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Who is afraid of climate change?

Special to Politico

As European negotiators gather in Paris to attempt to hammer out a deal at the COP21 climate change summit, they have strong support (87 percent) from the European public to sign an accord that will limit national greenhouse gas emissions.

This figure includes support from 91 percent of Spaniards, 89 percent of Italians and even 63 percent of Poles. By comparison, 83 percent of the Japanese, 71 percent of the Chinese and 69 percent of Americans back an accord at COP21.

But Europeans do differ in their assessments of the severity of the issue and their level of concern for global climate change trails behind poorer nations’. On the politically charged issue of whether rich countries should do more to mitigate the effects of climate change than developing nations, Europeans show themselves far more willing than the Americans and the Japanese to place the burden on wealthy nations.

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