June 24, 2015

7 charts on how the world views President Obama

At Pew Research Center, we’ve tracked global attitudes toward the U.S. president and American foreign policy since the early years of the George W. Bush administration. Our most recent survey of 40 countries from around the world included a number of questions about President Barack Obama and his handling of major international issues. Here are seven charts illustrating how the world views Obama:

Confidence in Obama on World Affairs

1Globally, Obama’s image is mostly positive. Across the 40 countries polled, a median of 65% say they have confidence in Obama to do the right thing in world affairs. A median of just 27% lack confidence in the American leader. Overall, Obama remains much more popular globally than his predecessor, but opinions vary significantly across nations and regions.

2Obama's Ratings Decline in IsraelAfter a difficult year in U.S.-Israeli relations, Obama’s ratings have fallen sharply in Israel. Today, just 49% of Israelis express confidence in him, down from 71% last year. Obama has had strong, and well-publicized, disagreements with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu over negotiations with Iran, and Obama’s ratings are especially low among Israelis who identify with Netanyahu’s Likud Party (40% have confidence). Overall, eight-in-ten Israelis disapprove of how Obama is dealing with the issue of Iran’s nuclear program.

3Few Russians Give Positive Marks to Obama or U.S.However, the harshest assessments of Obama are found in an increasingly anti-American Russia. Only 11% of Russians express confidence in the U.S. president. Obama has never been very popular in Russia, but 29% did voice confidence in him two years ago, before the outbreak of violence in Ukraine. Nine-in-ten Russians disapprove of how Obama is handling the Ukraine crisis. The percentage of Russians with a favorable view of the U.S. has also declined sharply over the past two years, dropping from 51% in 2013 to 15% this spring.

4India's Confidence in Obama RisesThe president’s trip to India may have helped his image there. About three-in-four Indians express confidence in Obama, up from 48% in 2014. It’s been a year of high-profile visits in the U.S.-India relationship. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited the U.S. last September, and Obama traveled to India in January. The trip seems to have increased Indians’ familiarity with the American president – the share of the public with no opinion about Obama dropped from 37% last year to 17% today.

5Positive Ratings for Obama in AfricaObama is very popular in Africa (and so was George W. Bush). Obama’s ratings in sub-Saharan Africa are overwhelmingly positive. This year, we surveyed nine countries in the region, and big majorities in each nation express confidence in the American leader. Of course, his predecessor was also largely popular in the region; the rise in anti-Americanism that occurred in many parts of the world during the Bush era was largely absent in Africa.

6Western Europeans are still big Obama fans. Even as a presidential candidate, Obama was popular among Europeans, famously addressing a large crowd in Berlin in July 2008. When Obama entered the White House, his ratings were extremely high, and they’ve only slipped a little since then. At least a majority has confidence in him in each Western European country surveyed. Still, there is disappointment with Obama in the region on certain issues, such as climate change.

Obama Still Popular in Western Europe

7Fewer Approve of Obama on Climate ChangeObama’s ratings on climate change have slipped. When he was elected, expectations were high for Obama on the issue of global climate change. Overall, he still gets positive ratings for how he is handling this issue, but not as positive as a few years ago.

In 12 of the 20 countries where trends from 2010 are available, fewer people now approve of how he is dealing with climate change, which will be a major issue on the international agenda as nations prepare for a major global summit on climate change in Paris in December.

For more about how the world views the U.S. and President Obama, see our new report, and click through our Global Indicators database

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  1. Photo of Richard Wike

    is director of global attitudes research at Pew Research Center.


  1. Anonymous1 year ago

    These ratings are in reverse. Who are making up these statistics ISIS. Doing this to make it look like Obama is doing good for American and its allies. The only people that think Obama is doing good and give him a high rating are Muslims and the Middle East. The rest of the world wants to see him behind bars or dead!

  2. Anonymous1 year ago

    I do not know who they talk to in the U.S. and how they think we are confident with his actions on foreign policy. No one that I know thinks he is competent for finding his way even out of bed. Foreign countries just like all of our money, they do not really like him.

  3. Anonymous1 year ago

    Don’t believe this for a second. obama bin laden is laughed at and ridiculed….This is just more rubbish from a left wing idealistic rag that thinks life should be equal and fair. LOL

  4. Doug Sears1 year ago

    Much of the 10 trillion dollars US has spent since 2008 has gone to help western europes economies. Has it helped?

    1. Anonymous1 year ago


  5. Anonymous1 year ago

    I was confused by big box media again…President Obama foreign policy where unpopular worldwide…false statements…if you live in Dictator, Communist, War torn society, or Republican…they hate his foreign policy…but if you live in a rational society; his foreign policy are popular. Thank goodness most of the world are rational people.

  6. Joel Frese1 year ago

    Unpopular with Israeli and Russian citizens but popular with everybody else? I’d call that an endorsement.

  7. James Evans1 year ago

    As of May 21, 2016 President Obama’s Gallup Poll job approval rating is 52% approval and 44% disapproval with 4% uncertain.
    At the same point in time in his presidency, George W. Bush’s Gallup Poll job approval rating was 28% approval and 68% disapproval.
    The Republican-led Congress currently has a 17% approval/79% disapproval rating.

  8. Evelyn Williams1 year ago

    Joe Scarborough continues to preach that President Obama has damaged our reputation around the world, maybe this will help.

    1. Anonymous1 year ago

      Fat chance!

    2. Anonymous1 year ago

      Nobody cares about Scarborough. No worries; Obama is solid, worldwide.

  9. Anonymous1 year ago

    To many people don’t understand that every time Obama tried to get Congress to work together or to get something going WITHOUT LOOKING AT A BILL they always said they wouldn’t not vote on it. Obama inherited the 14 trillion dollars debt that Bush “Republicans” left him not to mention that the economy was in the worst downward spiral on the brink of total collapse of the dollar. To many countries didn’t want that to happen because they have there business with our country. Why do Nay sayer think the dollar is still here and is stronger than when Bush left it? It’s not because of the Republicans were helping the president either? The president can only do so much. If the House and Senate don’t want to work with the president nothing gets done. That needs to STOP! People need to stop voting for representatives who have a nice family or they like there smile and vote for someone who is willing to work with the president being whomever it is. No one sees eye to eye on everything but there are so many things that can be done if they would think before saying NO.

    1. Rexford Dundon1 year ago

      Jan 2009 US debt was 10,600,000,000.. US debt Jan 2013 16,449,000,000 (an increase of 5,849,000,000,000. I feel sorry for the President that that took over from Obama when Obama’s first term added almost 6 trillion dollars to the US debt in that time period.. OH WAIT!! Obama was re-elected in 2012.. so lets see, from his inauguration in Jan 2013 how much more money has been added to the debt. Right now, the US debt is 19,270,000,000,000 so Obama has added 2,821,000,000,000 dollars to the national debt since his 2nd election, and he’s not done spending money yet.. (estimates say he will spend another 1.4 trillion dollars by the time he’s out of office)

      1. Anonymous1 year ago

        OOOOH, you so funny fella! You make me wanna to laugh! Funny thing, I look up history for spending by Republican Presidents and then I compare to spending my Democratic Presidents. You know what I find? You know what I find? The Democrats are better leadership. They do not add up the national debt as fast as the Republicans. The Republicans talk big shot mouth “We won’t spend the money!” Oh, but they do spend the money, a lot!

        My friend, he say Democrats are “tax and spend”. I say yes, that is right. The Republicans are spend, spend, and more spend, then cut tax people. That is bad way, you play game that way and you lose, I win the game. You operate your country that way, you lose your economy. Sorry.

  10. Anonymous1 year ago

    Clearly the haters would be spouting another tune if Obama was white faced and a crazy kool-aid drinking republican. …. your party is so messed up you have freaking Palin as a spokesperson . I have never read so much hate for no reason in all my 54 years.
    I guarantee you he wouldn’t behave like you are!

    1. Doug Sears1 year ago

      Is that why the democrats are all together on the 2016 elections. Live your dream. Democrats are doing everything possable to gain voters and are failing.

      1. Anonymous1 year ago

        What till the convention is over. Then you can talk about the party’s unity.

  11. Anonymous1 year ago

    Interestingly living in Switzerland I see a huge difference in the way Americans are viewed between the Bush years and the Obama years. The trust in Obama is vastly improved over Bush.

    1. Doug Sears1 year ago

      Money talks.

  12. Anonymous1 year ago

    Hate to burst any bubble, but Barry will go down as the WORST staged pres. and Social Organizer of the United States who ruined our great Nation. It will take years to repair the US from the damage he created.

    1. Anonymous1 year ago

      What a crock. Worst? Ruined what nation? More dumbing down of America.

      1. Anonymous1 year ago

        List the damage !!!!! You got to be kidding, the damage Bush has done !!!

    2. Anonymous1 year ago


  13. Anonymous1 year ago

    I hate to burst the haters bubble, but four renowned historians state that President Barack Obama WILL go down in the history books as a TRANSFORMATIONAL president! Much like Ronald Reagan, President Obama has changed the trajectory of our nation! No one was faced with a more challenging financial debacle since FDR and the Great Depression! FDR had the help of a Democratic Congress for 6 years! Obama had help for the first two years! After that, he dug us out bit by bit on his own! He saved the American Auto Industry..jobs people! Teddy Roosevelt, a Republican President on Mt. Rushmore, was the first President to propose health care for all Americans 100 yrs. ago! Look it up, because I am certain Rush Limbaugh does Not mention any of this in his HATE filled diatribes! President Obama was the first to ever succeed in providing healthcare for the American people! Truman,Nixon,TED Kennedy, and many others tried and failed! Despite unprecedented Republican obstruction, Obama succeeded! This created healthcare jobs!Obama has placed America at the forefront of the emerging energy revolution! Solar costs have plummeted by 70 per cent! It was THIS President who tracked down and killed Osama bin Laden against the advice of his cabinet. They advised bombing the compound! Obama risked his entire presidency in an effort to also obtain information about terrorism and AlQueda! The haters were so petty and hate filled, they could not even applause THIS achievement! It seemed like the haters were from a foreign country for they could not find joy in the defeat of the enemy who killed 3,000Americans! He is focused on counter terrorism rather than fruitless efforts at nation building in the Middle East! President Obama remained cool, calm, and disciplined under a barrage of personal attacks ! As they spewed their hatred at POTUS, the Republicans abandoned their own core tenets of limited government and free markets! President Obama remained unflappable and the Republican Party is in total disarray! To quote Senator Lindsey Graham, a Rep., “Our party has gone bat shit crazy”! Many people around the world, and in our country love, admire, and appreciate this brilliant, decent, strong man who was willing to endure the contempt and Childlike name calling of many,because he loved his country so much! Thank you President Obama! You won TWO terms and will be remembered with admiration!

    1. Anonymous1 year ago

      Healthcare for all Americans? I have a ttax that is so called health care that I could not afford. You live in the bubble.

      1. Anonymous1 year ago

        Many of these countries are ill informed. High ratings go to some who receive benefits,,,My opinion

        1. Jack Eck1 year ago

          Of course they’re ill informed….they don’t have FAUX NUZ to watch, it’s banned.

    2. Anonymous1 year ago


    3. Anonymous1 year ago

      The financial debacle has been left to us by the Obama presidency in the form of our nearly 20 trillion National Debt!!

    4. Anonymous1 year ago

      Amen! Thank you for for telling the Truth about President Obama! History will record him as one of our Greatest Presidents to serve our nation!

  14. inurtrash1 year ago

    Thankfully we only have to put up with Obama for about half a year longer. Here’s hoping our next President will work with Congress to pass laws rather than using his Executive Orders privilege.

    1. Anonymous1 year ago

      Of all the branches of the government, you blame the President for the lack of passing bills? This congress and senate are so uncooperative that the government couldn’t even vote to fund itself. You are blaming the president for the mistake of electing congressmen and senators who will not work together. You are wrong.

    2. Anonymous1 year ago

      You assume Congress could get its act together. Obama has had to use Executive Orders because Congress failed to govern.

      1. Rexford Dundon1 year ago

        the executive orders for the most part are illegal according to the constitution. executive orders are for the.. EXECUTIVE branch of the government, they ARE NOT meant to circumvent Congress. IF the House had any cojones at all they would impeach Obama, and if the Senate had any cojones they would find him guilty of overreach of his power.


        1. William Drapou1 year ago

          Rex, are you really that uninformed?
          The President IS the Executive Branch.
          And yes, Executive orders have a long and storied history of “Circumventing Congress”.
          The House and Senate would have to have “Just Cause” to even start impeachment proceedings, and a bunch of bloggers with “opinions” about constitutional law are not a valid source of information. Amusement, maybe, but not information.

    3. Anonymous1 year ago

      Better switch that, as Congress needs to work with the President. Bush used Exec. Orders many times more than Obama.

      1. Anonymous1 year ago

        This is one of the weakest arguments tossed out there. The number of EOs means nothing. The content of any EO is what is important.

    4. Eligio Abellera1 year ago

      Must not be paying attention, you sir. You’re hoping the next President will work with Congress. Sir, Congress hans’t work since this President took office. Good thing there is Executive power.

  15. Anonymous1 year ago

    Just think how much less they’ll think about President Obama if we cut off foreign aid to them….We should cut them off completely. Support our countrymen first.

  16. Anonymous1 year ago

    One thing stands true. The trolls and haters spend their wheels everywhere. Many Americans appreciate The President just as they did when they voted for him twice in elections that weren’t even close. If you hated from the first day as much as you hate it now. Then, you probably should look inward.

  17. Anonymous1 year ago

    This is so bogus…who was polled? I wonder how the French people feel now that he called their terrorist attack “a bump in the road”…or Belgium that he was laughing and having a good old time with Castro? Please do another poll, there is in no way he is as high is he is even in America, he has to be at 30 percent approval.

    1. Anonymous1 year ago

      The French were polled. The French have spoken. You’ve managed to find a way to challenge this poll without speaking to the first French person.

      Bring facts and data. Just because you don’t like our president doesn’t mean the people in the world share that view.

  18. Anonymous1 year ago

    I would like to know who you are polling, I don’t believe these stats at all.

    1. Anonymous1 year ago

      Strange, considering that both the right and the left in the US…. And most of the world, in fact, regard Pew Research as the pinnacle of integrity and non bias.

    2. Rexford Dundon1 year ago

      I do, since 90% of the world has very little to do with the US President, and only see what their media portrays him as. Since the worlds media loves Obama, what do you think the populations of those nations see being published by them.

  19. Jerry Lavelle1 year ago

    Regardless… It’s even more important to know how Americans feel. Compaired to 7 years ago. I’d love to see those stats. Especially in the black communities.

    1. Anonymous1 year ago

      Why, especially in the black community?

      1. Anonymous1 year ago

        Obviously because he thinks black people voted for Obama simply because he is Black. Even though he wasn’t the first black person to run for presidency.

  20. Anonymous1 year ago

    This was Almost a year ago, I’d like to see a new study.

    1. Mel P1 year ago

      It takes about that much time to properly compile data. Maybe next year they’ll provide data about what’s happening today

      1. Picco bow1 year ago


  21. Anonymous1 year ago

    To bad a lot of people in USA don’t trust him either

  22. Anonymous1 year ago

    Where is Israel?

    1. Anonymous1 year ago

      Israel is shown at 49% favorable in the first chart.

  23. Anonymous1 year ago

    Can Not and Don’t believe this, you’re kidding yourself. He’s disliked all over the world.

    1. Anonymous1 year ago

      Why? Because you say so??

    2. Anonymous1 year ago

      I guess nothing is going to change your mind once you have decided what is true. I suppose it feels good to be so certain even when there is data to the contrary.

  24. Anonymous1 year ago

    If the world knew what we know, his approval ratings wouldn’t be so favorable. Can’t wait for him to be gone.

    1. Anonymous1 year ago

      I totally agree.

    2. Mel P1 year ago

      This poll shows what the world thinks. We may not understand how “someone could possibly like our president,” but saying they’re all wrong is like saying I’m wrong for liking asparagus.

  25. Anonymous1 year ago

    Excuse me but there is something really wrong here. Obama has done nothing but show his stupidity and weakness from day one. In the middle east especially. He just gave $100,000,000, 000 and a clear pathway to nukes to Iran and his ratings in Israel are 49% (which by the way is higher than they have ever been)? He has been a laughing stock throughout the world. He started his administration by stabbing Honduras, Poland and the Czech Republic in the back. Syria, Libya, Iraq, Iran, Cuba are all proof of his ineptitude and this article says he is widely trusted! By who, lefties as insightful as he is?

    1. Anonymous1 year ago

      I think you have to go look at the facts…..thats right. THE FACTS….and your not going to find them listening to editorial comments on fox or limbaugh.
      Twitter feeds and the like are fitter for fools! Do tour research buddy …..

    2. Anonymous1 year ago

      Although you may not agree with the data in chart number 2, the confidence rating based on poll results from Israel was 71% in 2014.

  26. Anonymous1 year ago

    I find in interesting that his approval rating is higher in Australia than the USA

  27. Anonymous1 year ago

    But the survey was assessing how he is judged globally, not American’s opinions on his economic policies. I looked this information up when my friend informed me that the whole world hates Obama. Apparently, she is misinformed.

    1. Anonymous1 year ago

      She’s is more correct than where this “data’ was purchased.

      1. Michael C. Weiss1 year ago


    2. Anonymous1 year ago

      Only we have a bs RW propaganda machine to misinform dupes like you. 80 months straight of growth duh. But thanks for 9/11 thru sheer incompetence, the stupidest wars ever, a corrupt world depression, and 7 years of mindless obstruction. The world is aghast at your misinformed idiocy…

  28. Steven Joos1 year ago

    Of course, Obama’s approval ratings on climate change have slipped. After all, he is the American President and thus suffers from guilt by association.

  29. Patricia Tursi1 year ago

    Interesting that Africa is positive after 2011 organized effort to take out the Leader of Libya who had raised his country’s level to the highest in Africa. Gaddafi wanted to unite Aftica, supported Blacks and wanted to establish a common monetary system getting Africa off the dollar.

    1. Neville Ross1 year ago

      Gaddafi was a stupid useless dictator who needed to be deposed, and was. Please stop praising him.

  30. John Bond2 years ago

    I have not heard of Obama being weak Worldwide…. but his negotiations with Iran certainly show he is inept at negotiation. His red line with Syria certainly shows he is inept at artwork. His handling of ALL things Russian certainly show he is ermmm spineless.
    Remember this is a survey based on the Liberal forte “feelings”.
    I prefer to the view data that indicates that with 94 million no longer in the work force as being of more concern than how France views Obama. People on foodstamps (43 million) is certainly of more importance than the UK’s opinion of Obama. The number of those without Insurance increasing 10 million to (40 million) should be of more interest than what all of Africa thinks of him…. but never mind ….chopped meat costs the same as steak did 4 years ago…. and Seniors will not receive a COLA increase for the 3rd time in Obama’s 7 years… and we give ILLEGAL (undocumented aliens) SS funds.
    and the chaos rife throughout the world certainly deserves a back seat to his popularity in Burkina Faso.

    1. Anna2 years ago

      Your “The fact is that the economy was in a downward spiral when Obama took office and that every indicator shows that it has vastly improved since he took office. And the idea that fewer have health insurance is just laughable. In fact 17 million more people are insured than before under Obamacare. You can choose your opinions but you don’t seem to realize that you cant just choose facts that you wish were true out of thin air. Most of the people on food stamps are the working poor. So called because wages have stagnated over the last 20 years. That’s the last economic crisis that Obama and the Democrats haven’t been able to change because the GOP Congress refuses to raise it. In the states where it has increased more businesses have flourished. The GOP seems to enjoy the fact that the taxpayer has to supplement the wages of greedy corporations with record profits who refuse to pass their success down to raising their employees wages. That’s why food stamp use is still so high. Look to the GOP and their refusal to raise wages.

      1. Chad Hildebrand2 years ago

        I don’the why its so easy for ill-informed people to jump on the same bandwagon, it’s like a fad. You don’t rack up 20 trillion dollars in debt overy an 8 year period. Belive it or not we had a lot of debt prior to bush and it’s still rising, so what did Obama fix? Raising minimum wage means increased inflation, less demand for employees since it’s costlier to have them, and it increases cost of living. Rating taxes and minimum has been proven to never be successful, it’s simply a wet bandaid at best. In terms of more people having medecal insurance, no shit that’s the case, it’s pretty much being forced. You get a hefty fee that increases dramatically for every year you don’t have insurance. You lapse at all, you get a chunk taken out of you tax return. The Insurance isn’t even that good or covered everywhere, guess it’s just about having it apparently. There are hundreds of thousands of people abusing the financial aid system, so don’t act like everyone who’s on it is actually in need. The ignorant preconception that all the corporations and well off people need to save America, just needs to stop. Everyone is responible for its downfall and everyone is needed to bring it back and keep it there. Trying to punish the rich because they’re rich, is why there is over 500 billion dollars in oversea accounts, when it could be here helping out economy. Obama’s plans have been costly and ineffective, no real change has been made for the better. He makes America look weak and he’s all about making a good public face. With social media everyone so afraid as one upset person can ruin everything and Obama is no different.

        1. Jim Lee2 years ago

          Got any facts to back up that rant?

          1. Thomas C2 years ago

            Sounds verbatim, doesn’t it.

        2. Anonymous1 year ago

          Yep, thank you!

      2. Mel P1 year ago

        Anna – I just wanted to say that I read and agree with your comment. Kudos for being objective and bringing data

      3. Rexford Dundon1 year ago

        I guess your a recipient of “Common core” math.. the official US unemployment is under 5%, yet almost 1/3rd of working age Americans ARE NOT WORKING!! Over 90,000,000 American’s of working age DO NOT have a job!!

    2. Anonymous1 year ago

      Well said ! He’s a joke

    3. Anonymous1 year ago


  31. James Johnson2 years ago

    I have been hearing this claim that Obama is held Worldwide as a weak President. That went against what my co-workers from Europe have been saying. I hear this “weak” claim daily from even my own family members and some (surprisingly) Democrats among them are saying the same thing, that Obama is a weak president. This goes to show you how well the false News Channels are doing as far as demonizing this president. It is alarming that even some known democratic voters in my family (too damn few) have this same view. I hang around outside the box when it comes to politics regarding character and common sense issues and values over party politics. This has allowed me to “see” the issues from the perspective of both major parties and independently making a well rounded informed decision before voting on any of these issues (and a few non-issues as well).

    Regardless Europeans seem to me to be more INFORMED than we here in the USA. And their opinions tend to be more of the educated variety. Not the knee jerk reaction opinions that most Americans have. Lets be honest. There is not a lot of thought directed at any issue these days when we have talking heads on fake news shows making our decisions for us.

    1. Anonymous1 year ago

      Well said!!

    2. Arletta Gylland Rud1 year ago

      Well said; and those who no nothing keep contributing their uninformed and unsubstantiated opinions. He is possibly the best president we have ever had. Most don’t recognize real intelligence when they see it, and republicans are not qualified to judge what they don’t understand

      1. Anonymous1 year ago

        I agree. George W was the worst President in my lifetime followed by Obama the best in my lifetime. This country was losing almost 800,000 jobs a month when W left. There has now been 37 straight months of job growth. The Iran Deal that they screamed about yielded 98% of their nuclear capabilities. Cowboy George wanted Osama bin Laden until he slipped his mind and didn’t think about him anymore. Obama had to clean up W’s message and he had to do it without any help from the House or Senate.

        1. Rexford Dundon1 year ago

          90,000,000 American’s currently of working age that are unemployed.. and you say he’s doing a good job. US national debt up almost 10,000,000,000,000 dollars under Obama and you say he’s doing a good job, US military at it’s weakest point since WW2. The percentage of Americans now receiving a federally-funded “means-tested program” now stands at 35.4%. When you add pensions, unemployment, Social Security, and Medicare to the mix, the percentage of Americans relying on government for part or all of their subsistence is 49.5% of the American population. AND YOU CALL OBAMA THE BEST IN YOUR LIFETIME!!!!

    3. Anonymous1 year ago

      It is quite narcissistic to believe anything you don’t agree with is wrongwrong. Contrary to one opinion here, “feelings” are real and count, ask your spouse. One more point, many many people all over the world are better informed about U.S. politics than we are simply because their media are not biased and the opinions of the rest of the world DO matter- alot.

  32. watson morgan2 years ago

    Kind of smashes the Republican claim that Obama’s not improving our image to the rest of the world

  33. Kevin Kiefer2 years ago

    Why are mid-East results unavailable? Perhaps polling is difficult in most of those Muslim countries, but Iraq and Afghanistan should be accessible enough. Yet Iran, Pakistan, and Lebanon show up in the similar US News survey. Saudi Arabia is glaring in its absence.

  34. Ted2 years ago

    Love Obama! Glad he is mostly appreciated as Leader of the Free World and representative of the United States of America.

  35. Marc Jansen2 years ago

    Not surprised that 33% of our population supports this socialist, almost nothing on earth will ever change their opinion or support as they get government kickbacks in whatever form. I’m not here to tell you or compare Presidents because Bush was a disaster regarding the Economy.
    As was Clinton who laid the groundwork for the economic practices that he and his party set our financial institutions upon!
    Still, Obama? On every level including our Stock Market which has been the great beneficiary of his socialist policies up to now, is a complete and total catastrophe for everyone but especially the poorest among us!
    On every level and in every endeavor his policies and rhetoric have weakened and divided our nation almost like it never has been!
    So he is popular in Europe? Progressive, I hate America Europe, what a surprise!
    Don’t worry, his anti democratic, big government, anti Western, despotism has already shown up in its effects throughout Europe and the free World!
    Low in Russia? That surprises a little as they could not have faced a less involved and weaker opponent. I’m frankly surprised Putin has not thrown him a parade!
    America is losing ground yearly under the nations World freedom rankings, our Middle Class is shrinking, our economy is a disaster with real unemployment in the high teens,
    As the number of extremely poor now approach third World levels, and I could spend the rest of the year going on!
    Never has there been as poor and truly un-American President then this complete anti Western, pro Marxist, Racist, Islamic, unaccomplished in any field, narcissist!

    1. Whee2 years ago

      Selective Use of Violence for Propagandistic Effects

      It is possible to neutralize carefully selected and planned targets,
      such as court judges, mesta judges, police and State Security officials,
      CDS chiefs, etc. For psychological purposes it is necessary to gather
      together the population affected, so that they will be present, take part
      in the act, and formulate accusations against the oppressor.

      An excerpt from “PSYCHOLOGICAL OPERATIONS IN GUERRILLA WARFARE” published by the Reagan Administration in Nicaragua.

  36. bob2 years ago

    haha. of course every other country likes what obama is doing. since our conception, theyve been wanting us to crumble. now theyre seeing it happen

    1. Kathy2 years ago


    2. Tee2 years ago

      You have it all backwards. The countries that wants America to crumble are mostly China and Russia who are an actual threat to our country and they showed their true colors in the world affairs rating. You just can’t accept the facts that he’s sadly more appreciated by the rest of the world then by us Americans. SMH

      1. Panda2 years ago


    3. Amy2 years ago

      No doubt.

  37. David2 years ago

    Pew, kinda says it all.

    1. Evon2 years ago

      why because it goes against your opinion?

  38. Roger W Abraham2 years ago

    I don’t know anyone that thinks he’s anything but a liar, and possibly you’re asking questions that are formulated wrong!

    1. William C. Scott2 years ago

      They are talking to people in foreign countries, not people who live in the country.He is not

    2. evon2 years ago

      or maybe you are wrong?

      1. Reasonandhumanity2 years ago

        Yes, Evon. Some righties believe their personal circle represents some grand majority. The fact is, they are friends BECAUSE they share a common doctrine. So, when Roger says, “I don’t know anyone that thinks…” His polling is flawed in the sense that he has only asked people he knows.

        1. Anonymous1 year ago

          Exactly. Absolutes like everyone and no-one and never are false perceptions.

  39. Keith Brown2 years ago

    Interesting to run a correlation analysis of foreign aid money.

    1. Evon2 years ago

      Yeah, because that would really work in your favor for some place like Isreal?

    2. James2 years ago

      I don’t think it’d turn up much. The general population isn’t that cognizant of how much aide their country receives. Even just a casual glance at the map shows it’s all over the place with regards to foreign aide assuming African countries receive a lot and European countries receive none.

      1. Anonymous1 year ago

        These polling data are every bit as credible as Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize. What a guy!!