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We Can Work it Out

Very few Americans see much work being done across the partisan aisle in Washington. Just 12% say Democrats and Republicans are working together, while an overwhelming 81% say they are not. In fact, the perception that the two parties are not working together is a rare point of partisan agreement: Large majorities of Republicans (89%), Democrats (79%) and independents (84%) agree there is little to no bipartisan work being done. When asked who is to blame, however, partisanship among the public returns. A plurality of Republicans blame Democratic leaders (44%), a plurality of Democrats blame Republican leaders (45%) and very few in either party blame their own representatives. Characteristically, independents split the difference: an equal share blame the Republican and Democratic leaders (20% each) and 30% explicitly blame both. Overall, the public puts more blame on the GOP (25%), while 18% say Democratic leaders and 27% volunteer that leaders of both parties are to blame for failing to work together. Read More