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Support for Returning Troops Seen As Lacking

More than six-in-ten Americans do not believe that the U.S. government is giving enough support to veterans returning home from wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Fully 62% of the general public hold that view while 65% of those from households with veterans who have served since 9/11 say that the level of support is lacking. But there’s a sharp difference between the general public and military households on whether the American people have given enough support to troops. Americans overall are split on the question of whether they give enough support to the troops — with 49% believing that they don’t and 47% that they do. A 58%-majority of those from households with veterans say the public has not given soldiers enough backing. The biggest areas where those surveyed said the government is falling short are medical care (cited by 42%), financial issues (37%) and mental health issues (34%). Read More