Carroll Doherty

Director, Political Research

short reads | Sep 27, 2013

Lessons from the last government shutdown

The 1995-1996 government shutdowns didn’t help the GOP’s image, but the party had lost support among the public well before they happened.

short reads | Jul 8, 2013

5 Facts about Republicans and immigration

The immigration bill approved by the Senate now goes to the Republican-controlled House. Here's a look at public opinion among Republicans on the issues involved.

short reads | Jul 1, 2013

Describing Obama, Bush in a word

Public views of Barack Obama today are very different from those of George W. Bush at about this point in his second term. Obama’s job rating is in positive territory, while Bush’s tilted negative. But a look at the one-word descriptions of the two men finds some common ground. Most notably, the word incompetent appears high on the one-word list for each.

short reads | Jun 28, 2013

For African Americans, discrimination is not dead

America’s struggles with race and racism are never completely out of the news. But it is hard to remember when a series of stories have given this issue such resonance, whether in the rulings of the Supreme Court on affirmative action and voting rights, a tense trial in a Florida courtroom and even the racially insensitive comments of a celebrity chef.

short reads | Jun 17, 2013

What’s news in 2013, so far

From leaks of NSA surveillance programs to the IRS and Benghazi controversies, Washington has been rife with revelations and high-profile investigations this year. But the public paid more attention to the debate over gun policy than any of those stories. In late January, 43% said they followed President Obama’s gun proposals very closely and 39% […]

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