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Rate Rap Low

More than seven-in-ten among the U.S. public, including large majorities of both blacks and whites, offer a negative assessment of rap music, with 71% of blacks and 74% of whites agreeing that rap’s societal impact is bad. Fewer Hispanics, however, hold this view (48%). Among whites, men are much more likely than women to say hip hop and rap have a bad influence on society. Among blacks, however, the gender relationship tilts in the opposite direction – women are more likely than men to say this form of music is having a bad influence. Younger blacks and whites (ages 18-34) are far less likely than older respondents to see a negative societal impact of hip hop and rap music. No difference is seen in the percentage of young whites and young blacks saying this. Of all the race and gender groups in the survey, black men are most likely to give a positive rating to hip hop (18%) and rap music (11%). But these levels of positive rating are still quite modest.Read More