Indian Americans

The first major influx of immigrants arrived in the early 1900s to work as farmhands. After initially being considered Caucasian and allowed to become citizens, Indian Americans were later barred from becoming citizens for many years, until passage of a 1952 law that lifted prior restrictions. A large number of highly educated professionals has immigrated from India since 1965. Today, Indian Americans are the third-largest group among Asian Americans.

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SOURCES: 2010 American Community Survey and other Census Bureau data; Pew Research Center 2012 Asian-American Survey

NOTE: Census data based on mixed-group and mixed-race populations, regardless of Hispanic origin. For Census figures, Chinese includes Taiwanese. For Pew Research survey findings, respondents with more than one Asian heritage are classified based on the group with which they “identify most.” Respondents who identified as Taiwanese or Chinese Taipei are classified as Chinese Americans.