presentation | Aug 22, 2012

Networked Learners

Lee Rainie will present a keynote discussion on networked learning at the The Free Learning 2.0 Conference on August 22.

report | Jul 27, 2012

The Future of Higher Education

Experts expect more-efficient collaborative environments and new grading schemes; they worry about massive online courses, the shift away from on-campus life

presentation | May 10, 2012

Learning in the digital age

Lee Rainie will give the keynote presentation titled "Learning in the Digital Age: Where Libraries Fit In" at the 21st Annual Minitex ILL Conference in Minnesota.

presentation | Nov 9, 2011

The new education ecology

Lee Rainie discusses Pew Internet's most recent findings about Americans use the internet and their mobile devices to learn, share, and create information.

presentation | Oct 20, 2011

As learning goes mobile (slides and video)

Lee Rainie spoke about “As learning goes mobile” at the Educause 2011 annual conference. He described the Project’s latest findings about how people (especially young adults) use mobile devices, including smartphones and tablet computers.

presentation | Sep 23, 2011

Reading, Writing, & Research in the Digital Age

Director Lee Rainie looked at the “state of reading” in the digital age by going through Pew Internet data about how teens use the internet, smartphones, and social networking sites. He argued that reading is now 1) raw material for further creati...

report | Aug 28, 2011

The Digital Revolution and Higher Education

As online college courses are becoming more prevalent, the public is skeptical about their educational value. According to a recent Pew Research survey, only 29% of Americans say online classes are equal in value to classes taken in person.

report | Aug 28, 2011

The Digital Revolution and Higher Education

As online college courses have become increasingly prevalent, the general public and college presidents offer different assessments of their educational value.

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