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report | Mar 1, 2018

The Generation Gap in American Politics

Generational differences have long been a factor in U.S. politics. These divisions are now as wide as they have been in decades, with the potential to shape politics well into the future.

report | Mar 1, 2018

1. Generations’ party identification, midterm voting preferences, views of Trump

Millennial voters continue to have the highest proportion of independents of any generation. But when their partisan leanings are taken into account, they also are the most Democratic generation. More than four-in-ten Millennial registered voters (44%) describe themselves as independents, compared with 39% of Gen Xers and smaller proportions of Boomers (32%) and Silents (27%). […]

short read | Oct 10, 2018

7 facts about American Catholics

American Catholics are racially and ethnically diverse and fairly evenly dispersed throughout the country. Many want to see the church make significant changes.

report | Oct 25, 2018

Appendix A: References

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