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Americans view China mostly unfavorably; North Korea least favorable, Gallup
In Ohio, Clinton sweeps 2016 field; Obama approval improves to 40%, Quinnipiac
Marylanders loyal to health law despite website’s problems, The Washington Post
How likely are Democrats to lose the Senate? Real Clear Politics

CPI up 0.1% in January as household energy costs rise, Bureau of Labor Statistics
Real average hourly earnings rise 0.1% in January, Bureau of Labor Statistics
Housing starts in January down 2% year over year, HUD
Inequality in big cities exceeds the national average, Brookings
Another take on inequality: affluent elite, squeezed middle, entrenched poor, Brookings
‘War on Poverty’ a failure? The Washington Post
Who’s the richest man in all the world, over all of history? The Washington Post

Health & Society
North Dakota now tops in ‘well-being,’ West Virginia still last, Gallup
In FY2009, states spent 31.6% of Medicaid money on 4.3% of beneficiaries, GAO
Does health insurance improve health? Evidence from Massachusetts, Forbes
Chinese now second most common non-English language in U.S., Census Bureau
Decline in use of coal for winter heating saved lives, NBER

Interactive: Remittance flows worldwide in 2012, Pew Research Center
In U.S., polarization turns off voters; in U.K., moderation does, The Monkey Cage
How Africa’s longest-lasting leaders have served their lands, The Economist
Japan’s estimated population, 127.18 million, down 0.2% year over year, Statistics Bureau
Economic and financial issues still biggest problems facing Australians, Roy Morgan

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