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Network TV: Morning news overall viewership (2016)

Year Viewership
2008 13,053,000
2009 12,738,000
2010 12,379,000
2011 13,060,000
2012 12,591,000
2013 13,281,000
2014 13,576,000
2015 13,324,000

Note: In 2015, Nielsen provided the Pew Research Center with weighted annual averages for each network starting with 2008 data. Weighted averages better account for slight differences in the number of programming hours in each broadcast month. Viewership corresponds to the average of quarter-hour audience for each network. Prior to 2012, for CBS, numbers reflect viewership for the Early Show, instead of This Morning. Source: Pew Research Center analysis of Nielsen Media Research data, used under license. “State of the News Media 2016”

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