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Family Bonds

Survey Details: Conducted October-November 2005 File Release Date: 13 November 2007

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    22% of Americans Have a Relative in a Mixed-Race Marriage

    That degree of familiarity with — and proximity to — interracial marriage is the latest milestone in what has been a sweeping change in behaviors and attitudes concerning interracial relationships over the past several decades.

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    Gauging Family Intimacy

    A nationwide survey finds that just about every breed of human owner considers their pet to be family. But some groups are more disposed than others to feel this way.

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    Who’s Feeling Rushed?

    Overall, about a quarter of all adults in this country say they always feel rushed, while a majority of Americans sometimes feel rushed and about a quarter almost never feel rushed.

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    Are We Happy Yet?

    Some of us are happier than others, and this variance helps to paint a portrait of the kind of people Americans are. It also casts doubt on some of the famous wisdom on the subject.

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