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Surfing Online, but Staying Put

While many Americans are logging online from coffee shops and airports, 61% of Americans have not embraced mobile communication and information technology. This does not mean they do not enjoy and use technology — in fact, many have seen their list of gadgets grow — but mobile devices remain foreign to them, suggesting some Americans may hit a plateau in their technology use. For example, “Desktop Veterans” (13% of adults) are dedicated to wireline access to digital information, fully enjoying the pipeline to information it provides. But even though these adults were among the first to go online, and are dedicated to email and internet news, texting and wireless browsing just isn’t for them. Others, like the “Tech Indifferent” (10%), may have given in and bought a cell phone, but feel mobile devices produce an information overload. This group also includes the 14% of adults who are neither cell phone users nor internet users. Read More