report | Jun 13, 2018

The Age Gap in Religion Around the World

Young adults tend to be less religious than their elders by several measures; the opposite is rarely true. This pattern holds true across many countries that have different religious, economic and social profiles.

report | Jul 8, 2013

Birth Rate Trends Differ Notably by Age Group

This is an excerpt from a FactTank posting about new data from the National Center for Health Statistics about birth rates in 2011. Rates for younger women fell to record lows, but rates continued to rise for women ages 40 and older.

short read | Dec 2, 2011

The Rising Age Gap in Economic Well-Being

After narrowing during the 1980s, the gap in economic well-being between Americans under 35 and those over 65 has widened. About one-fifth (22%) of householders under 35 lives in poverty, compared to just 11% of householders over 65.

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