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The Briefing: Twitter rebrands to X, AI’s impact on the news media

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  • Top story: Elon Musk announces rebrand of Twitter as X
  • Under the radar: Investigative news outlet Reveal lays off all but one Black editorial employee
  • Looking ahead: AI’s impact on the journalism industry
  • Chart of the week: How U.S. journalists view diversity at their outlets

🔥 Top story

Elon Musk is rebranding Twitter as X. Musk has said he hopes to turn the platform into an “everything app” that would include social networking as well as banking and shopping.

Recent Center analyses show that since Musk has taken over the platform, users have changed how often they tweet and many have reported taking breaks from the site. Read more about how Americans use Twitter as it rebrands to X.

🕵️ Under the radar

📅 Looking ahead

This week, we look at AI’s impact on journalists and its potential future in the industry. Google announced that it is exploring an AI tool that would assist journalists in writing articles and has begun marketing the tools to various media outlets including The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times, among others.

Outlets have already started experimenting with AI in article writing and production – and have been subsequently met with criticism. Meanwhile, other newsrooms and media organizations have taken action to try to control how AI models use their content.

📊 Chart of the week

Multiple stories this week address issues of diversity, equity and inclusion, and our chart looks at how U.S. journalists feel about their outlet’s approach to diversity and inclusion. While many journalists say issues of diversity and inclusion are a priority at their organization, roughly a third (32%) say their organization has enough racial and ethnic diversity. You can read more about journalists’ views on diversity in their workplace here.

A chart showing that two-thirds of journalists say their news outlet has enough gender diversity; about a third say this for race, ethnicity. And fewer than half say their outlet makes diversity a top priority.

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