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Christie is dropping fast against Clinton, McClatchy/Marist
New Yorkers back Cuomo’s no-tax pre-K plan, Quinnipiac
Updated graphic on debt-ceiling increases since 1980, The Washington Post

Mixed views of economic news persist, Pew Research Center
In 2013, 15 major strikes and lockouts idled 55,000 workers, BLS
Single unemployment rate can’t capture complex labor market, The Washington Post
January unemployment by sex and by age, Bureau of Labor Statistics
Single working mothers worse off since recession, Working Poor Families Project via PRB
North Dakota leads job creation index for fifth straight year, Gallup
Which airlines are habitually late? Bloomberg
Airline consumer complaints down in 2013, Bureau of Transportation Statistics
Cold weather, tight supplies sending propane prices higher, EIA
Most metro areas seeing strong home-price growth, National Association of Realtors
Is U.S. housing unaffordable? Depends how you chart it, The Wall Street Journal
Startups are more responsive to economic conditions than older firms, NBER

Health & Society
U.S. uninsured rate dropping so far in 1st quarter, Gallup
Unhealthy eating, lack of exercise top Californians’ health worries for kids, The Field Poll
Divorce reform linked to greater college attainment for women, Minneapolis Fed
Gifts to colleges hit $33.8 billion in FY2013, best since recession, Chronicle of Higher Ed.
Targeting of immigration holds varies widely by state and facility, TRAC Syracuse
Latinos adapting smartphones faster than other ethnic, racial groups, WSJ
In Olympics, women prefer figure skating; men go for hockey, ABC News/Washington Post

EU industrial production fell 0.7% in December, Eurostat
Is Europe’s economy really sick? Harvard Business Review
The global burden of cancer, The Economist
Economic survey of Finland, OECD
How does commuting affect well-being in UK? Guardian
Interactive: Who’s with who in the Congo conflicts, Stability

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