Presentation | Oct 21, 2013
Libraries and communities

what types of services Americans value in their libraries and what additional services they would like their libraries to offer.

Presentation | Oct 8, 2013
Technology Adoption by Lower Income Populations

Aaron Smith discusses the Project’s latest research about internet usage, broadband adoption, and the impact of mobile connectivity among lower-income populations.

Presentation | Oct 4, 2013
Diabetes + Innovation 2013

Susannah Fox will speak at the Joslin Diabetes Center's annual innovation conference in Washington, DC.

Presentation | Oct 3, 2013
The New Library

What people do at libraries and what they’d like libraries to become

Presentation | Oct 1, 2013
Unmentionables of Health

This is the fourth year for the popular Unmentionables panel at Health 2.0, covering topics that aren't discussed in health care.

Presentation | Sep 30, 2013
Networked Learners

Four big points about the impact of technology on learning

Presentation | Sep 29, 2013
Participatory Research

Susannah Fox will conduct a 90-minute Master Class on participatory research: models, methods, opportunities, and challenges.

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