July 14, 2010

Reproduced: Future of Cloning


Roughly half the public believes that in 40 years human beings will be cloned and an extinct animal will be brought back through cloning.

Most Americans predict dramatic scientific and technological advancements in the next 40 years, including many who see the cloning not only of humans, but of animals that have long been extinct. Roughly half of Americans predict we will definitely (12%) or probably (36%) clone a human being by 2050. Another half, however, say this will probably (33%) or definitely (16%) not happen. Slightly more (51%) say that scientists will bring back an extinct animal species by cloning it during the next 40 years. Americans see a cure for cancer (71% predict it will happen) and astronauts landing on Mars (63%) as far more probable scientific advancements than human cloning or resuscitating an animal species. About as many foresee cloning as predict finding evidence of life elsewhere in the universe (50%) and computer chips being embedded in Americans for identification (48%). Read More

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