree to Bob, I don’t think it does not matter who everyone else get married. If someone says you can’t get married to a black or asian or whoever, it’s discrimination right? At least it is not really an acceptable opinion right? Why not the same sex marriage if someone really loves him/her?

  9. verbs4 years ago

    There is nothing wrong with encouraging the acceptance homosexuality and bisexuality in society. It certainly won’t hurt anyone. It should be seen as normal and equal to heterosexuality, because it is! A huge benefit to society is that same-sex couples can adopt babies to give them a loving home and family.

  10. cleomel4 years ago

    This is a total wreck in humanity’s moral! Accepting this kind of craziness is such a stupid act! We should all go back to the original design of marriage- which is for a man and a woman only…!

    1. Emma Halington4 years ago

      It’s to do with human rights actually. The United Nations Human Rights Council itself has recognised gay rights as human rights. So calm up.

      1. Bob Truthteller4 years ago

        Quoting a far, left wing institution, that also believes in usurping American’s 2nd Amendment rights, is quite disingenuous. They have no vested interest in American culture; we do.

    2. ThatOneChick3 years ago

      Marrige is about love and partnership “your saying two straight people who hate each other have more right to marry than two gay people who love each other?That’s crazy!”-Louis Griffin

    3. TCMM3 years ago

      Should we all be property too? Should we remove women’s rights? These are things that helped build the original constitution of marriage, it was a contract, get a women and some dowery.

  11. yancy whittaker4 years ago

    How dare you get this wrong. If you surveyed those states in the U.S that ban homosexual marriage your ‘ALL Green America” would become “dominantly” orange… so Drew, I challenge you to re-research those states and ask again and get it right

    1. Drew DeSilver4 years ago

      We typically only poll at the national level, so we don’t have data for individual states/provinces/regions. That’s not limited to the U.S. — all of our global survey results are presented at the national level.

    2. Emma Halington4 years ago

      How dare they?

      You should be glad that the United States is coloured green along with the rest of the world’s civilised nations!


    3. Bob Truthteller4 years ago

      Thank you………….you are exactly right. Thirty-three states put it to the voters and all voted for traditional marriage. Nearly all the other states had the concept foisted upon the citizens by liberal governors, legislatures or federal judges.

  12. Jack334 years ago

    Good to see the US is slowly, but surely, joining much of the rest of the first world on this.

  13. Jamblik Bartlowitz4 years ago

    Society is is getting sicker and sicker day by day. That is to say, the devil is getting more and more votes.

    1. Carlos3 years ago

      Isaiah 5:20

  14. pete r4 years ago

    Germany’s Supreme Court just ruled that same sex couples now have the same rights as married couples.

  15. JO4 years ago


    1. Jeremy4 years ago

      It the pseudo news from mainstream media that spews out propaganda releasing people of their real critical thinking abilities with persuasive and suggestive speech that deactivates their minds, such as with the phrase “COMMON SENSE gun reforms”. The capitals are emphasis not yelling and see what I did there… Yup, that is what Obama does to all of you and the vast majority of the public turns of their brains even before they look into what he is trying to pass. Ugh, the utter lack of sincerity in politics is often mind boggling.

    2. ROBO4 years ago

      Are people crazy who don’t agree with you?

    3. Laura4 years ago

      @ Jo –
      Nothing happens overnight. Western civilization at the present day is passing through a crisis which is essentially different from anything that has been previously experienced. Other societies in the past have changed their social institutions or their religious beliefs under the influence of external forces or the slow development of internal growth. But none, like our own, has ever consciously faced the prospect of a fundamental alteration of the beliefs and institutions on which the whole fabric of social life rests. Our Civilization is being uprooted from its foundations in nature and tradition and is being reconstituted in a new organization which is as artificial and mechanical as a modern factory.

      Why is this happening? Enter the Frankfurt School. Please go online to learn more about it and the people behind it. Basically, the Frankfurt School believed that as long as an individual had the belief – or even the hope of belief – that his divine gift of reason could solve the problems facing society, then that society would never reach the state of hopelessness and alienation that they considered necessary to provoke their socialist revolution. Their task, therefore, was as swiftly as possible to undermine Christian values and legacy. To further advance their platform, the School recommended (among other things):

      1. The creation of racism offences
      2. Continual change to create confusion
      3. The teaching of sex and homosexuality to children.
      4. The undermining of schools’ and teachers’ authority
      5. Huge immigration to destroy identity
      6. Emptying of churches
      7. An unreliable legal system with bias against victims of crime
      8. Dependency on the state or state benefits
      9. Control and dumbing down of media
      10. Encouraging the breakdown of the family

      We are in the middle of all of this. If you think we have gone mad, wait to see what’s coming to us…and to this Nation.

    4. Emma Halington4 years ago

      It’s called civilisation.
      From Argentina to South Africa, Norway to Spain, Canada to New Zealand, France to Uruguay, the world is moving towards equality for all.

      A fundamental and basic concept of civilisation.

  16. Laura4 years ago

    Until science proves that the brain of the homoxesuals/lesbians is different, something they have tried but have not been able to find, we should call it what it is: A LIFESTYLE demanding special rights and priviliges not afforded to others.

    Ancient Rome had rampant homoxesuality, which was followed by rampant pedofile activity – having a young child as a lover was seeing as high status.

    We did not have homoxesual marriage 50 years ago; now is all the rage. How soon will we encounter a call for the pedofile having the right to have a child lover? After all, they also claim to be born this way…and, unles homoxesuales/lesbians are above everyone else, they have rights, too.

    1. Julian4 years ago

      Numbers 31:18 “But all the women children, that have not known a man by lying with him, keep alive for yourselves.” That is the bible telling men to be pedophiles!

      1. Melinda Deason4 years ago

        What leads you to believe they are talking about having sex with these girls? The verses around it explain that the married women were at fault as well as the men, so only the virgin girls were to be spared from death. It was typical to spare women and children, but in this case, even the married women were to blame because they were the ones that caused the Israelites to turn away from God. So he says to spare the lives of only the virgin (unmarried) girls. In no way does this imply that they should have sex with them.

    2. James4 years ago

      Science has documented it. Keep up.


    3. Lunarscribe4 years ago

      Lara you were given two pieces of evidence that disproves your hypotheses. If you don’t want the answer to the question you asked or simply don’t like what science has found that is not the problem of science or a fact based thinker’s problem. It is neither one’s responsibility to make you understand. You asked the question, you have been given the answer. You are no longer ignorant of the findings, but have now moved into intellectual negligence. I’m sorry if you think this post is harsh but it is the truth. Stop asking a question to which you clearly don’t want the answer to.

      1. Jeremy4 years ago

        LOL lunarscribe. I love how you feign superior intelligence in an ad hominem attack to silence the voice of a dissenter. Ridiculous, she only made one comment but you act like she has gone on and on. I’m so tired of pseudointellectuals who prance around wielding their highfalutin “I’m smarter than you” nonsense when really we can see through your drivel and recognize that you don’t know squat about what you are talking about. THESE scientists made the discovery, NOT you, so stop giving yourself an indirect undue pat on the back. Plus this does NOT prove anything. It is suggestive correlation but not causation noob. Oh before you insult me with ad hominem attacks I have a B.S in Biology, graduated from university portland, oregon in 2012 so I actually know a thing or two about science and I dare you to test me. Lastly, your post is incredibly redundant…incredibly.

        1. James4 years ago


          First of all, Laura asked, in the first instance, “Can science prove that the brain of gay men is different than those of a heterosexual man? If so, can you tell me where is this research? If not, why not?” And in the second, she asserted, “Until science proves that the brain of the homoxesuals/lesbians is different, something they have tried but have not been able to find.” If you could actually read, you would have noticed that she didn’t ask for causal evidence, only evidence that, in her own words, “the brain of gay men is different than those of a heterosexual man.” Lunarscribe only pointed that fact out, i.e., that there is evidence of cerebral difference, which she has been given — twice. Second of all, you accused people of “gay agenda bias” and “major confirmation bias” for giving a perfectly rational interpretation of a scientific evidence, and yet your own words betrayed yours: “Hey the only way you will know is if you pursue God with your heart. There is much deception in the world but it is not hard to know Jesus, many just refuse to give him a shot in their spirit. You will only ever know God through spirit not in thought nor in flesh.” Have Christians not reinterpreted the Biblical account of creation in response to advancement in evolutionary biology? And is that not in itself a Christian agenda bias, if you will? It certainly is a “major confirmation bias,” wouldn’t you say? And, finally, not all gay men “act like women therefore their brains are more like a women.” Some gay men are even more straight-acting than straight men. Indeed, gay men come from all sorts of backgrounds, and they exist the world over. Some gay men hail from rich families, others poor. Some have loving family, others don’t. Some come from religious families, others not so much. Some live in the West, others in Asia, or Africa, and so on. Some grew up loving (and/or playing) sports, others fashion, or literature, or science, etc. Such are the varieties of the “surrounding stimuli” of homosexual men, and, of course, homosexual women, and they are, needless to say, as humanly diverse as the “surrounding stimuli” of heterosexuals. That fact alone should provide you with sufficient cause to reconsider your position concerning “surrounding stimuli,” or, for that matter, “lifestyle choices” being the cause of homosexuality. Both are unfounded conjectures, at best, and manifest bigotry, at worst. And surely it is not proper for a holder of a “B.S in Biology, graduated from university portland, oregon in 2012” to be going around the Web — a respectable research site like Pew, no less — making a proud, proud show of either? Surely, no?

          1. James4 years ago


            1. Some gay men are even more straight-acting than [some] straight men.

            2. Some have loving [families], others don’t.

        2. Laura4 years ago

          @ Jeremy –
          Thank you for saying exactly what the article tells us. The Lunarscribes of this world do not like when like historical behavior is used as a mirror to tell them, “this is how you are.” Lunarscribes is condescending in his/her comment because, deep down, is a very insecure individual. Insecurity is weakness and weakness deserves pity.

          Regardless, if we follow this path, there will be all sorts of groups asking to legalize anything and everything because the world is full of ABERRATIONS and associated behaviours. In permissive society, exceptions become the rule and the rules remain as mere exceptions. This is the new, decandent West, and one of the main reasons for our self-destruction – just like Ancient Rome. Truly SCARY.

          Read the following regarding pedophilia – it’s a question of time before this group, which is larger than 1% of the global honmosexual population, will be asking for their “rights:”

          “Pedophilia seems to be caused by a combination of genetic and environmental factors. The ability to intervene rationally in this disorder is limited by shortcomings in our understanding of its neurobiology. The findings provide clues to the complexity of this disorder, [and] this deficit may predispose individuals who are vulnerable to pedophilia to seek other forms of stimulation. It is currently unknown whether this pattern of brain activation is a risk factor for the development of pedophilia or a consequence of their pedophilic sexual experiences,” said Dr. John Krystal, Editor of Biological Psychiatry and affiliated with both Yale University School of Medicine and the VA Connecticut Healthcare System, who calls for further research.

          “[These findings] may open the door for better understanding the neurobiology of this disorder which is of forensic, criminal and public concern. Our results may thus be seen as the first step towards establishing a neurobiology of pedophilia which ultimately may contribute to the development of new and effective means of therapies for this debilitating disorder.” said co-author Dr. Georg Northoff.

    4. nick4 years ago

      @ laura, IF it were a choice.lifestyle like you presume, then you could choose to be gay too right, I didn’t think so.

      Even if it was a choice, which is isn’t, equality is equality.

      Your religion does NOT trump my religion. Thus I will not bend to yours no more than I wish you to bend to mine.

      People are FREE to choose their religion and live accordingly. Anything less, isn’t freedom.

      Would you want the courts to outlaw church on sunday because the Seventh Day Adventist think it is wrong? That would be pushing their religion onto your life. Just like you are trying to push your religion views onto others via laws prohibiting marriage.

  17. Harry4 years ago

    Many of the world’s problems are caused by overpopulation and by people having children they don’t want. Furthermore, the rate of abortions is high in many places. If more there were more people involved in homosexual marriages and they were faithful to each other we would, in the long run, have fewer people in the world and fewer problems.
    Of course it’s possible that, in that scenario, hetrosexual people in poverty situations would continue to have more children than they can support so this problem would persist.
    If increased acceptance of gay marriages leads to more of them, we shall see what effects this has on the world.

    1. Alfonso4 years ago

      Yes, Harry. And if all man and women died, there would be even fewer problems: actually there would be no problems at all in the world. A perfect world!

    2. Carlos3 years ago

      Harry, you need to do more independent thinking. I see a flawed argument. The world is not overpopulated, just the metro areas. Food and medicine is not scarce just misdistributed. Abortions and Homosexuality is not the answer.

  18. Joan Theve4 years ago

    I fail to see why so many commentators are bringing religion into the subject of gay marriage. In my opinion gay marriage by a justice of the peace should be legal everywhere. Churches who oppose gay marriage should not be forced to perform one. I am not religious, in fact I am an atheist, and I believe that anyone should have the right to marry the person of their choice. It is, unfortunately, religion, mainly evangelicals and Catholics, who oppose this. I wish that they would mind their own business and get busy with bake sales and bingo games.

  19. Joseph4 years ago

    LOL. So, those so willing to deny rights to others *cough religious Christian extremists cough* are extremely related to those in third world countries, Islam and communists. Go figure. Learn how to love people, like Jesus and God.

    1. steve4 years ago

      iichron714. My friend you have left us with sound advice. thank you. Jesus our lord did not condem sin on this earth. He forgave it and then said go and sin no more. But on that day his righteousness will comdem and judge unrighteousness

      1. iamfantastikate4 years ago

        Sure it won’t be Ahura Mazda doing the judging?

        1. Jeremy4 years ago

          Hey the only way you will know is if you pursue God with your heart. There is much deception in the world but it is not hard to know Jesus, many just refuse to give him a shot in their spirit. You will only ever know God through spirit not in thought nor in flesh.

  20. Dixie4 years ago

    Although it’s important to remain faithful to God’s Word, the current translations of the Bible are from a time when homosexuality had a different understanding than it does now, when it was seen as an unnatural perversion in straight men. We know better now. The Biblical texts which currently refer to homosexuality need to be reviewed in the context we understand things today. Gay men are not perverted straight men, they are natural gay men. It is a very different situation.

    1. Michael4 years ago

      To add to that, much male-male sexual domination and abuse, especially pedophilia and molestation, is fundamentally about power, not sexuality. Offenders often never developed any adult consensual sexual relationships, and many others are heterosexual with families. It seems that behavior is what the bible was often referring to.


    2. Laura4 years ago

      Dixie –
      Can science prove that the brain of gay men is different than those of a heterosexual man? If so, can you tell me where is this research? If not, why not?

      1. Dixie4 years ago

        Yes, Laura.

        Here you go: pnas.org/content/105/27/9403.full

      2. IceWhisper4 years ago


        It should not matter if a homosexual’s brain is different from a heterosexuals. Honestly, I have seen the “research” where it does show that a homosexual’s brain tends to be closer to the opposite of a heterosexual’s brain (the male homosexual is more like the female, the female more like the male). But what I fail to see in the research is what the brain looks like from all points of time, I mainly only see what their brains look “now”, not what they did and not how it ends when they die. I bet that my brain looks different now than when I was two years old.
        The “brain” excuse is as useless as the “born with it” excuse, some people are born with deformities or are predisposed to smoking/drinking or whatever, does that make it okay? How many kids do you know that don’t disobey their elders? While we may not find a “disobedience” gene, surely disobedience must be “born into” somehow if everyone does it. Does that make disobedience okay?
        Our actions and desires should not be based on how we were born, otherwise we might as well start making excuses for rapists and pedophiles.

    3. Jeremy4 years ago

      Do we really now better? How can homosexuality be explained from an evolutionary standpoint? It serves no purpose to better the human species therefore making it a deleterious genetic trait, unless of course we talking about some vague societal or non-nuclear familial benefit, but truth be told that is a very very unlikely outcome. So in reality, without a gay agenda bias, homosexuals are an evolutionary mistake, and I bet with good science all of these brains scans would show that this brain changes are a result of lifestyle choices, e.g. homosexual men act like women therefore their brains are more like a women. When will people realize that proving psychological phenomenon empirically is next to impossible. Gay activists, science is a losing battle for your progression. Clearly getting some puppet with political or social influence who will drive home your progressive banter is much more worth your while.

  21. iichron7144 years ago

    Fellow countrymen, truth is absolute. What is true about Genesis 2:24 “Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh” at the time it was written still holds true today. What is true about Romans 1:27 “And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompence of their error which was meet”, holds true also today. Woe unto them which call evil – good and good – evil. Truth is not progressive. What was and is true back then is still true today. Our adversary the devil roams to and fro seeking whom he may devour and destroy with this abomination of same sex marriage. 2 Corinthians 4:4 In whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them.

    Truth is absolute – Judgement will also be absolute – in this life for those who practice such wickedness and in the life to come. There will be weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth on the great and terrible day of the LORD. Turn now from this wickedness to the mercy and forgiveness of an Almighty God who is able to save to the utmost or continue as you are and be handed over to a reprobate mind, the face of God will be turned from you and darkness will consume you.

    1. Tomron Wallen4 years ago

      I may be your fellow countryman, but I am definitely NOT your fellow religionist. Ket’s get one thing straight: your religious views and your morality are YOURS, and you are 100% entitled to them. But PLEASE, do not impose your version of “Truth” upon the rest of us, who have just as much right to our views. And PLEASE remember that in matters of CIVIL rights, we all have rights not at all tainted by one religious view or another. And, PLEASE remember that in your version of truth, your “LORD” is the arbiter of who led a good life and who didn’t – NOT you and your ilk!
      Signed: One who is willing to take his chance on being consumed by darkness.

      1. Carlos3 years ago

        I see your point. Are you an atheist or just a general gnostic? Because none of the major world religions approve of this homo-agenda. If so, show me some facts and not just individual opinions.

    2. iamfantastikate4 years ago

      You say truth is absolute, and yet you quote an ancient book that contradicts itself hundreds of times. Good job!

    3. Edmund Fonataba4 years ago

      The bible will never change, but the the societies are. And we gradually move toward more accepting and granting rights to the same sex couples.
      If you want ABSOLUTE TRUTH then we should follow every law in the leviticus and the rest of the bible (with much of contradictions).
      You CAN NOT pick and choose bible passages that you like while ignoring the other.

      1. Jeremy4 years ago

        Actually if you knew anything about hermeneutics you would know that as a Christian we are under a new covenant with God established by the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. So although there are many things in the old testament that we should follow we do not have to follow the some 687 laws of the old testament as we are not Jewish and not under that covenant. let me put it this way. If you have a contract with an employer that required certain demands but than you and employer established a second contract that negated the first would you still follow the first’s demands? I think not. For thinking yourself so logical you actually aren’t. Unless of course you are ignorant, naive or disingenuous.

  22. Lee4 years ago

    John Are you kidding me. That list is full of ignorance and bigotry. Try rational, logical reasoning sometime.

  23. John4 years ago

    There are 10 reasons — and more — that prove why same-sex “marriage” is not marriage.

    1. Emma Halington4 years ago


      Civilised countries around the world don’t care what you think, the world is moving on.

      The law is the law.

  24. DB4 years ago

    Brazil is a huge win for families. With almost 200 million people, it is by far the largest pro-marriage country (France, with about 60 million, is a distant second). It is also significant as the world’s largest Latin country, the world’s largest Catholic country, and the country with the largest black population outside of Africa.

  25. DB4 years ago

    South Africa is an interesting case. It is the only country in Africa where people can choose who they marry (due to its post-apartheid 1994 constitution which banned discrimination on the basis of race, religion, sex, and sexual orientation). While the population remains homophobic, it is much less homophobic than other African countries. This shows that once laws quite discriminating the population will gradually become less bigoted. While prejudice causes discrimination, laws allowing discrimination tend to generate prejudice.

  26. Sarah4 years ago

    I believe there is too much ambiguity in the phrase ‘acceptance’ of Homosexuality. Anecdotally, there are people (heterosexuals) in North America who feel strongly in favor of equal rights for people who are gay, but who also feel that their religion is rather explicit in defining homosexuality as a (one of many, I might add) sin. Sin is unacceptable, even though ‘all have sinned …and fallen short of the glory of God.’ but alas, denial of civil rights for fellow citizens is unacceptable too. Thus, depending on one’s primary allegiances in the interpretation of acceptance ( in a general public sphere? Or accepted as engaging in sin free behavior?) one would expect people to be responding to the same question with different assumptions… I.e., the question is biased. Claims are problematic.

    1. Jeremy4 years ago

      Your post is somewhat difficult to follow with all the commas and parentheses. Regardless, I’ll address one point of your post. Civil right in itself is subjective, since many who disagree with homosexuality, including myself, would state that we believe homosexuality is a lifestyle choice not something congenital or deserving of a civil right. It would be akin as if all the potsmokers of Lousiana were protesting there “right” to smoke marijuana where ever they want as otherwise it would infringe on their freedom. Or morbidly obese people demanding their “right” to having extra large ambulances to take them to the hospital for their health. They would both have to say that they had a congenital disposition to be addicted to marijuana or a disposition to obesity. Of course these comparisons are not completely ideal. Ultimately, acceptance of homosexuality for me comes down to a gut thing. In my heart I know that homosexuality is wrong, perverted and honestly even vile but with logic the case for “everyone deserves love” can be easily understood to the point of acceptance of gay marriage. (Btw I believe your gut, abdomen, is where your spirit lives — for some interesting info check out the enteric nervous system. There is some compelling science that shows emotions come from your enteric nervous system connected to your frontal lobe through the Left vagus nerve.)

      1. Emma Halington4 years ago

        The Supreme Court of the United States certainty cleared things up now.

  27. Martin4 years ago

    I’m gay. The real issue is rather odd. Activists have pursued “marriage” almost all my 50 years. They have not pursued “equal rights.” They are dissatisfied with equal rights. Something odd is behind this. Most “activists” are not religious. Marriage is a religious word, and a religious institution. What’s wrong with equal rights?

    1. Susan4 years ago

      Marriage is NOT a religious word. Try getting married without filing with the state and see how many rights you end up with. People get married in front of a justice of the peace all the time.

      1. Bob Truthteller4 years ago

        I’m sorry you are so misinformed. Marriage was defined by God in the Old Testament. You may have never read it, so you may just not have all the facts. Marriage is sacred and people who realize that are usually married for a long time. Taking God out of marriage usually doesn’t work out well. Let people of the same sex have civil unions……….just don’t try to adopt something that God created and apply it to something that He doesn’t agree with.

    2. DB4 years ago

      Marriage is a civil contract between two people that provides over 1,300 rights, privileges, and responsibilities. It is available to couples of any religion and of none. There is no reason for marriage laws to discriminate on the basis of sex, race, religion, or sexual orientation. Religious marriage is a separate ritual that has no effect on civil marriage and vice versa.

    3. Michael4 years ago

      “By the power vested in me by the State of ____, I now pronounce you … ”
      Sounds like a civil contract to me.

    4. Carlos3 years ago

      What equal rights are we talking about?
      Having lunch at a Woolworth counter, ride in the front of a bus, being able to assist at a major university, not being fire hosed down, having dogs attack you, murdering of little girls in a fire bombed church. Please enlighten me. Is this a money issue? Property rights issue? Well get a living-will.

      We tolerate it, we don’t celebrate it. We endure it, not adore it. We care about the children before the adults, they are our future.

  28. Tyler King4 years ago

    The real issue about gay marriage is one that nobody is talking about.

    Few care about who one spends time at night with. Most care about American gays marrying non-American gays and sponsoring them for citizenship, but the press refuses to explore the issue.

    Unless gay sponsorship of foreign gays is forbidden, within 40 years we will be forced to change the name of the country to “The United States of Gay America”.

    1. Susan4 years ago

      Right, because straight people never do this.

    2. Sarah4 years ago

      Great point!

      1. Luke4 years ago

        I vote we call it the United States of Fabulous.

      2. JR4 years ago

        Stupid point, I know many men and women who have married the opposite sex so the other person becomes a citizen after a grace period. Wake up Sarah.

        1. Jeremy4 years ago

          This is comical guys. I doubt he is being genuine.