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Many Expect At Least 20 at Thanksgiving Meal

A 2010 report looking at the state of marriage and family in the United States also gathered data on how often families with children make time to eat dinner together – and how many Americans planned to share Thanksgiving dinner that year with family.

About nine-in-ten adults (89%) said they would be having a Thanksgiving meal with members of their family — and not just one or two.

Among those who said they would be sharing a drumstick with family, more than six-in-ten (62%) said that ten or more relatives would be at that Thanksgiving meal — and a quarter (27%) said there would be 20 or more. Overall, the typical host would be setting places for 12 family members.

More generally, the survey found that most families make time to gather for a family dinner at least a few times a week. For half of all families with children younger than 18, the family dinner was a daily ritual. An additional 34% said their families ate together a few times a week.? Only about one-in-seven (14%) said they rarely or never share a meal with their children. Read More