November 21, 2016

Anti-Muslim assaults reach 9/11-era levels, FBI data show

The number of physical assaults against Muslims in the United States reached 9/11-era levels last year, according to a Pew Research Center analysis of new hate crimes statistics from the FBI. There were 91 reported aggravated or simple assaults motivated by anti-Muslim bias in 2015, just two shy of the 93 reported in 2001.

Separately, the number of anti-Muslim intimidation crimes – defined as threatening bodily harm — also rose in 2015, with 120 reported to the FBI. Again, this was the most anti-Muslim intimidation crimes reported in any year since 2001, when there were 296.

Overall, the FBI reported 257 incidents of anti-Muslim hate crimes in 2015, a 67% increase from the previous year. These incidents included 301 individual crimes, 71% of which were crimes against people, as opposed to property. (Incidents can encompass more than one crime.) By contrast, crimes perpetrated against other religious groups more often involved property offenses, such as vandalism or theft. For example, 64% of anti-Jewish and 51% of anti-Catholic offenses in 2015 involved vandalism, compared with just 23% of anti-Muslim offenses.

Most Americans say there is “a lot” of discrimination against Muslims in the United States today – roughly six-in-ten U.S. adults (59%) said this in a January 2016 Pew Research Center survey. About three-quarters of Americans (76%) also said discrimination against Muslims in the U.S. was increasing.

The same survey found that almost half of American adults (49%) think at least “some” Muslims in the U.S. are anti-American, including 11% who think “most” or “almost all” are anti-American. Another survey from about the same time (December 2015) found that 46% of Americans thought Islam was more likely than other religions to encourage violence.

FBI data for 2016 will not be released until next year, but there have been anecdotal reports of a continued rise in anti-Muslim hate crimes this year. While not all incidents can be confirmed, the Southern Poverty Law Center, a civil rights advocacy group that tracks hate crimes, reported more than 30 cases of anti-Muslim incidents in the five days following the presidential election alone.

The FBI collects hate crime data from about 15,000 law enforcement agencies that voluntarily participate, which means the annual statistics likely undercount the number of hate crimes in a given year. Still, the report is a useful tool for comparing hate crimes over time and tracking the minimum number of these crimes that occurred in a given year.

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  1. Photo of Katayoun Kishi

    is a research associate focusing on global restrictions on religion at Pew Research Center.


  1. Anonymous9 months ago

    Welcome to the world of #HeWhoMustNotBeNamed. I refuse to get used to it.

    Humanists, non-Theists, and all people of faith should be protesting this and finding ways to support and, if necessary, protect our Muslim brothers and sisters from these mostly straight white male Evangelical hypoChristian terrorists who are especially targeting women who wear the hijab.

  2. Packard Day9 months ago

    And these “attacks” compare to the numbers of MSM reported ordinary “work place violence incidents” committed by mass murdering Muslims shouting “Allahu Akbar?” [ref: Ft. Hood, Boston Marathon, NYC, Little Rock, San Bernadino, Chattanooga, Orlando, Ohio State, Washington DC sniper, etc, etc.]. Not that anyone in either the MSM or the administration of our first constitutional scholar President would ever dare to connect the two words, “Islamic” & “Terrorism” in the same sentence, mind you.

  3. Anonymous9 months ago

    Dude, people need to just chill. It’s stuff like this that makes me ashamed to be American.

    1. Packard Day9 months ago

      So why am I now reminded of the last scene in the SNL election-night sketch with Dave Chappell, Chris Rock, and the traumatized pajama boy snowflake?

  4. Anonymous9 months ago

    How do these number compare to the number of hate crimes committed against Jewish people? Against whites? (Hint: ant-Muslim numbers are much lower.)

  5. Anonymous9 months ago

    Anti-muslim acts or “REPORTED” anti-muslim acts.

    1. David Kent9 months ago

      Reported, which means they are likely undercoutned. The FBI’s hate crimes collection methodology is available here:…