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22 Governors Weigh in on Presidential Race

by Pamela M. Prah, Staff Writer

Heading into today’s (Jan. 8) New Hampshire primary, 22 governors have endorsed presidential contenders, and so far, five are backing the winners of last week’s Iowa caucus — Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee (R) and U.S. Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.).

South Dakota Gov. Mike Rounds (R) is the only top state executive stumping for former Arkansas Gov. Huckabee. In Obama’s corner are Democratic Govs. Tim Kaine of Virginia, Deval Patrick of Massachusetts, Jim Doyle of Wisconsin and Rod Blagojevich of Illinois where Obama spent seven years in the statehouse.

A governor’s endorsement is coveted since a state’s top executive can provide ground troops and political donors needed to win the presidency.

[governors who endorsed early]

Of all the candidates, New York’s U.S. Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton has garnered the most governors’ support with seven: Democratic Govs. John Baldacci of Maine, Martin O’Malley of Maryland, Jennifer Granholm of Michigan, Jon Corzine of New Jersey, Ted Strickland of Ohio, Ted Kulongoski of Oregon, Eliot Spitzer of Clinton’s adopted state of New York and Mike Beebe of Arkansas, where Clinton was the state first lady when her husband Bill was governor.

“As soon as things start to shake out…you’ll see more people jumping on board,” Harris said.

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