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Very Few Say GOP Has Concern for Latinos

Only 6% of Latino registered voters see the Republican Party as more concerned about Latinos than the Democratic Party is. Nearly half of Latino voters (47%) see the Democratic Party as more concerned. Even among GOP partisans, there is little belief that the Republican Party exceeds the Democratic Party in concern for Latinos. Just 18% of Hispanic Republicans see their party as the most concerned about Hispanic voters. In surveys going back to 2002, Latinos have seen the Democratic Party as more concerned about Latinos by at least a four-to-one margin. Given these findings, it is not surprising that Hispanics are far more likely to identify as Democrats than Republicans. More than six-in-ten (62%) Latino registered voters say they identify with or lean toward the Democratic Party, while one-quarter (25%) say the same about the Republican Party — a Democratic advantage of 37 percentage points. Read More