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Latinos Highly Value a College Education

Nine-in-ten Latinos (88%) ages 16 and older living in America say that in order to get ahead in life it is necessary to get a college education, a higher percentage than is seen among the general population (74%). Latinos ages 16 to 25 are also more likely to cite the importance of a college education (89%) than those in the same age range among the general population (82%). However, only 48% of young Latinos expect to get a college degree, compared with 60% of the general population. The reason for the gap is explained by another gap: While 60% of native-born Latinos ages 18 to 25 plan to graduate college (the same as the general population), just 29% of immigrant Latinos plan to graduate college. The most cited explanation for not getting a college education is financial obligations related to supporting a family. Read More