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St. Patrick’s Day Drinking?

St. Patrick's Day

As many head to the bars for Saint Patrick’s Day, not everyone will be celebrating; more than six-in-ten Americans (61%) think drinking alcohol excessively is morally wrong. On a list of 10 behaviors, having “one too many” drew the third most disapproval, behind only having an affair and not reporting income taxes. More people said excessive drinking was morally wrong than said the same for having an abortion, and twice as many condemned drinking as did overeating. Those who have a college degree (43%) and higher incomes (48%) are much less likely to decry too much alcohol than those with a high school degree or less (74%) and those who earn less than $30,000 (72%). While there is little difference between Republicans (67%) and Democrats (63%), liberals (50%) are far more likely to be at the bars tonight than conservatives (71%), or at least not feel bad about it the next morning. Read More