April 6, 2017

Why Muslims are the world’s fastest-growing religious group

In the next half century or so, Christianity’s long reign as the world’s largest religion may come to an end, according to a just-released report that builds on Pew Research Center’s original population growth projections for religious groups. Indeed, Muslims will grow more than twice as fast as the overall world population between 2015 and 2060 and, in the second half of this century, will likely surpass Christians as the world’s largest religious group.

While the world’s population is projected to grow 32% in the coming decades, the number of Muslims is expected to increase by 70% – from 1.8 billion in 2015 to nearly 3 billion in 2060. In 2015, Muslims made up 24.1% of the global population. Forty-five years later, they are expected to make up more than three-in-ten of the world’s people (31.1%).

The main reasons for Islam’s growth ultimately involve simple demographics. To begin with, Muslims have more children than members of the seven other major religious groups analyzed in the study. Muslim women have an average of 2.9 children, significantly above the next-highest group (Christians at 2.6) and the average of all non-Muslims (2.2). In all major regions where there is a sizable Muslim population, Muslim fertility exceeds non-Muslim fertility. 

The growth of the Muslim population also is helped by the fact that Muslims have the youngest median age (24 in 2015) of all major religious groups, more than seven years younger than the median age of non-Muslims (32).

A larger share of Muslims will soon be at the point in their lives when people begin having children. This, combined with high fertility rates, will accelerate Muslim population growth.

More than a third of Muslims are concentrated in Africa and the Middle East, regions that are projected to have the biggest population increases. But even within these high-growth regions – as well as others – Muslims are projected to grow faster than members of other groups. For example, Muslims in sub-Saharan Africa, on average, are younger and have higher fertility than the overall population of the region. In fact, Muslims are expected to grow as a percentage of every region except Latin America and the Caribbean, where relatively few Muslims live.

The same dynamics hold true in many countries where Muslims live in large numbers alongside other religious groups. For example, India’s number of Muslims is growing at a faster rate than the country’s majority Hindu population, and is projected to rise from 14.9% of India’s 2015 population to 19.4% (or 333 million people) in 2060. And while there were similar numbers of Muslims and Christians in Nigeria as of 2015, Muslims have higher fertility there and are expected to grow to a solid majority of Nigeria’s population (60.5%) in 2060.

Meanwhile, religious switching – which is expected to hinder the growth Christians by an estimated 72 million between 2015 and 2060 – is not expected to have a negative net impact on Muslim population growth.

This is an update of a post that originally published on April 23, 2015.

Topics: Demographics, Population Trends, Religious Affiliation, Christians and Christianity, Muslims and Islam, Population Projections

  1. Photo of Michael Lipka

    is a senior editor focusing on religion at Pew Research Center.

  2. Photo of Conrad Hackett

    is a demographer focusing on religion at Pew Research Center.


  1. Anonymous4 months ago

    The problem I have with this poll is that it conflates a religion with biology. It assumes that every child born to a Muslim is also a Muslim or will be one. Most children do adopt the religion of their parents, it’s true, but it’s not a given. There’s no “Islam gene.” Islam, like every religion, is just a system of beliefs and traditions that would vanish from the Earth in a few generations if children weren’t intensely indoctrinated into it.

    1. Anonymous4 months ago

      This is projected, which means its highly likely this will happen not 100%.

  2. Anonymous4 months ago

    The irony being that god doesn’t exist.

  3. Tick Tack (slyonme)4 months ago

    latin america will never be muslim…

  4. Anonymous4 months ago

    Therefore all your research concluded it’s only birth rates that increased the Muslim population when in fact many Europeans​ or Americans​ are converting to Islam than any other religion.

    1. Anonymous4 months ago

      They don’t want to mention conversation

  5. Anonymous5 months ago

    Love God above all and love each other as you love yourself.
    Remember: if you love everyone you will never hurt them, much less beat your wife. The only two sins are not to love God and not to love each other. So, if you do beat anyone you are committing a sin. In fact, even if you think a bad thought about someone you are not loving them.
    No religion necessary!
    The number of people that do this from deep inside their soul are very few.Muslim, Christian or whatever, if you take things into your own hands you are judging, that is a sin because only God can judge.
    We must not teach our children to judge and punish, only to love, forgive and have compassion. Those who judge and punish will not see the face of God, no matter which religion!
    If you can’t honestly do those two things, love God and eachother, you are lost! And guess what, it wouldn’t be a surprise that that’s most people in the world regardless of religion!!! Put that in your pipes and smoke it you self righteaous silly people!!! Most of you won’t get anywhere near God!!!

  6. Anonymous5 months ago

    Why don’t you show conversion documents in any of your researchs? Just wonder

    1. Anonymous4 months ago

      Whether people are converting or not is data that is almost impossible to actually measure. Population growth, on the other hand, is quite easy to measure. So they just use population growth as it is just more reliable.

  7. Anonymous5 months ago

    What’s really strange here is the writers continuously using the word “fertility” rates…to explain why Muslims are having greater numbers here… They don’t even discuss birth control as the reason why the rates among some religious groups are having fewer kids, even Catholics. Not taking that into consideration and only talking about “fertility” rates is absurd.

    1. Anonymous5 months ago

      “Fertility rate” is a term used by statisticians to discuss the number of kids that the average woman is likely to have. It in no way refers to someone’s ability to have kids. In fact, the reason fertility rates are so low in rich Western countries is BECAUSE women use birth control and other family planning methods, i.e., they choose to have fewer kids even though they could have more if they wanted. The average Muslim woman (at this point in time) will have more kids in her lifetime than the average Christian woman, so the Muslim woman’s fertility rate is higher. The fertility rate doesn’t care WHY some women have fewer kids than others; all it does is show, on average, how many kids a woman will have.

  8. Anonymous1 year ago

    Its simple there some one who have made us ..

    And it is god the superior over mankind and all that exist ..
    If that god cannot be human ..it should be over that.

    This truth is only there in islam
    Think about this and beleive in one creator ..

    1. Anonymous4 months ago

      are you insinuating that there is something God cannot do?

      1. Anonymous4 months ago

        Could God microwave a burrito so hot the He Himself could not eat it?

        1. Anonymous4 months ago

          Good question

        2. Anonymous4 months ago

          Ok, let me say…, God can change the laws of physics as to make your mere existence impossible for pointing such questions, maybe this solves his/her problem…

  9. Christine Davis1 year ago

    The numbers are purely due to demographics and birth rates.
    Most converts leave Islam. And many ‘born Muslims” quietly do so as well. Just because you keep their names on the books as Muslims doesn’t mean they are.


    1. Anonymous1 year ago

      @Christine Davis: Not a single piece of evidence did you show. Even the link you posted has no sources, and so that statistic is probably made up.

    2. Syeda Haque1 year ago

      Wow rubbish it said there that leaving islam will have no impact on amount of adherents and that means that it is gaining adherents and increase is more than decrease because of examples above. Also Christianity is going to lose several adherents and my guess is that half will be muslim.

    3. Anonymous5 months ago


  10. Anonymous1 year ago

    Protecting nature, helping fellow people, not killing animals are the essence of God.no need of prayer, namaz or whatever it may be. Religion destroys our thinking ability. Get freedom from religion. Help ever and discover the god in yourself.

    1. Syeda Haque1 year ago

      How arrogant. How dare you call yourself god? We are mere mortal. If we were all atheists the crime rate would be through the roof. For example if you were all atheist and I was the no1 thief in the world and I bribed everyone how would you prove that theft and robbery along with murder is wrong. The only way that I would get punished is in the hereafter proving that earth is a mere test zone.

      1. Anonymous5 months ago


        I grew up Christian. And then, I became educated. Only open minds have real choices, otherwise, it’s having a mind that’s like a locked box, incapable of growing and learning. Fear governs the closed mind, usually a rigidly religious one.

        1. Anonymous4 months ago

          How arrogant to imply that all Christians are Christians out of having an uneducated closed mind with fear. Choices go all ways.

      2. Anonymous5 months ago

        How arrogant to imply that all atheists are criminals. Absurd argument.

      3. Anonymous5 months ago

        Even in Christianity it says that Christ said we are gods.. Relax dude

        There is a difference in being God and finding your spark of divinity

  11. Anonymous1 year ago

    Can someone please explain this to me?

    The Counsil of Islam Ideology is a constitutional body of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, responsible for giving legal advice on islamic issues to the government and the Parliament. The body was founded in 1962.

    The council has the following functions:

    To recommend laws conforming to Qur’an and Sunnah to the Parliament and Provincial Assemblies.

    Can someone please explain this to me?

    1. Anonymous1 year ago

      Mid- Eastern culture has so deeply penetrated the spiritual system so deeply that Islam and Mid-Eastern Cultural practices can all look the same to those without some in site into the history of Pre-Islamic Cultural behavior.

      1. Anonymous1 year ago

        It’s clearly immoral to beat your wife if she doesn’t want to have sex with you… That’s called rape because she is saying no but you beat her until she does…

        Please explain to me that part to me?

        1. Christine Davis1 year ago

          That part is actually from the Quran – the ‘beating lightly’ except that it doesn’t say lightly:

          Men are the maintainers of women because Allah has made some of them to excel others and because they spend out of their property; the good women are therefore obedient, guarding the unseen as Allah has guarded; and (as to) those on whose part you fear desertion, admonish them, and leave them alone in the sleeping-places and beat them; then if they obey you, do not seek a way against them; surely Allah is High, Great. [Quran Verse 4:34]

        2. Anonymous1 year ago

          Of course its not immoral
          But the word “ضرب” in Quran used by the meaning of showing not beating
          The contest is that when u have conflict with wife u should argue with her and it has nothing to do with sexuality
          Its just a miss translation that was appealed to be boasted

      2. Anonymous1 year ago

        Maybe you can explain this to me?


        or this that just happened the other day?


        What I am shocked about about the Council of Islamic Ideology is that Islam and muslims are not shutting them down. Obviously the people of Islam don’t think its too bad to rape women? not bad enough to hold these people up as evil people who think that rape should be legalised in the government.

        Just imagine if your brother in your own family was going out there and saying “we rape our wives, well we beat them lightly first until they conform and then they allow us to have sex with them”, would you be ok with your brother sharing this about your family… that is what the Council is doing for your religion… and they are publically announcing it to the world… These people are a constitutional government body with the authority to pass bills to government and people are going to listen and act like its ok.

        If you are not out there trying to shut these people down (Leaders of the Council of the Islamic Ideology), you are allowing the advocation of the rape of women… I can’t believe this stuff has to be said… What kind of world do we live in? (one full of political correctness and soon to be 30% muslim).

        Look I am all for muslims who are out there advocating equality between the genders and who don’t rape women but the evidence is piling up against that… (check germany, check sweden, and of course they are coming from middle eastern/African countries so its not like the rape is going to be any less there)

        And if you are not shutting them down, and shaming and holding your muslims brothers, fathers, sons to account who are doing this, you are part of the problem…

        1. Anonymous1 year ago

          I actually have no idea about what you are taking about
          But when it comes to personal experiment many liberal western women pick Islam
          But in this matter its allowed to comprise her freedom by society if she wants to be Muslim and dis-objectify herself by covering it , she’s free until it comes to islam
          However many women find Islam understands them as women and human being and they see how much Islam appreciated them way more than it appreciated men
          , Islam says that mans life and after life depends on his mother satisfaction not his dad ,his mom
          That’s how we were raised and that’s how we raise our children ,that the most important thing in life is the mother ,do u think that mentality is raping,yet still abusive men come in every color

  12. John D Cunliffe1 year ago

    Those types of statistics are either cooked up to scare the followers or look at things through rose colored glasses. Religious superstition is losing more and more followers.. educated people don’t believe in bronze age superstition and fairy tales. One of the reasons all religions are restricting education or reinvent education with fairy tales (creationism)… A people kept in fear and uneducated are easy controlled.

    1. Anonymous1 year ago

      The IQ mean has been dropping in western countries, mostly because of public schools and socialist policies like welfare that promote poor people to have kids. And poor people have lower IQ’s proportionally to richer people

  13. Anonymous1 year ago

    Islam is flawless, if anyone is in doubt with this fact then he or she should (or even MUST) read about Islam carefully and from honest resources ONLY. Islam treats every aspect of our lives. As for the prohibited things in Islam, alcohols for example, they are prohibited because they have adverse effects on the human health and they make the one unconscious for his actions. Let me give an illustration, if someone’s father or wife advices him for not drinking alcohols, will this be a good thing? Yes, it will be, so why do people reject good orders of Islam. Finally, I strongly recommend you to understand the meaning of what Allah has said in the Quran, Allah said ” But they are denying what they cannot comprehend- its prophecy has yet to be fulfilled for them. In the same way, those before them refused to believe- see what was the end of those evildoers!” 10:39 Briefly, this means that some people denied the Quran without even understanding its meanings.

  14. Anonymous1 year ago

    Well, Fact is that Truth is objective and Truth will Win. I feel sad for those who couldn’t realize or understand truth about religion. Imagine you are spending whole of your life behind some sort of God and ultimately or at the last moment of life you realize that ,you didn’t worship a right God . Possible. right ? it is saddest moment. So, I pray & wish that God should bless everyone with right path & true religion. just imagine life after death,

  15. Dominic Farrell1 year ago

    Look at every muslim country, They are all in chaos.

    There is a reason why western countries thrive and have been responsible for most of mankind’s advancements, They are secular whereas muslim countries live by their religion so cannot advance mentally as fast as other non religious countries which is why we see al islamic countries looking like nightmare lands.

    1. Anonymous1 year ago

      You are living in a la la land, racist thought and action says far more about the person they come from than the person they are directed at. Look around, most of the chaos and hatred spread by so called civilized countries like Europe/US around the world, when you export bomb then expect to import revenge. what you say is nothing but ignorance in action and hatred that coming out of you that you don;t even realizing. You know what, let me end with this, it requires less mental effort to condemn than to think!!

    2. Chenchenya Mujaheed1 year ago

      Islam 68,000 people are becoming Muslim every 24hours.
      at its current rate, there will be 2.8 billion Muslim by 2o50
      so what are the consequences for the world if Islam keep growing
      the way it is today??

    3. Anonymous1 year ago

      Dominic dig as deep as you would like to in the history and you will be amazed to find the current advancement of the secular world is completely indebted to muslim scholars on made the initial inventions regardless of what branch of science you choose. Do your research.
      No doubt that the Muslim world is in difficult times at the moment but they eventually will come out of it.

    4. Anonymous1 year ago

      Check out Neil DeGrrasse Tysons lecture of the beginning of technological advancement history bruh m.youtube.com/watch?v=fDAT98eEN5Q

    5. Anonymous1 year ago

      Sorry, you need to make more genuine reading and analysis about Islam and what is happening in Muslim countries. It is not wise to make judgments without ground and truth..

    6. Herdian Zulkarnain1 year ago

      What Islamic country do you mean? I live in Indonesia where Muslim is 90% of the population. We have totally more than 200 millions people here. Indonesia even plays important roles to make South East Asia one of the most stable region in the world. You are incorrect when saying Islamic countries are chaos, by only seeing TV program. You know that stable countries are not good hard news commodity.

    7. Syeda Haque1 year ago

      That’s because the western countries bombed us for the oil Allah has blessed us with. Just look at Saudi Arabia most oil and origin of islam.

  16. Anonymous1 year ago

    We r growing not by fertility but with our solide faith on one God mean one alone Allah.

  17. Anonymous1 year ago

    When the world ends (i.e. the sun implodes) then that will be the end of these stupid religions which divide mankind (womenkind). Until then best to invest in space travel and colonise other planets. Each planet can have their own religion or way of living. Does this sound like a stupid idea? Well so do does religion…

  18. Anonymous1 year ago

    Not only because muslims have more children than others , it also because of the huge number of people who convert to Islam despite all the accusations made against islam .

    also despite the fact that most of the muslim countries are full of many diseases like ignorance and wars and oppression from the dictatorial governments .
    Yes I admit it , we muslims are weak , we are not developed like other countries ,we do not have science so we don’t have strength .
    But I believe that won’t last forever , if you take a look at the golden age of islamic country you will know that we weren’t like this , and we won’t .

    muslims are humans after all , so they are not perfect for sure , they can’t even if their religion is .

    1. Anonymous1 year ago

      Stupid comment “we don’t have science”! Islam is the only religion that does have science. What Muslims don’t have is unity. That’s all, unity.

      1. Anonymous1 year ago

        Good comment, Islam and Muslims are the cradle of science and the sources from witch the science came to existence: such as Ibnu Sina in Medicine and “the introduction of Ibnu Khaldoun” in Economy and other disciplines, trade, finance and much more … check out the history..

    2. Anonymous1 year ago

      No human being is perfect… We r born to make mistake till some extent. depend on person to person… Till the last breath test goes on n on.

  19. Zulkanain Ahmad Ahmad1 year ago

    Good researched……..find more until Adam Allaihi Salaam.

    Good luck.

  20. Anonymous1 year ago

    Excuseme i am Muslim iam a girl i love my religion i love love so much i believe allah is one i believed muhammad (PBUH)a last prophet of allah who gave you a permision talking about islam islam is peace full religion and am proud i am a

    1. Anonymous1 year ago

      Islam is a religion based on hate,aggression, don’t get why you say its peaceful because its not…Mohammed married a 7year old Fatima and had sex with her at 9 that’s a paedophile you have there,he forced people to convert

      1. Anonymous1 year ago

        Islam is a religion based on hatred? What you see on tv and media is NOT what islam is. Clearly there r people who hate islam and started sharing these ignorant stuff online to show people the opposite of what muslims are. As a muslim who lives in a muslim counrty, I can tell you that all what our community share is love. As for your comment. islam was NEVER forced. Those people who converted have thought about it. Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), spread peace and love with others. Even with all the suffering he went through, he still forgave people who misunderstood him. Have you asked yourself why is isalm the fastest growing religion besides reproducing? It’s because when people see the real islam, they know that it calls for peace and love. That’s why lots of people are converting day after day. I hope you research more about this topic and get to know more about our religion.

      2. Anonymous1 year ago

        now say it without crying.

  21. Anonymous1 year ago

    It’s a catch 22. Muslim’s treat there women as 2nd class citizens. They are told what to do and they must obeye. Thus…they are told to produce and raise children…which is exactly what they do.

    In the United states and most other countries…woman have equal rights and are much more independent. Thus…less child birth when compared to the Muslims.

    The high Muslim pop growth is very real and they will eventually become the majority population.

    Personally….I believe that women should be treated equally and fairly and I like to believe that in the United States….it is done that way. Simply put…I do not wish to give into my values just for the sake of remaining the dominant population. It’s wrong to treat women the way that Muslims do….in my opinion. But make no mistake about it…the more you drift away from the cave man way of thinking…the lower your population growth…compared to the Muslims…will be.

    1. Mark Linott1 year ago

      Utter nonsense. There is plenty of sexism in the United States and other countries that aren’t particularly Muslim overall.

      In the U.S., there is still no Equal Rights Amendment. Men still vastly outnumber women in Congress, and there has never been a female president (as opposed to the U.K., Germany, India, and many other countries).

      Women earn less than men for doing the same (or more!) work, and often find it difficult to access birth control and abortion. Not to mention the victim-blaming attitude toward women who are victims of rape, abuse, and/or sexual harassment. And still so, so many double standards–men can sleep around, but if women do, they are considered whores.

      Sexism and other prejudices are hardly limited to one religion or region, despite the “rah rah USA/Christianity is the bestest” propaganda you’ve been fed.

      1. Anonymous1 year ago

        Just so that you can gain some knowledge I’d like to share this. Islam gave women rights hundreds of years before western civilization. That is a fact, not an opinion. Don’t listen to the media. Research it and teach yourselves. Media likes to spread hate just to make a quick dollar

        1. Anonymous1 year ago


          1. Syeda Haque1 year ago

            not in the Qu’ran it explicitly states that 75% of a child’s love should go to the mother along with when splitting earning between them.

    2. Anonymous4 months ago

      You say that western countries give equal rights to women then Islam gives more right to women than men. You should definitely get your facts right.

  22. Anonymous1 year ago

    Maybe look at the hypocrisy of what we do as what we believe?
    Birth control and abortion are of God?
    And the sickness in the church (homosexuality and the child abuse)
    Can convert any truly spiritual person ?
    So you wonder why???

  23. Muhammad Khalid Naveed1 year ago

    Who am I and you to comment let people see and let people decide for themselves all you do is put the correct image of your religion and me of mine.May Allah bring back the Glory of Muslims and Thus may Our creator bless us all.Ameen

  24. Anonymous1 year ago

    Most Pl in any religion especially the 3 moniethisic religions are biased an ignorance is bliss amongst most if you want to no the truth having an open mind no matter which religion you were born into is the greatest asset you may have an stuty the opposing religions either the Torah holy bible or quarañ Koran to find out yourself I was born a protestant Christian an have read the bible many times an it’s full of violence an I’ve study ed the Koran an Torah an it’s to bad we don’t have world order be the best thing that could happen if it was a fair system which may prove difficult.

    1. Anonymous1 year ago

      Well sir THE WORLD IS FULL OF VIOLENCE! It seems that the word or TRUTH should illustrate that the real historical wars and battles it includes where brought on by a God so wrathful under old covenant that He did not even spare His only son! The story is greater than any story toldin the world, more power and love demonstrated by Jesus than any other personality in philosophy…
      Of course the creative force of the universe has the power to become a man through a virgin… Duh… Its that He was willing to leave heaven to be crucified for YOUR TRANSGRESSIONS willingly that makes His love unique and incredible… It was prophecies over 300 tines explicitly in scrolls included in the Bible that historians and scientists agree are real as well as separated by vast time periods… If you don’t like violence oh that’s been the truth of this reality forever, thank God if you don’t just skim through reading out of context, but read what brings this about, and what delivers from it, you will understand. P.s. Jesus told me to,tell you, He thinks you’re awesome, earthly incredible, you rock you’re amazing and there isnothing He wouldn’t do,for you, every knee will bow, every tongue will confess who is the true and risen Lord and saviour- ex atheist, zeitgeists, well informed ,metaphysical studied l.s.d. freak. Who experienced trueand radical miracles and lice transformation. .. Blessings

      1. Anonymous1 year ago

        I am a moslem lady and I have a Ph.D. degree in civil engineering. Islam urge families to educate their daughters. Also, I sincerely advice you to go to the nearest Islamic center in your neighborhood to learn about Islam from knowledgeable people

        1. Anonymous1 year ago

          Yeah right. They’ll also murder you for adultery. Force you to dress for head to toe in garments. Go to Saudi and try to drive a car. Get real, you religion is a repressive nightmare and you help perpetuate it.

          1. Anonymous1 year ago

            What did Jesus say in the Bible? go to Luke 19:27.But those enemies of mine who did not want me to be king over them bring them here and kill them in front of me. So please we all need to study.

          2. Anonymous5 months ago


  25. Anonymous1 year ago

    I note the heading ‘The fact Tank’ and I find these figures very distressing as it may or my not be quantified but the concept of, there is always 10% rotten apples would make make muslims a lot of nasty and also as it is so obvious that islam is a terrible hoax and fraud any one who thinks other wise must be very low in being able to think and reason or insane and so as there would be so many muslims and others that would fit those descriptions, That 10% will probably also expand and their goal to rule the world may become a reality. That possibility should be a permanent heading on the front page of every newspaper until this madness of thinking islam is a religion of peace can be stopped and exposed as the real threat to peace it is.

    1. Anonymous1 year ago

      exactly ,muslims are increasing and will be the majority in the world ,it should happen , this is the promise of their prophet and the foreseen truth by reason , but do not be scared , accept islam and rule the world your self , muslims believe do not claim for ruling the world , the want to obay the almighty God .

  26. Anonymous1 year ago

    islam is the truth of life on any body are follow the this religion to allah give the jannah

    1. Anonymous1 year ago

      Islam is such an obvious fraud that any one following it which would of course mean all muslims are insane

      1. Anonymous1 year ago

        so is every other religion in the world

      2. Anonymous1 year ago

        You need to study about Islam without relying on liars e.g. Media (CNN, BBC, FOX News etc…) independently, once you come out of false news to reality you then will realize what Islam is…. Hope you will do a study from a reliable source or an Islamic center (the nearest to you).
        Or at least listen to Dr. Zakir Naik (Internationally known for clearing misconceptions about Islam) or another well known Islamic scholar.

  27. Anonymous1 year ago

    the one thing I don’t like about Islam is its so aggressive and is one of the only religions in the world that I don’t like. what I’m talking about I’m Pagan

  28. Anonymous1 year ago

    Of course my ancestors were Hindu but we are Muslim. But u know Y dey accepted Islam ? Don’t know ? OK I tell. They change their religion because the had known that Only Islam is that religion which can spread brotherhood and peace all over the world. This was reaso. Today Non Muslims leaders are constantly trying to spoil the Islamic image by creating anti Islamic group as in Iraq and syriya.

    1. Anonymous1 year ago

      U r right brother …

    2. Anonymous1 year ago


  29. Rafat Sharosh Khan1 year ago

    Peace be upon you all of my muslim and non muslim brothers and sisters. I was just going through the comments below and thought of something to reply. So I called my Hindu and Christian friend to join my reply.

    1. Tammy Thompson1 year ago

      Your idea of evil and mine are opposite. If you believe in the Koran, you believe in everything opposite of the Ten Commandments God gave us to live by. Your idea of peace, is believe like I do or die. Mine is let’s live and let live. You believe you are not to be friends with Christians or Jews but lying to them is ok if it gets allah what he wants. We do not believe lying is ok. We believe Jesus is our savior and the son of God. You believe that anyone who says Jesus is the son of God must be killed. Any Muslim that thinks different than you is an apostate, and has to be killed. There is no room for people who only want to kill anyone who is different than them. If you do not believe what I have said, you do not know your koran. You need to read and study to know what Islam really teaches

      1. Anonymous1 year ago

        islam never says that not to be friends with jews or cristines it just say stay away from those people who cause negative effect on your personality dosent matter even if he is muslim 🙂

        1. Anonymous1 year ago

          Go and read your quran it says that you have to figth for Allah.
          Is he unable to figth for himelf. ISIS and Other terorist are reading the Quran and Sira their believe what the quran says their are going to paradise after killing christian and Jews.
          Only that you are allow to lie but also to kill to bit wives to divorce….but the end is near the Son of Mariam is coming soon as the quran says we will see

          1. Anonymous1 year ago

            you are to read quran well, if you are really want to know the reality and truth, and if you only want to hate islam you can stand in your present opinion, no problem at all

          2. Afif Rafiqin1 year ago

            dude, fight for Allah (jihad), doesn’t necessarily means war against non-muslim. It could be fighting against anything negatives to make yourself a better muslim, or sacrifices-something like donation,helping others,or anything else good, to make yourself a better muslim.
            tl:dr – fight for Allah means to fight against things (doesn’t necessarily means non-muslim) for Islam (making yourself a better muslim)

          3. Anonymous1 year ago

            The only thing being killed here is the English language… 🙁

      2. Anonymous1 year ago

        well said

      3. Anonymous1 year ago

        You understand Islam from 100s of anti islamic books and websites.
        Islam do ask to avoid friendship of non muslims who were trying to harm muslims.
        Prophet and companion had so many non muslims friends.
        An incident happened in madina.
        A muslim run a shop, he was so truthful that even non muslims came to him. 1 day he requested a jew customer to go to his opposite shop (which belong to a jew) because he noticed that the jew had very bad business that day.
        Due to these type of guys Islam spread over the world…

      4. Anonymous1 year ago

        if u r right then y did not Muslims killed all the christian arabs, spaniards and portuguese and East Europeans and Hinus in India? during the the time when Muslims were super power from 7th A.C to 16th A.C???????????

        1. Anonymous1 year ago

          The same reason why Christians killed millions of native Americans and Africans… They thought about conquering for their country and expanding their empire… Why do you think Spain killed millions of natives in order to spread Christianity.. I doubt the bible says to kill anyone who doesn’t convert, but they did it regardless… Same reason you shouldn’t blame the actions of ISIS on Islam

      5. Anonymous1 year ago

        You read and studied?!! Hahaha. The little booklet your church gave you, right? You certainly did not read the Quran. If you had you would have read over and over again:
        1. There is no compulsion in Islam
        2. If you kill one person, it is like you have killed all of humanity
        3. Jews and Christians are people of the book, protect them
        If you read the bible and studied it (any bible ever), you’d know:
        1. Jesus never once claimed to be God, not once
        2. Jesus never once asked to be worshipped, no once
        3. The trinity was inserted into the bible and then removed
        4. Jesus tells us of the coming of Mohamed several times,and describes him exactly as he was.
        The problem with Christians is that they are taught to have blind faith. The first word that God sent to Mohamed was read/learn (ikra). Muslims study all faiths, Christians believe blindly and are encouraged not to think for themselves and certainly never to dare touch the Quran!
        So lady, I’m pretty certain your just a sheep following your flock blindly. This is why Christianity will lose 60m folowers in the next 34 years… people are getting smarter, learning for themselves, and finding the REAL truth, based on science. It’s called Islam

        1. Anonymous1 year ago

          well said

  30. Lora Wallace1 year ago

    I am 56 yrs old and just converted to Islam. After many many yrs of being not spiritually fed by Christian beliefs. I always felt like something was missing. But, i also felt the call of God on my heart. It’s all so simple. Christians make it complicated. Worship one. The same one they worship. That’s it. I’m reading the Quran. I’m studying with some sisters. And i also know how things can be taken from the Holy Book and be misinterpreted. Fear of Islam comes from misunderstanding.

    1. Anonymous1 year ago


    2. Anonymous1 year ago

      Very nice

    3. Anonymous1 year ago

      *facepalm*, well good luck with that. But the reality is that no one cares what you believe.

      1. Christine Davis1 year ago

        amen to that

    4. Anonymous1 year ago

      Happy to hear this. Our religion never teaches us for fights, One of the worlds beautiful religion, im proud to be born in Muslim family.

      1. Anonymous1 year ago

        Its worng, Islam do teach to fight, The prophet have fought in battles.
        Islam allow you to fight under an organised nation to save your land and people and to guarantee the right of people.
        Islam also teach how to fight
        For eg. Not to kill people not involved in war, women, kids, old people.
        Not to destroy temples/churches.
        Not to burn people.
        (See, all above are exactly opposite to ISIS)

      2. Anonymous1 year ago

        Then tell us what ISIS and other mimilitant group opinion is…
        why they are killing innocent people’s
        DO you wanna say that ISIS is not a Islamic group

    5. Anonymous1 year ago

      Masha allah,
      As a muslim my advice to you:
      Dont ever judge Islam by seeing what other muslim people do. Something they may be doing right and somethings not.
      Always learn islam through quran and prophet’s teachings.
      Because people who are muslims because of their birth are mostly unaware of Islamic teachings.

      1. Anonymous1 year ago

        I totally agree wid u. If I do something wrong blame me not my religion (Islam). Bcz I do wrong things when I m nt following Quran….

    6. Anonymous1 year ago

      True, to know a religion read its BOOK. dont just follow people. People make mistakes and misunderstand things. May Allah give you the power to conduct the message to others. we need to help humanity to wake up. the anti-Christ team is already deceiving all and preparing the world to his arrival.

  31. Rafael Morffi2 years ago

    The author says: “The main reasons for Islam’s growth ultimately involve simple demographics.”
    I believe here is a bit more to it: 1) Muslims are not allowed to leave the faith without severe consequences in most of the world. Even in the West they are ostracized for doing so. 2) While muslim men may marry non-muslim women, muslim women may not marry outside the faith.
    I should think these to facts would contribute somewhat to the religion’s growth.

    1. Anonymous1 year ago

      Next joke please…

  32. kemal fazri2 years ago

    don’t judge before you learn.
    there is reason why so many people converted to islam. ask why? find the answer.

    1. Ismail Jahan1 year ago

      don’t judge before you learn.
      there is reason why so many people leave islam. ask why? find the answer.

  33. Alvien Lim2 years ago

    In malaysia, muslims wants to dominate, discriminate and suppress non muslims. Burn churches, arrest Christians during sermons claiming noise disturbance in housing areas while the muslims blast their loud speakers 5 times a day in their mosque, can even be heard from miles away. Muslim is a peaceful religion? I think not.

    1. Abdulrahman Bahobashi2 years ago

      Alvien your such a lair, I went to Malaysia and studied there I saw nothing but peace and harmony in fact I saw more Buddhist temples and churches than mosques so stop your cheap propaganda about Malays being oppressive. Let me tell you the real truth from your name it is obvious you come from a Chinese origin and your petrified and angry because you don’t have the same rights as Malays. Malaysia belongs to the Malay’s more than the overseas Chinese “So called Malaysians” just because they have more benefits than you does not make them oppressive..The problem is with the Chinese they come flooding any country in the world Australia, Malaysia, US, Kenya and then try to ignite chaos.. Embrace their culture and get over it Integrate or migrate my friend.

      1. Andrew Chew2 years ago



        Now who’s the liar?

        There have been multiple anti-Islamic protests in Australia, USA and other parts of the world, whereas there haven’t been any anti-Chinese protests except perhaps in Xinjiang by the terrorist Muslim Uighurs, so you are obviously delusional or grasping at straws.

        Muslims revere Muhammad as the perfect Muslim, who makes a terrible role model.

        1. kemal fazri2 years ago

          so, in Indonesia Christians wants to dominate too.

        2. Ohms spark2 years ago

          haha anyone that is anti christian is a terrorist of course

    2. Javed Hassan2 years ago

      Just For 2 Minutes u can’t hear that melancholy voice that too without music,your ear feels disturbed then how do you mange such loud music…you won’t regret now but during the time of resurrection u will regret.

    3. shweta singh2 years ago

      U are right sir. We think about the children’s education and better living that’s why we want one or two children. But Islam don’t think about it.only birth and survive.so more population but no quality. The places where they dominating always made attack and terrifying peoples. They don’t want peace but population.what this mean try to educate the child if u have. Give them better living what they deserve.

      1. Anonymous1 year ago

        Islam is also the fastest religion in the number of converts.
        Just saying 🙂

      2. Anonymous1 year ago

        I am from India,
        Here number of children for each religion varies according to generation.
        During the time of my father’s birth, average number of children was 6 to 8 in Hindus, Muslims and Christians.
        During my birth years it became 3 -4
        Now it is 2 -3.
        Don’t believe my words and dont believe the media, just notice any muslim family how many children they have.
        No media want to admit that conversion has significant role in Muslim population growth.

        1. Anonymous1 year ago

          sorry, in my country i see muslim family have at least 5 children. marrying after is consider VERY old for a girl. they start give birth the sooner the better and some give birth till after 50. most dont care much on quality because bringing up so many children is a tedious job.

    4. JustanAwesome Person?2 years ago

      Oh my god, I, myself as a Malaysian suprised of what u had mentioned… I thought we were all 1 Malaysia?? I still don’t believe RACISM is still allowed in Malaysia !!

    5. Anonymous1 year ago

      Islam is a religion of peace, if you not believe search a truth all about ISIS, Which is a Terrorist group created by CIA and MOSSAD …

  34. Melody Szabo2 years ago

    I would like to know how they obtained accurate population and growth data from all the muslim dictatorships. I did a little research myself. Most don’t track population growth, others do it, and there are widely varying estimates. In fact, most of the governments of these nations track almost nothing, and of what they do track the reliability is highly questionable. I did find some articles about the growing concern of Muslim Apostates, and what other Muslims are to do about them; and that the Saudi’s think they are losing at least 6 million a year. Nevertheless, there is nothing about how climate change and decreasing food supplies after 2030 will affect their population. Most muslims live in nations that produce very little or no food. Many rely upon charity organizations or Saudi Arabia to feed them. But there is no question about Muslim population growth in Europe, where over 70% of muslims (men and women) survive on welfare and have an average of 7 children, but this is exceptional. European Muslims are engaged in Jihad, and according to the Koran they must produce a large number of children to conqueror those regions and make them Muslim.

    1. Haiam Aboelella2 years ago

      I definitley agree that one should do their own independent research as long as the sources are unbiased, validated, and fact-based. I doubt polls alot myself. The unfortunate and sad social constuct of American society today is that the majority do blindly follow and accept mere assumptions and speculations as fact about the majority of Muslim Americans within society. While the minority of barbaric extreme terrorists are the ones shouting religious phrases in Arabic before killing innocent people when those very words they are yelling contradict their heinous actions. This deeply upsets me as their ideologies and actions are a demeaning misrepresentation to our faith. Their acts do not represent a collective religious group decision. Most are not aware that these terrorists are out to kill us for wanting to assimilate in society and coexist and befriend our fellow neighbors of Christian and Jewish descent, or any faith at that, or even lack of if you will. The majority of us are peaceful and friendly and successfully assimilate and live within society with no intent to harm others. That would be a sick, demented dream for them if that were true. Seriously, there are approximately 1.7 billion Muslims in the world. Imagine if every single one of those 1.7 billion people were terrorists as is mostly assumed and stated. Their would be an annihilation.Please, since you stated that you do your own research then if you will try to find an everyday Muslim American who assimilates, works and lives within society and just talk to them and find out for yourself. You know that googling the internet leads to innacurate and skewed information from all sides if it is not fact-based (and extremist sites are NOT fact based). Also do not let the media fool anyone as all they care about is talking about anything that will boost their ratings. Mosques are open to non-muslims as well. You can freely walk into a mosque and ask an Imam who is just like a rabbi or a preacher about questions, doubts, or concern you may have. Education and true knowledge is the bridge that will bond rather than divide. Interfaith dialogue and new bonds are a start.

  35. Jason Fox2 years ago

    Why does this not mention those forced into the religion you only have 3 choices with this religion you join you become a slave or you die why is none of this listed if you have and intelligence and read the Quran you can see the evil in their HOLY book

    1. ItsMeAishah2 years ago

      Well, i’m sorry but u seem to be having wrong info about Islam! NO ONE will be forced into Islam, no has ever been! It’s just that some sensible people, unlike u, are getting to know the truth about this peaceful and amazing religion, and are reverting with their OWN wish!
      And exactly whose slave will we become if we revert to Islam, life becomes much more peaceful, calming, soothing and better following Islam. And EVERYONE will die one day, not only “Muslims”
      YOU read the Qur’an and u will see the miracles in our Holy book
      I hope u realize the truth one day:)

      1. Manjeet Pandey2 years ago

        May be but most of forcefully conversions are done by muslim emperors especially in india. Aurangzeb is one of such king who did forceful conversion.
        Whichever country muslims are in majority,other religions are horrified and either they are migrating or living a chaotic life ,for example Pakistan and Bangladesh.This is fact and not a factless propaganda.

        1. Hi5z Masked2 years ago

          If aurangazeb forcefully converted all hindus, then rationally you yoo should also be a muslim.???
          Well, now there is no aurangazeb or any other one to forcefully convert people, howcome then islam is the fastest growing?? Regarding population uttar pradesh,a state in india, has more people than whole of the middle east countries combined!!

        2. Anonymous1 year ago

          Millions of non muslims working in muslim countries…
          As per your logic they all have force converted by now.
          And became millionaire also, because you guys now tell the reason for present conversion of Hindus to Christianity/Islam is “Money offer”

          Now please come back from your dream world

    2. Rosely Shamsudin2 years ago

      Obviously you have not read the quraan with understanding and sincerity.

      1. Biplav Shrestha2 years ago

        Do you at least agree that there are contradictory quotes in Quran that ISIl are other extremist group are using for violence? Muslim try to make it seem that Quran is the perfect book. Doesn’t Quran itself tell you to be critical and question?

  36. PHILIP HARDO2 years ago

    Things changed after the second world war for the following reasons:

    1. The steady decline in the society growth due to to economical pressure, divorce, homosexuality, single parent family, lack of interest in having children and many more.
    2. Los of faith in Christianity
    3. Converting to other faith
    4. selfishness.

    Sadly we have lost our family values and the sense of community spirit.

    Who can help?


    1. Umair Mehmood1 year ago

      Allah helps those who wanna get helped. If you check muslim occupation history in india, it remained in full peace from 7th-19th century for a whopping 12 centuries there was no riot and no discrimination no rapes no poverty no forcing of religion at all..today the weapons of mass destruction, new advanced weaponry found from terrorist are all made by non-muslim factories…is that muslim who made atomic bomb and throw on ur own self (i.e. non-muslim killing millions of non-muslims)…is it muslim who destroyed muslim countries like iraq/afghanistan/palestine/sham/syria? Why the most noble land of muslim “saudi arabia” remains neutral while the non-muslim superpowers liiek US-israel-british jointly attack and bomb other countries, implement/suppress other countries specially muslims like pakistan with their policies using IMF..in Pakistan electric bills have way surpassed house rent due to imf forcing by lending us loan eaten by corrupt leaders…privatizing our national companies so that ppl who worked for decades get jobless and kicked out and suffer while us-israel implemented leaders eat our money? why fuel is still so expensive in pakistan despite the huge price drops of oil barrel???? if we muslim are so bad than why indian kill our ppl at border breaking the agreement, but our army only silences them and we have never killed any of their citizen on border?? if muslim are so evil than pakistan the big nuclear power would have fried the world so far but its all in peaceful hands………..it the crappy IMF, UN, terrorist organizations which are formed by non-muslim anti-christs in the disguise of muslims and they supply them all the weaponry and advanced training in-existent in muslim countries…we cant ever think about killing ppl and yet we became biggest terrorist int he world? its all anti-chrits and satanic forces who are hidden behind the curtains, the media is run by them, the multinational companies, the weapons factories, latest destruction research is all carried out by htem…NASA spending billionbs of dollars to send men in space but men on earth starve to death (coz NASA is also authored by the evil hands)…..their media is that when 10 non-muslim die in terrorism the whole muslim community is blamed, but when 10000 muslims die – its just a news…its insane and inhuman towards Islam and muslims in the current era, little infants and women are torn apart and u guys just close ur eyes???…despite the clear evidence that the most ppl who are dying are muslims, the most proven holy book is Holy Quran in science, the most noble land and neutral land on earth is possessed by muslims (true muslims) it is not a joke that millions of pilgrims miraculously perform hajj and umra every year and those millions stay for a whopping 10-40 days! no1 in the world can handle that much migrants population in a city of desert i.e. Mecca….why wud those evil entities wanna suppress and show bad image of muslims? to hide the truth and make ur way to hell precisely…the truth is open to all of you, dont be fooled by minimal stats and look after major signs and symptoms and facts/figures around the world. otherwise the blame would be your own one-sidedness and ignorance and blind following of media and misguiding news.

  37. Md Arshath2 years ago

    Islam not really a religion. Rather it depicts instructions about how a human should live.

    I would like to leave few questions for you to think yourselves:

    1. First of all I like to say this research is not done by an Islamic organisation, does it?

    2. If you really understand Islam (QURAN and Hadiths), it does not teach violence in any manner. Then what are the origins/sources of recent terrorism group and who create and trained them? (Hint: Josh’s comment below)

    3. Why do many people embraces Islam around the world despite the black marks on Muslims about ‘terrorism’, ‘they hate non-muslims’, etc, etc…? (EARTH N HUMANITY has explained nicely below)

    4. Do you notice the uniformity in practices of all Muslims around the world, like prayer, fasting, Jakkath, Hajj, Halal, etc, which none of the other regions has?

    If any Muslims by name does not follow true Islamic instructions, they do not belong to Muslim community. So please do not link them with Islam.

    1. Melody Szabo2 years ago

      I have read the Koran, it is very clear about acceptable violence, and the conditions in which such violence may be practiced. For example, rape of a muslim woman or girl by a muslim man is forbidden. But for a man to rape a slave, or a non muslim, or a captive in war (Jihad, such as is occuring in many regions in Europe) this is permissable. A man may even have a temporary marriage with a child and have sex with her by force (again, rape) and this is acceptable. I have even read Kohmeini’s account of having sex with a four year old girl as a temporary marriage. According to another book I have read about Islamic Sex rules (this was also written by a muslim and the copy I have contains both the original and English translation), a woman or a man cannot refuse sex by their spouse, they must submit or they may be forcibly raped, but only if they refuse.

      1. Vashim Vora2 years ago

        Hi Melody Szabo,

        Can you please provide me the Reference OR Bibliography from where you are posting this outrageous findings.

        You are misleading people this way.

        Waiting for your reply here OR please email on my email ID. I will be more than happy to clear your coincidental doubts.

        email – vvashim@gmail.com

        Have a great day.

        1. Andrew Chew2 years ago

          Wikipedia good enough for you?


          If you’re not happy with what’s written there, you could try to change it but you would have to back up what you say with references.

      2. Umair Mehmood1 year ago

        ur wrong, pls check following research of non-muslims:
        ‘Violence more common’ in Bible than Quran, text analysis reveals

        Indeed Allah will speak its truth out of non-muslims as well as muslims…we are all his creations.

        And Allah almighty also got his most noble messenger’s good image out from non-muslim again:

        #1 MUHAMMAD
        From the 100, a Ranking of the Most Influential Persons in History
        by Michael H. Hart

        The Holy Quran is proven with thousands of miraculous discoveries in science…its not lie, its open truth for those who wanna seek guidance and salvation.

  38. EARTH N HUMANITY2 years ago


  39. eda2 years ago

    I don’t believe this report this is just a trick to make other communities insecure. Regular killing of innocent children in middle east could be a outcome of these kind of report. These reports always talks about birth rate of muslim but not about death rate.

  40. idiot proof2 years ago

    luckily atheism is growing a faster

  41. Eri man2 years ago

    Out of 100% total will be over hahaha plz first you have too learn maths well.

    1. Ahmed2 years ago

      They’re not supposed to add up. They are percentages of the increase in each group relative to the group population.

  42. Rick2 years ago

    You know why people don’t trust Muslims? This is a great example of why and those who think they know their Muslim religion may not know it like they would like to think it is. Turkey fans BOO during pre-match minute’s silence for the victims of Paris attacks and chant ‘Allahu Akbar’ before Greece friendly… I just don’t get it and I never will. Why Muslims hate non-Muslims is leading the world to WW3.


    1. Happy Muslim2 years ago

      I am a muslim and I feel terrible about what happened in paris and I hate only those stupid terrorists who are only a minority. But you said you don’t get it and you never will. You don’t seem to want to get it anyway so I won’t bother explain. just kindly know that we don’t need you to understand. Muslims are happy otherwise they would give up their faith. Peace.

      1. Adam2 years ago

        Muslims are not leaving thier faith because they are scared. Penalty for apostacy is death as demanded by the quran.

        1. Happy Muslim2 years ago

          I want to commend you for using quran as a reference but that’s not true. There is no where in quran where it says that. This comes from Hadith which is another source for Islamic laws and it is interrupted differently among Muslim scholars. And because some of them do not agree on that law, they do not put in into practice. Also what about the millions of Muslims in Europe, Americas, and all non-Muslim countries in the world, why don’t they leave their faith? They won’t be killed. I’ve been in USA Boston for 3 years now and in Canada Toronto for 1 year, nice people, relatively high freedom, and a lot of temptations but it only made my belief stronger. Thank you and stay positive :).

        2. are you+for+real?2 years ago

          first of all i don’t know why you lie and make up things because the holy quran never mentions that. i studied SBSA which is the study of arabian culture history and religion and there is no such thing in their religion. However, there is the hadeth which is word of wisdom and it can be translated to have many meanings and some extremist may use it in a bad way. so if you love judging people by the minority then my friend i am sad to inform you that you are illiterate. Also, let me end this comment by mentioning how there are millions of muslims around the world including USA and they are still muslims there and even i\though there is no punishment for them to abandon their faith in these countries they still remain muslims. please do yourself a favor and not comment without thinking for this is just sad and i pity people who do so

    2. Josh2 years ago

      Nope, NATO and ISRAEL and US are leading the world to WW3. They use Islam as a cover, and supply ISIS like ALqaeda, to get the Russians out of MidEast. Because they failed, they decided to do it themselves and make Turkey shoot down a Russian Jet today in Syria even though it did not breech it’s air space. I hope Russia obliterates all these fools.

      1. Save2005@lie.nl2 years ago

        Finally, someone is using his brains

      2. Rameez Joomun2 years ago

        I totally agree.

    3. Khadar M.2 years ago

      Muslims don’t hate non-muslims, infact there’s whole chapter in the quran that says to respect others and there beliefs. I think you’re basing your facts from ISIS and other terrorist groups. They call themselves muslims but do the exact opposite of what quran says to live your life. Even, if it does lead to World War III, it would be so to fast, due to how every country most likely doesn’t like ISIS. So it would literally ne ISIS vs THE WORLD. What you said is not true.

  43. John Doe2 years ago


  44. Ameri-muslim2 years ago

    I’ve had enough of these stupid people making my religion look bad.
    Just because on 9/11 a bunch of guys were like, “I’m a Muslim haha watch me go kill people.”
    Islam isn’t about terrorism it’s about peace.
    Everyone just practice your own religion. If only we could COEXIST.
    If Christians can eat and wear anything they want that’s fine. If Muslims and Jews can eat pork or drink alcohol (and stuff like that) or can only wear certain clothes that’s fine.
    With people denying Muslims jobs, well, it’s illegal. Civil rights act title 7 a person can not be denied employability due to race or religion.

    1. Anonymous23452 years ago

      Islam has no objective moral grounding and no official teaching authority so the Quran can be interpreted in any way anyone would like. The Quran leans towards violence. That’s fact. It’s authenticity has and still is questioned. Mohammad was a warrior leader and committed many morally questionable actions. It’s an easy religion to follow, but its just plain illogical. At least Catholicism is rooted in Natural Law and has an unbroken lineage of Popes for 2000 years. It also has a teaching authority that declares on truths of scripture. The Bible (compiled by Catholicism) is the most backed-up piece of literature in the world.

      1. Muslim-American2 years ago

        Your views on Islam only show the immense ignorance that people have. Islam is in its nature a peaceful religion, we greet each other by saying A-salaam-wa-alaikum which translates to peace be upon you. As for the Quran and Prophet Muhammed (SWT) I really don’t see how either of them can viewed as violent or morally questionable. Please elaborate with examples. As a Muslim, I a educated on my own religion and I believe this gives me the authority to let you know that you are wrong and I strongly encourage you to educate yourself on regions other than your own.

        1. Iain2 years ago

          Then your education is seriously lacking. For any Muslim to say such things, without questioning the hundreds of examples that question the validity of your interpretation of Islam, shows your inability ( or inertia ). Islam had always , from inception, grown by war, violence and deceitful actions. And all of these are contained in the Quran. Any peaceful passages are abrogated in preference to the more recent violent ones. And don’t even get me started on taqiyya , that valued weapon in Islam’s arsenal that condones and encourages lies and deceit, as long as it benefits the spread of Islam. Google Mark Durie or Bat Ye’or and update your education please

          1. Hi2 years ago

            Why don’ t you relax and pick up a hobby? You seem to have an objective view on Islam and that’s fine. Almost 1.6 billion muslims won’t see your comment so chill.

          2. Gene2 years ago

            Nicely said, Iain.

        2. Anon2 years ago

          Just because the word Islam says peace and Mohammad said to be in peace doesn’t mean that Islam is a peaceful religion. If Islam is really a peaceful religion, why were several countries turned into Islam forcefully by war. Take eg. of India. There were several houses were Muslims forcefully converted many people into Muslims by terrorizing and killing them. Why were France and other countries attacked because these people wanted them to convert to Muslims. People are forcefully converting them to Muslims. Mohammad just wanted more of the Muslim population and that’s why he told not to stop giving birth to kids. I respect and like the idea of protecting women by covering their modesty. But some are soo extreme. Women are not allowed to see their cousin brother. What stupidity. Women are so restricted. Why there is aggresive and violent behaviour in Muslims (not all). Why did Muslims wage war to convert people to Islam? In the Noah Ark story (Islam one), people who didn’t convert into Islam where punished and flooded. How in the world is that peace?
          Here is a quote from Osama bin Laden that sums it all up:
          “Our talks with the infidel West and our conflict with them ultimately revolve around one issue; one that demands our total support, with power and determination, with one voice, and it is: Does Islam, or does it not, force people by the power of the sword to submit to its authority corporeally if not spiritually? Yes. There are only three choices in Islam: [1] either willing submission [conversion]; or [2] payment of the jizya, through physical, though not spiritual, submission to the authority of Islam; or [3] the sword, for it is not right to let him [an infidel] live. The matter is summed up for every person alive: Either submit, or live under the suzerainty of Islam, or die.”
          –Osama Bin Laden
          (The Al Qaeda Reader, p. 42)

          1. Seeker of Truth2 years ago

            Verse 82 of Chapter 5 of the Quran declares:”Thou wilt find that most vehement of mankind in hostility to those who believe (to be) the Jews and the idolaters.And thou wilt find the nearest of them in affection to be those who believe (to be):those who say:”Lo! We are Christians.That is because there are among them priests and monks, and because they are not proud”!Is there a scripture in the world which so praisesanother”religion”? Again Verse 28 of chapter 57 of the Quran says:”Oh Ye who believe in (Jesus, son of Mary,and follow the Gospel) be mindful of your duty to Allah and put faith in His(last)Messenger.He will give you “two-fold” of His mercy and appoint for you a light wherein ye shall walk and will forgive you.Allah is Forgiving, Merciful”! Where is compulsion in getting converted to islam-the religion of Peace and universal brotherhood?

          2. John2 years ago

            Haha I didn’t even want even read your whole thing but the first few sentences were good enough. You guys are actually extremely uneducated in this region. Now don’t get me wrong I’m not saying you’re stupid, but you don’t know squat about Islam. It’s not all your fault though because it’s how the media portrays the religion. I used to think like you too but it’s just plain ignorance. I honestly can’t say anything to you though because no matter what someone will put out their big book of lies about islam. I encourage you to actually read the quran or get an actual official translation of it because your knowledge of Islam is extremely inaccurate. This isn’t even an area that we can truthfully argue about since haha you’re obviously not going to read a translation of the quran or a direct source from which it is being taught, but instead you will use knowledge from what you read off of wikipedia or something to retaliate what I’m saying. Look, I was born a Christian and let me just say that from my point of view yeah muslims looked bad, REALLY bad. Islam did not look like a great religion and it did seem to promote violence. My thoughts about Islam were formed off of the media, but now I know that the media is not something to trust. They have something against muslims and I’ll never know why. Like for example everything that is written in this article. That is the media trying to make Islam look bad. Oh Islam is a growing population because so many people are converting? We have to make up a bunch of stupid reasons as to why the population s actually increasing because we can’t let this religion look good in any way. At a very young age, all these lies that the media were distributing they didn’t start to make any sense to me. Why is it that we have so many educated people yet when it comes to situations like this they just allow themselves to be blindly fed false information and then let it cloud their judgement. 9/11 for example, I remember being taught that in sixth grade. I remember my teacher saying “yeah these terrorists that did this were extremely uneducated “. All I remember thinking was how bad these people were, but a few years later I realized that if they were extremely uneducated how could they get through an a high technology system and surpass every security and then not only hijack one airplane but THREE? Now I could go and on about this event trust me I did my research, but what I’m trying to say here is that they just want to make muslims look bad and they make up anything they can to do so. Same for what just happened in Paris and Syria. My condolences truly go out to those who died in Paris and don’t doubt that because my cousin who was there for college was supposed come and see me two days after the event and he never got the chance too. Those innocent people all died but was it because of Syria? No infact they are claiming ISIS did it, but the funny thing is that all the ISIS members named were European nationals not Syrian refugees. But that doesn’t even matter because what’s wrong with this world is that we teach that killing is wrong by killing. I mean come on, bombing a children’s hospital? My cousin wasn’t muslim but I know that he would’ve hated that. 129 people died in Paris and 129 people died in Syria…EVERYDAY…FOR FOUR YEARS. So yes pray for Paris, but why not pray for Syria as well? Because the Syrians who died were muslims. They don’t want anyone one to feel sympathy for Islam, their goal is to spread hatred towards all muslims. So go on and say all this stuff but first think for yourself use ACTUAL islamic references from where muslims are actually being taught. Don’t let the media cloud your judgement because I know all of you are very intelligent so please don’t follow blindly! Open your eyes to the reality of this world.

        3. Christine Davis1 year ago

          you greet ‘each other’ is the key word there. Most Muslims believe that you should not say Assalaam Alaykum to a non Muslim or reply to it if they say it to you.

      2. ali haider2 years ago

        my dear brother,
        Islam is not only an easy religion to follow it is the best religion of the world. The word Islam means Peace.one day this religion will be acepted by whole of the world,may you see.
        #religion_researcher#islam the best

        1. facts2 years ago

          The definition of Islam is to submit not peace. While majority of Muslims are peaceful 15-25% are radical according to every intelligence agency in the world. Which amounts to 160-300+million people. That’s a lot of terries. Majority of Germans were peaceful but when the Nazis were able to control their agenda 40million people died. If the majority does take control of the extremist minority a lot of innocent people will die like they currently are.

        2. wonderer2 years ago

          In Arabic, the word “Islam” means submission or surrender

          1. are you+for+real?2 years ago

            wow bro just wow. no please continue your smart comment because it is one of the biggest lies i ever heard. i can say that proudly that you are lying because i am arabian and i am muslim and i know my language so when you said islam means submission i knew you were one of those ignorant people. islam is the name of religion salam means peace and we call our religion islam because its part of the word istislam which means surrendering. now why surrender people wonder? we don’t mean by that that your forced to surrender like a threat or war or anything, no it simply means that when you convert to islam by choice you surrender yourself to God (allah) which means you surrender your soul and everything you do in his name so you should be wary of what you say and what you do for god Allah) is watching you and will count you goods and bads. so by doing so a muslim can better himself the more religious he is for he fears the wrath of god (allah) so he won’t sin which makes him a better person since he will not discriminate (since its part of our teaching) he won’t cheat(since eating from what you gained by cheating is sinful) and he will concentrate to better himself.

      3. Happy2 years ago

        Anonymous2345 keep thinking that and stay negative. it won’t affect the 1.6 billion muslims 😉

      4. elise2 years ago

        actually it was Christianity

    2. NOE2 years ago


      1. anonymous2 years ago

        I Agree with what you said

        1. ali haider2 years ago

          This is why because we love our Muhammad as much,he made us such comfortable you don’t know.simply The one who eats mango knows its taste.
          I listed all the religions of the world in front of me and chose Islam.Islam The only best

          1. Gavin2 years ago

            And do you want to give a reason why you chose Islam ? Besides the fact that it threatens you with hell if you dont

          2. numairah nadeem2 years ago

            WOW… My dads friend did that too she thought Jesus wast listing to him when she was close to dying from a major car accident, and than she started to look for other religions and she actually searched deeply on internet and crossed off the one she thought was not right and she finally came to Islam! I was so impressed at what she told me and now she is WAY better, but sadly she had a husband that divorced her because she was converting and she had a child too so she had to leave them behind and she convert but she is still in contact with her child so that good! and her parents kicked her out, out of her house too. But now all is good but it took a while!

      2. Muslim-American2 years ago

        How silly, you really believe that ALL Muslims are intolerant of other religions? First of all, Islam is a religion and Muslims are its followers, so Muslims are people. People just like anyone else, some are bad and but more are good, just like any other religion. So yeah there probably are some Muslims who are Intolerant just like any other radical views of any other religion, I mean for gods sake Isreali Jews are so intolerant of Muslims that they are trying to wipe them off the face of the earth! Hitler, a Christian, was so intolerant of Jews that he tried to wipe them off the face of the earth. Your view of Muslims is generalized and unfair, we are not intolerant of other religions, and we know how to coexist so please do the same.

        1. RJ2 years ago

          You don’t see Americans leaving by the thousands to go to your war torn countries, because of our violent intolerant Christians! You should be thankful that we let you even bring your views into our country period, you are biting the hand that’s feeding you. Why didn’t you stay in your own country and try to resolve the problem. I know the answer to that Islam is a violent religion and they will not tolerate a peaceful resolution PERIOD!

          1. bambi2 years ago

            Nope, you’re right. You just see America invade Iraq and then declare it was an “accident”. I wonder why these countries are war-torn…

        2. Bernd2 years ago

          Yes, Islam is a religion. A religion which appropriates the death penalty for apostates (people that leave the religion).
          Please don’t tell me that ‘other religions do it too’, because even if they do, it doesn’t make it right.

          Some Sahih ahadith that confirm the ruling:

          ‘Ali came to some people of Az-Zutt, who worshipped idols, and burned them. Ibn ‘Abbas said: “But the Messenger of Allah [SAW] said: ‘Whoever changes his religion, kill him.'”

          Allah’s Messenger (ﷺ) said, “The blood of a Muslim who confesses that none has the right to be worshipped but Allah and that I am His Apostle, cannot be shed except in three cases: In Qisas for murder, a married person who commits illegal sexual intercourse and the one who reverts from Islam (apostate) and leaves the Muslims.”


          A muslim website, I might add. But it’s not like it’s only on this website; buy a volume of ahadith that contains those specific books, and it’ll be in there. And it’s sahih, so don’t say someone just made it up. And don’t say that it’s just the hadith, but the Qur’an is okay, because the majority of muslims are Sunni, and Sunni Muslims adhere to the hadith.

          Here’s another example of what I would call cut-and-dried intolerance:

          Abu Huraira reported Allah’s Messenger (ﷺ) as saying:
          Do not greet the Jews and the Christians before they greet you and when you meet any one of them on the roads force him to go to the narrowest part of it.

          Source: sunnah.com/muslim/39/16

          Please don’t say that we need ‘context’ because at that time there was a conflict or something, because if you ask any Muslim, they won’t say “Islam is only for the 7th century,” because Muslims know that if you’re Muslim, you’re supposed to follow it no matter what year it is, and Muslims are supposed to follow Islam till the Day of Judgment. The argument doesn’t make any sense; why would you claim that a part of your religion was ‘just for that time’, but then follow the same religion hundreds of years later? Islam is supposed to be a way of life for all Muslims, whether you’re in the 7th century or the 21st.

          You say, “People just like anyone else, some are bad and but more are good, just like any other religion.”

          But what if the religion itself is intolerant?

        3. Peace to the world2 years ago

          If Islam is such a peaceful religion, Than why are most of the Muslin countries always at war, either with each other or with their neighbours?
          And why aren’t other Muslim countries taking in the refugees instead of them trying to get into Christian countries?

        4. elise2 years ago

          Hitler was not a Christian. Just like you said, some people like Isis pretend to follow a religion, but do not follow the religion and add on little things. I am a Christian and I am not in any way trying to offend anyone, but the reason why Muslims and Jews don’t get along is because of things that happened back in ancient times. God said that the Jews were God’s people and the Muslims did not like that. So they kind of started hating the Jews because they were jealous of the Jews. When Jesus left He told us to be disciples and to spread the word of God.(the gospel) That’s when we who are all followers of Christ became Christians. Some Jews still followed the religion of Jewism because they thought that Jesus was not the Messiah. Not saying that any of these religions are right or wrong, but that’s what I believe. If and Christians didn’t show the light of God to you, I’m sorry. We are only human and REAL Christians would know better. Once again we all make mistakes. Jesus loves you! ^.^

          1. Anonymous1 year ago

            You got it wrong, most of the prophets came from Jews till the last Messanger, Muhammad saw which was an Arabic. There are 5 Holy Books, the final one is Quran which eradicate the 4 others. That’s why you have stories of other Prophets before this including Isa (Rasul) or know as Jesus. Try to learn the Pillars of Faith:-

            1. Belief in Allah.
            2. Belief in Al-Malaa’ika (The Angels)
            3. Belief in Al Kitab (the books of Allah)
            The third Pillar of Iman is the belief in the books of Allah. Here it is the belief that at the time when these books were sent down they truly were a message from Allah. The only book left is the Qur’an in its entirety, because it is the last revelation Allah will send to us. There are four books known to man: The Taurah sent with the Prophet Musa (Moses), the Zabur sent with the Prophet Dawud (David), the Injil sent with Prophet Isa (Jesus) and the Qur’an sent with Prophet Muhammad. We as Muslims are to believe in all of these books and not just the Qur’an.
            4. Belief in the prophets, prayers and salutations of Allah be upon them (the Messengers of Allah).
            The fourth Pillar of Iman is the belief in Allah’s Messengers. There are twenty five (25) Prophets mentioned in the Qur’an. Prophet Muhammad SAW is the last and final Prophet. Prayers and salutations of Allah be upon him and upon all the messengers of Allah.
            These 25 were
            Adam as (Adam)آدم
            Idris as (Enoch) إدر يس
            Noah as (Nuh) نوح
            Hud as (Hud) هود
            Shaleh as (Saleh) صالح
            Ibrahim as (Abraham) إبراهيم
            Lut as (Lot) لوط
            Ismail as (Ishmael) إسماعيل
            Ishaq as (Issac) إسحاق
            Yaqub as (Jacob) يعقوب
            Yusuf as (Joseph) يوسف
            Ayyub as (Job) أيوب
            Shu’aib as (Jethro) شعيب
            Musa as (Moses) موسى
            Harun as (Aaron)هارون
            Dzulkifli as (Ezekiel) ذو الكفل
            Dawud as (David) داود
            Sulaiman as (Soloman) سليمان
            Ilyas as (Elijah) إلياس
            Alyas’a as (Elisha) اليسع
            Yunus as (Jonah) يونس
            Zakaria as (Zachariah) زكريا
            Yahya as (John) يحيى
            Isa as (Jesus) عيسى
            Muhammad saw محمد
            5. Belief in Yawmil Qiyaamah (Day Of Rising/The Last Day).
            6. Belief in Qada and Qadar (Divine will and Decree).

            Surprising isn’t it? And Islam does not force others to convert into Islam. A Surah Al-Kafirun in Quran explain this:-

            Say you, O infidels!
            I worship not that you worship.
            And nor you worship what I worship.
            And I shall not worship what you worshiped.
            And nor you shall worships what I worship.
            For you, your religion. and for me my religion.

        5. Eileen Girtanner2 years ago

          By the way Hitler was not a Christian

      3. Political Scientist2 years ago

        Noe: First of all, you need to look further to understand just how BOTH religions, without proper interpretation can be equally intolerant.

        Christianity attached itself to the Colonial expansion of Western Europe. It was through Christianity that aboriginals and natives to many of the third world (South America, Africa, Middle East) were told to either convert or die. Colonialism utilized and maneuvered Christian beliefs into what they wanted for the purposes of actually enslaving and dehumanizing people. So, at one point the comment of “The trinity sounds stupid” would have actually been repressed through violence and potential death. You need to study just how invasive Christian ideals were that they enabled the eradication of cultures, tribes, other religions and peoples. Islam on the other hand expanded differently. For example, when Islam entered what is now known and recognized as Iran, it took over 200 years for there to be “Islam”. This was the Umayyad empire.

        People feel insecure about Muslims because an event like 9/11 was shaped AS a threat from the Muslim world. However, ask yourselves if 9/11 is a so called threat from the Muslim world, what instigated this attack? 9/11 happened AFTER the United States and allies destroyed, obliterated Iraqi society. It happened during the serious embargoes and sanctions posed against Iraq; where nearly 500,000 Iraqi civilians were killed as a result of these embargoes. The sanctions against Iraq came because a U.S placed dictator (Sadam Hussain) became Rogue and it was easier to post him as a challenge and dictator than to continue collaborating with him. Yes, the United States gracefully gave Iraq Sadam Hussain in the late 1960s, along with weapons and never once thought of him as a dictator and oppressor when he was using these weapons and fighting against Iran. Because, go and behold Iran was also rebelling against foreign intervention in the region.

        So, you all need to look at the fight between the “West” and “Islam”; differently. Everything requires context and the way Western imperialism has crippled and destroyed societies overseas is just the first thing to examine, it’s also been continual erosion of democracy. Yes the erosion of DEMOCRACY overseas, look at Iran in the 1950s’, Iraq, etc. The “West” and in this the “Christian” region only cares about democracy when it is applicable to them, but when it comes to being applicable to countries overseas, it’s constantly denied.

        So, before someone rants about “Islam is hate hate hate”; think contextually about why you think this way, and not look at the massive atrocities made by your governments on behalf of freedom, democracy and equality. It’s not all peaches and cream. It’s a sad reality, quickly hidden by Western sponsored media and language.

      4. numairah nadeem2 years ago

        Yes, indeed I would protect my self or anyone else if they need help! the second amendment says the right to bear arm, so by law you could self defense.

    3. Andy2 years ago

      Yup, take a look at our world and your own religion and then ask yourself the question: Could there be a reason why people feel unsure about Muslims? People that are all-peaceful, assuming Islam is a religion of peace as you say, don’t have people fearing them.

      1. James2 years ago

        The reasons why people feel unsure about Muslims is the media anti-Islam propaganda and the New World Order conspiracy against Islam.
        I am not certain what their real goal is but there are a lot of theories you can read about.
        It is obvious that people controlling the world have a real problem with Islam. They try anything they can to make it look bad including arming terrorist groups and organizing attacks against civilians.

        1. Iain2 years ago

          It’s NOT the media flying planes into buildings is it ? It’s NOT the media beheading UK citizens in the street is it ? The media report the things that Muslims that have done. There is no conspiracy, its plainly as day what their motives are, as its written down, and they take every opportunity to tell us what their plans are. It’s NOT rocket science !

          1. Andy2 years ago

            Well, There are extremists in every religion. The extremists are a minority in Islam and you cant just judge approx. 2 billion people by the actions of some groups that claim themselves to be muslim. And there is no such teaching in islam where it says to go and kill innocent people for the sake of nothing. Why would people want to go around and kill people by using their own religion and destroying the name of their own religion? Its just islamophobia that has been spread around.

    4. Iain2 years ago

      That’s because what your average Muslim says, and what they do are polar opposites. Whilst I agree that there are moderate Muslims, who have no wish to take part in the bloodier violent instructions contained in Quran or Hadith, they are , when compared to the ideal that Muslims are supposedly to emulate, in contradiction of his teachings, and therefore partially apostate, which is dealt with under sharia by death. And with very few notable exceptions, hardly any moderate Muslims will stick their head above parapet and proclaim that parts of the Quran / Hadiths are well past their sell by date, and need to be forgotten.

    5. sj2 years ago

      many christian’s feel the same way. yes, these rants are stupid, but people listen to other stupid people and react out of fear, as history has proven time and again. admittedly, i know nothing of the religion Muslims follow. However, in trying to find out on the internet, all am having ‘first’ thrown in my face, is that rape is rampant in Sweden due to the large population of Muslims. What I would like to see is the simplified version of what your religion is so that it can be provided to the hate mongers of the world. we need this now and fast before our world escalates into world chaos. can you tell me a good site to read?

    6. AntiMuslim2 years ago

      read all of this
      No, person.. in their right MIND, will interpret any of these verses to mean anything even remotely close to peace..
      Your religion has three stages.. the same stages and tactic has been applied by muslims all over the world for 14 centuries.
      Step 1: Peaceful Jihad ( muslims come around they immigrate they befriend (non believers) they preach only peace in their religion)
      Step 2: Defense Jihad ( muslims start playing the victim in every situation demand sharia law in the foreign country they live in and start exalting their religion as being the one and true and that other religions are offensive to their, still preaching that islam is about peace )
      Step 3: Offensive Jihad ( muslims realize that they have now become the majority they can start demanding things.. politicians and people in power start to be replaced by those that are muslim and muslims start preaching violent verses from the quran such as kill the non believers, convert or die that kind of stuff.. and they start to forcefully impose islam on people and once you’ve converted you cannot leave.. it is clearly stated in the Quran that once you convert you’d better be off without your head, and it is a muslim’s responsability to behead you as you have trespassed against Allah.. Funny muslims don’t know their own Koran. Whats also funny is that everytime a muslim is faced with the truth of their corrupt Koran filled with violence rape murder JUSTIFIED all by Mohamed and Allah ( MOhammed = false prophet, Allah= Lucifer himself,look it up.) Also muslims dont understand that just because a BOOK teaches something GOOD but then abjugates that very good with an EVIL verse later on.. does NOT mean that that book comes from God. Also Mohammed used ISLAM as a way to climb himself up in Arabia gain followers ,gain a MILITARY and once they had the military available then they started ravaging caravans all JUSTIFIED AGAIn through Koran,.. same book he revealed.. he had sex with 13 wives 300 concubines.. thats not from God all prophets from God were celibate and holy, Mohammed wasn;’t instead he preached it like a pig that he was. Mohammed received revelations that pretty much made him.. RICH. gave him UNLIMITED AMOUNT of women.. GOLD .. exalted him above all as the divine prophet ( that made no miracles and occasionally beheaded people) Look at MOhammed’s life and you will understand.. that the only thing that spoke to him in that Cave … was none other than Lucifer himself.

  45. Lyle2 years ago

    (In response to Clair’s post… See above or below, not sure which one.)

    Claire, before I continue, I would like to say that I know you are very unlikely to read this, and I therefore write it for others reading your post, though I still dearly hope you will read it. I would also like to preface my following statements. I mean in no way to ridicule you, but it is out of compassion that I explain the inconsistencies in your statement.

    So, Claire, your belief is a very common one in my, and what I assume is also your, “progressive” society. (I am going to guess that is somewhere in either Europe, Canada, or the USA.) It’s the idea that one person believes what works for them, and I believe what works for me. It is a reflection of a general trend in Western society towards liberalism, and more specifically, towards moral relativism.

    On an initial note, there is a pretty big problem with this, which Jack Perry attempted to address, though poorly I might add. Basically, the belief you proposed is based on a notion that all people will exercise their beliefs in a way that does not affect others, at least in a negative sense. The problem comes in when you have to decide where to draw this line. Obviously, if one person believes that murder is perfectly acceptable, you would no longer agree with this, and you, in fact, would tell them they cannot practice their given belief. Granted, this is a hyperbolic example, but the underlying concept is meant to point out that a line must be drawn to determine at what point the “you do you and I’ll do me” belief no longer applies. This is where the problem arrives. There must be some standard by which this line is drawn. This standard, whatever it is, is therefore recognized as supreme over others. Your proposition in your post will ultimately default to this.

    Second, the nature of the belief in your post reflects an ignorance to the actual beliefs of other religions. Simply put, this belief is one that depends upon a society that consists of solely ethnic religions (religions that do not encourage evangelism and conversion). Alternatively, most religious people in the world are members of universalizing religions (religions that encourage evangelism and conversion). One of the charges to believers of most universalizing religions is to go and make more believers. Not by forced conversion or violence, but by love and compassion. Now, I understand Claire that your post was referring more to judgement/discrimination of people from different religions. However, I do not believe I am wrong in saying that you probably believe as well that people should not be so keen on converting others. Even if you do not though, I know a lot of people that do hold such a belief, so I continue. Basically, the problem with the view put forth in your post is that it holds that everyone should just practice their own religion and not worry about other religions. Does anyone see the problem here? This view is oblivious to the fact that the biggest religions in the world today hold at their core a belief in converting others. I am not saying that conversion is good or bad, but simply that the idea that everyone should just practice their own religion and not worry about other religions is innately contradictory. What this view is really saying is everyone should just practice their own religion unless their religion pertains to the conversion of others, which for the record, is the majority of religious adherents. It doesn’t live up to its own standards. It says that all people should practice their own religion and not worry about others, when in reality, this means that a ton of people couldn’t practice one of the core ideas of their religion.
    At this point, I hope the third problem with the view in Claire’s post is rather obvious. It is inherently hypocritical. This is pretty similar to the previous paragraph. The view is that no one should impose their beliefs on anyone else. At the point where you are holding other people to this standard, and believing that other people should abide by it, you are not only contradicting your own belief, but you are holding other people to a standard to which you do not hold yourself. This views insists that it is wrong to force beliefs upon other people while simultaneously subjecting everyone to this standard. Furthermore, this view is founded upon an inherently hypocritical belief. It is based on the belief that there is not one correct religion, so naturally it is bigoted to claim such or attempt to convert other people. The hypocrisy is that it assumes that it is the superior standard by which to approach religion. To claim that no one religion is the supreme truth is to, in fact, put yourself in a position to say such. You are in reality claiming to know the “supreme truth” that there is not one correct religion. Again, I am not saying that there is or isn’t a single correct religion, but to claim that there is not one is hypocritical.

    I’ll add one final comment. For what it’s worth, I am 15 years old, not very religious, and I certainly haven’t studied any theology or philosophy. My point is that the responses I listed above are not stock arguments that I just have prepared to answer beliefs like Claire’s. You don’t have to be a pastor, imam, or super religious person to come up with these. I developed to of those responses by just thinking about the nature of Clair’s claim. There are a ton of people in Western society that, because of a desire not to be told what is right and wrong, read statements like Claire’s and pump their fists in support. I was very tempted to do it as well. The fact is though, that just because we want something to be true, doesn’t make it true. And this is particularly true with the post at hand, as well as many world beliefs. It doesn’t take a genius to see the inconsistencies upon which a lot of these views are based. It just takes someone willing to look a little deeper. Someone willing to challenge what they want to be true. This is true of Christians, Muslims, atheists, and everyone, including myself. Question everything. Dig deeper. Be skeptic.

  46. Brett Harrison2 years ago

    I dont see any logic behind this article that appeared to be biased. I think the author isn’t specialist in demography, otherwise how can he not bring in the facts related to religious switch rather than just mention them?

    People switch religion when they realised that their new religion offers better facts on religon itself. For example, after 911, Christians in the west swicthed to Islam more than ever before. Why? They wanted to know whether Islam supports terrorism and they read the Quran. They then realised that Islam, from the Quran answers most of the questions they were pondering about in Christanity, and it is NOT related to terrorism. Other things that add to swithcing to Islam is the ending wars pertrated against muslims. The Danish cartoon alone led many Christians to revert to Islam. Europeans wanted to know why Muslim botcotted Danish products, and read the Quran. They also found amazing facts about their lives and religion.

    Secondly, Islam is growing not because of birth rate. In the middle east and north Africa, the birth rate is always far less than in the west. An arab man is not and never interested in having more than 2 kids, but in the west, they do have more.

    Moreover, the article seems to lack taste on demographic facts, and lean toward biase. He was saying that Islam growth will surpass that of world population? That in 35 years Islam will grow from 1.6 to 2.8 billion? A growth by 1.2billion? (See second paragraph above). I think this is outragious! That is the greatest impossiblity. It is within these years that fast developing countries with large populations e.g. India, Indonesia will be entering developed nations cadre, struggling to manage large pop of elderly and low working group. Many people before this time will be struggling economically rather than incerasing their birth rate.

    The author is also biased in the sense that ‘Islam is growing to surpass Christians’? (paragraph 1). The author isnt lacking in English communication. He just appear to create fear in the hearts of Chritians. Why didnt he say “Islam will surpass Christianity?’

    Please ignore this article as it lacks substance and facts.


    Brett (a muslim revert)

    1. Fatima2 years ago

      Muslim nations have lower birth rates than in the west? You must be out of your mind.

    2. Aiseh2 years ago

      Actually, I’ve seen many Arab women with 5+ kids. I know this because many Arabs DO have large families. Also, your right- this article IS biased, in more ways than one. Also, it has alot to do with the fact that they’re jealous of Islam’s growth. People do try to judge Muslims cause of our faith- they like to look for something negative to say just for our religion. I hate when they do it too. Congrats on reverting! Needless to say, the truth is that in Pakistan alone it grew by 62 million in as little as 12 year time. In Pakistan many think it’s weird to only have 2 0r 3 kids. I would love to have 4 or 5 kids when I marry [ I hope!] Also, I know a family that had 11 kids- they were Arab, then a Muslim family with 4, one with 7 kids, etc. So yes, many DO have large families. I honestly am glad- it’s good since we need 3 or + kids to carry on a culture. My mom had a girl then a boy. It really depends on the family.

      1. M2 years ago

        Ever hear of resource depletion Aisha? Overpopulation is the cause of so many problems… Maybe we should all try to respect the Earth God gave us.

      2. Amelia2 years ago

        They have such big families because they have more than one wife and if they live in the west were bigamy is illegal they simply live with a wife and several partners.

    3. Ruan2 years ago

      Unbelievably ignorant. He is commenting on a study by Pew which took 6 years to create. 3.1 children is average for Muslims while 2.3 is the average for non Muslims. It’s simple math.

  47. TheGuardian2 years ago

    islam is wonderfull and real
    everyone remebered that Hazrat Isa Christian Jesus and his mother maryam was also muslim
    Allham Dullilah Muslim Islam Was First Religion In The World And Fastest Growing Religion
    Feeling Proud And Chritians are alsoGbrothers
    anyone knows islam is real and islam is faster growthing religion in world
    So You guys dont know so dont talk about muslims or islam

  48. claire2 years ago

    OH WAIT…I have an idea! Why don’t we just go on with our lives and let Muslims practice Islam, Christians practice Christianity, Jews practice Judaism, and everyone just practice whatever religion they want! I read a lot of comments trying to prove other religions wrong and trying to make Muslims look bad! Yeah maybe I don’t agree with what Muslims believe in and yeah maybe I don’t agree with what Jews believe in, but everyone has a right to do whatever the hell they want! So guys I’m asking you to please get your heads out of your butts and just be kind to everyone!!

    1. Jack Perry2 years ago


      If it were ONLY that simple to do this pipe dream which is called COEXIST.

      However you cannot coexist – no matter how much you think it’s possible and wish for it – where one of the parties is bent on killing you because they – unlike you – do not hold to the same ideal.

      So… if you want to hold to the ideal that we can all magically co-exist… go and demonstrate how this is done. Take up residence in the heart of Islam, which is Saudi Arabia and announce that you are living there as a non-believer and you just wish to “coexist” .

      Please be sure to provide daily updates on how you a non-believer are doing. Facebook is a good medium for this. Assuming you are willing to put your time and energy into what you say we should all do.

      1. Mohammad Mustafa2 years ago

        I am a Muslim and I know my religion very well. In Islam we have it very clearly and our prophet said : You don’t touch one if he didn’t touch you. We believe that Christianity is just like Islam and Christians are our brothers that is what we are commanded to do but if there is stupid people who are doing stupid stuff doesn’t mean all Muslims are bad. And half of people who are living in UAE are Christians and non-Muslims we can coexist. Boko haram ,Taliban ,Isis ….etc are practicing Islam wrong. I wish you forgive all Muslims because in our religion we really are commanded to respect any other religion. I apologize again for what these stupid groups did to change Islam.

        1. Arka2 years ago

          You are a good person Mr Mohammad, thank you. I hope there is a far-reaching reformation and that all followers practice as you do. Sadly, it seems far too many people who think they are ‘followers’ use it as a tool to spread hate and evil. I also know people who left the religion and live in fear from severe threats. I do hope things change for the better..

          1. Faiyaz2 years ago

            It is not people are wrong it is what people are projecting other religion why do you look one segment of people are the government like Saudi Arabia why don’t you see and project the country like UAE are Palestine. Why don’t you all speak the injustice happening with Palestinians, Syria, Libya, Iraq, India and many more where Christian and other religious group is plotting against and want to project Islam and Muslims as terrorists. Every religious book speaks about violence, there are thousands of verses in there religious scriptures why do you corner just Quran, as every religion there are good and bad people like wise with Muslims too. Every one who are born in this earth has right to live and practice there own religion. When Allah has told Mohammed Pbuh that you are not the supervisor your job is just to pass my message then who are we people to judge the other person. May God give peace and bless all.

        2. Anti Islam2 years ago

          My dear brother I hope you get acquainted with the correct knowledge of your religion. If prophet says so then why did he fought te crusades. Why did he changed the people into Islam by sword. They dint touch him either but he did. N sorry to say but on the last page of kuran it is clearly mentioned that expand Islam as much as you can. I hope you see towards your religion as an outsider and analysis teachings of Islam. It’s just fitted in your mind as you learn them 5 times in a day while offering prayers. Search on the Internet

          1. Yusuf Eid2 years ago

            crusades happend after Prophet Muhammad. He never forced islam. he didnt kill innocent. the last page of quran does not say expand islam but it says to be happy when you see converts. Please bring proof.

    2. billy2 years ago

      Claire, people also have a right to freedom of speech so don’t put down others bruh!

    3. Lyle2 years ago

      Claire, before I continue, I would like to say that I know you are very unlikely to read this, and I therefore write it for others reading your post, though I still dearly hope you will read it. I would also like to preface my following statements. I mean in no way to ridicule you, but it is out of compassion that I explain the inconsistencies in your statement.

      So, Claire, your belief is a very common one in my, and what I assume is also your, “progressive” society. (I am going to guess that is somewhere in either Europe, Canada, or the USA.) It’s the idea that one person believes what works for them, and I believe what works for me. It is a reflection of a general trend in Western society towards liberalism, and more specifically, towards moral relativism.

      On an initial note, there is a pretty big problem with this, which Jack Perry attempted to address, though poorly I might add. Basically, the belief you proposed is based on a notion that all people will exercise their beliefs in a way that does not affect others, at least in a negative sense. The problem comes in when you have to decide where to draw this line. Obviously, if one person believes that murder is perfectly acceptable, you would no longer agree with this, and you, in fact, would tell them they cannot practice their given belief. Granted, this is a hyperbolic example, but the underlying concept is meant to point out that a line must be drawn to determine at what point the “you do you and I’ll do me” belief no longer applies. This is where the problem arrives. There must be some standard by which this line is drawn. This standard, whatever it is, is therefore recognized as supreme over others. Your proposition in your post will ultimately default to this.

      Second, the nature of the belief in your post reflects an ignorance to the actual beliefs of other religions. Simply put, this belief is one that depends upon a society that consists of solely ethnic religions (religions that do not encourage evangelism and conversion). Alternatively, most religious people in the world are members of universalizing religions (religions that encourage evangelism and conversion). One of the charges to believers of most universalizing religions is to go and make more believers. Not by forced conversion or violence, but by love and compassion. Now, I understand Claire that your post was referring more to judgement/discrimination of people from different religions. However, I do not believe I am wrong in saying that you probably believe as well that people should not be so keen on converting others. Even if you do not though, I know a lot of people that do hold such a belief, so I continue. Basically, the problem with the view put forth in your post is that it holds that everyone should just practice their own religion and not worry about other religions. Does anyone see the problem here? This view is oblivious to the fact that the biggest religions in the world today hold at their core a belief in converting others. I am not saying that conversion is good or bad, but simply that the idea that everyone should just practice their own religion and not worry about other religions is innately contradictory. What this view is really saying is everyone should just practice their own religion unless their religion pertains to the conversion of others, which for the record, is the majority of religious adherents. It doesn’t live up to its own standards. It says that all people should practice their own religion and not worry about others, when in reality, this means that a ton of people couldn’t practice one of the core ideas of their religion.
      At this point, I hope the third problem with the view in Claire’s post is rather obvious. It is inherently hypocritical. This is pretty similar to the previous paragraph. The view is that no one should impose their beliefs on anyone else. At the point where you are holding other people to this standard, and believing that other people should abide by it, you are not only contradicting your own belief, but you are holding other people to a standard to which you do not hold yourself. This views insists that it is wrong to force beliefs upon other people while simultaneously subjecting everyone to this standard. Furthermore, this view is founded upon an inherently hypocritical belief. It is based on the belief that there is not one correct religion, so naturally it is bigoted to claim such or attempt to convert other people. The hypocrisy is that it assumes that it is the superior standard by which to approach religion. To claim that no one religion is the supreme truth is to, in fact, put yourself in a position to say such. You are in reality claiming to know the “supreme truth” that there is not one correct religion. Again, I am not saying that there is or isn’t a single correct religion, but to claim that there is not one is hypocritical.

      I’ll add one final comment. For what it’s worth, I am 15 years old, not very religious, and I certainly haven’t studied any theology or philosophy. My point is that the responses I listed above are not stock arguments that I just have prepared to answer beliefs like Claire’s. You don’t have to be a pastor, imam, or super religious person to come up with these. I developed to of those responses by just thinking about the nature of Clair’s claim. There are a ton of people in Western society that, because of a desire not to be told what is right and wrong, read statements like Claire’s and pump their fists in support. I was very tempted to do it as well. The fact is though, that just because we want something to be true, doesn’t make it true. And this is particularly true with the post at hand, as well as many world beliefs. It doesn’t take a genius to see the inconsistencies upon which a lot of these views are based. It just takes someone willing to look a little deeper. Someone willing to challenge what they want to be true. This is true of Christians, Muslims, atheists, and everyone, including myself. Question everything. Dig deeper. Be skeptic.

  49. Kumar Saurabh2 years ago

    Because of its intense conversion planning program … Islamic Religious gurus are producing lots and lots of Islamic teachers in India by training them in Madarsa ( Special schools for Islamic studies). They are targeting exploited population of any country whether political or social , they preach them about equality and some fruitful dreams about future and hence conversion made easier……

    1. Udham Singh2 years ago

      Dear Brother and sister
      Sanatan is the oldest one in the world. which told the 9 Planets and 12 Rashi first time in the world. If you will read the Ved’s you will find every thing in it. Unfortunately, some of king’s/empire had diluted the SHLOK of ved’es. You will see how to consentrate your mind in DHAYAN. What is MANN, Mind and Soul in one stage and hopfully you will agree that if you will concsentrate your mind you will find the some thing. Also you will agree that MANN having the a lot of speed and if you will cover your MANN alongwith your mind an soul you can find the GOD. This is YOG Mudra having some concept and you have done that mudra you will find a extra power in your Body and you will find yourself. This Body has made by five things( Earth, Agni, Air, Water, Space) having the nine door and as per Sanatan you have to open your tenth Door beetween your both eyes says TRIKUTI.

      Also let know the defination of Dharma:- If you will find any sad human/animals and you have mercy on them and you are doing suitable help to him that called the Dharam.

  50. Mohammad Jamal C. Norvilla2 years ago

    Aside from Muslim high fertility and with four wives, but the best reason why Muslims are the World’s fastest growing religious group because Allah said, thus:

    “He (Allah) it is Who has sent His Messenger (Muhammad, peace be upon him) with guidance and the religion of truth (Islamic Monotheism) to make it victorious over all (other) religions even though the Mushrikun (polytheists, pagans, idolaters, and disbelievers in the Oneness of Allah and in His Messenger Muhammad, peace be upon him) hate (it) [Surah As-Saff (the Row or the Ranks) 61:9].”

    Narrated Abu Huraira (may the mercy of Allah be upon him): Allah’s Messenger (peace be upon him) said, “By Him (Allah) in Whose Hands my soul is, surely, the son of Mary (Jesus, peace be upon him) will shortly descend amongst your people (Muslims), and will judge mankind justly by the Law of the Qur’an (as a just ruler), and will break the Cross and kill the pigs and abolish the Jizya [a tax taken from the People of the Scriptures (Jews and Christians) etc. who are under the protection of a Muslim government. This Jizya tax will not be accepted by Jesus, peace be upon him, and all mankind will be required to embrace Islam with no other alternative]. Then there will be abundance of money and no body will accept charitable gifts. (See Fath Al-Bari, Page No. 304 and 305, Vol. 7), (Sahi Al-Bukhari, Vvol. 3, Hadith No. 425).

    Jesus, the son of Mary (peace be upon him) will descend as a leader of the Muslims and it is a severe warning to the Christians who claim to be the followers of Jesus and he will break the Cross and kill the pigs, and he will abolish the Jizya (tax), and all mankind will be required to embraced Islam with no other alternative.

    1. abdulsalam2 years ago

      you want to study about Ahmadiya muslim community

    2. abdulsalam2 years ago

      you want to study about Ahmadiya muslim community,WWW.ALISLAM.ORG

      1. One God2 years ago

        I want to study about the Islam Muhammed (pbuh) taught not anything other than that.

  51. engr abba t nasidi2 years ago

    i disagree wt u. u r commentn based on ur limited perception… islam will forever b d fastest growing religion not because of natality rate but bcoz people are continuosly understandn d true teachings of d religion..

  52. Ronald McConneyhead2 years ago

    Unfortunately, the hard cold truth is that the Pew Research study on Islam did not account for the recent events around the globe. Another study done reports more accurately that the number of Muslims are not growing. It is in fact being dwindled down as more and more Muslims are abandoning the religion all together. They turning to Christianity in spurts but the majority like kids in American College are turning to Atheism. So technically, Atheism is the fastest growing religion in the world. By the year 2050 Islam may well still be around but at the rate that it’s going only about 22% of the world population will be Muslim. I may be wrong but if the other report is right, as long as the radical Islamic groups continue and the American grown groups join in the violence, Islam will be destined to be eliminated by 2087.

    1. Mary2 years ago

      I disagree with u

    2. a2 years ago

      its just disgusting to see how blinded you are from your undisputed false knowledge of the world and he truth. The way the world portrayed islam, isnt islam, if you had proper knowledge of what you were speaking about you’d know islam is just a religion of truth and peace. There are more people accepting islam then almost none abandon. i don’t know where you get your knowledge from, but please get proper knowledge and information before saying anything.

  53. Robert2 years ago

    The reasons for muslim population increase isn’t because of having more children or whatever, it’s just because A LOT of people are converting to Islam. Why does the media always have to try and find a way to make sure that muslims look bad and when there is something good about Islam that people find out about, they have to cover it up and come up with complete crap. I’m not even muslim but this is the simple truth; the main reason for why the muslim population is growing is simply because many people are converting to Islam.

    1. revtbrooks2 years ago

      Recent articles in Great Britain talk of around 60% of converts to Islam in that nation leaving Islam within 5 years. I suspect that Islam wouldn’t even be a growing religion if their members were allowed to leave without threat of being cut off from their family, loosing privileges as citizens of their nations, or being killed by radicals.

      1. bakr2 years ago

        that’s a lie because apostasy isn’t practiced nowadays

    2. Daryl2 years ago

      Well said Robert.

    3. Moiful islam2 years ago

      I am totally agree with u

      1. Siranjeevi Piruthiviraja2 years ago

        Of course you would agree with him. He says exactly what you want to hear and helps your propaganda …

    4. Mohammad Mustafa2 years ago

      Well said Robert I completely agree with you

      1. Anonymous1 year ago

        please what did Jesus say about Jihad go to the bible LUKE 19v27.we know bible more then you day so please.my brothers and sisters late them go and see that in the bible,

    5. Alper2 years ago

      I am an ex muslim and I don’t agree with it. It is known that most converts are women and they converted by marriage. Especially in UK. You must have watched tons of islamic propaganda of people who found the “truth” and decided to share in on youtube :/

    6. Mohammad Akbar2 years ago

      Islam is a religion of truth and peace. Media always portrayed the wrong image of Islam and Muslims. However, those who are seeking for guidance, So they start to read Quran within context and think about every verse of it with full conscience. If anyone who want to be guided, first should pray Allah to guide him to straight path then should read Quran translation if cannot read its Arabic at time, Read authentic Hadiths (sayings of Prophet Mohammad PBUH) Then for sure Allah will guide him/her with his mercy and blessings.
      The mean reason of growth of Islam is that people from other religions realize the truth and convert to Islam.
      Allah says in Quran chapter: Al-Imran-verse 19: Jesus, The only acceptable religion to Allah is Islam.
      with coming of Islam all previous religions abolished and the only religion which can get a person closer his creator is ISLAM.
      If you want to read and listen Quran in English and Arabic both, then refer to this site:

    7. Shafi Aldossary2 years ago

      I totally agree

      Thank you very much for your honest comment

      Your brother

      Originally Muslim

  54. Sabri Juma2 years ago

    One of the many differences in Islam in comparison to other religions is that it doesn’t guarantee paradise right away. SOME Christians believe that as long as you believe in Jesus, you are automatically granted paradise. Meaning they could commit all the crimes they want and do whatever type of horror in this world, but as long as they believe in Jesus, theyre going to heaven

    1. Aurora2 years ago

      Ummm, no.

    2. Sin2 years ago

      Not even close

    3. Read a book2 years ago

      Not a chance

  55. mustapha walid2 years ago

    Masha Allahu, Alhamdulillah for being muslim…Ya Allah unite Your ummah guide us to the straight path Ya Rabby

  56. carl schultz2 years ago

    religious belief has no place in deciding morality, as it is based on simplistic egocentric and ethnocentric viewpoints that are only means to stifle compassion. Religious beliefs are horridly divisive.

  57. nana.2 years ago

    the fact that we love something does not hinder us from speaking truth..what is the name of the church Jesus founded..and wat verse in the bible did Jesus called his followers Christians..it all started with a certain Paul who never knew Jesus

    1. Peter2 years ago

      It all started with a certain jesus who knew his followers and he sent them out like lambs among wolves.

      Paul never knew Jesus that is correct (apart from the vision that converted him) but he knew Peter, John & James.

      Jesus didn’t call his followers Christians, he called them disciples.

      “Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit” – Matthew 28:19

      Ignatius of Antioch was first to refer to followers of Christ as Christians and by the beginning of the 2nd century, the term was widespread enough for it to be used officially.

      1. L214Q328D2 years ago

        Acts 11:26New International Version (NIV)

        26 and when he found him, he brought him to Antioch. So for a whole year Barnabas and Saul met with the church and taught great numbers of people. The disciples were called Christians first at Antioch.

  58. Zakeesid2 years ago

    Dear brother and sisters

    Before commenting just go through quran and its teaching. You will come to know that why Islam is the fastest growing religion because its already written. They will say its rubbish that earth will reverse its rotation but as per quran you will see that day when the dooms day is near. Now scientists have proved some stars and planets will start reverse rotation. You cannot stop this. Its from Almighty.

  59. Joseph2 years ago

    You can count many prophets you wish to count but my beloved please, think this very well, this man Jesus 1 the prophets mentioned his name before he was born 2 his birth was different 3 his life and teaching is different 4 his death is very wonderful and since the year 2015 years ago God almighty lifted him up to his throne and remember nobody should lie to you he never promise any humanbein coming after him but he told us he would send us the holy spirit to be our helper.And at times if people say they believed in Jesus but still they do believe in some things Jesus never believed in them then am surprise.how do you believe him?1Jesus tells us about bad prophets who were lion in sheep skin. 2Jesus never kisses any stone like qabar.my beloved come back to your senses before it’s too late.Almighty God bless you. Amen.

    1. Abdul Majid2 years ago

      Hello, just to let you know both you and me worship the same God but we differ in religion. I would advise that you study the bible but would advise that you look at others copies than just the standard king james version. There are different bibles out there and you would be surprised what you could learn from seeing the different books.


  60. soyeb mondal2 years ago

    I am proud that I’m a Muslim,and iam very. Lucky I born in a Muslim house.
    I have respect to all people because Islam learnt that respect your senior and loving your juniour.

  61. byblis persephone2 years ago

    Ultimately, God does not exist because there is no logic or reasoning behind it. Once Europe and America were fervently Christian with thousands of people becoming missionaries and churches were filled to bursting. But then came along economic development and religion fell from its high place. The same will happen to the Islamic world…eventually. It’s already started in Turkey, Azerbaijan and Iran. Don’t let those mullahs and Erdogan fool you.

    1. affan Khan2 years ago

      Aslaam walaikum friend if u think some one is fooling u. U ur self read the Quran and inshallah u will get hidayah

    2. Uriel2 years ago

      Think before you talk if there is no God. Then move through out the universe and come back. If you reason properly. Don’t let science deceive you

    3. cnaz2 years ago

      Don’t be close minded, it isn’t healthy. Did you know that in the Quran, the holy book of Islam, it was written that the Earth was a sphere thousands of years before it was discovered? Did you know that it was written in the Quran that all the hexagons in a bee’s hive are regular and each side is EXACTLY the same and scientists tested it and it turned out to be true? Did you know that it was written in the Quran that God split the moon in half and put it back together and when astronauts went to the moon they found a perfect line right in the middle of the moon? Did you know that it was written in the Quran that the stone next to the Kaba of Mecca is from the heavens and scientists cannot find this type of rock ANYWHERE on Earth or even on different planets? Did you know that this is why people convert to Islam because they finally find truth in it? I think that you are just lost and I strongly advise you to study Islam and maybe you’ll finally find the answers that you were looking for in life because there is plenty of logic in Islam and you’ll only see it if you give it a chance.

      1. Muhammed2 years ago

        A salam wa alykom my brothers and sisters of all humankind. The quran is nothing but the truth. You as a human being does not deserve to be depressed and live a hardship life. Allah swt gives life to ones soul and the laws behind islam are to make humankind work together. Say all the bullshit you want weather it be racial, illuminati or hatred towards us but we know the truth. And allah swt god willing will show and guide us. So as michael jackson says they dont care about us, you can kick me hurt me but u can never kill me. The truth will always set you free. Salam peace to each and every living thing on this earth and may god or whomever you believe in protect you from evil and hardship through your lives. Muhammed born in a western country who will never be brain washed by this media money making hatred and will live among christains as BEST friends for the rest of my life. Love and peace to you all.

      2. shahnaz2 years ago

        Subha Allah

  62. Pam Palmer2 years ago

    All religions cannot be TRUE. Religions can share some truths, but they do not all have the FULLNESS of TRUTH. The religion and Church founded by Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is the only one true, holy and apostolic faith. That is the Catholic Church. There are many many anti-Catholics Christians in this world and that is terribly sad as Christ did not found 10,000 Christian denominations…he found ONE. He appointed St. Peter the head of that Church when he said, “Peter, you are the rock and upon this rock I build my Church and the gates of hell will never prevail against it.”

    1. nana2 years ago

      my beloved Joseph.. thanks for speaking this bold..but I wish to say..u need to be taught well..not the Quran but even the Bible.. u know nothing about what u learn..was Jesus referring to Muslims when he said teachers of the law,cos at that time Islam was not there ..I wish to get you number then I teach you

    2. Dustin2 years ago

      Context is key, Jesus is building the Church on Himself, the Son of God. This is what Matthew 16:15-18 says NKJV:
      15 He (Jesus) said to them, “But who do you say that I am?”
      16 Simon Peter answered and said, “You are the Christ, the Son of the living God.”
      17 Jesus answered and said to him, “Blessed are you, Simon Bar-Jonah, for flesh and blood has not revealed this to you, but My Father who is in heaven.
      18 “And I also say to you that you are Peter, and on this rock I will build My church, and the gates of Hades shall not prevail against it.

  63. roze2 years ago

    Allah is one
    he created every thing
    just read quran their is no one mistake
    Islam makes all people are one
    their is no different between black and white rich or poor
    Islam let us belive in all prophets
    it is the religion of peace that is the Islam which you dont know
    It make the girl polite
    it makes us pay to poor
    and we prey for GOD everyday
    just think about ISLAM for only one day in a nice way and this day will be the best for you انشاءالله
    this will prove to you that ISLAM is the truth

    1. balboatennis2 years ago

      In your quran, I have read something about Allah commanding Muslims to kill infidels. It seems that Allah may have changed his mind about being a peaceful god.

      1. Cory Newell2 years ago

        I am not a man of religion but I am a man of religious studies. I’m sorry to say I have not come to fully interpret the Quran, and you are correct that it calls to action against infidels. “Quran(2:191-193) And fight them on until there is no more Tumult or oppression, and there prevail justice and faith in Allah; but if they cease, Let there be no hostility except to those who practice oppression.” As you may notice it does call for action but at the same time it does preach mercy. I have read the Bible and Hebrew text, they are not pure and clean either. It says God is peaceful and merciful and this can be shown. He is also warring, there are many examples of this. I must give Islam credit for they are the of hypocrites about maters like this, and do except it for what it is.

      2. yahuza saeed2 years ago

        please read from Q2:189-193 you’ll understand better. Christians in the glorious Qur’an are referred as AHLIL KITAAB. but why dont you also read LUKE 29:17. ?

    2. Phil2 years ago

      Islam is 592 years younger than Christianity so how can Islam be the only one truth ? Christianity came before Islam therefore Christianity was the 1st.

      I am not a religious person I don’t believe in Religion, Religion to me is the route of all Evil ” I hear you ask why ” so I will put it in plain English.
      Any Religion practises about not harming another human and to be at peace with all humans, So ask your self how many wars in the past all the way up to present have been started over Religion.

      Even though I am not Religious I do know a thing or two about other Religions, I also believe that people are entitled to believe in what they want to but don’t shove it down my throat because i’m not interested ” and no I am not a devil worshiper too. ” I believe in this world there are good people and bad people just like you have in the Animal kingdom with wild Animals and also pets.

      Each Religion has its plus points but they also have their bad points too and that goes for all the Religions, The reason I am not religious is because I find things I disagree with in all Religions and also they are responsible for many many wars which taken many innocent lives.

      1. EricOfManchester2 years ago

        Except for Islam, it looks like the trend over the last 100 years has been deaths due to non-religious reasons:

        Stalin’s reign: estimates usually around 20 million
        Mao’s cultural revolution: 40-60 million in most estimates
        Khmer Rouge (Cambodian genocide): 2-3 million

        Wikipedia estimates the total death total at 85-100 million. See article for details: Mass killings under Communist regimes

        Nationalism/Ethnic Pride
        Nazi Germany: 12 million in Holocaust, countless more as a result of military campaigns/WW2
        King Leopold II: 8 million in Colonial Congo
        Many Many more examples, including the Rwandan genocide, Sadam, etc

      2. RABSY2 years ago


      3. babloo2 years ago

        Oldest religion is sanatan dharma(Hinduism).it preaches peace.non violence is the motto.

      4. Adam smith2 years ago

        Guys just think about WW1 and WW2 who was created and involved this. Only for catholics and protestirons. Out of 158 countries only two muslims countries. Around 9 millions of innocent people was died. But until now no one question to english countries why?. Some group of english counties they were trying to there people to brain wash to hate muslim. Now pointing to muslims lead to WW3. But real relegion is Islam only. Peace means Islam. Islam means Peace. Try to read Quran and Hadith authontic. You may in sha allah come what’s is autual truth.
        Allah knows best.

  64. hindu2 years ago

    So do you mean by there is no other religion which is true??? Guys religion is something that we trust and worship. So please stop arguing and just follow their own believes. No matter what also, nobody is going to find the truth, because we were not born when the religions born in the world. Let it be.. Just believe in your religion, Who want’s to convert let them, who doesn’t want leave them. Its just in our mind, in how we think about gods and religions. Doesn’t mean islam is the best or christianity is the best or hindus the best. My self im hindu but i believe in allah and jesus. God is one!

    1. Capor2 years ago

      Just accept the truth hindu , do not get angry because islam is the fastest growing religion, of course we accept and we love all religions

    2. rabsy2 years ago

      well said brother the world would be a peaceful place if all thought like you

  65. Zeghdani Marwa2 years ago

    Islam is the fastest growing religion, for many other reasons ;
    It is peaceful religion ,it doesn’t distinguish between black and white,
    Islam accepts all people from all the world with love and passion,
    Muslims are crying from joy when they see someone has become muslim.
    Also, Islam gives very logical explanations for the most difficult questions
    About this lot of scientists confront in Islam because they find science and islam identical,
    Furthermore, Islam corrects people lives by giving them psychological relaxing, based on forgiveness, modesty, courage, and respect for humanity even with non muslims.
    Why not , read about islam from correct resources, then you will discover lot of beautiful facts about it.

  66. Mohamed Kasim2 years ago

    Islam is the way of life prescribed by God, the Creator and Sustainer of this universe, and hence its followers adopt natural course of life. Here the marriages, child birth, gorwing of children, adopting elders, maintaining family bonds etc are followed naturally and with the sense of answerability before God.Though they face difficulties they bear them for the sake of God and Life Hereafter.
    But with most of those who do not have the sense of answerability to God, they adopt unnatural ways of life. Living of male and female without marriages, postphonement of marriages, foeticide, infanticide, female infanticide etc are commonly found among them. Thus the fertility rate is declining among them becouse of the anti natural means adopted by them. So, it is not the fault of Islam!
    As the result of plot by power mongers who continuously ruled us, our country was fooled by them. We believed the lies of corrupt politicians who looted the country’s resources and were inefficient to manage them. They had put the blame on population growth to cover up their corruption and inefficiency.
    Holy Quran, the last revelation from God Almighty is stopping its followers all over the world from committing crimes like foeticide, infanticide, female foeticide etc through its preaching: “And do not kill your children for fear of poverty. We provide for them and for you. Indeed, their killing is ever a great sin. ” (Quran 17:31) Also it warns the killers that they will be questioned on the day of Judgment “And when the girl [who was] buried alive is asked For what sin she was killed” (Quran 81:8,9)
    The world has started realizing the foolishness behind population control long back. It is sad that even intellectuals in our country are still ignorant about this

  67. Nafis Irshad2 years ago

    Thank u 4 dis survey &this information to all of us………!

  68. Bill2 years ago

    As intelligent as Johnathan attempts to come across, there is something that the rest of us can do that he never can:

    Admit that there are problems within our religion, faith, etc.

    Do not ever attempt to debate with a Muslim because they lack the ability to do the above, and being able to do the above allows an elevated thought process. Muslims are enslaved to always believing they are 100% correct, and there can be no alternative.

    1. Shawn2 years ago

      Spot on!

    2. Abraham2 years ago

      Bill — you’re saying that over 1.6 billion people, from all different races, countries, cultures, and upbringings, who happen to share the same religion, are all the same.

      Pretty elevated thought process you have there.

      1. Nathan2 years ago

        Bill is spot on. Look at any Muslim debate, be it with a Christian, atheist, etc. The non-Muslim always wins.

        1. Tayyeba Ishtiaq…2 years ago

          well! i have listened and experienced da reverse about it….may be u have very liitle information about islam…but muslims even beleive in JESUS AND MOSES nad they wat did dey preach….christians (most ov them)…cant explain their faith bcoz only a few ov them r practising..people fear ISLAM bcoz they fear its growth…n it is da religion dat is misinterpreted most…

      2. Julian2 years ago

        Haha! I totally agree with you Abraham! Bill dude what is going through your mind you shouldn’t EVER label people that’s not cool and what you said isn’t true either. Your saying that Muslims always believe that they are 100% correct but if people were attacking you and saying things about your religion and saying how it promotes violence when you know it doesn’t since you, yourself practice it, wouldn’t you want to defend your faith? Muslims don’t believe they are 100% correct but some people are just 100% wrong about them and they don’t want people to think of them that way. Common Billy it won’t get you anywhere in life to be close minded, you should learn to respect and tolerate others. Go out and meet some actual Muslims, they’re awesome and chill…but trust me man they are extremely kind!

      3. Dan2 years ago

        I’m enjoying reading these comments. Most of them are healthy arguments and from what I’ve seen people aren’t saying EXTREMELY negative stuff about Muslims but I’ve got to say some people are saying a few illogical things but it’s cool to see that nonmuslims and Muslims are defending Islam and trying to show these people that what they are saying is wrong. But I hope that people learn from these. Muslims aren’t bad, neither are Christians, or Jews, or any religion. It’s people that are bad and I hope you guys learn that. Don’t classify people in groups it’s not right everyone is their own individual and every individual should have their rights and their freedom.

    3. Johnathan Ultima2 years ago

      Despite your efforts to prove me wrong, I praise you. I am not highly intellectual, as one may say, I am among the youth.

      You are absolutely correct that we believe we are 100% correct, otherwise, what is the point of a religion, especially if it has one flaw!
      Where is the divinity in a religion with a flaw. Mr Bill, I think you should read the Quran, and understand its interpretation of the words.
      For example, today, the word “pig” in slang is defined as a cop, a police officer. In the Bible, in the Book of Leviticus, Deuteronomy, and Isaiah, as well as in the Quran, when the word “pig” is mentioned, it will not be referring to a cop. Rather, sometimes, the modernization of words changes meanings to incorrect meanings.

      If there is one flaw in a religion, one scientific fact which proves even one scientific error in any religious scripture, that religion can be seen to be not correct.
      That is why you need to seek the truth, in order that it may free you.
      Falsehood, by nature, is deemed to parish.

      Life is a test; at least have a look at Pascal’s Wager, and take time and effort to learn about the religion, its principles, laws, and correct authentic teachings. If you find someone saying, or behaving in a way that you believe is not Islamic, than go back to the Quran and Sahih Hadiths, and see what they have to say. The Quran has not been changed.

      I am not “enslaved” into my religion. It is mentioned in the Quran that there is no compulsion in religion. It is absolutely my choice to be a Muslim, and it has nothing to do with my family, or anything in particular, other than that I have found it to be the correct way of life.

      There is one thing you need to keep in mind. If God truly exists, than there is, and can only be, one true religion.

      Oh, and Nathan, I highly recommend you check out debates with Muslims vs Non-Muslims, including people like Dr. Zakir Naik, Yusuf Estes, Dr Abu Ameenah Bilal Philips, Abduraheem Green, and the list goes on and on.
      Dr Zakir Naik has a YouTube channel, of which, I highly recommend you check it out – I am not sure you will hold that biased view that Non-Muslims always win. He debates in several symposiums.

      Regardless of one’s thoughts on backwardness, of any nation or people, it must be suggested that it is not the people who make a religion, a religion. The religion itself is complete with, or without anybody following it. That is why you always go back to the Quran as well as the authentic teachings of the last and final messenger, Prophet Muhammad Peace be upon him.

      If the entire nation goes back to the ways of the Prophet, I seldom think that thought will remain in your head for much longer.

      To the straight path!

      1. Anonymous1 year ago

        Johnatham ultima u r true best solid and ultimate…. I liked ur words the way of depicting n delivering words with fact and with proof & trueful knowledge. Keep it up, Allah bless u with more wisdom n knowledge.

  69. ND2 years ago

    I just want to ask few simple question to all of you and specially by Mr.Johnathan Ultima

    1. what was you before ur birth.
    2. what you will be after you death
    3. where is haven (zannat) in this universe.
    4. have u ever seen allah or any god
    5. where is muslim stamp in ur body i dont have any christianty stamp

    u knows, what u learnt from your elders and book but i want to give u advise that u should have to use ur mind to know the fact, first relgion of every human being should be humanity

    after studied so many books i come to this conclusion that, no one knows about the fact of any religion, or the facts of unseen history. all are result of author thinking whatever he think he write it. he never written that its 100% true.

    so best thing is this u should use ur mind in creative things.
    Give something to this world so that all people will remeber u in future, and u will be part of history in future

    1. Johnathan Ultima2 years ago

      Peace be upon you
      Sorry for the late reply
      1. Before birth, scientifically I was a part of male discharge and female discharge; I then formed into a zygote, and my cells started to split through mitosis until I formed an embryo and my cells started to specialize. Eventually, I turned into a fetus and was born (like most other people)
      Islam never says this is wrong. In fact, the Quran speaks about, in many verses, that of the processes which occur in a womb. The Quran speaks about the embryo, and proves it to be correct in what is written today. For further details, please check out: google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&#…

      The Quran has verses stated in it, that contain scientific knowledge of the 21st century. The Quran has been proven to be 80% correct today, it can be safe to say, and the other 20% is ambiguous (neither proven correct nor proven false).
      In Islam, we do not believe in reincarnation.

      If you mean what was I before all this, well, I’m no scholar, but if you look at Chapter 76 Verse 1 in the Quran which states: “Has there [not] come upon man a period of time when he was not a thing [even] mentioned?”

      Before all this, I was not known of; I was destined to be human, and my soul was created. In other words, before all this, only God knew that I was to be born, and God is the Greatest, entirely Merciful. In order for Allah Subḥānahu wa ta’alā to create something, all that He needs to do is to say be and it is!

      Now, you could ask, why did God not just create me than, instantly; well if He did, you would be asking why He didn’t take more time to create you. Adam was the only creation who did not come upon by a female.

      2. After my death, that’s a good question. I’ll be awaiting Judgement Day, just like everybody else. When Judgement Day happens, you yourself will be sufficient for all the sins you committed, and your destiny will be based on that; either heaven or hell. Now, I myself am aiming to enter paradise, however, there is no guarantee for anyone that is alive today that they will enter paradise. We believe in all the prophets sent down; we believe in Prophet Moses, Prophet Jesus Peace and blessings be upon them, and all the others who set foot on the earth, who we believed preached monotheism, but with time, things changed and scriptures were changed by human hands. However, the Quran was not. But, what I mean to say is that since we are the last of people, i.e. after the Prophet, we will be the first to be judged. I don’t wish to get into many details, because this topic is too large.

      You may ask why God sent down Prophets, and did not send the last and final Prophet and Messenger Muhammad peace be upon him originally; well, that’s because Allah Subḥānahu wa ta’alā sent them down when he knew they were ready to grasp the message. Just like how you can’t go directly from KG1 to grade 12.

      3. The nearest heaven is not exactly in this Universe. It is further up. The stars are supposed to be decorating it, and you can’t see it from wherever you are. And you will never reach it except by God’d permission, but you never will reach it anyway. In Islam, there are seven heavens; These are levels based upon how well you did in this world.

      4. Allah Subḥānahu wa ta’alā cannot be seen; if you wished to see Him, you would not be able to stand His Excellence. I.E. you would die (at this human form). Islam preaches monotheism, not polytheism. We only believe in one God, the God of Moses and Aaron, and all the prophets. If you do not believe in religion, and are an evolutionist, have you ever seen a species of animal evolve before your eyes, into a separate and distinct species.

      5. In Islam, we don’t have a stamp to tell us who we are. If you believe in testify that there is no god but Allah Subḥānahu wa ta’alā, and the Muhammad is His last and final messenger, than you could very well be considered a Muslim; however, you do not say it in Arabic and English, and bear witness of it. It is called a shahada.

      Brother, if I learned anything from my elders, it is that if you want to know something about Islam, you turn straight to the Quran and the Sahih Hadiths (The correct teachings of the Prophet Peace be upon him). My elders did not teach me falsehood.
      Since when does Islam go against humanity. It is on the contrary; Islam gives you the solution to all your problems. It never tells you to not solve a problem. Islam tells you to be kind, be virtuous, be respectful to your neighbors. I am trying to help you acquire true peace. The Prophet considered 6o homes in either direction to be a neighbor.
      Can I tell you: “have to use ur mind to know the fact.” It is not that I am following blind belief, I have chosen Islam as my religion, and I am proud to be a believer.

      “after studied so many books i come to this conclusion that, no one knows about the fact of any religion, or the facts of unseen history” What have you “studied” about Islam? If you studied Islam you would have understood the concept of God. What is it about Islam you did not see the right about?

      “all are result of author thinking whatever he think he write it. he never written that its 100% true.”
      In Islam, we believe that many revelations sent by God have been changed, and made into human words. For instance, we do not believe in the trinity as being something correct. However, they were only changed because we believe they were only sent to a particular group of people, at a particular time period. However, if you think that way about Islam, than rest assured that the Quran, which was sent for all of humanity, has not been changed since it was revealed, and there is evidence for this. I advise you to study the Quran, and the Sahih Hadiths, and when in doubt, ask someone with knowledge. An Islamic Sheikh or Scholar of Islam.

      “Give something to this world so that all people will remeber u in future, and u will be part of history in future”
      If you give to others good in this world, you will get deeds. The more people use your idea, or something you have created which will help them, the more greater the reward. So, of course I would also recommend that.

      Hope that answers the questions, and you find true peace. I strongly urge you to check out Dr Zakir Naik, a famous scholar of Islam, who preaches in English, as well as Yusuf Estes, Yasir Qadhi, Mufti Ismail bin Musa Menk, Abduraheem Green, and the website: en.islamway.net
      If you have further questions regarding anything, check out their videos, and attend their live chats and ask questions.
      Peace be upon you

      1. Prove It2 years ago

        You are clearly getting your science from the Quran, instead of a science book. Read a science book.

        1. Johnathan Ultima2 years ago

          The Quran is a book of signs, s-i-g-n-s, and not a book of science, s-c-i-e-n-c-e. It contains many scientific proofs in it though, which is also a sign.
          I do read science books, and based on them, and the scientific proofs – not theories, I found no scientific errors in the Quran.
          Imagine, so many scientific facts mentioned in the Quran over 1400 years ago.

        2. ABSIV2 years ago

          @Prove It Don’t bother. This guy clearly doesn’t understand the significant epistemic differences between science and religion. It’s as ridiculous to talk about science in the context of religion as religion in the context of science. Keep them separate. They do different things.

          And the notion that “of course we think we’re 100% correct” is like the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard.

          When it comes wisdom, Socrates said it best: “I am the wisest man alive, for I know one thing, and that is that I know nothing.”

    2. imran kahn2 years ago

      well said…your word are meaning full….human religion is humanity.

    3. John2 years ago

      lol if you dont know
      the world is almot ending
      not because i say so but because of less water and water rises
      and hunger and polution
      everyone know now that these stuff are effecting us and the planet
      so that is why everyone now is trying to fix it
      for example the global goals or something.
      I just say to you
      you dont have to belive in a relgion or something
      but just get out in the nature and sit
      and think how can you see with your eye
      what is even looking
      how can we see then unreal stuff
      maybe what we are seing is not real and is not real
      so maybe the wood is not real but your mind makes it feel real and makes it hurt
      this is why they added relgion it is because how the nature and ower body
      it is unexplained unit now
      now we fight ebola and stuff
      but we cant even know how our body works
      everyone tought science was the solution to everything
      but in the end there are unexplained things,things that 1 something/someone knows
      and who created us and the world
      what is even the world?
      then the world will be black with out a world
      but was is black?
      in the end of science there is god.
      so I suppose to you folow a good religion before something happens
      I am not muslim but I should say to you to folow islam, it is not like how everyone thinks
      if u think the 9/11 was made by muslims and all muslims are bad
      they are the same people who did 9/11 are the what we call today the ISIS
      I will leave you with one question
      if all muslims and islam is bad
      why are the ISIS attacking the middle east.

  70. Juan2 years ago

    EVERY religious people believe their religion is true. Of course that cannot be. If evolution
    is true does that not make ALL religions false?

    1. Johnathan Ultima2 years ago

      Really; remind me, isn’t evolution just a “theory”? It is never known as the law of evolution, or the proof of evolution in that sense, is it? The reason it is just a theory is because, no matter which way you look at it, there is no proof for humans evolving; I mean, there is a huge missing link! If you can provide evidence of a species which have “evolved” and are evolving today, and it can be seen to have evolved today, than evolution will be proved, but it cannot be.
      Suppose two of the same species of organism mate, what will they reproduce except that it is the same organism? Even if a bird has blue eyes, and a second variation of the bird has high melenin in it’s eyes, the offspring may vary, but it is still a bird! It is simply different variations of the same species! It is not scientific to say that evolution is true, because science cannot prove it, or show it happening! There is no species which can be seen today evolving? Why, because the process takes soooo long. Of course, putting religion aside here.
      It is up to you to find the correct religion…One of them is true, Islam, and you should check out as much about religion as you can before you are turned to dust, and if, by the occasion that you should be brought back to a creator, what will you say? What is your excuse? I recommend you check out the philosophy Pascal’s wager. I would also recommend that you check out Dr Zakir Naik on YouTube, as he provides numerous evidences proving the Quran to be the word of God.

      1. Adrieanna Kahn2 years ago

        Didn’t Prophet Mohammad, hear an angels voices tell him he is the son of God? You see, in modern medicine, there is a name for people who hear some angel tell them they are God’s child sent on earth to preach his ideas. They are called narcissistic, grandiose, schizophrenic. Some schizophrenics are brilliant, John Nash would be one of them. But most of them are a danger to themselves and society. Like Prophet Mohammad, for example and Moses too. Poor Jesus was a trouble maker but his comrades made him into another mental case.

        1. Mustafaa Carroll2 years ago

          No, Prophet Muhammed did not here Angels voices tell him he was the son of God…Muslims don’t believe man can be God.

        2. Johnathan Ultima2 years ago

          Exactly,prophet Muhammad is only a prophet. And this is mentioned in the Quran. It is the other religions who have mistaken their Prophet to be a son of God.

      2. Martin2 years ago

        You are wrong on several claims:
        1. New links between species are found every day including human ancestors.
        2. “Just a theory” – In this sense everything is just a theory even so called “laws” you are just lacking in terminology.
        3. I’ve personally made evolutionary systems and seen many others, (evolutionary robotics, image recognition, speech recognition), there are also evidence of species which are diverting into two species (example: Three-toed Skink) – evolution as process is well understood FACT. Your law of evolution would then sound like this: In order o evolution happen you just need population which is able to reproduce and some external pressure(both of which human population satisfies) – thus human evolution can be proven(by logic) even without any evidence of it actually happening.

        1. Johnathan Ultima2 years ago

          I’m sorry. Have you seen ANY species which has EVOLVED BEFORE YOUR VERY OWN EYES INTO ANOTHER SPECIES?
          If evolution is a fact, the name would have been changed.
          Many “””” human ancestors”””” that you speak of are being proven to be frauds; don’t deny it.
          Answer the first question.
          In the end, many things are just theories, but this is because they lack evidence.
          Many “” former human ancestors”” cannot be found through fossils. There is a missing link. And many of these fossils failed to form.
          Mutations cease to cause benefits for humans, according to the theory of probability, it would have a very slim chance of benefitting anybody.
          “Without any evidence of it actually happening” this reminds me of what people say about God…don’t deny it. God can be proven, then, without any evidence. It can be brought forth with our logic. I do not agree with that, but you must analyze every religion, and everything that composes it; in the end, you decide your faith.
          Either way, I recommend you check out Pascal’s wager. I think it will benefit you.
          If you cannot provide sufficient evidence, then the weight scale Falls short.
          Even the remnants that scientists speak of seem to have something to do with the body for a purpose. For instance the coccyx helps people sit down
          Listen carefully to me; have you seen a human evolve into another species? Have you seen a bird evolve into another species? Human mates with human; this still gives you human.
          You can have variations of the same species.
          The jackpot question is: if evolution is correct, and it takes millions of years for species to evolve, then why is there no species today which is evolving into another species before our very eyes. Surely, there must be a species, at minimum one, which is evolving into another species as we speak…
          Note, when I say species, I do not mean a variation of the same kind.

          1. Adrian Corduneanu2 years ago

            Evolution is very slow to notice it with your own eyes, but it is happening. Yes, if you wait a million years, you will see different humans evolving into different species. And birds into some other species. The fact that evolution is happening right now is provable and there is plenty of experimental evidence for it.

            It is not that one species evolves into another as you speak so that you can see the birth of a new species tomorrow. All species evolve slowly, and they all become new species, but the process is so slow that in a lifetime you will not see material changes (like a bird becoming something else). But you can measure that the offsprings are different and have evolved into something slightly different even in a lifetime.

            Small variations add up to big variations. In a lifetime, you can only see small variations. I don’t see any contradiction here. As long as you can measure that small variations are happening, over time you will get big variations.

          2. Johnathan Ultima2 years ago

            It is because evolution takes so long that it cannot be proved. It is because nobody has physically seen, with their own eyes, species evolving that it cannot be proved correct.
            These logical experiments you speak of, well, they seem illogical if the very theory cannot be proved.
            If you are giving a theory a chance at being your way of life, than why do you not look at religions which have as much, or even greater detail than what you speak of, scientifically, (including the Quran)? Where is your intellect; use your knowledge carefully, and be enlightened towards other religions. You have been warned…
            I do not ask of you anything. Study science, and at the same time, study theology, study religion, and look for the truth at least. You may think you have the truth now with evolution, but if you were to stand in front of God on Judgement Day, you would probably be cursing yourself at this moment.

            The way I understood it was that you believe there are tests which, experimentally, can prove evolution correct.
            I’m sorry to say, but, the very existence of God can be examined through miracles, spirituality, and other ways.
            It is a strange mentality. Many say that if they cannot see God, than they cannot find means to believe in Him. What is the case with evolution and Darwinism? Can you “see” it happening?

            The species evolve into another variation of the same species! They do not evolve into an entirely different species, which will be unable to reproduce with its previous species.

            At the end of the day, a bird remains a bird; a fish remains a fish; a human remains a human; a dog remains a dog; an elephant remains an elephant, etc.

            The contradiction is that God created Adam and Eve (both of whom were human). We are still human!

            Now, we can deduce that if natural selection is happening, there are variations of a species, and the fittest to survive will survive.
            If an organism is to survive, there are key environmental aspects which will shape its ability to survive.
            What your’e saying is, that at the end of our lifetime, we can examine minor variations. Sure, no problem. In the next generation, there may be other factors which require an organism to live on, and therefore the others will die out, even the one with the variation who was able to survive in the previous generation. Living conditions are always changing, and so, that organism which was fit to survive, may not be able to survive in the next generation, because it is not fit for another condition – it adapted to conditions from the former generation. So, inevitably, small variations, will lead to small variations, which will never lead to large enough variations that will change a species. Let me simplify what I am trying to say:

            Evolution cannot be seen today as happening because nobody has seen a species evolve.
            In every lifetime, there are different conditions for survival that only, according to natural selection, the very best will survive. In our generation, for example, variation of the species of bird X may be adapted to surviving in a condition we currently live in – as it has the right variation, and it, from its parents, had a small variation.
            In 100 years time, that variation of bird maybe unfit to survive in different, changed, conditions, and so another variation of the bird will be dominant.
            Therefore, a small variation, inevitably leads to a small variation.
            I think that explains my point.

            But well done Adrian on such a great point!

    2. Rich2 years ago

      You are correct, only one religion can be true, naturally by the law of exclusivity. Its been said many years ago that science will prevail and religion will cease to exist. However, on the other hand, if a God created all things including the rules that govern the of the universe, science will only point to the creator. Then it follows, God and science go hand in hand. Arrogant scientists, such as Hawking, will go so far as saying that something can come from nothing. Thankfully, other physicists have proven Hawking wrong in the past. It would be refreshing to see a glimps of humility in such scientists to admit to error in search for the truth.

      If religion is true, you need to research and discover for yourself, compare, side by side, the core beliefs and see which one is truly stands out among the others. If you have done your homework, you will discover what resonates with you. The largest religion may/ may not be the one, and yet the fastest growing does not necessarily prove anything. Beware of the wolf in sheeps clothing who delights in locking you into their brand.

  71. Johnathan Ultima2 years ago

    “And say, “Truth has come, and falsehood has departed. Indeed is falsehood, [by nature], ever bound to depart.” (Quran 17:81)

    “We will show them Our signs in the horizons and within themselves until it becomes clear to them that it is the truth. But is it not sufficient concerning your Lord that He is, over all things, a Witness?” (Quran 41:53)

    “Say, “O People of the Scripture, come to a word that is equitable between us and you – that we will not worship except Allah and not associate anything with Him and not take one another as lords instead of Allah .” But if they turn away, then say, “Bear witness that we are Muslims [submitting to Him].”” (Quran 3:64)

    I apologize if anybody was hurt at all by my comments.
    Peace be unto you all

    1. Adrieanna Kahn2 years ago

      So why did your God wait so long to reveal himself? And what sort of a God tries to create violence and subjugate people who don’t believe his teachings. And seriously, what kind of God who created the earth and heaven goes into details like, women should wear head scarves. And seriously, didn’t the people of Mecca kick out Mohammad, only for him to use the most tried and tested military strategy i.e. disrupt trade? I mean if he was the son of God he could have resorted to something more dramatic than wait for decades and use his military strategy to bend the poor, earth and mother nature worshiping people of Mecca to bend to his egoistic will?

      1. Johnathan Ultima2 years ago

        You cannot see God in this present state; if you do, you won’t live on…you’d die.
        God is concealing himself, as he does not need to show himself for the people. This is a test!
        Let me ask you a question: if, before an exam begins, you start to revise for it, then when the exam begins, should the teacher take the textbook away from the student? Of course, it is common sense, otherwise, that would be cheating.
        Similarly, if God showed himself to you, that would be cheating…
        What I mean to say is, that before you came to life, you were asked if you wanted to become a human and take the test. The other creatures did not wish to be human, because the test is too difficult. So it is up to you to find the true path
        If you can provide one anoquial statement, one unambiguous statement where Jesus Christ Peace be upon him HIMSELF SAYS that I am God, or worship me, I am ready to accept Christianity. But this is Paul who says so, not Jesus. Which kind of God does not tell people He is God? If he truly is one? Why is this unheard of in the first testement.
        Prophet Muhammad Peace be upon him never disrupted trade, what are you talking about?
        If you think that women should not cover their hair, then read the Bible. The Bi le states that if a woman does not cover her hair, she should be bald! Otherwise, there is no reason for a woman to not cover her hair. It is upgrading a woman in a society for her to cover her hair; otherwise, lust will spread in illegal ways. Numerous surveys were done showing that if a woman is dressed immorally, she will be more likely to get raped. I never made these surveys. There is only one reason for Islam following that, it is because we want to solve the problem before it even happens! It is the modernization of the Church which makes up things into the faith of Christianity. Read your book, sufficient are you to make a decision. I recommend that you read the Bible, thoroughly, instead of listening to what a preacher in the Church has to say; many a times, when they point to verses, they point to wrong ones…I.E. No verse states what they are talking about.

        We believe in the God of Moses, and Jesus Christ Peace be upon them. We do not believe they are Gods, or sons of Gods. Rather, they are all prophets.

        It is NEVER God who does these violent actions, it is the people. They are given a free will, and they are greater than the angels because the angels cannot make a mistake, in disobeying God. It is when somebody commits a sin that they are lower than an angel, and when they do righteous good deeds that they are uplifted, and considered better than angels. In this life, do as you please, but note that God knows everything you do, and you will be held accountable for everything you commit, except if you repent.
        What military strategy. The Prophet underwent harder things after becoming a prophet. The Prophet died with only very little property of his own. This military strategy you speak of is absurd. He is not a mythomaniac, he is a Prophet.
        Now, if you want to tell me otherwise, than read your book; it mentions that there is another man to come.
        Explain to me how a man who could not read nor write could do everything he did.
        Islam is the solution for humanity
        Thank you

      2. John The Baptist2 years ago

        Dear Adrieanna,

        As probably we all christians know about the prophecy in the bible that the blessing of Abraham will come upon the line of Issac which representing God’s Grace and also the line of Ishmael which representing the Law. Ultimately, the descendants of Ishmael and followers will live their faith by the Law that come upon them as they choose to carry their own sins with their good deeds and strength. But with the descendants and followers of Issac will live by His grace and mercy thru His Son came to this world to redeemed the sins of the world.

  72. Sabdo Palon2 years ago

    Islam is not a religion, its just a name too. Hindu is given by dutch people, the original name is Sanathana Dharma, Both is the same. Budha is just a name too, the named it budha along with the budha avatara prediction. Read the definition of the religion. You even can make a new religion and name it. Think other creature they have religion too, they have karma, they have reincarnation, they have God, they have atma. They dont have to pray five times to get heaven, cause for the God all creature is the same and freely to choose their path along with dharma.

    1. Johnathan Ultmia2 years ago

      What do you mean Islam is not a religion? Prove it! Merriam-Webster’s online dictionary defines religion as: “the belief in a God or in a group of gods.” Last time I checked, Muslims believe in God. The word deen in Arabic, is translated as religion in English, which actually means a “way of life.” Last time I checked, Islam is a way of life. Of course, anyone can make their own religion, but good luck providing evidence for your religion being the correct one. The reason there are “major religions” today, is because the people sent down with the message have provided evidence. Whether it be by having the sea provide a path, being parted into two, healing the blind and resurrecting the dead, or even showing the moon split in half. These are miracles. Well, of course, many religions do not require that you pray five times a day. But Islam does! Some religions do not even pray very often. Some people find peace in different religions by accomplishing different things. We, as Muslims, attain true peace by praying 5 times a day, or more, and by following the correct teachings of Islamic Monotheism.

  73. Sabdo Palon2 years ago

    We Need Islam for Balancing the Loka (Bhur, Bvah, Svah). If all human are hindu or budha, who will sacrify animal soul for Durga and Creature in the Bhur Loka every year? even their rule comes from hinduism culture and tradition when they cant found it in the Quran. God already create this to make it balance. Let respect each other, find your god in your self (Tat Twam Asi), let Avatara do the rest, cause God cant be whatever he/she want.. thats why we call it God. Just do your Puja and Bhakti not Doa (asking/request) cause God Know everything. We only a human, we cant told God not to become an avatar, not to stay as atman on each leaving creature. Namaste

    1. Johnathan Ultima2 years ago

      I don’t understand; we Muslims cannot have every kind of meat. We cannot have pig, or any animal which eats flesh (apart from sea food). We cannot eat an animal unless it is slaughtered properly. The way, in Islam, that meat is slaughtered, is in a painless state. Which culture and tradition do we take from Hinduism and Buddhism? Lord Buddha never said you cannot have meat; at times, although he was not self-sufficient, he was given meat, and had no choice but to have it. This is taken from tradition and passed on.

  74. Prashant Azazel2 years ago

    You needn’t worry. The non believers and the”others” will generally side with the Christians if the muslims try to abuse human rights. Europe needs to be careful regarding the kind of people it lets in, though. No sharia, and no backward customs should be allowed.
    The muslims girls need to be liberated from the clutches of religious folks- and only secular law can do this. If they want out (of islam), their parents/ family or society should have no say in their lives.
    In India, just at 14% muslim population, these guys( specifically guys, the girls are just victims) form gangs and will never let a muslim girl marry outside her religion, despite her wish. Several such incidents have occured in developed countries too, where the muslim parents/ brothers have killed a couple for marrying against Islamic rules.
    France and Britain need to be extra careful.

    1. Johnathan Ultima2 years ago

      Brother, please, if I ask you right now, why are you wearing clothes, what is your response? Why do you dress at all? We Muslims have something called modesty. If the woman doesn’t wish to cover her hair, it is her choice. I mean, go to some Middle-Eastern countries, and you will find people dressed immodestly; but, come Judgement Day, we will see their excuses for not covering their hair. If you wish to marry a Muslim woman, than convert to Islam! I’ve actually seen Inter faith marriages between Muslims and non-Muslims though; I’m not going to get into the details again though of it being allowed or not.

  75. Umar Saeed2 years ago


    To say Muslim families have more children would be inaccurate, producing more children is actually an asian habit then to say a muslim habit, Hindus tend to produce many children, china too, and if you look at the population of each countries, you would see china, usa and america to have the largest population where muslims are of minority, it is true they produce many children, but then again hindus should have an exponential growth rate too and therefore surpass Christians.

  76. Mubarak2 years ago

    There is no doubt, Islam is the best religion and would in shaa Allah remain the best religion till the end of the world. In fact, no amount of misconception and critics can draw Islam backward, it shall remain the fastest growing religion for ever no matter the hatred. So, he who wants to have eternal life should research and find the truth about Islam.

  77. Anatole Chorew2 years ago

    The world is full of tepid Christians and lukewarm Muslims, that repeat the ignorance of wishy-washy believers.
    The Truth is that Christians are violent in spite of the life, teachings and commands of Jesus… While Muslims are violent by the very fact of the life, teaching and commands of Muhammad.
    Go to the source, and you will be free by knowing the truth.

    1. Johnathan Ultima2 years ago

      Which teachings did the Prophet PBUH state to kill people? You want a source from the Quran which states that killing humans is not allowed. “…whoever kills a soul unless for a soul or for corruption [done] in the land – it is as if he had slain mankind entirely. And whoever saves one – it is as if he had saved mankind entirely. And our messengers had certainly come to them with clear proofs. Then indeed many of them, [even] after that, throughout the land, were transgressors.” (Holy Quran 5:32)

  78. akbar2 years ago


    1. Robert James2 years ago

      See, this is why people are afraid of Islam. It’s common knowledge that as of now, Islam is the MOST violent and dangerous religion, and radical Islam is one of the greatest threats to world peace. However “moderate” Muslims like to dismiss this fact, and quickly say that Islam is about peace, and then think all is well with the world. If you guys truly believe that Islam encourages peace, why don’t you go ahead and teach that to the other 20-30% of Muslims who think its ok to slaughter innocent people.

      1. Asma Abdalla2 years ago

        Honestly Islam is about peace, so don’t judge to whole religion for what a few people do. however every religion has those kind of people who believe that it is ok to slaughter innocent people, so why don’t you tell every believers to advice their brain washed people? rather than pointing one religion as if it is the only religion that has those kind of people! “if you didn’t study about Islam please don’t anything about it” Thanks:)

        1. Regal2 years ago

          Honestly, actions speak way louder than words.

      2. Johnathan Ultima2 years ago

        “Islam is the MOST violent and dangerous religion, and radical Islam is one of the greatest threats to world peace.”
        Isn’t that exactly what the media is telling you? What about the all the other religions which have “radicalism” in them. Why don’t we hear about that? Why don’t we hear about the Muslims being killed in Myanmar, as well as other extremist groups? Islam is Islam. These small portions of who are using Islam as a cloak to do all these other things which are forbidden, are commonly being emphasized on the media as representing Islam. Well, you know what, read the Quran, read the Sahih Hadiths, and if you don’t understand, ask someone with knowledge.

        “However “moderate” Muslims like to dismiss this fact, and quickly say that Islam is about peace, and then think all is well with the world.”
        There is only one Islam, and that is Islam. When you go on to say things like this, please clarify on what is meant by a “moderate” muslim. The Prophet PBUH was a Muslim. Was he “moderate”? There were no sects in Islam. The sects you see will be questioned on the Day of Judgement.

        ” why don’t you go ahead and teach that to the other 20-30% of Muslims who think its ok to slaughter innocent people.”
        Really, 20-30?. Last time I checked, I’ve never heard that statement.

        1. Arkady2 years ago

          Please stop saying this is ”just a few people.” Clearly, it’s not. There are countless ‘Islamic’ terrorist groups. Over 150,000 people have died from Islamic terrorist attacks in the past 8 years alone. Not to mention the death threats that come with those who want to leave the religion and the honor killings even in Europe.

          It’s good that you have found peace with your religion, but please do not keep deflecting and ignoring such major issues..

      3. A Pansare2 years ago

        You can’t blame Islam beacause of mistakes or bad deeds fo few people.
        just like a car which is drive by a driver, if the driver is drunk and had a accident. Who you will blame? diver or a car? ofcourse the driver, so you can’t blame Islam because of few people.

      4. rabsy2 years ago

        my dear friend Robert you can take the horse to drink but you can not force it to drink. it like telling a alcoholic not to drink.

    2. Dylan2 years ago

      How dare you call Islam “the only peaceful religion?!” Look at the news! Look at Isis! Try investigating some other religions yourself. Buddhism has a great doctrine AND A PROUD HISTORY of nonviolence.

      1. Johnathan Ultima2 years ago

        Although I do agree with you that Islam is not the “only” peaceful religion. I have not come across a single religion where blood has not been shed. Brother, even though Lord Buddha’s teachings may have been totally against violence, what about the Muslims being killed in Myanmar by Buddhists?

      2. sunnah2 years ago

        Look…Who own the media again… the Juws do…What religion Is For the world…Islam Is…. So while Y’all doubt us we will have are place in paradise.we will not live forever everybody have to Die,we only get karma in death out of life…do ask your self way Is you here?? So please keep on Talking down….why we be on our way up You’ll be on your way down…Allah u Akbar…

  79. Tom marshall2 years ago

    India’s majority religion is Buddhism

    1. Ahmed2 years ago

      I am an Indian and I know you are dead wrong.

    2. prashant2 years ago

      Majority are Hindus, but Islam is growing rapidly and threatening the demography of the country.

      1. Johnathan Ultima2 years ago

        “threatening”? Why do you put so much hate into a religion which you know nothing about. And get information from a Muslim girl you’ve been dating, when, in all honesty, dating is not allowed in Islam. So how do you know what she says is correct, if she is doing something haram by being with you, or anyone of any religious group, without following the sharis.

    3. Prince khalid2 years ago

      Its same like saying the world’s mojor population is covered b Aliens.

  80. Marco2 years ago

    I don’t want to see a world where women strictly cover their heads/body because of a religion.

    1. Johnathan Ultima2 years ago

      Well, I’m sorry, but it seems, the way I interpreted what you just said was: “I want to see a world where illegal sexual intercourse is practiced throughout the world much more than today (which is already a large number), and that the number of rapes increases significantly. When will man learn that the things taught, are for his/her own good?

      There were many polls conducted in numerous countries asking if they saw immodestly dressed women, were they more likely, or less likely to rape them? Of course, the majority said that if they see a women not dressed properly, she is more likely to get raped. And i’m sorry to all those that are hurt after hearing this, but these are not from me; I never made anything up. These are what many polls suggest.

      For you, you decide how you wear, and let the women of the world decide exactly how they want to wear. Similarly, for you is your religion, and for everyone else is theirs.

      1. Prashant Azazel2 years ago

        So why do muslims try to force their dressing code on their unwilling daughters?
        Why do muslims kill couples over inter faith marriages?
        These are important things I gathered since I started dating a muslim girl.

        1. Jonathan Ultima2 years ago

          In Islam, brother, nothing is “forced upon.” If this Muslim woman you are dating has been forced to wear a hijab, than i’m sorry, that is not correct. In Islam, you either follow the religion, or you do not. If you feel that no, maybe, wearing a hijab is wrong, that is entirely up to the woman, or, by sharia it is. Now, she can have her way in this worldly life and not to wear one, but on Judgement Day, what will be her excuse? What will she say to Almighty God about not wearing a hijab?

          I have never, ever, heard a verse in the entire Quran, where it says to kill a couple who wish to have inter faith marriage. It is not allowed because we believe we are following the straight path. In fact, there is a verse stating about the killing of other human beings:
          “… whoever kills a soul unless for a soul or for corruption [done] in the land – it is as if he had slain mankind entirely. And whoever saves one – it is as if he had saved mankind entirely. And our messengers had certainly come to them with clear proofs. Then indeed many of them, [even] after that, throughout the land, were transgressors.” (5:32 Quran)
          If it is against the religion to kill another human being, by bearing the burden of killing the entire human race, what will be your reply?

          In Islam, we don’t “date” by the way. We require that things be in order, and that if a man is seeking to get married, and to meet a woman, he shall not do so without rulings in order. Because we do not wish for “trouble” between the two.

          1. Ilayda2 years ago

            I come from a Muslim country. I have experienced FAR more harassment from men there (while dressing modestly) than compared to abroad. There is a problem.

          2. Alper2 years ago

            In Islam nothing is forced upon.?! No one has told me I guess. I am living in the same muslim majority country as Ilayda (Turkey) and our islam even though softer is still always pushed upon in people’s throats. There are verses in quran that orders you to fight with infidels and have you ever read Bukhari.?! Sahih hadiths. Do you know how wrong, inmoral or hateful a lot of them are. Christians maybe seen as ehlikitap but they are still infidels in your eyes and quran ORDERS you to fight them until they obey Allah. I have read Quran 2 times. I am proud to say I am definitely not a muslim anymore. I dont want to be a part of a cult like that.

        2. Obaidullah2 years ago

          dear brother your knowlage so weak about Islam or about Muslims . so please search truth then think about and tell… thanks

      2. Johnathan Ultima2 years ago

        “…they oppress women.” Listen very carefully, provide evidence that Islam, the religion itself, oppresses women. If, on the media, you find a few black sheep, using religion as a cloak to get what they want, than since when is that considered a religion? Islam provides the solution for humanity! Heck, if you cannot provide evidence, and you will not be able to provide evidence, from the Quran itself, or from the Sahih Hadiths, than I’m sorry, that statement is completely false! No matter what anybody tells you about a religion, you do not listen to them unless they provide evidence. Furthermore, even if evidence is found, it will be misinterpretted, so ask the people of knowledge, if you are truthful to yourself.

  81. geco2 years ago

    The reason for thinking that islam is the world’s fastest-growing religious group is because a lot of reasons:
    1- the birth rate.
    2- the jihad and compulsion other to be muslim by the sword.
    3- the sharia’s law on those who left the Islam.
    4- the money the saudi arabia pay it for converting the church to mosque and forcing other to build more mosques

    1. Johnathan Ultima2 years ago

      Just a few points to keep in mind:

      “3- the sharia’s law on those who left the Islam.”

      Can you provide evidence to show what “exactly” the sharia law has to say. In fact, the world’s scholars of Islam, or the vast majority of them, do not say that if a person converts to a religion out of Islam, they will have a penalty. In fact, there is only a ruling on when one leaves the religion, and propagates against the religion of Islam. The problem is, people fail to realize this; people leaving the religion of Islam can leave, as long as they do not propagate against the religion.

      “4- the money the saudi arabia pay it for converting the church to mosque and forcing other to build more mosques”

      “Forcing” others to build mosques; people building the mosque have a choice to build it, and if they’re Muslim, they’ll feel great to build one (good deeds). Well, of course, in any religion, where there are rich people, they are going to build organisations to increase the number of people in the religion. Strange though how all the major religions do so, and Islam is considered to be growing the quickest. =)

      “1- the birth rate.”

      Well, nobody is stopping other religions from having children. I mean, many major religions encourage people to get children, that’s what the people of Islam are doing, and they are doing it in a “safer way”

      “2- the jihad and compulsion other to be muslim by the sword.”

      Jihad, what do you mean by that. Jihad means to strive and struggle; it’s got nothing to do with war. In fact, the words “Holy war” are not mentioned in the Quran. Even if it is the case, that people are being forced into the religion through swords, that is not part of Islam.

      Thank you

      1. Prashant Azazel2 years ago

        Most Islamic scholars and a majority of muslims agree that the punishment for apostasy is death. Don’t lie here. This is based on hadiths.
        ” whoever changes his religion, kill him.” Don’t bother with reporting the context, because it is taken at face value in a lot of Muslim countries- Iran, Saudi, Indonesia, Brunei, Mauritania, , oman.
        Yeah, I know a death sentence is not always carried out, but this is still disgusting.
        Even if a person is not killed, they are likely to be ostracized by the society- eg Malaysia, Pakistan, most other Islamic countries.
        Also, if an ex- Islamic person wants to talk about why religion is evil, why does islam have a problem? Scared of the truth coming out?

        A muslim girl marrying outside her religion risks getting killed in a lot of secular countries. This is simply not allowed in most muslim countries, even if the girl wants to renounce her religion.

        1. Jonathan Ultima2 years ago

          Brother, if you exit the religion, without telling anyone, how is it possible that you are going to be punished? Do you want to know the reason why you hear that so often, it’s because if one nation is reporting that 1+1= 3, and you know it is equal to 2, you follow the nation which says the correct. I don’t care about what they do in Malaysia, Pakistan, or even Saudi Arabia, unless they follow the exact law. And may I add, provide to me one country which entirely follows the sharia law! Okay, so you quoted a Hadith, good for you! If we analyze what Sunan Abu Dawood, Volume 3, Book of Jihaad, Hadith 2683 has to say here. When the Prophet PBUH was in Madinah, and the Prophet said that, go and kill these kafirs they are causing problems, they are the enemies (they left Islam), so one of the sahabas said, that, please forgive my brother. And the Prophet, he didnt kill him, and later on that person accepted Islam. So it is not a general rule, that any person who is a Muslim, who becomes a murtad, he has to be put to death. The ruling is, that if a person who is a Muslim, who becomes a murtad, who changes religion, and propagates against the religion of Islam, then the penalty is death. And this is in most of the countries. For example, if in the country of India, there is a citizen who shares the secrets of the prince of the Indian army with the enemy. The Indian law will say, he should be put to death, or life imprisonment. This is the same in America, same in UK. Only if the person propagates against Islam, otherwise, how will anybody find out about so-and-so leaving the religion? And if they do find out, for them is their religion, and for us is ours!

          1. tayyeba ishtiaq2 years ago

            u r right brother…i think people comment about religion without knowing wt it is actually about…in this case, death penalty is for those who once converted to ISLAM n then they return, n try to cause harm to ISLAM…

        2. Johnathan Ultima2 years ago

          No scared of falsehood being all over.
          “And say, “Truth has come, and falsehood has departed. Indeed is falsehood, [by nature], ever bound to depart.” (Quran 17:81)

    2. afif2 years ago

      my dear brother islam means peace but just for some bad person you cant blame to the whole religion grow up in every religion there are some bad person but just for them you cant blame to the whole……

      1. Sameer Prasad2 years ago

        You Are Right Afif 😀 I Agree

      2. Johnathan Ultima2 years ago

        Exactly; the word Islam comes from the root word salim, which means peace. The word Islam means peace acquired by submitting your will to Almighty God.

    3. Anonymous1 year ago

      Dear Brother, who will believe these reasons what you said? its real stupid reasons. in soudi where money giving to convert to islam?

  82. TAD2 years ago

    Population growth of counties is a function of illiteracy and poverty, and repression of women.

    Advance western societies, who’s industrialisation was founded on Christian principles, separation of church and state, freedom of thought and expression even if that is contrary to the belief of the moronic religious leaders; have lower rates of birth.

    Most Muslims are born Muslim and indoctrinated at birth. Apostasy is not an option.
    Most Islamic countries, because of their ideology fall into former.
    We see many Muslims desperate to flee to Christian infidel countries. If the Muslim men of those countries allow their Muslim women freedoms of education, expression, religion etc…then they will have lower birth rates accordingly.

    Islam is not a religion of peace. It is not submission to the of God. It is oppression of archaic and irrelevant religious beliefs that prevent people for having freedom, expressing themselves and fulfilling their true potential. That is why the west is so compelling for them.

    Btw… I am extremely offended at how the Koran portrays Jesus, but I accept Muslims freedom of speech accordingly. But it is not a 2 way street.

    1. Johnathan Ultima2 years ago

      “We will show them Our signs in the horizons and within themselves until it becomes clear to them that it is the truth. But is it not sufficient concerning your Lord that He is, over all things, a Witness?”

      1. Ahmed2 years ago

        As-salamu Alaikum brother. I love you for the sake of Allah. I read most of your replies to bigots and I loved the zeal with which you defend Islam. May Allah bless you and make you more pious and knowledgeable in Islam. May Allah, the glorified and exalted forgive your sins.

  83. Mohammed irfanuddin2 years ago

    alhamdulillah for being a muslim, i am proud be a muslim, and i love my county, i am an indian

  84. Johny2 years ago

    The only one reason muslims are fast growing in the world is Muslims don’t agree or they don’t do birth control. Every muslim family they have 7 or 8 children. In Europe and America the average fertility is 1.2 for a family at the same time, for a Muslim family the fertility is 8.2. In 1920, the muslim population is all over the world is 12% now they are 25%. The big difference came not by conversion, not by war, only by high fertility of muslim family. It is continue and in few decades Muslim population will reach the 50% of the world total population.

    1. Muslim Woman2 years ago

      Yes, Muslims women can take birth control. It is not prohibited. However, poverty and lack of education may have caused some not to use it. On the other hand, some families want to have many children because they see children as a blessing.

      1. me2 years ago

        Not true . It is prohibited

        1. Asma Abdalla2 years ago

          No it is not prohibited

      2. Ahmed2 years ago

        As-salam alaikum Muslima, you do not have to be apologetic. Our Maker has guided us to the truth. Alhamdulila. We have guidance from God and His Messenger {may God’s peace and blessings be upon him) with regards to every aspect of human life from the most basic of things to clarity on greater things like Who is God, how to worship Him, what are correct beliefs, how deal with your parents, how deal with everyone else, what is permissible and what is prohibited in regards to literally every thing we do from moment you wake up from your bed to the moment you go to sleep again. Permanent Birth control is only an option when there is a health risk medically to get pregnant. Non-Muslims do not know the benefits of having more children. they consider children as financial burden. you must be aware that to sustain any civilization women on an average should have more than 2.1 children. anything below 2.1 is will eventually spiral down to extinction. less children means less work force in the future and less working hands is not good for economy. Single children without brothers or sister do not have moral support nor financial support when they face hardships in life. single children endup being less happy, less playful, less interactive and more depressed than children with fellow brothers and sisters. Have more children and teach them correct beliefs so there will be more people on this earth who worship God alone without associating any partners to Him and let there be more peace and less corruption on earth.

      3. Johnathan Ultima2 years ago

        Sorry through all the confusion everyone is going through. From my knowledge, abortion is in actual fact haram. Other methods are also prohibited, however, in the cases of emergencies, there is no problem. For instance, if the woman will die giving birth due to heart failure, than there is no problem is aborting. It is a smaller loss (the fetuses death) which is not good, but it is better than a bigger loss (the mother’s death). Under some conditions, family control is allowed, with scholar’s differing between themselves on the matter. Family planning is such a large topic, so you can’t fit everything into such a small amount of space regarding the Sharia on the matter.

      4. Niraj NOW Zayd2 years ago

        You are wrong Johny.Large amount of People coming to islam.If want i can give you list of people who reverted to islam. in my area.So accept islam please.I was Hindu and now Muslim Alhamdulillah.So please come to the HAq

        1. Alper2 years ago

          If you want.. I can give you the list of exmuslims on where I live only.. I am a Turk by the way.

      5. shahid2 years ago

        I don’t know from where your learned Islam. its prohibited

    2. Faisal2 years ago

      Dude I’m from Saudi Arabia ok .. Every one has 5 children as a maximum .. So don’t make up stuff out of your head to prove that whatever religion you belong to is better .. Weird, what if the world’s 50 percent population are Muslims .. It’s not a disease for god’s (Allah’s) sake ..

  85. DOCTOR NHAFHISHA2 years ago

    I think there is nothing to be arguing abou in this religious matter, because only God can change others mind. My dear people in christianity, these are some questions for you and i promise you all that if you answer it correctly i will convert to christian, but if it is otherwise u must revert to islam the religion of peace. 1st question goes thus: why is the christian worshipping different from each other? which of the churches follows the laided path of jesus christ? did jesus said i leave you in the religion of christian or i leave you in peace which means islam? is jesus a person of spell? if no, why was he,nailed? we muslims belief that prophet isa ASW was not nailed. Dear brothers and sisters to answer this quetion check this verses of bible. john chapter 17vs3, mathew 18vs14 genesis 17vs3, numeri 20vs6, joshua 5vs14, mathew 26vs39, nehemiah 8vs4to6, book of isiah 64vs8, revelation 11vs7, john 5vs6, marlekey 2vs3, and act of apostle chapter 11vs25. i knw the truth will set free

    1. Michael2 years ago

      Dr. Nhafhisha,
      Christian worship is the same in each Christian church; it may not seem so because there are different names on the different churches, but our worship is to the same God. Having different Christian churches dot the landscape of our world is not necessarily a bad thing; every time someone passes a church, regardless of the name, they have to ask themselves what they are going to do about Jesus. I hope every church is a reminder to people that there is a God who loves them, and that we will have to answer to. I hope that it causes them to surrender to Christ.
      It’s not about a particular church that is “the” right path, as long as the church subscribes to salvation through Jesus Christ alone. Churches may have subtle differences, but what has to be foundational is salvation through Christ. The wonderful truth of the salvation that Christ offers is that it is by grace through faith. It is a free gift. No one deserves it, and no one can earn it.
      Jesus didn’t come to leave with us any religion: Christianity, Islam or Judaism. He came to bring The Kingdom of God: His governmental rule which is the greatest and most loving rule of all time. Jesus’ ministry began by preaching, “Repent, for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand”, which simply means to, “change the way you think, the government of God is here, and is going to be radically different than anything the world has ever known”. When you read the sermon on the mount and the Kingdom parables, it teaches us a new radical way of life.
      Jesus was nailed to the cross in fulfillment of the plan of God and to fulfill Old Testament Prophecy for the redemption of mankind, so that whoever accepted Him as their Savior would have eternal life and not suffer the wrath of God because of sin. It was the ultimate expression of God’s Love for man: to do for man what we could not do for ourselves.
      Whether Christ was nailed or not is not an historical ambivalence, it is an historical fact. This was a planned event from before the foundation of the world, so Jesus, the Son of God, could reconcile the world to the Father. Whoever believes in Him will not perish, but have everlasting life.
      I hope you too will receive Him as your Savior. His Love is extended to all people.

      1. Johnathan Ultima2 years ago

        I’m not hear to argue with you, but if it is one religion, shouldn’t everybody be seeking salvation in the same way? For example, in Islam, we may have different sects, who, heck, may even have minor differences between prayers but only one sect will enter paradise, according to a Sahih Hadith, and that is they who follow the Quran and the Sahih Hadiths, and, when scholars differ in some aspects, come straight back to the initial sources; otherwise, from my knowledge, if you seek salvation, it should be sought correctly in order that you may be forgiven, etc. I hope I didn’t offend you in any way.

    2. fernandaz2 years ago

      no scientific errors in quran??

      the earth andthe heavens 6 or 8 days of creation??

  86. zabih2 years ago

    Islam is the true religion and i proud to be a good Muslim In Shaa Allah.

    1. patrick Magnus2 years ago

      good for you . The sad thing is, you think it’s good Islam is growing, no it’s not. The reason why it’s growing is because Islamic countries (most of them not all) are Struck with poverty and war. The middle East is turning into what europe was in the 1000 – 1600, a continent with only a small procent of people being wealthy and fighting wars because of religious differences and other things. And countries like America and Russia is just making it worse.

      1. Johnathan Ultima2 years ago

        “The reason why it’s growing is because Islamic countries (most of them not all) are Struck with poverty and war.”
        Strange how many Western countries are dying to have the youth to increase their younger populations. It is the youth which will move a country forward. But, how is that possible when, in future, there will be few youth bearing the burden of paying taxes to the old.

        “The sad thing is, you think it’s good Islam is growing, no it’s not.”

        “The middle East is turning into what europe was in the 1000 – 1600, a continent with only a small procent of people being wealthy and fighting wars because of religious differences and other things.”

        Well, beautiful. That does not, in any way, define the religion of Islam. If people look into Islam a little further, they will understand it. Islam is the solution for humanity, not otherwise. Never judge a religion except by its book, it’s proper teachings, as well as its correct interpretations

  87. Muslim woman2 years ago

    Islam is not oppressive to women. Islam gives women many rights and protects her dignity and place in society. However many Muslim countries have stopped following Islam correctly and have put their own laws above the laws Allah gave us to follow for correct living. That is why you see child brides, uneducated women, spousal abuse, and poverty so wide spread in Muslim nations. Sexist, uneducated, stupid men that do not know much about Islam except what they want to learn to contort Allan’s instructions to their benefit and point of view have destroyed our society. It doesn’t help that they were put their by western governments to keep Muslim nations living like Europe during feudal times. How ironic is it that many people who follow Islam correctly only do so because they live in western countries that allow freedom of religion. Islam is a good, just, and the true religion Allah wants us to follow as the last religion he has sent to earth before the day of judgement. Just because we as humans have stopped following it correctly and portray a bad image to the world does not mean it is not the one true religion God wants us to follow.

    1. Prashant Azazel2 years ago

      Child marriage is sanctioned by Islam. It allows marriage at puberty.
      As a doctor, I can tell you that girls bodies just start developing at puberty. They are in no way fit to marry or bear children.

      1. Johnathan Ultima2 years ago

        Peace be upon you Doctor!
        My friend, Islam is the ONLY religion which states that if you cannot do justice, you marry only one! There is no other religious scripture which states how many women you can have, but it is simply Governmental intervention. Islam is a religion whereupon if you yourself have reached an age where you are “ready” to marry, than go ahead. Doctor, isn’t it that some people go through puberty at earlier ages, and therefore, after a few years, can be able to get children, and are ready? You seem like a nice guy; tell you what, find me evidence where the Hindu scriptures TELL YOU EXACTLY that the MINIMUM age for marriage is 18? Or the Bible, or any other religion which you may believe in! This is the Government imposing laws that most generally, the public would have gone through puberty by 18, and will be developed enough for marriage by that age! Which is exactly fine; Islam does not force someone into marrying at ANY age! Islam lets you choose when you are ready, as long as you feel that getting married will get you out of “trouble”; after all, unmarried sexual intercourse is not permitted. Also, different time periods have had differences in the age for marriage, depending upon the mortality rate, as well as being based upon the society and culture! Islam is the solution for humanity; not Media Islam!

        1. M2 years ago

          How many women you can ‘have’! As if they are possessions. There are too many examples of little girls being forced into marriage (regardless of whether they are biologically ready are not). This is unfortunately an all too common practice. Please look at charities such as Too Young Too Wed to get educated on the matter.

        2. babloo2 years ago

          In Hindu scriptures it is strongly recommended that till age 25 we have to practice brahmacharya(acquiring knowledge).age 25-50 is grihastha(family life).50-70 is vanaprastha(social well being).70-100(sanyas) search of truth.

  88. SARPHRAZ KHAN PATHAN2 years ago

    Maybe it’s because new Islam converts have found something which is exactly the contrary to what they see and hear about the religion from the media on daily basis. You know how good it feels to find the truth. The real truth.

    1. Anonymous2 years ago

      What about nuns? Why do they cover up? Sign of modesty! This is why Muslim women wear it, to show modesty.

      It even mentions in the bible that women should cover their head

      V.5 But every woman that prayeth or prophesieth with her head uncovered dishonoreth her head: for that is even all one as if she were shaven. 6 For if the woman be not covered, let her also be shorn: but if it be a shame for a woman to be shorn or shaven, let her be covered.

  89. Leroy2 years ago

    Why is it that society needs to follow a ‘religion’? Why do we as humans believe that ‘God’ etc…. Are almighty n powerful? And that these higher powers will help, heal, guide n assist us?! What a bunch of bulls-/!. The sooner people realise that it is ourselves that do this the sooner the world will heal, love n move on. Unfortunately it is men’s greed & ego that drives religion to do harm.. Ban religion at all costs

    1. margondes2 years ago

      because it’s called “faith” bro, just like your faith bout your “own effort” logic

      1. Reader 12 years ago

        ^^exactly! Nice, concise rebuttal.

  90. Ali Hasan Khan2 years ago

    All praise be to Allah


    Dear brothers and sisters…

    Christianity and Jewism are nothing but Islam only. Islam means surrendering to the will of Allah, those two also preach the same thing.
    Allah is known as God to them.
    The problem is that Jews and Christians have made several changes to the original message of Hazrat Musa (Moses) and Hazrat Isa (Jesus Christ).
    Those two were messengers of Allah. Hazrat Muhammad (peace be upon him) was the last messenger of Allah.
    Islam advocated against cruelty with women, also gave them right in property. It prohibited discrimination on racial grounds. It was the true religion. Naturally, people were attracted to it.
    There is a part of a verse in quran which states:
    And we made the Earth like an egg
    The particular word which is used for egg in Arabic actually refers to the egg of an ostrich which is geoid in shape. And at that people believed that the Earth was flat. This itself proves that Quran is the word of God.
    Moreover many facts about nutrition, embryology, geography, etc. are mentioned in Quran which the modern day scientists have only now discovered. if only Muslim scientists had paid more attention to Quran they would have discovered those things first. Not a word has changed in Quran even after hundreds of years, this is yet another proof.

    Sorry if grammar isn’t good. I’m an Indian and just a fifteen year old.

    1. zoel2 years ago

      Subhanallah… brother

  91. Muzlamic Infidel2 years ago

    The Lord of Ibrahim promised to make the progeny of Isma’il prosper and flourish and we see it come true as time passes. Ofcourse this upsets people who’re insecure about their own faith, particularly christians and hindoos who are actually experiencing a negative growth.

    Naturally, absurd claims like a man unable to read or write copying from vast volumes of the Tanakh surface, an indicator of desperation an insecurity to the point where logical thought ceases.

  92. Parven2 years ago

    Dear All

    Greatest Religion is Humanity. Doesn’t matter what religion you practice if you are not good Human being, then all is useless .God has send us on Earth to live as Human Being not as christian/Muslim/Hindu , This is only a method / criteria /references of Past to create a vision of humanity in our Hearts.

    Secondly increasing Muslim population
    Muslims in South East Asia are misleaded by Religious leaders to increase population, as most of muslim population here is uneducated & poor .You will find rapid growth in muslim population in South East Asian during last two decades.
    The countries where Muslims are rich & educated . You will find growth rate comparitevely very Low as they are aware of population explosion.

    1. Wajahat Ali2 years ago

      No Sir you are being judgemental here. Our religious leaders don’t encourage people to have more kids. They are as much aware of population problem as everybody. Speak fo yourself. “Earth destroys the fools but the intelligent destroys the Earth”. It looks like being uneducated and poor is better than being developed and educated because its the rich and educated who are destroying the world. Cleaning up the forests, producing weapons of mass destruction, killing wildlife and destroying the nature. The earth gives us shelter and everything but how do we pay her back?

      1. muhammad2 years ago

        The main reason of growing muslim population is on making self in peace by making life routine comfort through its guidelines.

    2. Jim Maulana2 years ago

      Maybe it’s because new Islam converts have found something which is exactly the contrary to what they see and hear about the religion from the media on daily basis. You know how good it feels to find the truth. The real truth.

  93. Nasima shaikh2 years ago

    If the fertility rate of muslims are more then why do Qatar have the least population in the world and why is china and india increasing in its population? You forgot to mention the fact that everyone can now see the truth and do not belive anything blindly thats why now they are comming in the fold of Islam by noticing that it is the straight path go and do more research and take some tips from the information provided by Google and YouTube

    1. Lars2 years ago

      Google and Youtube aren’t research, that is just finding things that you agree with. Qatar does not have the least population in the world. China and India are increasing now, this research also showed that muslims in India will experience more growth. The islam doesn’t thrive on converts but like all religion on indoctrination, it is very easy to become a muslim but in most islamic countries it is not easy to leave the islam.

    2. nk2 years ago

      The post talks about the average and not necessarily the nations. The avg number of children one has also depends’ on the income and country’s economy and the standard of living. Qatar is rich and developed nation with high standard of living. No unfair to take an example of a small country or any nation with that scale.

    3. Prashant Azazel2 years ago

      Indian muslims have higher birth raste than the rest of the Indians.
      Muslims have higher growth rates in most countries. Read it again.
      By 2050, Indian muslim population will increase from 14 to 18 %.
      China’s population will stabilise soon.

  94. ika2 years ago

    For me..to answer all of this comments debate is QS Al Kafirun 1-6 🙂

  95. Sharon Malka2 years ago

    Time to wake up!

    1. ika2 years ago

      For me..to answer all of this comment debates is QS Al Kafirun 1-6 🙂 indeed..we will wait on judgement day for what we debates..

  96. ibrahim anyas salafi2 years ago

    pls andy can u read quran in arabic?bible is not like quran.contradiction,fabrications etc.pls b4 u talk about quran read dis books ok :The bible the quran and science, jesus interrupted,amazing quran, how the bible was forged in the name of God.I assure u by Allah’s mercy and if He will u will be a muslim to increase the number of muslims worldwide insha’allah.

    1. Kelvin ho2 years ago

      You don’t know the truths yet you think you know

  97. ziakhan2 years ago

    dear brother Robert wielaard
    I read your comments and your points about Islam
    first of all my dear brother
    if you educationist?
    study Islam that you see easy solution of your points about Islam
    * the rule of law
    * human rights (especially for women, children and an old man and an old woman same for Muslim or nonMuslim people)
    * Islam have sign about good education and science
    * Rights of housewife and husband
    * Islamic justice same for (Muslim or nonMuslim people)
    * Islamic health about public
    * Islamic business
    * animals rights
    * ghost rights

    1. M2 years ago

      Dear Ziakhan

      If that were true, then why do no Muslim countries follow these? In fact most are consistently the biggest abusers of human rights, animals rights, and womens’ rights.

  98. ainsley2 years ago

    Generally: ALMIGHTY GOD will JUDGE between us concerning that wherein we DIFFER

    1. Marcelo2 years ago

      I pretty much agree and can not disagree. It’s from God Himself. God said it.

  99. Donald Blick2 years ago

    great collection of facts but sort of missed the why ?

    Clearly the why ? Gets non pc very fast

    I wonder if there is a link between the grow in what the economist calls the weaker sex and the appeal of Islam

    I also see the coming singularity as a major factor in acceleration of wasted human capital which would tend to accelerate growth of Islam

    Hopefully we can find new governance structures to migrate this. Maybe a new version of the post ww2 cc camps but if think tanks like pew do not frame the dialog non can get done.

  100. Mohamed Thariq2 years ago

    There is No god worthy of worship except Allah..

    He is Allah, the One!
    The eternally Besought of all!
    He begetteth not nor was begotten
    And there is none comparable unto Him.

  101. abdulhameed2 years ago

    Prophet Abraham , Moses , David, Solomon (alaih salam) etc. never worshiped Jesus. Perhaps the name Jesus is only 2000 years old. Jews never worshiped Jesus. In the entire history you will never find it before the birth of Jesus. Besides, anything which has a beginning is not a God, as Jesus has a beginning as they say He is the first born. so, how Christians believe Jesus as God?
    Secondly, when christian worships what will be the first image in their mind the spirit, or the Jesus or the father. When a ship is drowning a christian believer at that time he will be calling to spirit or Jesus or the father for help.
    Thirdly, Jesus resurrected after 3 days it means during three days God was not three in one but two in one.
    The beloved Mary delivered the God after 9 months of hardship? is it acceptable someone can deliver the God and can God be a burden to her mother?
    Oh ! my dear christian brothers …..Be smart!
    we believe and love Prophet Jesus (alaihsalam ) more than you love him. You people degraded him by killing but the fact is that the God raised him alive to Him and he will be returning to this world very soon.

    1. Ahmed Mustafa2 years ago

      Who built the Kaaba? There are no mentions of Abraham/Abram building anything in Mecca in the jeudo-christian belief, is there? Lets be honest, Islam plagiarized several apsects of Judaism and Christianity, while Christianity plagiarize several aspects of Judaism and other religions before it. All religions are man made.

      Without childhood indoctrination, most muslims would not even be muslims. Why does the one true religion rely on childhood indoctrination?

      1. idk2 years ago

        because it’s muslim parents job to teach their children as much about islam as they can. however when muslim children reach puberty, he or she is allowed to convert to a different religion.

      2. Ahmed Shaha2 years ago

        @Ahmed Mustafa Many things have been edited by Jews & Christians. But still many signs remain there search yourself.

  102. New Muslim2 years ago

    I recently converted to Islam from Christianity. One thing that made me explore Islam was the condescending and self-righteous statements Christians make about how uneducated and oppressive Muslims are. Obviously these people who make such statements are themselves uneducated in history. Please look up: slavery, colonialism, the Holocaust, genocide against Native Americans, the Crusades, Bosnia, church sex abuse, etc. Then follow Jesus’s teachings about taking the plank out of your own eye before worrying about the speck in someone else’s.

    1. Andy2 years ago

      Hi there – I’m interested in what made you convert? I’ve known people convert from Christianity when they had it forced upon them, but isn’t this more likely to happen if you’re a Muslim? And you can’t go back (apostate). I’ve read the Qu’ran a couple of times (and the Hadith) and the teachings aren’t any better than the Bible (in fact – most of them are copied) whilst the ‘bad stuff’ is truly awful. Then the Hadith are even worse! If I were to use Mohammad as an example then I’d be arrested fairly quickly.

      1. Umar Tahir2 years ago

        Hi, I have a question. we can agree that languages like Arabic and English have different meanings. You say you read the Quran, but the way it’s translated is very bad oftentimes. All I want to ask is, just give me one verse, just one, and I will explain it. Thank you.

        1. Hassan2 years ago

          The verses of Quran are words of God what you think you can easily understand them…????

          1. Bernd2 years ago

            So the Qur’an, which is the decree of God, is supposed to be hard to understand, to confuse their followers?

            Makes sense, huh?

      2. sh2 years ago

        What exactly did Muhammed do which would make u arrested right away? He struggled his whole life , he used to prostrate to god while ppl threw feces at him since the Bedouoins of his time controlling the kaba found idol worship a great economic business and didn’t want to lose their power to islamic monotheism. Read this: theantimedia.org/propaganda-and-…

        If you want more information abt a particular topic in islam there are some great lectures here: syedammar.com

        God bless you and guide you 🙂
        Have a good day

      3. Ahmed Shah2 years ago

        @Andy You already had set assumptions of what Islam is. So when are reading Quran make sure YOU have commentary of it because it is Direct word of God. And copy thingy, nice try! sincerely Bible and Torah has alot of corruptions. How do you think were corrected in Quran if it was copied?

      4. Johnathan Ultima2 years ago

        The Quran never copied anyone! Is it possible for a man who cannot read nor write that he, deliberately, choose to steal verses from another book, of which contains errors, or from any scientific textbook of the time? How is it possible that he “”supposedly chose”” certain verses, or parts of verses similar to the Bible, and left out the ones with errors? It was not by his command; he never wrote the book. Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, was taught the verses of the Quran through Gabriel. How is it possible, you may ask, that they may be slightly similar, despite the Bible being changed? It is because we believe Jesus Christ, Peace be upon him, is a prophet. We love Jesus Christ, and believed that he came down to preach monotheism; we believe he healed the blind, and resurrected the dead by Almighty God’s permission and power etc. So they may be slightly similar in a sense that they are from the same creator…And I would like you to look at this verse from the Quran: “Say, “O People of the Scripture, come to a word that is equitable between us and you – that we will not worship except Allah and not associate anything with Him and not take one another as lords instead of Allah .” But if they turn away, then say, “Bear witness that we are Muslims [submitting to Him].””
        Brother, explain to me what exactly the Prophet did to, if you copy his teachings, will get you arrested; it could be a problem with the law! Someone wishing to exit Islam is allowed to do so, however, if they propagate against Islam, than a punishment may be at hand! What ‘bad stuff’ is in the Quran! This is madness, provide your evidence, if you are a truthful one. I highly recommend you check out Dr Zakir Naik’s lectures.

    2. Khair holway2 years ago

      Love it

    3. fernandez2 years ago

      new muslim!!!!

      2 peter 2:21

      It would have been better for them not to have known the way of righteousness, than to have known it and then to turn their backs on the sacred command that was passed on to them.

      jesus loves you.

  103. think2 years ago

    What is the difference between ethics, religion & spirituality?

    people may think all are same, but its different. To me, different sects of world religion is based upon these three things.

    My request is, can a single religion be made out of the research in the name of humanity?
    Above all the religion is meant for the human society.

  104. karthi2 years ago

    Hinduism is not a religion at all. It is just a name given my friend. The people who started living near indus river. Were called hindus. First get your facts right. Jo dimag mein bhusa bhara hai wo nikal tu duniya dekhegi.

  105. HR2 years ago

    This forum should not be an excuse for spouting religious superiority. There are significant issues facing the region as a consequence. More population does not mean more power globally. Especially since the regions is significantly less resource rich than Sth East Asia. The Pew study basically says that it is the intervention of medicine in the last 50 years that has led and will continue to feed higher Muslim birth rates. These rates are caused by the systematic, religious and retrogressive discrimination of women. As the Population Reference Bureau notes:
    “Regardless of the level of economic development or national income, MENA [Mid East & Nth Africa] governments are increasingly challenged to provide the basic needs for a growing numbers of citizens — adequate housing, sanitation, health care, education, and jobs — and to combat poverty, narrow the gap between rich and poor, and generally improve the standard of living. In addition, the region’s scarce water resources need to be managed in the face of growing demand.”
    “The region’s economic dependency — the ratio of the economically inactive to economically active population — is the highest in the world. Because of its young age structure and low level of female labor force participation, the proportion of the population that is economically active is lower in MENA than in all other regions. According to the International Labour Organisation (ILO), the only countries with a dependency ratio of two or higher (an average of two or more persons not economically active per one economically active person) are found in the MENA region.”
    People in this region are becoming poorer – with higher rates of unemployment and underemployment – not wealthier, more educated and more powerful as they become more populous.

  106. Fandy Ismatullah2 years ago

    This research clearly prooves that there are divine interferences in the increasing numbers of muslim. And also it proofs the accuracy of prophecy of prophet Muhammad shallallahu alaihi wa Salam who stated that the number of Muslim will be the most numerous among other people. Denying this fact just the same as people in the middle age denying that the world is round

    1. Iris Joe2 years ago

      Well Islam emerged around almost 600 years after Christ. Why are the people in the quran similar as in the bible? Why used the biblical prophets if Islam is the religion of God and if it is found later why are the prophets from the biblical? That great person who change what is in the bible had changed what did not suit him and claimed he is the great prophet who rode on horse back and did alot of unlawful things. There are reasons why so please read the bible thoroughly an conduct indepy research before you really know the truth. Signs of the time. World is coming to an end and satan will rule. Study the bible to know the truth and historical proof of what and who you really worship. Where did the sign of the crescent and star come from that you bow down too. What is inside thr kaaba? Please conduct a good research on what you believe and you will be shock. May God guide u in your search.

      1. Ahmed Shah2 years ago

        Biblical Prophets DO YOU HOLD copyrights over PROPHETS. They are Prophets of ALLAH. ONE GOD. no human gods or goddess. He is not father of any one. He is not a creature. It is Quran when I read the message becomes clear which has been tainted by Jews & CHristians.

      2. Ahmed Shah2 years ago

        lol, your assumptions are very childish in nature, We don’t worship KAABA but it is direction for ALL Muslims around the world and nothing else. we worship ONE GOD. Who is NOT father of any one. Who is not SON of anyone. He is NOT a creature. He himself creates matter, laws and Time & Space.

        Dear Friend, Do you know about TRINITY its pagan concept [Horus (son god), Osiris [father god], Isis (mother god) ]. It was popular in Ancient Egypt. Later injected into Christianity through Pagan Romans who wanted to control their changing state.

  107. Manwar Khan2 years ago

    Allah, there is no god except He. The Living, the Everlasting. Neither dozing nor sleep overtakes Him. To Him belongs all that is in the heavens and the earth. Who is he that shall intercede with Him except by His permission? He knows what will be before their hands and what was behind them. And they do not comprehend anything of His knowledge except what He willed. His Seat surrounds the heavens and earth. The preserving of them does not tire Him. He is the All High, the All-Glorious. ” (Qur’an 2:255)

  108. Rashid2 years ago

    No Need to fight on these issues of religions. There’s Something good in Islam That’s why followers of Islam Increasing day by day. Let’s wait and watch. Only population increase will not be responsible for the growth of Islam. But due to religion switching Islam will grow in next 3-4 decades.

  109. true religion2 years ago

    The very notion implys a cruel everything is black or white God. You believe in a God but do not you all believe in just one God, one Creator and try to worship that God? I say this word, it is a title only. Just as man is a title and animal is a title.

  110. RaufAfzal2 years ago

    islam is the religion of peace but not terrorism.

  111. Shubham Nishad2 years ago

    Both Christianity and Islam are fake religions. Almost all religion believe that god created human beings. Then why god created me in a “non christian” or a “non muslim” family. If god want people to worship him and read his books (Qu’ran or Bible) then only christian and muslim women should be able to give birth to a baby.
    On the other hand Hinduism (and probably other south asian religion too) doesn’t believe that god is obtained by reading a book and it’s least of god’s concern. According to Hinduism, it’s our deeds that leads to god and not our religion or the book we read.

    1. amshi2 years ago

      dear sir,
      According to Hinduism, it’s our deeds that leads to god and not our religion or the book we read. What really a God in hinduism? a cow? a snake? a mouse? an elephant? what deed will take to elephant? what deed will take to mouse? is there any definition of God with you? is Vedas your scriptures? if yes what vedas say about god? do you have anything which advocates that hinudism is a religion?

      1. rep2 years ago

        Everything is god. God is irrelevent.

        1. tayyeba ishtiaq2 years ago

          i have some hindi friends…n one ov them has been my room mate too…i know a lot about hinduism…its okay that u people treat every living creature wid love…but in doing so u have in fact humiliated god ( nauzu billah) as u have brought him to da level ov humans n even animals n other creatures…

      2. Revathy2 years ago

        For ur kind information, in hinduism we have been taught to treat animals properly with full of love thats the reason why our god takes such types of animal avatar to prevent us from eating or slaughter it. Also we respect cow because it gives milk just like our mother. Some facts u need to know about hinduism before you comment

        1. shahid2 years ago

          ok…u said u r treating well cows becoz they give milk….then why different animals r being slauterd by u people like pig to eat even they give milk also
          …….please dont try t giv these types of explanations…

        2. Raj Mallick2 years ago

          then why shiva killed a baby elephant for his child ganesha???
          why rama wanted to kill a deer for his wife sita??

          Think about it..

          In Hinduism if all are gods then why god lion kills god cow??
          why god snake kills god mouse??
          why god cow kills god tree???

          and many…

          1. chris2 years ago

            Well, if you really want to know about how Hindus perceive the Ultimate Reality (call it God if you wish), read the Gita and the Upanishads, not some hate speech by people whose job is to invoke hatred and ignorance. It is all explained there. Peace.

      3. Shyamje Verma2 years ago

        Sorry sir, but y don’t know about Hinduism,and they also don’t know about Hinduism who sad that cow, elephant and other animals are Hindu,s god , y need to know about this religion,because this is social site so we can argue little bit not very deep, it can be take much time to discuss,but I can say one thing any religion r not bad ,religion always show us good way this is universal truth,,but most of Islamics r always do something bad by which Islam becomes blacken.this is not by the religion this is by bad people,,,

    2. Samar2 years ago

      Prove it! Why Islam and Christianity are false religions and how Islam is a over all bad religion. Let us see how educated are you! Bring it on.

      1. Mohsin can2 years ago

        Listen Islam is not a bad religion….if u don’t knw about Islam plz DnT say anything rubbish. We Muslims DnT follow our religion properly… According to Hindu scripture there must nT be idols, posters, a human god…etc BT u pple DnT follow properly….. God is one.

      2. Revathy2 years ago

        All religions are true expect hinduism because its not a religion its a way of living. But the god is one

    3. Faysal Ahmed2 years ago

      @Shubham Nishad…. Christianity and Islam are the true religion. This is your lack of knowledge. you are true that “all religion believe that god created human beings”. but all religion don’t worship one GOD except ISLAM. To Born in a muslim family it is not important at all. Because may be GOD wants to test you , he gives you brain. Now your duty to find the truth, true religion and worship only one God.

      1. Revathy2 years ago

        Even hinduism says the god is one he is paramathma the great soul and any human like or animal like shape god is just a avatar of god to give some good messages. Yet hinduism never teach us to call other religion ppl as kafir. Because humans are one race. The god just playing his game by separating us in the name of religion because then only we will fight with each other.

        1. Rahil2 years ago

          Dear kafir isn’t any abuse. It simply means a person who does kufr or for ur understanding one who doesn’t believe in Allah. It is an Arabic word describing a person who doesn’t believe or worshil Allah. There is no bad meaning in it. U will find it urself if u go thru it…

          1. chris2 years ago

            Rahil: if there are people you should educate about the meaning of “kafir”, it is not us, non-Muslims, but your fellow Muslims. The reason why many of us feel offended when being called a kafir is because a lot of Muslims use this term in a derogatory manner. And you know this. Please be honest to yourself.

      2. Alper2 years ago

        God wants to test nonmuslims but not you apparently. You are advantaged because of being a muslim by birth and you dont have to search anything or question existence while all the other people have to do so while we are living in a world where you most likely are in your parents religion. Maybe the truth is christianity, judaism, zoroastranism etc and god wants to test you but you are not doing it since you are happy with islam while all that doesnt have to do any searching are going to heaven. Doesnt that feel unfair too.. Arent those advantaged.. That is a clear bigotry. And it applies for most religions. Plus let me assure you islam is not getting many converts. It is actually one that has really few. In my country islam is shuttering now even though everyone is scared to reveal their true beliefs because of disadvsnteges in government and discimination. My id says islam but I have nothing to do with it.

    4. Muneeb2 years ago

      Life is a test.
      If you do the right things you will go to heaven.
      Why would God make a world where everything would be perfect?
      Think about it?

    5. Ashraf2 years ago

      Whichever religion you believe, but you understand very well that there is just one creator of this world. If you talk about Sanatan religion(which you say Hinduism now a days), Ved and Puran says that God is one and doesn’t have any shape. Inspite of your own holy book explaining you the same, why don’t you follow your books and worship one God?
      Why you are always busy in pointing others? Read your books which are the base of Sanatan religion by sparing sometime and understand God in a better way. It’s my request that please read your Holy books “Ved and Puran”. You will stop pointing at Islam.

  112. AnneM2 years ago

    In truth, the most liberating faith of all in the history of the world is the Christian faith. The faith did much more GOOD by promoting the dignity of humanity then any other faith, simply because of the number one best selling book of all time, the Bible.

    1. JUSTME2 years ago

      really? how come so many incredibly violent verses in that ‘best selling’ book esp in the OT? OT is v much part of the bible. n jesus says ‘Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword. (Matthew 10:34) I have come to bring fire on the earth, (Luke 12:49)..For I am come to set a man at variance against his father, and the daughter against her mother (Matthew 10:35) But those mine enemies, which would not that I should reign over them, bring hither, and slay [them] before me. (Luke 19:27) But those enemies of mine who did not want me to be king over them—bring them here and kill them in front of me.” (NIV) > U CALL THESE verses ‘promoting the dignity of humanity’ ?

      1. Ahmed Mustafa2 years ago

        All religions have violent verses in their scriptures, because all scriptures were written by men. There is no true religion, they are all man made. All religions cause a lot of grief to a lot of people.

      2. just you2 years ago

        Nice try …. read the whole thing and don’t pick words and change the meaning … jesus was givung examples and he was talking about a story of a noble man whos said those words to his people . Is that how you read and understand things ? It’ so sad

  113. Alie2 years ago

    I’ve noticed that most people on here say that Islam is an oppressing religion; but, what religion isn’t? Most of the people on here act like in their bibles it doesn’t say that they have to convert people; some Christians forget that it was their religious ambitions that made them try to conquer and convert the America’s. Also, most of the people of old times married young- that’s a matter of CULTURE not religion! Most countries in Africa and the Middle East have very strong CULTURAL rules for marrying their girls young. As for Muslim men remarrying, what most people don’t care to find out is that most Muslim men can’t for the simple fact that their wives say NO! They have to have their wives’ permission. It depends on how you grow up, whether or not you want marry or at what age. Most people are too busy claiming Islam is a terrorist religion that is by the blowing things out of proportion to understand that most of the radical things going on have to do with culture not religion!
    Thank You

    1. Shubham Nishad2 years ago

      Christians are trying to steal Hindus to keep themselves as the “number 1” religion. If you want to find out the true religion then look at Hinduism, Bhudhism, Sikhism or Jainism. Or you can be an atheist and believe in science. Islam and Christianity are the world religion in the world. Christians are not violent and are nice people but their religion is false. And they are “number hungry” while Islam is overall a bad religion. I can prove that Islam and Christianity are a false religions. But I don’t want to waste my time.

      1. amshi2 years ago

        true religion? how it diminished to so little group? once it was told that before 5000 years the whole asia was hindus. but they do not have any scripture? until now they dont have any scripture that says hinduism is a religion.

        1. Revathy2 years ago

          Because its not a religion. Its a way of living

        2. Revathy2 years ago

          Because hinduism not a religion and we dont have specific founder of sanatana dharma. We have several holy books which saying good things like other religions too.

      2. Peace2 years ago

        Dear Nishad and all others who have thoughts against Islam,

        1- Please don’t think that Islam is what some Muslims are doing today, e.g. fighting, killing one another , living lavish lives etc. These are not true teachings neither meaning of Islam. ISLAM THE WORD MEANS PEACE, that is what it’s true sense is.

        2- correct teaching of Islam should be read from Quran and should not be hear say. Request you to read it yourself

        3- since you are follower of Hinduism I am sharing some links pls see these videos and validate the authenticity of what are the facts as per your religious scriptures and if that true let’s start from what is common between us so that there is more haromious world to live in.

        4- mention of Profet Mohammad (saw) in various religious scriptures.
        As per Sri Sri Ravishanker : though not fully true but atleast acknowledged m.youtube.com/watch?v=N7vTRZOmUuA

        Further comaprison and details will be below:

        Same is true for chritianity, etc Request followers of all religion to kindly check these facts and then make an informed choice. And I pray may Allah to guide you all to right path.

      3. Siddiq.2 years ago

        Brother did u show me that “HINDU” is this word in ur Vedas?

        1. dw2 years ago

          There is no word “HINDU” in vedas. That is actualy “SANATANA”. “HINDU” word was comes in picture later.

  114. Papplebeast Jefferson2 years ago

    This won’t happen for two reasons. Sectarianism and the internet.

    Who kills the most Muslims? It’s not the US. It’s Muslims, themselves. The Sunni vs Shia dispute will end up with larger death tolls over the next 30-40 years than Hitler, Stalin, and Mao.

    The internet will become an increasingly significant drag on the growth of religion. Educated people are far less likely to turn to religion. That’s an undeniable fact. And it’s no coincidence that the Original Sin was eating from the Tree of Knowledge. Religion is dependent on ignorance for power.

    1. amshi2 years ago

      yews you are right. Bush did all based on his religion’s guidance. He himself has told this. Do you agree? may be you are right. the best selling book is not followed best. which is the best followed book?

    2. Eyad2 years ago

      Another atheist claiming religious people are dumb and atheists are super smart. Get over it. Muslims, educated and uneducated rarely ever leave Islam. If you wonder why, maybe grab yourself a Quran. A book that once read, only a fool will say they are the words of a mere mortal. And if still in doubt, use the challenges God uses in the Quran and “produce a chapter like the Quran”

      And Allah knows best

      1. Siranjeevi Piruthiviraja2 years ago

        Lol.. Lots of muslims leave islam. You just don’t hear about them much, because they tend to keep a low profile for their own safety …

  115. Kev2 years ago

    Shows the irresponsibility and future planning. Thing is they are instructed to populate as much as they can for the intention of just that. And girls as young as 12+ are forcefully married off to procreate especially in the developing world. They don’t really take into account what will happen after the world has been purified of non Muslims. There will be an overpopulation and dying resources. Think mad max plus a lot more bodies.;)

    1. Rania2 years ago

      sweety pie dont go looking for stupid reasons like 12 year olds getting married when half of american teens have babies out of wedlock. The reality is islam is the true religion and it doesn’t have any potholes. Explain how Jesus is god if Christianity is a monotheistic religion? Explain how you have no stories of Jesus christ when he was a baby yet you abide by him as god or son of god? Explain how in 1 Corinthians 11:6 it states that a women must cover her hair? I am muslim and I can explain every missing piece to ur religion.

      1. Ben Ramirez2 years ago

        The reality is that extremists are beheading anyone that doesn’t believe..you see us doing that?

      2. Asim2 years ago

        how can you explain that the quran you read wasn’t changed or wasn’t written by a human but by God himself? (of course its your belief but not truth)

        Why do you only believe what has been taught you by text books and by your parents?

        If religion is only a set of codes to follow then why can’t we create our own code of living which is more humane a logical?

        I can carry on with the list but i haven’t got that much free time on my hands and believe me I am a Muslim but that doesn’t mean that we should avoid the truth.

        1. asad2 years ago

          You are a Muslim or you were???

        2. Shah Ahmed2 years ago

          can you explain why hindus worship 330 million gods or worship cow, elephant or even monkey known as hanuman.

      3. mahshooqmohamed2 years ago

        Well said rania

      4. Shahid2 years ago

        Clever reply. I would also add that part of the growth of Moslem world population is due to conversion, not just for biological reasons as the report suggests. Moreover, the points to the rise in atheism, among possible reasons for the declining U.S. christian population. The is does not occur as frequently in U.S. Moslem communities. So, Choice is also an important factor that explains the growth of Moslem population

        1. Savy2 years ago

          The reason for the strong growth is because is Islam is still state sponsored..

        2. Agimaso Schandir2 years ago

          That’s cute. What would a Muslim convert to? How could a Muslim commit apostasy and remain alive, or at least not be a social pariah? Is that the choice, live as a Muslim or die as a non-person.

        3. a2 years ago

          However up to 75% leave and in fact many Muslims secretly are Christian or atheist . So in fact more Islamic people leave.

          1. Ilayda2 years ago

            Very true, a.

      5. Papplebeast Jefferson2 years ago

        Islam doesn’t have any potholes? LOL. All religions have “potholes”. They’re all mythologies invented by humans to explain things they don’t understand.

        I think the study underestimates the degree to which people will fall out of religion in the future. The internet is a wonderful thing.

      6. Gillian G2 years ago

        Rania, please don’t make patronising comments about “stupid reasons” and then proceed to respond with intolerant statements of religious superiority. While there are young unmarried teenage mothers in the USA, they are not being forced into arranged marriage at 9 -16 years of age with their parents agreement to men at least several years, if not very much older. This is considered child exploitation and sexual abuse. It isn’t considered such in the Islamic communities of the Mid East and Nth Africa, and sub Saharan Africa. I think that was the point being made. These forced marriages number in the hundreds of thousands. Girls are pulled out of school, and by 12 or 14, have two children. Their spouses are usually in their late twenties. Recently in Syrian refugee camps, older men from Egypt, Jordan and the Gulf in particular are paying families for under 16 years of age brides. I never heard of this in the refugee camps after World War 2 in Europe, or Vietnam in the 70s or the break-up of Yugoslavia (although there was terrible gang-rapes and prostitution rings, but not parents ‘selling off’ daughters). The main reason girls are married off young is sexual harassment outside the home, which hinders their prospects for personal, social and economic development. If you go anywhere in the Mid East or Nth Africa particularly, the sexual harassment (catcalls, whistles, groping) is truly disgusting. It is as bad as India. There are plenty of You Tube videos showing mobs harassing young women on university campuses and in the streets. Egypt is at the forefront and we saw what happened in Tahrir Square in recent years. You can puff up your pride with self-aggrandising religious statements – you can’t do so with statements about women in Muslim countries meeting any global benchmarks in any sphere of public life.
        Thus the only place they feel they can have any influence is in the home, where their value is measured in the number of children they have… and since there is never any law against marital rape in Muslim countries, and interpretations of sharia would not allow such a law, they truly have no choice in this matter either. You might justify the systematic repression of human rights for women through quoting a dogmatic old text, likely based on the interpretation of the Jewish religion in 7thC, in order to subjugate pagan tribes on the Arabian peninsula…but human rights still progress organically despite your ideology…And always seem to be found wanting in Islam as it lags behind economically (despite the oil), academically (10% higher illiteracy rates than global average and non-Muslim averages), socially (Muslim countries in general comprise the lowest group of similiar culture countries in human rights, womens’ rights, transparency & anti-fraud, and peaceful rankings published annually).

        1. chip2 years ago

          i applaud you on that

        2. Ilayda2 years ago

          Very well said, Gillian. Child marriage is truly sad and happens all too often… tooyoungtowed.org/blog/child-mar…

      7. Ahmed Mustafa2 years ago

        Islam has several plot holes, like all other religions. Explain me this, Allah is omnibenevolent, has infinite mercy, yet will torture good decent people for all eternity in hell, merely because they are polytheists? It makes no sense from a logical perspective.

        I left Islam, many others do the same.

      8. Saaniya Khan2 years ago

        Rania, there is no point trying to prove how Islam is a beautiful religion and misunderstood by many.The Holy Quran clearly states that the unbelievers are covered with a veil which prevents them from believing anything so there is no point.Let us live our lives peacefully hoping that someday the truth will prevail 🙂

  116. Very scary2 years ago

    So I guess we can get used to more terrorist attacks, more efforts to oppress freedom of speech, more attempts to marginalize women, etc.

    It’s a numbers game. Even if only 1% of all Muslims are terrorists, then the number of terrorists is going to grow a lot. But the sad truth is, we know that large percentages of Muslims oppose freedom of speech and support the oppression of women. It’s pretty sick, and very troubling.

    Progressivism and the increasing civilizing of mankind is going to take a huge step backwards.

    1. APJB2 years ago

      I think you mean you can get used to more otherwise common acts of violence being deemed as so-called “terrorist attacks,” despite being no more deadly or terrifying than typical, everyday domestic violence, because of an instinctive prejudice against people different than ourselves.

      We know that a large percent of Christians oppose freedom of speech (if it opposes their religion) and support the oppression of women, but you don’t see them trying to blow anyone up! Oh, wait….

  117. Aniket Arya2 years ago

    So this means the entire research is only based on Muslims.
    1)What would it effect the other religions?
    2) why we are not taking any measures to make them understood regarding humanity and other religions and their need for sustainability in future.

    Sir whatever you are doing in this research is good but please also mention the tools to control the world population.

    1. jake2 years ago

      Do you understand the difference between a demographer doing research on populations, and a scientist working on sustainability issues? They are not one in the same. One person cannot tackle every issue in the world.

    2. mohammad2 years ago

      non-muslim are convert into muslim………that is why, Islam Could Become the World’s Largest Religion………….inshaALLAH.

    3. AllahuAkbar2 years ago

      Yes brother!! They are putting their whole effort to show that people are not influenced by Islam ,it’s only high birth rate of Muslim responsible for rapid spread of Islam …
      They have not done this so called SPECIAL RESEARCH ON OTHER RELIGIONS because it doesn’t make any difference them but their hearts burn when they see people among them reverting to Islam and also preaching Islam to others…

      Peace be on you!

  118. aslam belim2 years ago

    islam is the great religion of the world another religions are brancheze of islam so many people are mentain his religion but islam is la ilaha ilalla muhmaddur rasulullah

    1. Infidel2 years ago

      No, Islam is a branch of Judaism.

      1. rania2 years ago

        christianity is a branch of judaism despite the fact that they dont believe in jesus

        1. Joseph2 years ago

          Very smart reply Rania.

    2. Ryan Waggoner2 years ago

      Islam is another way to control a population based on the teachings of an entity you have not seen and cannot prove. It’s pretty much as simple as that.

      1. Maryam2 years ago

        Are you an Atheist? Because, if you were I can see why you would say that; but the reality is that every religion is like that and it just depends on what humans believe. There is no need for you to be so judgmental about our Allah, just as we are not judgmental. People usually peg Muslims as being terrorists when in actuality, our religion forbids the killing of anyone lest it was in self defense. So really there’s no need for your disbelieving tone; those who believe, believe and those who do not will (perish in hell in my opinion) but yeah, don’t be rude about others’ beliefs.

        1. Cilly Honey2 years ago

          But there is a need for a disbelieving tone. You are wasting your life and allowing your freedoms to be diminished and allowing your behavior to be controlled by superstition. That is a terrible tragedy. How much human potential is being wasted because of superstitious religions? Too much!
          Religion is about control. It always has been once it evolved up from the shamanic stage.

      2. Sultan2 years ago

        It is the biggest evidence that you don’t see that infinite HEAVEN SKY standing WITHOUT pillar and and the Sun Stars Moon Earth rotating without Pillar evident existences of Allah Almighty.Follow the path and orders of Allah that is Islam.

  119. Wahedur Rahman2 years ago

    may allah bless us

  120. ahghmed2 years ago

    Even if this was true, you are not accounting for the war guaranteed to ensue, over the lack of resources and the increasing urbanization of many people that while Muslim are still separated by core beliefs on sharia, essentially insuring civil war guaranteed to cut the Muslim population. Also as the demand for oil dulls, the few rich in these middle eastern worlds are expected to decline, essentially cutting the very few jobs already there. It’s a safe guess to say that Muslims will kill themselves before there population expands so much.

    This is likely for the better, in the long run…though I would like to avoid the over population as well as the wars guaranteed to ensue. Arab spring has only made it worse BTW unemployment rates have been steadily rising as businesses everywhere back out from the already impoverished middle east and Africa.
    Civil War is approaching fast for the middle east, maybe it will shape them into a better and cleaner nation, on the fast track to industrialization, maybe it will start a world war no one can know for sure. All I can say is it will not be a good idea to interfere when it inevitably does happen.

    1. I am scared2 years ago

      hope they reduce as it is very difficult for our children to live.

  121. Steve2 years ago

    I don’t trust your data one bit and think you entire study is flawed.
    Here is why:
    First of all, your numbers are wrong. For example, you claim that Saudi Arabia has less than 0.1% unaffiliated. This is incorrect. A Gallup study put that number recently at 5%.
    Another example: you claim that Switzerland has 4.9% muslims. Wrong again. This number only includes people older than 14. The Swiss authorities only count people 15 or older, and with muslims in Europe younger than 15 making up ca. 30% of all muslims (more than non-muslims), the number of Swiss muslims is much likely significantly higher. If you had read the fine print in the Swiss government’s survey, you would have been aware of this.
    I could go on with other countries, but there’s also other problems with your study:
    In most Muslim countries, conversion from Islam is legally not possible, e.g. in Malaysia. So even if one is no longer a muslim, your passport, and the government, will still consider you as one. So the number of muslims in muslim countries is most likely exaggerated as many ex muslims are nevertheless counted as muslims. Also, many converts will not admit they are no longer muslim because they fear fir their lives.
    In that regard, it is also surprising and almost bizarre that you claim you cannot determine the number of Christian converts in China (where conversion to Christianity is legal), but at the same time don’t seem to have that same problem with countries such as Saudi Arabia or Iran, where conversion from Islam gets you killed, making it highly unlikely that the government will provide you with correct data. For example, in December 2014, Dar al-Ifta, the Egyption government-affiliated Islamic centre of education and jurisprudence, claimed that there are 866 atheists in Egypt, which amounts to 0.001% of the population. This claim is so ridiculous, there is no further need to discuss it. Not including China, which has a huge Christian population that is growing rapidly, probably overtaking Europe in the next few decades, is another significant flaw in your study.
    Furthermore, while you didn’t explain what fertility rates you used for e.g. in 2050, it seems you used current fertility rates for your projections as you didn’t mention it inyour methods section. However, current fertility rates are in an extremely steep and accelerating decline in almost all muslim counties, esp. Iran, Turkey and some Gulf states, with fertility rates at or below 2.1, meaning the numbers you used for future years is too high. As a matter of fact, the Iranian and Turkish (esp. non-Kurdish) populations will decrease before 2050. For example Somalia’s fertility rate, which is among the highest, had a 15% fertility rate drop within just 12 years and the decline is further accelerating. Saudi Arabia went from a fertility rate of 6.3 to 2.3 within just 12 years, with no end in sight (Source: CIA World Fact Book). This is faster than in any Western country. As education keeps lowering fertility rates, one can expect that fertility rates in muslim countries will continue to fall, while those in the West have bottomed out. Consequently, your estimates, based on today’s fertility rates, are most likely too high and this by a huge amount. It is also bewildering that you only show one scenario instead of several ones. You also don’t give any probabilities regarding the likelihood of your prediction. Even worse, other than writing that you used an “advanced variation of the standard demographic method” to come up with your results, nothing else of importance is said about your methods.
    As an experienced scientist myself who has published in journals such as Nature, I regret to say that I not only doubt your data, I also doubt your report would have been accepted in any major peer reviewed publication in its current form. Unfortunately, the news outlets don’t seem to bother with fact and quality checking.
    Also, somehow I cannot get rid of the impression that one goal was to overestimate the size of the future muslim population for political reasons, e.g. to give “the future majority” more gravitas. In that regard, it would be interesting to know how Pew is funded and who owns it, e.g. if there is a conflict if interest; something every scientific journals asks you to declare when submitting your paper. The Palestinian authorities routinely and fraudulently beef up their numbers in order to get a ‘virtual’ advantage over Israel. Most muslim countries don’t want to admit for political and religious reasons that there’s significant and growing ex-muslim populations living there. Similarly, Islamist groups in the US such as CAIR and ISNA also exaggerate their numbers. For example, a few tears ago, in order to gain political influence, they claimed that there were 6% muslims in the US, only to later find out it was only 0.8%. It would thus be interesting to know where Pew got their numbers from in the US. If it’s mosque attendance, I don’t believe these numbers as most US mosques are run by ISNA.

    It would be in the interest of the readers if the ones responsible for this study could comment on my objections. Thank you.

    1. Conrad Hackett2 years ago

      Dear Steve,

      Thank you for your interest in our study, which uses the best tools of social science to estimate the current and future size of global religious populations. Many of the concerns you raise are addressed in our full report so I will refer to specific pages in the report PDF where you can find more information.

      The measure of religious identity in our study is sociological rather than theological. The study counts individuals who self-identify with each religion. We note that social, cultural and political factors may affect how answers to census and survey questions are provided and recorded (p.167). We quantify barriers to changing religious identity in countries around the world (p.41) and acknowledge the social and legal repercussions associated with disaffiliation in many Muslim-majority countries (p. 182). Incidentally, the Pew Research Center has done extensive survey research in Muslim-majority countries.

      We published a list of the primary sources we used for each country (pp. 195-230). Censuses were the primary source for religious composition estimates in 90 countries, large-scale demographic surveys were the primary source for an additional 43 countries and general population surveys were used for an additional 42 countries (p. 167). We also published an extensive methodological appendix (pp. 166-194).

      We explain in the report that there are no sources adequate to measure patterns of religious switching in China and we provide sensitivity tests describing how switching patterns in China could alter our global projections (pp. 55-57).

      Our projection model assumes that high fertility rates will decline over time (pp. 26-28) and we have a chart showing expected fertility rates by religion over the four decades period (p. 27). At the country level, our fertility trajectories are based on the United Nations’ World Populations Prospects data (p.184). Though fertility rates have declined dramatically in some Muslim-majority countries such as Iran, the global Muslim Total Fertility Rate is higher than the Total Fertility Rate for any other major religion (p. 26).

      To demonstrate the effect of various population dynamics, our report discusses a variety of hypothetical scenarios, including a scenario in which there are no fertility differences within countries (p.34), scenarios with different levels of religious switching (pp. 44-46), and a scenario with no migration (pp. 50-54). These various scenarios also are discussed throughout the religion and region chapters of the report.

      Our estimates of Switzerland’s 2010 religious composition are based on 2011 data we received directly from the Swiss Federal Statistical Office. In that data, which measured the population age 15 and older, Muslims were less than 4.9% of the population. However, taking into account fertility differentials by religion, migration patterns and the religious composition of women in childbearing years, we generated religious composition estimates encompassing the total population, including the estimate that Muslims made up 4.9% of the population in 2010. By coincidence, recent estimates indicate the Muslim share of Switzerland’s 15 and older population has now risen to at least 4.9% of the country.

      Saudi Arabia is a difficult country in which to conduct survey research. You reference results from a 2012 WIN/Gallup survey in which 5% of respondents identified as atheists. According to WIN/Gallup, this survey of 502 respondents was not nationally representative (see page 23 here). Neither the dataset nor a full methodology from the study is publicly available. In any case, the survey question in this study did not ask respondents to state their religious identity (they were asked if they were a religious person, not a religious person or a convinced atheist). If respondents had been asked to state their religious identity, many of the approximately 25 atheists may have identified as Muslim. We did not use data from WIN/Gallup in our study.

      Our religious demography research has been presented at demography conferences around the world as well at conferences devoted to the scientific study of religion. Peer-reviewed journals have published articles about our approach to measuring religious identity as well as our projections about the future size of religiously affiliated and unaffiliated populations. As we worked on our religious projections, we received helpful advice and feedback from leading demographers and scholars of the social scientific study of religion (p. 22).

      Our research was funded by The Pew Charitable Trusts and the John Templeton Foundation (p. 2, 21). Information about general funding for the Pew Research Center is available on our website.

      If you have additional questions, you are welcome to contact me directly at chackett@pewresearch.org.

      Best regards,


  122. Usamah2 years ago

    What is ‘religious switching’? Is this phrase referring to conversion?

    1. Conrad Hackett2 years ago

      Religious switching refers to change in self-identified religious affiliation.

  123. Dr Raana Dar2 years ago

    every possible reason scrutinised in this article to justify the fast growth of Islam.
    But the fact that people are rapidly converting to Islam despite the negative propaganda by media is yet again conveniently ignored!

    1. Ahmed Mustafa2 years ago

      People are also rapidly converting away from Islam, but they can not announce their apostasy, because Islam calls for capital punishment for apostates.

  124. Paul Penzione2 years ago

    I’m surprised at many important facts that have been left out of this discussion. Across the Middle East and in North Africa, there has been a Christian genocide at the hands of Muslims. There have been tens of thousands of Christians murdered in just the past five years. Thousands of Christian women have been kidnapped and forced to convert to Islam as they are impregnated with a new generation of Muslim babies. From 1000 AD to 2000 AD, Muslims killed 81 million Hindus. If you are part of a religion that does not believe that co-existence with other religions is allowed in your holy book, then you force those other religions to convert or be subjugated through taxation or be killed. Under these circumstances, why wouldn’t Islam grow while it eliminates adherents to all other faiths? These important facts were completely skipped over, although they are all factual. In light of the threats to Christians and other groups, in areas dominated by Muslims, that they must switch or die, it is silly to speak of “religious switching,” as if it is a matter of a willful decision.

  125. Xavier2 years ago

    There is a huge increase in number of people leaving Islam especially in middle-east and North Africa. Most of them are afraid to declare it openly due to the stringent laws in Islamic nations. This survey reveals nothing, in fact Christianity and Islam is in decline throughout the world. I used to think highly of you guys and most of your reports, but now I am highly doubtful about most of the researches and surveys you guys are making.

    1. heba2 years ago

      Can you name your sources where it states that many people are leaving Islam? I usually see this response by atheists, rather by a way to justify against Islam than backed up by actual studies or facts.

  126. Abdurrahman Muhammad2 years ago

    The real truth is that many people are converting to Islam.. And many more will.. It is written in the Qur’an

    1. A muslim that is not a muslim any more2 years ago

      Not true friend. The people that are converting to Islam are people from impoverished classes, with poor and ill educated people. As well as people who are emotionally vulnerable, and not in a position to think rationally. Religion has always been that way, preying on those emotionally distraught and poor, brought forward by a charismatic business man (Mohamed) who over many years has earned the trust of his people (successful merchants are good at that) and then used his position to swiftly gain power.
      Mohamed more than anything else was a politician.
      Also cut the fortune cookie bs, you can interpret the ‘ever so clear and easily understood'(<<sarcasm, the quran is very vague) quran in a thousand different ways and make it predict anything you want.
      I already know you are saying "astaghfar allah" in your head, shaking your head in disbelief, I was like you once…maybe you to will see reason.

      1. The truth2 years ago

        Me as a Muslim I discover new good things about it every day .Islam order us to respect study work and be peaceful . Actually there is many parts in Quran that order us to not begin wars . Actually some Muslims do things we as Muslims hate and will never accept . As for christian , they are the most near religion as Quran said . And we believe in it and there book because they are from the books that Allah wrote but sadly some people changed it . And Jesus was there massenger not a god . And about terrorism even we hate and scared from it . And I mean by we the Muslims that understand the religion clearly . And if you researched it you will discover that the terrorists come from some regions that is poorly educated in there religion and daily life . Because Allah told us in Quran to not act violently with people that didn’t hurt us. Also we were taught that Allah can forgive us if we didn’t pray or did wrong things but because he is wise and just he will never forgive taking other people’s rite. And about Muhammad he is a great person who led a proud life . He was merciful whith every one the point that his friends loved him so much . And these are some things that our massenger taught:
        *being clean is from believing
        *dont hurt old and women and children even in war
        *study and ask for knowledge until death
        *respect neighbors
        *who cheats is not from us (Muslims)
        *its better to work than ask for money but although never mistreat who ask
        *if you are hopeful good things will happen
        *never hurt animal
        * forgive people
        *always be carful for the women in your family
        *you can marry for but if you can’t be just between them one is fine (I learned that from Quran)
        *be kind and merciful to children and respect the big
        *its not okay to take your brother rite

        And as for a Muslim girl . I never get disrespected . And girls who thinks that they are , is simply ineducated and don’t understand . We Muslim girls are treated like queens not any man have the right to see us , we don’t have to work our husbands have to (according to our Quran ) treat us well . And the ones who don’t are simply out of the way because in judgment day the day that God promised she will regain her rights from him . Actually in my country which is Muslim raised one wonen have great rights even in the court . We straight Muslim lead peaceful lives that consist of God worshipping and daily life . As in my small country that is near from Makkah where the Islam religion stronger I didn’t even hear of a terrorist though we have wide moths and big ears . Actually even my grandma didn’t hear about one within us and even if one thinks of it we will tell him how it’s wrong and scold him . Actually most of us hold there children from even seeing violence . We are just normal people with better rules that guid us in our relaxed lives

    2. Dima2 years ago

      Of course, they do! What else can they do if you threaten to kill them? But do you really think that such a “conversion” is for real?!

      1. syed2 years ago

        Islam prohibits violence and promotes peace and justice:

        As mentioned in the Quran — the holy words of none other than Allah Almighty — can best bear the witness for Islam’s inclination towards peace, justice, and harmony amongst human beings while negating and discouraging violence, terrorism, and injustice.

        This becomes very evident if one vows to read the Qur’an and apply it on personal basis. Doing so in modern times is much more convenient as people can read the Qur’an online. Listed below are a few verses that support the claim that Islam is a true religion of peace and tranquility.

        “O ye who believe! stand out firmly for justice, as witnesses to Allah, even as against yourselves, or your parents, or your kin, and whether it be (against) rich or poor: for Allah can best protect both. Follow not the lusts (of your hearts), lest ye swerve, and if ye distort (justice) or decline to do justice, verily Allah is well-acquainted with all that ye do.” (Surah 4, Verse 135).
        “God advocates justice, charity, and regarding the relatives. And He forbids evil, vice, and transgression. He enlightens you, that you may take heed.” (Surah 16, Verse 90).

        “And if ye do punish them, punish them no worse than they punished you: but if ye show patience, that is indeed the best (course) for those who are patient.” (Surah 16, Verse 126).
        These are just a few references from the Holy Qur’an. You may find many more of them that promote nothing else but peace and justice.

        horizontal rule

        Historical evidences favoring the peace-loving attitude Of Muslims:

        The peace-loving attitude and behavior of Muslims is not a myth. It is an absolute historical truth that is very evident from their deeds when they were in command of different areas of the world where multiple religions were practiced:
        Muslims ruled Spain for about eight centuries. No significance evidence is found that suggests Muslims used force or unnecessary means to oppress non-Muslims living there.

        India is another place that was once ruled by Muslims for a period of over 1,000 years. Currently, about 80% of the population is comprised of non-Muslims. If Muslims had used force to convert people from other religions, the stats would have been quite different.

        Arabia had been under Muslim influence for 1,400 years. Yet there are about 14 million Coptic Christians found in that region. Had Islam used the sword for its propagation, the situation would have been very different.
        horizontal rule
        Islam believes in nothing but the sword of intellect:

        As mentioned earlier, the best way to find the truth about teachings of Islam with regard to its propagation can be seen easily from the content of the Qur’an. All you need to do is search the Qur’an online and see countless verses verifying this claim. The only sword Islam believes in, as far as propagation of the religion is concerned, is of logic and intellect:
        “Let there be no compulsion in religion: Truth stands out clear from error” [Al-Qur’an 2:256].

        “Invite (all) to the way of thy Lord with wisdom and beautiful preaching; and argue with them in ways that are best and most gracious.” [Al-Qur’an 16:125]

    3. AnneM2 years ago

      Yet in the southern part of the world, in Africa and Asia, more people are converting to the Christian faith.

  127. bhrigupandit2 years ago

    what are the results?

  128. Marvin2 years ago

    So you are saying that those who converted into islam did it because they want to have more children

    1. mohd aslam2 years ago

      convert to islam islam is the great religion other religion are branche of islam

      1. NXP2 years ago

        Yeah right and Elvis is still alive.

        1. rania2 years ago

          You obviously know nothing about islam besides what you hear about it in the media

  129. b2 years ago

    It’s not pew research but few research. .. totally disappointing. Seems a piece of article written by a regular newspaper daily without any substance of analyses and what is called Research.

    1. Jean2 years ago

      a & b: do you see all the links in the article to “pewforum”? That is where you will find all the research. This article is the, if you will, executive summary or perhaps abstract, referring you to where you can dig deeper into the research if you wish.

      (Disclaimer: I am not associated with Pew Research; I am simply a reader who is disturbed by such misunderstanding.)

  130. a2 years ago

    What kind of research….. just facts presentation without any reasoning and analyses. Sorry, but everone having just feeling of Islam – phobia.

  131. Evana2 years ago

    These Stats are flawed – it assumes religion is acquired by birth, not by choice.

    1. mik732 years ago

      Pretty safe bet over 90% of religious people ‘acquired’ their religion by birth, and the ‘choice’ of those adults in positions of authority indoctrinating said defenseless children into their tribal cults.

      There is no choice when you must either conform or be cast out…often via the end of your life.

  132. Charlie Sitzes2 years ago

    Fastest growing and least educated.

    We are in deep trouble, folks.

    1. heba2 years ago

      Least educated? You’ve got to be kidding me. They’re scientific evidences that were revealed in the Quran over 1000 years ago but were only discovered recently. Obviously this proves that it couldn’t have been a human who write the Quran (but God) but the point is, we Muslims knew about sciences far before non Muslims discovered these sciences. The Quran is fully compatible with science; I don’t see how non Muslims are any smarter than Muslims.
      In my home country, Lebanon (majority Muslims), if a person with a medical degree living in Lebanon decided to move to USA and become a doctor here, he would be able to, whereas someone coming from other certain countries would not be accepted.
      Go visit a Muslim country yourself. The people here in USA aren’t any smarter. I’ve been to Lebanon a few times, the most recent last summer, and people there are no less intellectual than those living in places like USA (where I live).

      1. Doug2 years ago

        How on earth is the quran fully compatible with sciences? Which sciences are these that you are speaking of?
        Perhaps it’s the one where birds flying is a miracle?
        Or maybe space flight is impossible?
        There no such thing as evaporation?
        Earthquakes are punishments from god?
        The earth does not rotate?
        The earth is the center of the solar system?
        The sun is a flat disc?
        I could go on for much much longer, but luckily other have already cataloged these scientific errors (which you claim are the words of god). Either your god is highly fallible (and in which case, not really a god at all), or your book, like the bible, was written by man, and god is simply your made up imaginary friend. wikiislam.net/wiki/Scientific_Er…

        1. mahshooqmohamed2 years ago

          The things you wrote here are completely wrong and stating that you have no idea about Quran or its evidences towards science written more than 1500 years ago!

        2. Allahuakbar2 years ago

          I can see your level of intellect…..now please can you give me a single reference From Quran which has been scientifically proved wrong….if you can

        3. tayyeba ishtiaq2 years ago

          ur study is faulty…ALHAMDULILLAH there is not a single mistake in HOLY QURAN…QURAN told it several years back dat even plants have pairs (oppoiste sexes)…when scientists only knew it lately…QURAN tells how a human embryo looks like…a fetus looks like leech in its earlier stages…QURAN told that its da man (his sperm’s genes) dat determine da sex of a baby…initially it was thought woman is respeonsible for it…n wat u wrote about da movement ov Earth is wrong…QURAN says Earth revolves around SUN as well about its own orbit…there r many other scientific facts in HOLY QURAN ….u shud better have an unbiased study…

      2. Agimaso Schandir2 years ago

        I wouldn’t think that one dedicated religions person is any less educated then another devote of another religion.

        But the Qur’an does not have ‘revealed’ science, it is not a scientific book, and is in many ways incompatible with science. Science at its core only studies nature, not the supernatural. For instance, a flying horse would be in the realm of mythology, not science.

        BTW is it 1000 or 1500 years ago. The Qur’an was only finished 1383 years ago.

        When looking up some examples… Do Muslims think ants can speak? I did not know this. Wow.

  133. Princess-Eshe2 years ago

    Islam is the true Religion that’s why there r more muslims

  134. Barbara Ruhlman2 years ago

    This is indeed frightening because the poor, uneducated of the Muslim faith will in my opinion produce the largest families who will in turn no doubt grow up with no future other than gihad against infidels. I fear for our children and grandchildrens future. The radical Muslims are taking over and nothing significant is being done. These monsters cannot be dealt with rationally.

  135. Ove2 years ago

    Islam is growing, and the best would be to avoid regression. If you have the level, do also see my research: independent.academia.edu/OveKarl…

  136. Alforgi Zaid2 years ago

    I sense from the article and the comments that followed that unfortunately as humans we have not changed much from our ancestors the cave man. After all this great number of great universities and the effort we expend in trying to distinguish ourselves from other subspecies, we find out that we are still thinking in a herd mentality. I was hoping to see humans look at religion as a purely personal experience aims to make life better for others regardless of their affiliation. Your article and the comments of your readers reduced us to numbers of cows and bulls ready to be slaughtered or sold.

  137. Sani Mustapha2 years ago

    Please always write that is correct in Islam and stop describing Islam as a religion. Desacralizing Islam is the route of terrorism and extremism.
    Understand that after the destruction of Jerusalem by Titus, the minority then Jewish tribe according to the Qur’an 17:6 were made more numerous in manpower. Similarly, Allah who made them at that time more numerous in some verses of the Qur’an for example 61:9 Allah mentions the superiority of the sunna of the holy apostle above all other forms of worship. So do not be in doubt.

  138. Muthyavan.2 years ago

    Women in Muslim religion are mostly married in very joung age. When they become old they are left to look after their kids and husband get an easy separation to marry another young girl who will soon give birth to children. This is not possible in other societies and many women in other society live without marring ,and without children even after years of marriage. Men having many wife and families is practicable in many Muslim countries. In other societies this type is an offens breaking the law. Education is bared to girls when they attain age and forced to marrige in most Muslim societies. All these customs are facing tough resistance in the present muslim world. Sectarian in fighting in middle east Muslim countries and an uprising among major Muslims
    Societies for a review of these old custom might bring drastic changes in their societies
    Very soon. Education and free momement among societies will lead for a uniform international standered of living very soon breaking all these age old religious customs.

    1. Anonymous1 year ago

      Please, think as literate, not inside the gorge, you do ZINA for long time and turn to marriage, impossible , illegal….

  139. Bashy Quraishy2 years ago


    I have read your article; Why Muslims are the world’s fastest-growing religious group, with great care and interest as well as comments. According to your claim, the main reason for Islam’s growth ultimately involves simple demographics and high fertility rate.

    I come from Pakistan, live in Denmark and work with Muslim communities in EU.
    I have few comments on your article.
    1. Both in Pakistan and in Denmark, the birth rate among the so-called Muslim women have drastically fallen, especially with education, urbanisation and increase in standard of living.
    2. The same low fertility downward trend is visible in Hindu India but where women in rural areas give birth to as many babies as in Pakistan or Bangla Desh. In the neighbouring China , the fertility rate is way too low and in Latin America way too high. So lumping together all non-Muslim populations and comparing them with Muslims is not only morally wrong but smells of a particular political agenda.
    3. From your article, I get this impression that the average fertility rate for Muslim women – urban, rural, educated, semi-educated, rich, poor and others in between would remain constant in its increase from 2010-20150. This does not make any sense. A simple mathematical calculation would tell you that the decrease ratio would outstrip the increase in the long run as it did in the western world.

    Bashy Quraishy
    Secretary General – EMISCO -European Muslim Initiative for Social Cohesion – Strasbourg
    Member – Advisory Board – Migration Research Centre – Hacettepe University – Ankara.Turkey
    Chair-Advisory Council-ENAR – Brussels
    Mobile; 0045 40 15 47 71

  140. Igor Gutman2 years ago


    1. AllahuAkbar2 years ago

      It’s Alhamdulillah…correct the spelling

  141. Rose Goos2 years ago

    Even though this was not news to me in general, to see the details like this is scary, at least to me as a woman. Nothing was said about the steady march fwd of Muslims in Europe. Since the ISL atrocities in the Middle East, Germany has opened its doors to a huge number of refugees from Syria. They are spreading over cities as well as hamlets and will ultimately not assimilate well, but completely change the German culture.

  142. sadfacejack2 years ago

    The authors left out the centuries of convert or die as well as the apostasy for leaving. That would be the abrogated “sword verse”.

  143. Jayson Rex2 years ago

    This aspect will have no influence on the secret decision of the civilized nations to deport ALL Muslims to their ancestors’ lands thus rendering the rest of the planet Muslim free. It is a rather embarrassing decision but in view of the endless problems Islamists create for all of us (and also for Muslims of different sects and sub-sects) it became vital for the future of our civilization to implement this decision in the near future.

  144. Paul Adams2 years ago

    How does the report take into account the rapid decline in fertility across much of the Muslim world, a world-historically unprecedented fall in the case of Iran? It emphasizes fertility as key but assumes that fertility rates will be stable over the next 35 years (unlike the last 35 years). Are the report’s “simple demographics” too simple?

    1. Michael Lipka2 years ago


      Thanks for your comment. At the country level, our projections follow medium variant fertility expectations from the United Nations Population Division. In countries with high fertility levels, we assume, following the U.N., that fertility levels will decline in the coming decades as development occurs. Within countries, we assume that relative differences in fertility rates between religious groups will persist, while eventually converging in 2110. For Muslims at the global level, we project the Total Fertility Rate will decline from 3.1 children per woman in 2010-15 to 2.3 in 2050-55. You can read more on how fertility rates affect the projections here: pewforum.org/2015/04/02/main-fac….

      I hope this helps explain our methodology. Thanks again for your interest in our research.

      Michael Lipka and Conrad Hackett

  145. Mike Hihn2 years ago

    This is quite disappointing from Pew. No accounting for how income and wealth reduce birthrates significantly. The United States now has a negative replacement birthrate, and the entire world (overall) will have a negative birthrate in 20 years, including Muslim countries (if the current decline continues at the same pace).

    1. Michael Lipka2 years ago


      Thanks for your comment. At the country level, our projections follow medium variant fertility expectations from the United Nations Population Division. In countries with high fertility levels, we assume, following the U.N., that fertility levels will decline in the coming decades as development occurs. Within countries, we assume that relative differences in fertility rates between religious groups will persist, while eventually converging in 2110. For Muslims at the global level, we project the Total Fertility Rate will decline from 3.1 children per woman in 2010-15 to 2.3 in 2050-55. You can read more on how fertility rates affect the projections here: pewforum.org/2015/04/02/main-fac….

      I hope this helps explain our methodology. Thanks again for your interest in our research.

      Michael Lipka and Conrad Hackett

  146. Danny Steele2 years ago

    You did not mention the violent coercion tactics of the Muslim religion as a factor in the switching of religions or converting to Islam.

    1. David Lloyd-Jones2 years ago


      For which your evidence is…?

      In recent centuries it has been Europeans who have sent their missionaries and their armies around the world hand in hand. Why do you ignore the simple evidence you were handed in grade school?


    2. Syed Tanjim2 years ago

      In Islam you can not force anyone to accept it. It is totally prohibited.

      1. chris2 years ago

        Syed: apostasy is still illegal in many Islamic countries, and so is propagating other faiths. It is a fact and you can Google it.

        1. Shawn2 years ago

          I agree 100%.

    3. Ahmed Shah2 years ago

      IRAQ, AFGHANISTAN, meddling in SYRIA, LIBYA, SUDAN, does something rings bells in your head???

  147. Alain2 years ago

    There is an estimate of 60 million switching religions in this article but almost no Muslims switch since doing so can get you killed. Even in supposedly more moderate Muslim countries like Morocco, switching can earn you prison time and social ostracism. It seems many Muslims somehow believe that what one believes should not be the result of thought and conclusions reached by an adult mind but flow from an accident of birth and parentage. Wherever an absolutist creed insists that it has a monopoly on truth, the oppression of others and self-oppression are the consequences.

    1. Johnathan Ultima2 years ago

      Switching to a different religion from Islam is fine, so long as you do not propagate against it! If you propagate against Islam, that is when the punishment is supposed to be held!

  148. Rickey Moore2 years ago

    I think it’s dead simple. Christianity no longer reflects the teachings of Christ, and hasn’t since the Romans took control of it. Islam places a great emphasis on the teachings of Christ, while not deifying him. Maybe those of us who claim to be Christian could learn from them which is of the greatest importance.

    And, Christians exhibit a great ignorance when they claim that Islam is all about wanton killings in war, young brides and subjugation of women. Read the Old Testament sometime. Islam, like Christianity is an offshoot of Judaism and the teachings from it, the Talmud (Old Testament) are our common denominator.

    1. Rafee2 years ago

      As a Muslim, I appreciate seeing there are sensible people out there that don’t detest Muslims and Islam. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

      Also, you may really like “Islam and the Destiny of Man” by the late Charles Le Gai Eaton.

      1. Robert Wielaard2 years ago

        You confuse two things. I detest Islam, not Muslims. Islamic lands know no democracy, have no good record in education, rule of law, human rights, public health, market economy, tolerance of other religions, justice, women’s rights, and so on. Islam holds Muslims back. It discourages introspection, dissent and fair inquiry. It is a supremacist religion that has very unkind things to say about other faiths. The greatest victims of this state of affairs are Muslims. They are victims, unfree to question their own faith. Luckily I see signs of change and with luck Muslims in Western nations will increasingly break free from the shackles of their intolerant faith.

        1. AllahuAkbar2 years ago

          Don’t judge without knowledge…Muslims may be wrong but Islam never ever is .Allah says in Quran that Islam is perfected for whole humanity…
          Give proof from Quran if you are true for what you have written…I can quote you the whole chapter which declares the rights of women(called chapter Al-Nisan means Women),orphans,market economy.islam is based on fair decision,Equality,peace,charity.
          And most important the first word revealed from Allah to Muhammad (saw) was IQRA(meaning READ)
          And you say that we have no good record in education…have you ever read Bible properly..getting just a degree is not education
          Education should make you closer to God
          We get education for benefit of humanity and know might and power of Allah NOT TO throw Bombs and missiles on weaker nations to full fill our GREED

          1. priyobrata2 years ago

            I have little question. Islam do really support terrorism? I have studied Holy Quoran, there is hardly any page or paragraph where is written that Islam supports terrorism. Then why muslims are wlaking in path of terrorism.

        2. tayyeba ishtiaq2 years ago

          ALLAH ALMIGHTY says in HOLY QURAN “la ikraha fid dein”…) ” there is no constraint in religion”….ISLAM is just a natural religion…it is close to human nature….its not written anywhere in QURAN or HADIS dat a woman shud get married at da age ov puberty, this is about a person’s will…the things u people talk about r local customs, they have nothing to do wid ISLAM….n there r rights for every living creature in ISLAM even animals….women r neva oppressed …they shud just stay modest…no one stops them from getting out , study, n work, but just keep sanctity n dun provoke men…

    2. Befuddled2 years ago

      Sorry, but I don’t share your thoughts. If radical Islam feels it necessary to kill those of non-muslim faiths we come from two different philosophies. I believe in the rule of law not rule of fiat that changes from iman to iman. That’s why they are in a constant turmoil. I agree that our leadership is distancing itself from the rule of law but to do it the way they are is cruel and inhuman. We as Christians can tolerate Muslims only so long under these pretenses before all hell breaks loose. Diversity like principals only goes so far. If the middle wants to remain muslim so be it but as for Christianity it belongs in this country. It is after all what built this country and allowed freedoms for common people. Islam does not

      1. Jeff2 years ago

        “Hello, I’m Befuddled, and I refuse to acknowledge the atrocities, both modern and historical, of my own religion.”

        Also, the United States were not built on Christianity.

    3. Rc2 years ago

      I can’t add much more to that, but you’re right on.

  149. Harry2 years ago

    If the current hominids occupying the planet fail to see the destruction that is coming from overpopulation often fueled by fairy tale beliefs all of us may be in for difficult times or total annihilation. I have often wondered if this planet is populated or infested.

    1. Gus2 years ago

      Harry is the first person to state the obvious. Why are we debating about all of these religions as if they are all bonafide beliefs/truths. Magical thinking has gotten us all in a terrible fix. Why can’t we get away from following precepts set down some 2000 years ago by people who thought the earth was flat? The earth is indeed infested, but with irrational thought. Where is the religion of science?

      1. rahmat2 years ago

        islam is true religion

        1. DAHAL PARSHU2 years ago


          1. Anonymous1 year ago

            dear brother, your wish is opinion is acceptable. but why you praying to Jesus? you should to pray to God, because Jesus pray to the God only. so how can you ignore God? have u thinking its simple and God will not angry to you? Dear Brother please read Quran and Bible. you will understand. no doubt. also in bible anywhere is saying that Jesus is God? But Jesus is a messenger of God only. its from my knowledge my brother. thank you.

        2. fernandez2 years ago

          2 PETER 2: 21
          It would have been better for them not to have known the way of righteousness, than to have known it and then to turn their backs on the sacred command that was passed on to them.

          1. Anonymous1 year ago

            islam is truth.

          2. Anonymous1 year ago

            please if you a non muslim you have to learn or do investigation before you say something about the religion. Even if you are in school you cant explain something in a new topic that you never heard it before so please try to found out before you can say something true