Sunny Shao

Former Former Research Associate

report | Aug 2, 2022


Pew Research Center designed the focus groups to understand the diverse experiences and perspectives of Asians living in the United States. This research was conducted by PSB Insights for Pew Research Center and was reviewed by an IRB (internal review board) for human subject research. The purpose of the focus groups was to gain further […]

video | Aug 2, 2022

Documentary: Being Asian in America

In this companion documentary, Asian American participants described navigating their own identity. These participants were not part of our focus group study but were similarly sampled to tell their own stories.

video | Aug 2, 2022

Extended Interviews: Being Asian in America

The stories shared by participants in our video documentary reflect opinions, experiences and perspectives similar to those we heard in the focus groups. Watch extended interviews that were not included in our documentary but present thematically relevant stories.

data essay | Aug 2, 2022

What It Means To Be Asian in America

In a new analysis based on dozens of focus groups, Asian American participants described the challenges of navigating their own identity in a nation where the label “Asian” brings expectations about their origins, behavior and physical self.

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