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report | Feb 16, 2023

3. Black Americans’ views on transgender and nonbinary issues

The intersection of race with gender identity and sexuality presents a unique set of challenges for Black Americans. Although most Black adults say they experience discrimination because of their race (79%), many scholars and activists say the nature of discrimination changes when people have multiple identities. This compounded nature of inequality was termed “intersectionality” in […]

short reads | Nov 7, 2022

10 facts about Black Republicans

Black Republicans tend to support individualistic approaches to addressing racial inequality, while Black Democrats back institutional approaches.

report | Sep 26, 2023

Black Americans’ Experiences With News

Black Americans see a range of problems with how Black people are covered in the news. Almost two-thirds of Black adults (63%) say news about Black people is often more negative than news about other racial and ethnic groups. And while few are optimistic that will change in the foreseeable future, many see ways in which that coverage could be improved.

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