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Jesse Holcomb

Senior Researcher

Expertise: News Media

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Jesse Holcomb is a senior researcher at the Pew Research Center’s Journalism Project. He studies and writes about the information revolution and its impact on the U.S. news media. Before joining the Pew Research Center, Holcomb was a staff writer at the Public Interest Network and editorial assistant at Sojourners magazine. He received his master’s degree from George Washington University’s School of Media and Public Affairs and later served as adjunct faculty there. Holcomb is an author of studies on the changing news ecosystem, non-profit news, the use of social media in journalism, and media coverage of religion. He authors the cable news chapter in the Journalism Project’s annual State of the News Media report. Holcomb speaks to U.S. and international audiences about the Journalism Project’s research and what it means for the future of journalism.