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Report | May 16, 2007
A Christian Right Without Falwell

When he died May 15, the Rev. Jerry Falwell, founder of the Moral Majority, left a legacy as one of the innovative early leaders of a movement that brought evangelicals and other Christians into politics. The Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life reflects on Falwell’s impact and the future of the Christian right. Featuring: […]

Report | Apr 25, 2007
Changing Faiths: Latinos and the Transformation of American Religion

A joint survey by the Pew Hispanic Project and the Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life Executive Summary Hispanics are transforming the nation’s religious landscape, especially the Catholic Church, not only because of their growing numbers but also because they are practicing a distinctive form of Christianity. Religious expressions associated with the pentecostal and […]

Report | Apr 19, 2007
Pope to Visit ’Pentecostalized’ Brazil

April 19, 2007 Updated: May 9, 2007 by Luis Lugo, Director, Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life When Pope Benedict XVI landed in São Paulo’s Guarulhos International Airport on May 9, he entered a religious landscape very different from the one that confronted his predecessor, Pope John Paul II, on his first visit to […]

Report | Oct 18, 2006
Evangelicals and the GOP: An Update

White evangelical Protestants have become the most important part of the Republican Party's electoral base, making up nearly one-in-four of those who identify with the GOP and vote for its candidates. This analysis examines the current state of evangelical support for the GOP, in light of the approaching 2006 elections.

Report | Oct 5, 2006
Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life Releases Results from a 10-Country Public Opinion Survey of Pentecostals

Survey covers the religious, political and civic views of pentecostals and charismatics in the United States, Latin America, Africa and Asia The Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life today released the results of a 10-country survey of pentecostal and charismatic Christians, two large and fast-growing groups whose socially conservative views are impacting religion and […]

Report | Oct 5, 2006
Spirit and Power – A 10-Country Survey of Pentecostals

Executive Summary By all accounts, pentecostalism and related charismatic movements represent one of the fastest-growing segments of global Christianity. According to the World Christian Database, at least a quarter of the world’s 2 billion Christians are thought to be members of these lively, highly personal faiths, which emphasize such spiritually renewing “gifts of the Holy […]

Report | Sep 26, 2006
God’s Country? Evangelicals and U.S. Foreign Policy

Pew Research Center Washington, D.C. In his recent article in Foreign Affairs, Walter Russell Mead argues that as U.S. evangelicals exert increasing political influence, they are becoming a powerful force in foreign affairs. In recent years, evangelicals have voted overwhelmingly Republican, helping to put conservatives at the helm of U.S. foreign policy, while focusing their […]

Report | May 2, 2006
Will White Evangelicals Desert the GOP?

Although President Bush's approval rating has declined as much among white evangelicals as among the public as a whole, so far evangelicals don't seem likely to abandon the GOP this fall.

Report | Apr 24, 2006
Moved by the Spirit: Pentecostal Power & Politics after 100 Years

University of Southern California Los Angeles, California April 2006 marked the 100th anniversary of the beginning of the Azusa Street revival in Los Angeles, an event that is often cited as the birth of modern pentecostalism. Since then, pentecostalism has emerged as one of the fastest-growing Christian movements in the world. Nowhere is this more […]

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