Administration % of Cabinet members who are Black
Johnson 8%
Nixon, term 1 0%
Nixon, term 2 0%
Ford 8%
Carter 7%
Reagan, term 1 7%
Reagan, term 2 7%
G.H.W. Bush 7%
Clinton, term 1 27%
Clinton, term 2 20%
G.W. Bush, term 1 19%
G.W. Bush, term 2 13%
Obama, term 1 6%
Obama, term 2 25%
Trump 6%
Biden, nominees 19%

Note: Percentage for Biden’s Cabinet is based on his nominees as of Jan. 22, 2021, before the confirmation process was finalized. All other percentages are based on the maximum number of Black Cabinet members serving concurrently in a given administration out of the total number of Cabinet members in that administration. In this analysis, the Cabinet includes the vice president and heads of federal agencies; it does not include Cabinet-level officials. The number of Cabinet positions has changed over time.

Source: The White House and Inside Gov.