March 24, 2010

Want Tougher Financial Regulation


Six-in-ten Americans support the idea of the government imposing tighter controls on the financial sector.

As Congress debates whether or not to impose tighter controls on the way financial firms do business, a substantial majority of the public (59%) thinks stricter regulations are a good idea, compared with only 33% who see stricter financial regulations as a bad idea. This despite the fact that more Americans now say they prefer a smaller government providing fewer services (50%) rather than a bigger government providing more services (40%). Support for government to exert more control over the economy than it has in recent years is also down somewhat from roughly a year ago. Americans are now evenly divided on whether it is a good idea (46%) or a bad idea (42%) for greater government involvement in the economy. Nearly eight-in-ten Democrats (79%) say that stricter government regulations of financial firms are a good idea. But there is much less support for this idea among independents (52% good idea), while Republicans are closely divided on whether tougher regulations on financial firms are a bad idea (48%) or a good idea (45%). Read More

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