Future of the Internet: Vint Cerf

As part of our series of reports marking the 25th anniversary of the World Wide Web, we canvassed experts and Internet builders about how the Internet would be functioning in 2025. More than 1,400 experts in fields ranging from computer science to marketing to social science share their insights on what threats to the Internet they see on the horizon. We also sought their insights about the potential for new advances. Here is an overview of what we found, and four areas of potential threats that emerged, along with representative comments about each.

Looking at the Web’s next decade

Threat 1) These experts worry that countries will interfere with the net to maintain security and control

Threat 2) These experts warn that government and corporate surveillance imperils trust

Future of the Internet: Alf Rehn

Threat 3) These experts worry that commercial pressures will endanger the open structure of online life

Threat 4) These experts worry about too much information