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The Honeymoon Between India and Modi Continues

Special to Nikkei

More than two years into his tenure, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is riding a wave of public good feeling about the way things are going in India, the state of the domestic economy and his own stewardship of the country, according to a new survey of the Indian public conducted by the Pew Research Center. With his recent parliamentary triumph in passing a goods and services tax and with Indians voicing pride about their country’s growing role on the world stage, the honeymoon between India and Modi continues.

About two-thirds of the Indian public is satisfied with the direction of the country, up 36 percentage points since 2013, the year before Modi and his Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) took power. Eight-in-ten think the economy is doing well, an improvement of 23 points over the last three years.

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