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Gen Nexters Say It’s OK With Them If You Want to Smoke Pot

Fully 41% of Gen Nexters (those ages 18-25) say it is okay for other people to smoke marijuana in a Pew survey; among Gen Xers and Boomers, 35% agree. Seniors, however, take a dimmer view of marijuana indulgers; just 11% find it acceptable for others to smoke pot. In spite of the fact that it is illegal, smoking marijuana is actually more acceptable to Gen Nexters overall than drinking a lot. Three-in-ten Nexters and 27% of Xers say it is okay to drink a lot of alcohol. This compares with 14% of Boomers and 8% of Seniors. As for other vices, gambling is acceptable to a large majority of Gen Nexters — 67% say it is okay for other people to gamble. Among Xers and Boomers, roughly 60% agree. Seniors are less keen on gambling — only 41% think it is okay.(The Pew Gen Next survey presented respondents with a series of behaviors and activities that are either illegal, such as smoking marijuana, or may be considered risky or unwise, like consuming a lot of alcohol. Respondents were asked whether each is okay “for other people to do,” even it is something they might not do themselves.)Read More