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Amid Doubts About Biden’s Mental Sharpness, Trump Leads Presidential Race

5. Joe Biden’s job approval, views of the Republican and Democratic parties

Today, about a third of Americans (32%) approve of the job President Joe Biden is doing, while 66% disapprove.

Chart shows Biden’s job approval continues to be low

Biden’s approval ratings have ticked down from a modest improvement in April and are back to about where they were at the beginning of the year.

Ratings of Biden’s job performance have been more negative than positive since summer 2021.

About six-in-ten Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents approve of Biden’s job performance. These ratings also are down slightly from April, but on par with views measured earlier this year. But Democratic approval of Biden remains well below where it was at the beginning of his administration.

Nearly all Republicans and Republican leaners continue to disapprove of Biden’s job performance. Just 5% currently approve of how he is handling his job.

Views of Biden’s job performance among key demographic groups

Chart shows Biden’s job approval ratings differ by Americans’ race and ethnicity, education

Across gender, race and ethnicity, age and education, majorities in most demographic groups disapprove of Biden’s job performance.

Race and ethnicity

Majorities of White (70%), Hispanic (66%) and Asian (61%) adults disapprove of Biden’s performance in the White House.

About half of Black adults (51%) approve of Biden’s job, while 46% disapprove.


At least six-in-ten Americans in each age group disapprove of Biden’s job as president. Evaluations are somewhat more negative among Americans under 50 than among those ages 50 and older (70% vs. 62%). In recent years, younger Americans have tended to view Biden’s performance more negatively than have older Americans.


Americans with a postgraduate degree (48%) continue to be more likely than those with less educational experience to approve of the president’s performance. About a third of Americans with a four-year college degree but no postgraduate degree (35%) approve of the job Biden is doing, while about three-in-ten of those with some college experience (28%) or a high school degree or less education (28%) say the same.

Views of the political parties

Chart shows Americans view both parties more negatively than positively

Both the Republican and Democratic parties continue to be viewed more unfavorably than favorably.

About four-in-ten Americans have a favorable opinion of the Republican Party (39%) and the Democratic Party (38%). By comparison, roughly six-in-ten have an unfavorable opinion of each party (58% Republican; 60% Democratic).

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