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Shades of Belonging

Appendix B. Data Sources

  1. The Integrated Public Use Microdata Series was used in the analysis of Census 2000 data from the 5 percent sample (Ruggles and Sobek, 2003).
  2. The Pew Hispanic Center/Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation 2002 National Survey of Latinos was conducted by telephone between April 4 and June 11, 2002 among a nationally representative sample of 4,213 adults, 18 years and older, who were selected at random. The sample included 2929 Hispanics. International Communications Research of Media, PA conducted the fieldwork in either Spanish or English, based on the respondent’s preference.
  3. Pew Hispanic Center/National Academy of Science Focus Groups 2004. International Communications Research (ICR) conducted these focus groups in February and March of 2004. The purpose of the groups was to explore the opinions and experiences of first, second and third generation Hispanics in the United States. The focus groups were held in Miami, New York, Houston, Raleigh and Los Angeles in order to maximize the number of national origin groups participating and to encompass a broad geographical range. Participants were male and female Hispanics 18-25 years of age. ICR conducted first generation groups in Spanish and second and third generation groups primarily in English. About 10 respondents participated in each 90 minute focus group session. The general focus of all groups was Hispanic identity. Specific topics ranged from labels and terminology, components of identity, language, cultural and racial identity, inter-personal relations, and societal relations.
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