George Gao


short reads | Apr 18, 2014

Chart of the Week: How Americans die, by the numbers

Americans aren't dying like they used to. They're living longer, and more are dying of natural causes. In 2010, nearly one-third of all deaths (31%) came from people ages 85 and older - a big improvement from 1968, when the 85+ age cohort made up just 12.6% of all deaths.

short reads | Apr 17, 2014

Data Feed: Newly insured in 2014, future of tech, how Americans die

A daily roundup of fresh data from scholars, governments, think tanks, pollsters and other social science researchers. Politics Republicans narrow Democrats’ fundraising advantage in 54 competitive contests, WSJ Many voters say Obama lies to the country on important matters, topline, Fox News Christie, Bush and Paul are top GOP picks, today, for 2016, Fox News […]

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