January 24, 2014

In 2014, Latinos will surpass whites as largest racial/ethnic group in California

FT_14.01.24_Latino_population_200pxAccording to California Governor Jerry Brown’s new state budget, Latinos are projected to become the largest single racial/ethnic group in the state by March of this year, making up 39% of the state’s population. That will make California only the second state, behind New Mexico, where whites are not the majority and Latinos are the plurality, meaning they are not more than half but they comprise the largest percentage of any group.

California’s demographers also project that in mid-2014, the state’s residents will be 38.8% white non-Hispanic, 13% Asian American or Pacific Islander, 5.8% black non-Hispanic, and less than 1% Native American. But the state’s demographics in 2014 are very different from what they had been. In 2000, California’s 33.9 million residents were 46.6% white non-Hispanic, 32.3% Latino, 11.1% Asian American or Pacific Islander, 6.4% black non-Hispanic and about 1% Native American. In 1990, white non-Hispanics made up more than half (57.4%) of the state’s then 29.7 million residents, while 25.4% of Californians were Latino, 9.2% were Asian American or Pacific Islander, 7.1% were black non-Hispanic and about 1% were Native American.

This 2014 demographic milestone will arrive about eight months later than the state originally expected. Last year, California’s Department of Finance demographers projected that the Latino population would match the non-Hispanic white population in size by mid-2013.

But as birth rates among Hispanics have slowed (as they have nationally for Latinos and the overall U. S. population with the recession), the state this month readjusted its projection to March 2014. When this milestone occurs, it will mark the first time since California became a state in 1850 that Latinos are the Golden State’s single largest racial or ethnic group. 

With more than 14 million Hispanic residents, California has the nation’s largest Hispanic population. But only in California and New Mexico will Hispanics be the largest racial or ethnic population (in New Mexico, Hispanics make up 47% of the state’s population).

Texas may be next. According to Pew Research Center tabulations from the U.S. Census Bureau’s American Community Survey, in 2012 there were 10 million Latinos and 11.6 million non-Hispanic whites living in Texas, making up 38.2% and 44.4%, respectively, of the state’s 26.1 million residents. By contrast, in 2000, Latinos made up 31.9% and white non-Hispanics made up 52.4% of the state’s 20.8 million residents. These numbers indicate the Hispanic population is growing more quickly than the non-Hispanic white population—since 2000 Hispanics have made up 63.5% of the Lone Star state’s population growth.

After Texas, though, it’s unlikely any other state will follow any time soon. Florida’s 4.5 million Hispanics—the third largest Hispanic state population—make up just 23.2% of all Floridians, while white non-Hispanics make up 56.8%. In Arizona, Hispanics make up 30.2% of the state’s population, and non-Hispanic whites make up 56.9%. And in Nevada, the state’s 753,000 Hispanics make up 27.3% of the state’s population compared with white non-Hispanics’ 52.8%.

What’s the only other state where non-Hispanic whites are not the largest racial or ethnic group?  Hawaii. The Rainbow state is the only state in which Asian Americans or Pacific Islanders are the largest racial/ethnic group. Of the state’s 1.4 million residents, just 22.8% are non-Hispanic white, but nearly half (46.1%) are Asian American or Pacific Islander.

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  1. Photo of Mark Hugo Lopez

    is director of Hispanic research at Pew Research Center.


  1. John Smith1 year ago

    Over half of all Hispanics in the US are white.

  2. Anonymous1 year ago

    Mr. H.Lopez..Congratulations to you and staff for your excellent research work. I would like to see more research on the topics of Hispanic participation in our local ,state,and federal government and education since the Civil rights Movement of the 60s.

  3. Cynthia Freyer1 year ago

    I just finished reading an interesting article on assimilation versus acculturation. It is not so much, imho, the racial change that is on people’s mind. It is that acculturation is occurring more so than assimilation, which is what occurred in previous generations. With the changing of America, what we are experiencing is a change in cultural values and norms. Human behavior results in us being attracted to living our daily lives with people who are more like us in religion, language, diet, wealth, profession, education, norms and values than those who are not.

    That is the change that is occurring that is causing the discomfort. I think it has far less to do with skin color and culture than with living among humans who are less like you than like you.

  4. Parrot Sarnoso1 year ago

    Hispanic here and as per my DNA test done by FTDNA, I am 61% European, 20% Native American and 19% Middle Eastern. The Middle Eastern part, is because Spain was owned and operated by Arabs for more than 800 years. So, we are basically Caucasians mixed with Native Americans. I am not different from my neighbor who claims to be half Irish half cherokee. We are not a new human race..!!, we can trace our family roots to Southern Europe.

  5. Milton Mitchell, Jr2 years ago

    Sheila, from 2 months ago. Girl I like the way you say things. We grew up with the Mexican community and I’m not mad at them for taking advantage of the proxy programs. I see it as there’s got to be something in it for Brown. The Mesa College program as the Hispanic serving college in San Diego. Give me a break. The same language used to qualify the institution as such is the same language used to disqualify Blacks under affirmative action. Read the language! Instead of moving people closer together, this renegade has run afoul. But check his family’s history. let there be no confusion. People. Politicians are crooks serving their own agenda=(Pocketbook). Most people. Correction. All people today are to busy trying to keep up with the nonsense to actually see what’s going on. Take a break from the BS and take a closer look for yourselves and not what’s being told to you. Poeple. Use what’s left of your brain. Medical marijuana, higher taxes aint solving a damn thang. And the band played on. Tempations. What year.

  6. Kevin2 years ago

    Im latino and I’d like to say to the contrary of some of us leeching on tax paying citizens, I pay my taxes I’ve learned the language to the point that it surpasses my Spanish, i work and don’t use welfare. All of my family doea the same , we’ve come here legally but the question is , are you going to generalize a collective group of persons just becauae of the callous and ridiculous actionss just because a few of us dont know how to act? I find it to be ludicrous.

    1. J Singleton2 years ago

      I’m with you…(Caucasian btw)..We all need to remember our individual ethnicity when conversing so we can be sure or protocol..?…
      Anyway, the guy you are talking to is in the minority…so just as you said you should not be included with the few….Neither should you think he represents the majority by any means.
      We are a great country….and just need to correct our system once again….Washington stinks and is full of corruption and anti-American (weird by true) politicians….These anti politicians are fighting against the founding principles that “made” this country what it is….All of us “people” no matter what our differences have one common goal…keep what was handed down to us “INTACT”…Change is what we can do if we want…but legally and properly by true representatives…not bought and paid off traitors…selling us for a good deal on a Florida condo…..Let’s vote in some good American non politicians and get this country GREAT AGAIN…and you know who I’m speaking of I’m sure..my 2cents (now about $2 due to inflation)

  7. Agnes2 years ago

    I am very surprise about all the commentaries that i’m reading here, i am not an english speaking neither live in america (so sorry for my english) in fact i´m european. But as far as i know America, all of it, it is a continent that had been built with immigrants, both, spanish and english come from europe, so they are not native languages, they just have been talking there 400 years, it is not a lot, isn’t it? actually all the white people (like me) who is living there are descendant of immigrants, most of then economic immigrants, so please don’t criticize those who are doing the same that yours ancestors did. There is not end of the word is spanish become to be an official language in USA, in fact i think is better, in Europe the most of the countries have more of one official language and this open your mind, so people from usa maybe is time to start wit Spanish
    Aprender español seguramente os va enriquecer más de lo que pensáis, además es un idioma precioso 😉

  8. Emma2 years ago

    Troublesome world we live in where people still consider that America should be a white nation. Pathetic to see that even those who deem themselves superior lack the knowledge and history of this country. Mexico is not a country of beheading and drugs and prostitution that is good ol’America. Should I have to remind you, of when the European settlers, which were in fact immigrants to this territory that was once Mexico, rapped and murdered our Indian ancestors? Tell me who was the monster there? Latino, Mexicans, Chicanos whatever you want to call us, have as much European blood as those of white category. Face the fact, America has always been a nation of immigrants, Latinos, blacks, Indian, Asians and always will be.

    Now that the jokes over, Donald trump you can step down, we have laughed at you enough. It’s really gotten quiet boring.

    1. Anonymous1 year ago

      Why is it that almost every Latino, Latin,Hispanic country are third world countries. You want to come here and fly your Mexican flag never having lost a family member to war or stand up for this country. You are coming here and trashing America.

  9. Kathy2 years ago

    Does this mean the admissions committees for highly sought after undergraduate and graduate programs will consider white applicants an minority?

  10. W. Foster2 years ago

    Quite frankly I don’t care what you call yourself. My eye sight is pretty good and I can usually spot a black, white, Asian, Hispanic, Martian or what ever. The problem is this country is changing its face. But more importantly, it is happening illegally and the majority of legal citizens, want it to stop. Hispanics or anyone else for that matter, go through the legal channels to move to this country and stop coming here illegally. YOU ARE NOT WELCOME OR WANTED ! It’s that simple. Can you imagine if the whole world just decided to up and move to different countries ” just because ” WTF ! What is also mind blowing is the fact that many of the illegals are not interested in our culture, history, language – they are interested in dollars, free handouts and programs. Let’s not even get started on all the trash and gang members that have crossed those boarders. It’s time to stop. Come on Donald, you seem to be the only on that cares, hasn’t been bought off, is willing to speak the voice of the lower- middle class white america and we truly believe that you are the only one that will do anything about it. If you are elected, hopefully you can restore some dignity, pride and respect back into this once great country.

  11. Kris2 years ago

    Someone told me 20 years ago, while I was in college, that this country will be taken over by Hispanics and I never believed him…he said his grandmother lived in the states for 20 years and never spoke English. If the white man is in fact running this country, then why is the Hispanic taking over? I see we will become a second Mexico. With beheading, drugs, prostitution, corruption, etc…just like good ol Mexico. In the future, instead of singing “God bless America”, we will be singing “God bless Viva Mexico.” Mr. Donald Trump PLEASE help!! This is not why I came to America.

  12. anvildrop2 years ago

    Since most Hispanics self-identify as Caucasian (with little to no regard for appearance) those statistics mean nothing.

  13. Honestlyhonestly2 years ago

    This is depressing very depressing and also upsetting at the same time.

  14. Robert Savitt2 years ago

    Politicians need to stop pandering to special interest groups and do what is right. Simple!

  15. Florencio Corona2 years ago

    There sure a lot of experts here who seem to think they know what a Latino or Hispanic person is or is not. The fact of the matter it is just a designation the census department has attached to a certain demographic. Some call themselves Latino, some Hispanic, some Mexican-American or whatever country they or their family originates. And yes some wish to call themselves American without any other label. In any event, the whites they are referring to in the article are those with European ancestry and not to the color of their skin.

    1. rob2 years ago

      Yep, I am a european thats born in south america and I just conciderate my self latino because I speak a latin lenguage but I am white.. so?.. people In USA look at me like a wiredor jusr because I say I am latino.. italians, spaniards, potuguesses, frenchs and ruminians are latinos… all of them are europeans but by lenguage are latinos and mediterranean some of them.. more darck skin and hair..

  16. Frank Belville2 years ago

    wow now I am the minority

    1. Kristen2 years ago

      Yeah and without the benefits!

      1. Anonymous1 year ago

        actually, i believe that white people have enjoyed the benefits of a biased cultural system for the last 400 years. Myself included

  17. Saphrona Nelson2 years ago

    I love all races and never thought the illegal immigrants were a danger to the legal citizens, but then my whole neighborhood was taken over. Gang signs started showing up all over, including my daughter’s new car in the winter. I started to get the “stare down” by young Hispanics walking in the middle of the street as I was just trying to get in my drive-way. A young Hispanic male followed me home a couple of years ago and tried to spit on me because I honked when he almost hit me. I grabbed my bear-spray and he spit on my drive-way. He knows where I live. I saw hate in his eyes like never before in my life.

    The neighborhood church, that I grew up in, was taken over and us out-siders are NOT allowed on the property. The church is written in Spanish, so I have no idea what it says. I asked my church-going neighbor how she feels about having to go about a mile away, to get to another church, after being forced to leave their beloved, neighborhood church, that they raised all of their children in, and tears streamed down her face. She said, she was just glad they had a place to go to church. What about us older folks that are now stuck in these neighborhoods because everyone wants to move away?

    Now there are Hispanic stores taking over all of the little stores in the city, even one that my relatives used to own. They turned my last name, on the marque, to a Spanish name. I still don’t know what it says. Almost all of the schools have a majority of Hispanics that like to mostly keep away from the caucasions students. It’s the same with the parents, grandparents and Spanish speaking student coordinators at the front desk of these schools..

    The brand new state-of-the-art schools going up recently, are all geared to Spanish speaking students and the federal government helps pay for them. All of my 4 children, who love this city, and have close friends that are Hispanic, have now moved out of their home town in order for their kids to get a much better education.

    We just had “another” “drive-by” shooting by a young gang member, 2 blocks away, in broad daylight. He shot at a stranger, 4 times, and hit his head while he was driving down main street. About 17 years ago, my neice was shot and killed by a gang-member because her boyfriend was Hispanic and it put her in their world. I keep hearing that the crime rate has actually gone down since the illegal immigrants have been flurishing U.S. cities, from people outside MY city. Oh really. We had a bullet go through the roof of our house and was about a foot away from my granddaughter. The police said it was a 9 mil. bullet, probably shot by celebrating hispanics that don’t stop and think where the bullet is going to land. You can’t do anything about these occurances.

    I don’t remember any of this stuff happening in my whole life. Something is not right. Is this a take-over by foreingers and are we stupid and naive to just look the other way? What is really going on? And by-the-way, I am a Democrat.

    1. Mauricio2 years ago

      listen… That’s in your neighborhood, that’s only one. But think about the millions or even billions of other neighborhoods in the US. But you are only using your neighborhood as an example

    2. Honestlyhonestly2 years ago

      That’s the eXact reason why you should not be a democrap.

    3. Alex Engel2 years ago

      Wow your story really devastates me. I can’t believe this is even an issue in the U.S. and I can’t believe it but I really think the only way things could change would be to elect Trump for President of 2016.. Its the only way people like you could get justice..

      1. Anonymous1 year ago

        Alex Engel…How is Mr.Trump going to stop the demographic numbers of the Cenus Bureau that show that Hispanics are increasing in high % #s all across our country.? As of 2012, according to the Cenus Bureau,S.Dakota Alabama,Kentucky,Tennessee, S.n N.Carolina,Maryland,Mississippi, have increased #s of over100% Hispanic population. Sir, I didn’t even mentioned Texas,California,Arizona,N.Mexico,Florida,Colorado and Nevada.It must be a scary thing for Mr. Trump and his supporters. Now we know how the Native Americans felt when the pale face immigrants landed in Plymouth Rock and later immigrated westward. A mini Social Study/History lesson.

    4. Brazilian Man2 years ago

      Quite strange.
      I do not want to doubt your comment, but it is very suspicious.
      Who often consider Latinos non-caucasian used to be some americans. A white brazilian would never consider himself a non-caucasian.
      There are strong cultural differences among latinos and anglo-Saxans, but divided church per race or ethnic group is something I’ve never seen in countries like Brazil, Chile or Argentina. Interesting that who usually did this were just americans.
      If I’m talking nonsense, forgive me, but I think your text is false.

    5. J Singleton2 years ago

      I’ve got to ask…sorry….But are you really still a Democrat after all you have gone through? Just for myself….I originally registered as a Democrat but left them for the Independent Vote after a few years off seeing the stated Platform degenerate and morph into something totally unlike what my vision of America was and is. I now reluctantly vote straight ticket Republican because they are about the opposite of an aberrant party (Dems). And we have to even watch that closely ….Washington seems to brainwash and somehow sway our Reps almost immediately….few are able to stand…
      Anyway, good wishes…Let’s make American Great Again…if we can

  18. matteo2 years ago

    Latino is not a race,it’s time to fix this common misconception.A lot of Mexicans are white,same deal for Brazilians eccetera…
    We can assume that South Americans,are also culturally white (European) as much as North Americans since they practise a religion (Christianity) widespread by European people,and also because Spanish and Portoguese are European languages…

    1. sdsdsd2 years ago

      yeah this stereotype is ridiculous

    2. Roman Cotton1 year ago

      Latinos are mayans and aztecs. Thats not white. Especially mexicans.

  19. Jay2 years ago

    You do realize Latino is an ethnicity, not a race, right?

  20. Alan Christ2 years ago

    I beleive it is unfair for the state of arizona to continue to cater to the hipanic comunity
    millons of dollars could be save by the state if they stop doing things like printing state forms one side engish one side spanish.there is no reason why a nonengish speaking person can’t hire a personal interptitor to tell them what the documents say…There is no reason to cater to people that come to live in the US knowing that engish is the national language and yet have realalized that if they cry a nd wine long enough the state will give in and fold to there demandes becouse there the minority ,,Being the minority of a countury that they decided to come and live in should in no way mean that they should get special treatment by our government

    1. Min Zee2 years ago

      There is also the agreement called “The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo” which has provision that protect and allow Mexican/Americans to maintain their language, culture and practice their religion of origin. By the 21st century, for a variety of reasons, (e.g. racism against Mexicans immigrants and their American born children, repatriation of the 1930’s,etc) most Mexican-Americans are born and raised in the United States and are no longer immigrants so the provisions of the Treaty have been ignored as it was easier to adopt to American Culture ( e.g. english only, broken spanish, english rock bands, foods, allegiance to the Flag of the U.S., The Star Spangled Banner, Felix, Hobo Kelly, Farmer John, ABC’s etc). Part of the problem is that this part of history is not taught, people don’t go out of their way to want to know it,and they continue to hold onto their unfounded fears, stereotypes, and myths about a group of people the only patronize for convenience. The facts are that there are Mexican/Mex-American and Hispanics populations in every single state of our country. They (these “immigrant” populations) are vital to the shrinking economies and shrinking anglo/european populations that first immigrated/settled in this country apron. 200 years. There is nothing to be afraid of. The vast majority of this huge and diverse population have always been loyal to this country and they have showed their loyalty time after time, even when this country has not shown there loyalty. They are not going anywhere in spite of what Trump may say, and in spite of your support for him. They are hard working human beings that have saved our economy, have taken the jobs anglo/european immigrants and Americans don’t want. It behooves our nation to education them and to treat them with respect, because if you want your social security benefits in the future, these are the very people that will be contributing to social security, so that your generation can make sure you still get some money. There are doctors, lawyers, teachers, politicians, judges, engineers, architects, housekeepers, gardeners, and the list goes on and on. Just because people may not have friends who are, or they may not fit your stereotype (as not all Mexicans/Hispanics have brown skin) it doesn’t mean they don’t exist in a variety of professions and jobs. Without the Hispanic population, states like Maine would be struggling economically as Hispanics have opened up businesses in main and contribute to Maine’s economic growth in the millions and continue to do the jobs that other anglo/european immigrants don’t want.

  21. JO2 years ago

    According to the latest US census, the MAJORITY of Latinos in the US self-identify as White — and that number has been growing year after year.

    Perhaps what needs to be done is stop identifying ‘Latino’ and ‘Hispanic’ as quasi-racial categories. Being Latino is similar to being American — you can be of any ethnic background (European, Asian, African, Middle Eastern, etc.).

    Mark Hugo Lopez seems to be pushing an agenda which many others erroneously are doing: assuming just because you have a Spanish last name (and not all Latinos do) or are from south of the border you can’t be White or any other race for that matter. Nothing can be further from the truth.

    A little more research and understanding on what Latino actually means throughout Latin America (and that means more than just Mexico) would do Mr. Lopez some good.

    1. john2 years ago

      True, but the vast majority (although not all) of Latinos are non white. Go to any American city with a high percentage of hispanics, and i’m sure you will see a very large percentage of brown, not white people. Also Hispanic Americans tend to be about 2-3 inches shorter than white Americans and tend to have a much higher fertility rate indicating that they are not of the same race, generally speaking. Most are brown and of Mexican decent.

      1. Jaqueline2 years ago

        Mexicans are made up of Spanish Europeans and Amerindians.

    2. scienz chic2 years ago

      Latino’s did NOT want to be identified as “European white” when they labelled themselves as a “racial minority” in order to receive “affirmative action” and all its perks, but they are increasingly a majority & will no longer qualify for Affirmative Action, so NOW they want to call themselves European-white?

  22. asasaax avafsavsbs2 years ago

    can you show more charts and graphs

  23. blakuun2 years ago

    What they neglect to say is that quite a few Hispanics are White, think Charlie Sheen Cameron Diaz..Ted Cruz. Some Hispanics in countries like Argentina, Uruguay and many from of the upper classes in other Latin American countries are mostly of European extraction. Many of these in California and elsewhere eventually become part of the White middle class. Nothing much will change unless people insist on viewing others as different (granted many Mestizos etc are not Whites) regardless of their looks just because they have a Spanish language background, Spanish language being from Europe by the way.

    1. Tina Edwards2 years ago

      Except Charlie Sheen is not Hispanic. His people are from Spain not Latin America. Spaniards are European. Obviously in 2015, you have all races in Europe, but he is White European not Hispanic.

      1. donteofebo2 years ago

        What you think the term Hispanic means? It is because of Spain that we are Hispanics. The Latin in Latinamerica did not come from the natives.

  24. Ed Cornejo2 years ago

    The author of this article seems to have a political agenda, and also, does not know the meaning of “Latino” or “White”. As such, the “Pew Research Center” (PRC) does not seem to associate itself with individuals that are well-educated on the topic that they’re writing about.
    The title “Latinos will surpass whites as largest racial/ethnic group in California” is full of erroneous statements. Here are a few:

    – The terms “Latino” and “White” are not a very descriptive terms at all. I am of Central American and Croatian descent – so does that make me “Latino”, “White”, both or neither? My daughter has blond hair and blue eyes, so which one of your convenient “categories” should she be classified in Mr. Mark H. Lopez? If you were to classify her in the “Latino” category, would you be able to tell the difference is she were standing next to someone standing in your “White” category?
    – The term “Latino” is erroneously used by many people, including “research groups” such as the PRC and the U.S. Government. I believe that their intent is to describe people of Mexican, Central-American, South American and Spanish descent. These people represent a very broad group, ranging from the descendants for African slaves from Cuba to descendants or German immigrants in Mexico or South America and a whole lot of other groups in between, including Mestizos (European and Native American mixes), and representatives of Chinese and Japanese immigrants as well as endless combinations and permutations thereof. They look very different, yet according to the title of Mr. Mark H. Lopez;s article, they are the same racial group! In fact, what the term “Latino” really means is “of or relating to the Latin language”. These are speakers of French, Portugese, Spanish and even Romanian. The term “Latino” is now erroneously used with the intent of describing a single racial group by writers, politicians or statisticians which are ignorant or too lazy to describe a complex subject.
    – As a side note, modern day Spanish has no more in common with Latin than does English; therefore, “Latino” is probably not a good term to describe the intended population.
    – Finally – Mr. Lopez if you venture to write a political article about “Latinos” in the future, please do the Pew Research Center a service by not presuming that the people whom you refer to as “Latino” have the same political opinions. In fact, we are all different individuals with drastically varying opinions on every political topic.

    1. China2 years ago

      Well stated Ed and thank you for bringing the truth!

  25. harry2 years ago

    ups does not reflect its diversity in Management (senior) positions

  26. Byron2 years ago

    First, I’m spanish and I don’t speak english as well as I would like… :))
    The terms “hispanic” and “latino” refers to the same. It’s like saying that you’re “californian” and your are “american” All hispanics are latinos, but not all latinos are hispanic, the same way all californians are americans, but not all americans are californians.
    “Hispano” comes from the word “Hispania”, that was how the roman conquerors called what nowadays is the territory of Spain and Portugal. And the term “Latino” comes from these Romans, because they spoke Latin, and when they conquered the “Ibers”, that were the tribes that before the Romans came, lived in Spain and Portugal, they brought their language to us.
    If you search for it in spanish wikipedia, the word “latino” refers to all people who have a native language derived from Latin. That means that French, Italians, Spaniards and Romanies, ARE LATINOS, because they spoke languages that derived from the Latin the Romans brought with them, such as French, Italian, Spanish or Romanian.
    In Europe we are white, but with differences. In Scandinavian countries, they are taller, have blonder hair and light eyes, while in Southern Europe (Spain, south of French, Portugal, Italy, Greece) we tend to be shorter, and have darker hair and eyes, but the colour of our skin is the same. Only in the south of Southern Europe, that regions that are nearest to Africa, there are people who have a darker skin tone. People of central/north Europe ( UK, Germany, North of France, Holland, etc..) there is a mixture of both. But anyway, all Europe has been a mixture of people all over the history. For example, If you look for a percentage of blond people in Europe, you will find that in Spanish region of Galicia, there are more blond people that in many regions of Germany… It depends on many facts.
    In South America, there were native people when the spanish conquerors arrived. They had a brown skin and distinctive facial features. Just like the native indians in North America. But there were MANY MORE natives in South America than in North America, and the (white) spanish conquerors had relations with some of them (and killed thousands of them….), and then the “mestizos” appeared.
    Nowadays, people of South America is a mixture of descendents of southern European white people, mestizos, and native south-american indians. So saying that Hispanic, or Latino, is a race, is a MISTAKE. There could be three different races. I’ll put an example with famous people: Gerard Piqué (Football Club Barcelona player) or Pau Gasol (NBA player) are white, Eva Longoria (Desperate housewives’s actress) is “mestiza” and Evo Morales (president of Bolivia) is indian descendent. They all are Hispanic, but they have clearly different skin tone (white and mestizos) and facial features (indian descendents)

    “Hispano” comes from the word “Hispania”, that was how the roman conquerors called what nowadays is the territory of Spain and Portugal.

    1. Ed2 years ago

      Americans are all the people from the continent of America.

      1. Jose2 years ago

        I don’t know whether to laugh or cry, your simple naivety is probably the most disturbing comment I’ve read on this site. I have several Canadian friends who would gladly educate you.
        Words have power, if you don’t know there meaning keep your opinions to your self. The article in question is pretty straightforward. I question the baggage individuals bring into reading it that is so disturbing
        This is not a personal attack in any shape or form. Mr Lopez is working within the perimeters set by our government. He’s using the criteria and nomenclature established by it solely. As I see it an American is any individual that has U.S. citizenship regardless of color/ethnicity.
        Reading other post it helps me to understanding that individuals feel threatened or disenfranchised, I can make allowances. Freedom of speech must be given even to those who you would see raked over coals for contradicting everything you hold dear. Tolerance is a word that might help you cope.

  27. American Interest2 years ago

    After reading this: I am Anglo Saxon (White) so, I am the minority in California. So, I will argue EVERY time I hear Hispanics are minority because they aren’t. Now White people should fight for minority rights at EVERY turn.

    1. Joyce2 years ago

      I am a Dinaric-Mid Atlantic islander (also white), but I’m also a Hispanic. So that makes me a majoritarian minority?

    2. Madison2 years ago

      Just because the Hispanic population is increasing in numbers and will surpass the White population in California, it does not mean that people identified as Hispanic have an advantage over those identified as White. So as far as your statement that Whites should fight for minority rights at EVERY turn, you are certainly free to do as you wish (after all it is a free country), but as a suggestion, do not waste your energy in “fighting for rights” you think you have lost based soley on population numbers. In reality, Whites still dominate all top level positions in all industries, highest number attending and graduating college, and receiving the highest federal and state assistance. Please check your statistics (I suggest selecting a few other Pew Hispanic Research reports) in other sources since Hispanics (although high in population numbers in California and a few other states) do not have full inclusion rights and/or gains in the education, workforce, or leadership pipelines. Unlike Whites in Califfornia, Hispanics are underrepresented in high school graduation rates, college entrance, college graduation, graduate attainment degrees, doctoral degrees, higher education faculty, and top management and leadership positions in all fields (education, Fortune 500 companies, etc.). So, yes, of course “fight for your rights” be your best advocate, but know that Whites may me the minority in numbers in California but they are overrepresented in every position of power in every field–therefore, we as Whites, do not fully feel the impact of being a true minority with all the setback that may bring. Good luck in your endeavors though.

      1. 2kan2 years ago

        Wrong, Madison.

        This is your angle:
        =>Population size doesn’t matter.
        =>What does matter is the prestige level/income/education level groups attain BY PERCENTAGE.
        Conclusion: White people shouldn’t fight for their rights now because they are still dominant percentage-wise in industry.

        The reason this doesn’t make sense is because there is a group that is much MORE advantaged than whites following this argument. This group is ASIANS. They have higher incomes, higher education levels, lower unemployment, etc.

        Whites now in California have no claim to a superior status over any other group. They are neither the plurality in population, nor the most well-off group by statistics.

        The left needs to create a new racial philosophy because white privilege is unsustainable demographically.

      2. Brenda2 years ago

        Of course the white population holds better jobs ..They work for a living unlike the freeloading Hispanics popping out child after child so they can get more government money..that is being taken out of every working persons pay check. How many more handouts could they possibly get?

      3. Anonymous1 year ago

        Mr. Madison…Thank you very much for your very accurate comment.Your #s are very true. One more thing is true, since the Civil Rights Movement of the 60s the minority groups have increased participation in all levels and areas of city, state, and Federal government and education. Could this change be the reason/fear behind the support of a person such as Mr.Trump.?

  28. steven3 years ago

    These numbers will change once we all decided on Latino or a name to group up with. Most of our people are shades of brown the name is for them because we accept our mixed culture. Our white Hispanics will catch on, so will our black and Asian ones. This is for family we need equal representation. This would not be a problem if the white government didn’t label people first as Mexican Americans after the war with mexico. Then asking for only pure whites. With non-Hispanic in quotations. It depends on the person in my family my dad is a white Hispanic and my mom is more native American, but her grandfather was a German Mexican. I would rather say Latino, because I’m mixed or even Mexican since I have a Spanish surname. I can’t get anymore white washed, Latino is American first. Hispanic sounds as if foreigners and from Spain only. Our Mexican history is longer than any Englishman by hundreds of years. Our culture is more accepting to diversity and We don’t really have a name for mestizos in America so I say Latino. Food and history is what we share not really language.

  29. Gerald3 years ago

    So???Germany allows non White immigrants into its territory, that is why its white percentage is falling.
    On the other hand Argentina had almost exclusively White immigration until the 90s.1970s Argentina was basically 99% White because ONLY WHITES MOVED TO ARGENTINA THEN.
    Today,Amerindians and Mestizos from Paraguay and Bolivia make up 60% of Argentine immigrants.However, most are temporary migrants and not permanent settlers. On the other hand the. Whites entering Argentina are usually permanent settlers.Like most Bolivian Whites and young Italians.

  30. Gerald3 years ago

    Actually Argentina is between 85 to 97% White and 3 to 15% Mestizo.
    And, Buenos Aires has large Bolivian and Paraguayan immigrant communities thus it is less white (say 75% White) than the rest of Argentina.
    Cordoba for example in Central Argentina is nearly 100% White and many towns in Patagonia are not only 100% White but often Whites of 1 ethnicity.Like Entre Rios has a German majority with Spaniards and Italians who make up a Majority in Argentina being a small minority.There are places in Argentina where Mestizos do not exist.To most Argentines, Diversity is the multiple White ethnic groups that they have.Not Racial groups .

  31. Larry “Professor” Bean3 years ago

    The Percentage of Blacks in California are around about the same as for Jews, yet the Jews hold both U.S. Senate seats and many Congressional seats in SoCal. We need to have diversity within the Democratic Party. Black lives do matter.

  32. Joe Garagio3 years ago

    Despite being a numerical majority, Hispanics continue to remain a lightweight in political and economic life in California compared to Whites and Asians. Asians in particular outshine Latinos in California, particularly in Northern California, Asians tend to thrive in the technology industry, tend to have average high incomes and work in high paid professions. Asian students are well represented in all the UC universities and at Stanford.
    The only impact of this news that I see is that those who are against immigrants will use this as their justification to discriminate against further immigration. Its not going to elevate the social status of people who identify themselves as Hispanics
    What I see is that small elite of wealthy have a disproportionate share of the wealth in California and much of the middle class is struggling to survive or just disappearing, but this trend is all over the USA.
    California is no longer the model of the American dream, its not the warm bucolic paradise that it once what was, its major urban areas are over-developed, its public schools are failing, its plagued with crime and gangs, it is a Dystopian Blade Runner type corporate fascist police state.
    Another thing I find confusing here is “Spanish” ancestry, Spanish people are Europeans who racially not much different than people from Britain, Germany, France, Ireland, most of the residents of California when it was part of Mexico were indigenous Natives mixed with Spanish not European Spaniards.

    1. Larry “Professor” Bean3 years ago

      You are right about the Asians in the taxpayer funded colleges and universities in California. The Asians(but not by way of limitation) make up a disproportionate share. This goes against the Democratic Party principle of diversity. We need to have affirmative action quotas so all races and ethnic backgrounds will be represented not in excess of their population. We need to put a stop to institutionalized racism and tell the party that we will not stand for it any longer. We are a one party state in California and using the excuse “the Republicans(aka Devil ) made me do it” will no longer fly. There are no longer any Republicans to blame for our problems in California.

      1. American Interest2 years ago

        @Larry “Professor” Bean,; I don’t understand your mentality. Really I don’t. So, you are saying the Democratic Party has most all their effort into diversity? Who is putting all the effort into diversity? Who? I live in East LA and Mexicans are not at all (at all) trying to make sure there are more White people involved here. They like it just being Mexican. I don’t see Blacks in the Black areas making sure more White people are involved……..it’s VERY hard to get a job being a White person and also I will go so far as to say; when attending ELA college one of the teachers were not fair to me when giving me a ‘C’ when I honestly should have gotten an A or at least a B+. It was ridiculous. So, you are saying White people need to stick up for Blacks & Latinos (and by the way, Latinos are not the minority here) but Blacks & Latinos can disrespect White people all the time. I don’t buy into that. I am not a Republican. I am a realist. and I live in the real World. People who STILL are saying that Whites should bend over backwards to be diverse is only being destructive and disrespecting the cultures of Whites. And it’s pathetic.

        1. Alyson Yang2 years ago

          You claim about white benefits, and yet you do not see the full picture… Asians are overrepresented in schools by the social media. They are not the ‘model minority’ everybody makes them out to be. Many fully deserving Asians are turned away from colleges because the college board wants to make the school more ‘diverse’. We get into good schools and get good jobs with out own hard work, not because of our race, or ethnicity. Are you saying we Asians should bend over to make way for people who don’t study as hard as us, just because of what color our skin is?

      2. Jee2 years ago

        People should be admitted based on merit plain and simple. Asians do better academically than all other races so why should they not be the majority? Asians are the smallest group of the major groups (black, white, hispanic) in the usa yet they achieve more academically, financially, professionally, and cause the least crime of all groups. I am tired of hearing about your pathetic affirmative action.

  33. Stephen Lee Byrd3 years ago

    One factual mishap: While it is true that Hispanics lost control in (Alta) California in the 1848-1850 period, a white demographic plurality/majority did not occur until 1878-1880, after the railroads from the Midwest were completed and a lot more immigration had occurred.
    In more general, what you present needs to be a lot more widely disseminated. Most people I mention this to are surprised, it sounds extravagent to them and they disbelieve me. People so want to cling on to their 20th Century conceptions!

  34. Ralph McKenzie3 years ago

    I cannot stress enough, how much Hispanics hate to be called “LATINo”. Drop the “LATINo” nonsense. Hispanics speak Spanish, not Latin.

    1. Enrique Cruz3 years ago

      Sorry but I am “Latino” and embrace the cultural reference quite dearly, thank you.

    2. Juan Carlos Rey de Miami3 years ago

      Spanish is a Latin language, by the way.

    3. Sniper3 years ago

      You didn’t speak to everyone. Sorry my man. Speaking of genera.lization

    4. Joyce2 years ago

      I like neither term.

  35. Ralph McKenzie3 years ago

    Hispanic is not a race or a colour. You have no idea how much some Hispanics get pissed off when the media refers to Hispanics as “Brown” or as “People of colour”.

    1. Joyce2 years ago

      I’m one of those, especially since I’ve met many “whites’ who are much darker than me…yet I’m (from PR) supposedly the “person of color”? If by color they meant something resembling a mix of ivory and beige, then I’d be a person of color. However, that’s not the color the media is talking about.

  36. Corrine3 years ago

    Hispanic is a term created by a democratic politician as a calculated way to group a large population of people in the U.S. for political reasons that would benefit the Democratic party. I am considered hispanic, but I am of mixed European background: Spanish, French, and German. I have a Spanish last name. Most people are quite surprised when they find out I’m hispanic because I “look” white! Its because I am white. My family has always considered us caucasian. My mother’s sisters have very light brown hair, blue eyes, and Spanish last names. The word Hispanic is not accurate at all anyway to describe people from Mexico, South America , and Central America. Hispanic comes from the word Hispania which is what “Spain” used to be called during the time of the Romans. Why is it necessary anyway to break down the races and ethnicities in the U.S. Why aren’t we all just Americans. I grew up very close to a girl who wascfrom Argentina. Her mother was Spanish decent, her father was Italian decent, but they never referred to themselves as Spanish or Italian! They always, always just referred to themselves as Argentinian. Why can’tawe just all refer to ourselves as Americans. If an Italian-American goes to Italy and says he is Italian, they will laught at him and say “no, you are not Italian you are American! “

    1. Bryan Dennis3 years ago

      Well, it would be nice to think that everyone could just get along by defining themselves as Americans. BUT what does it mean to be an American? American’s since the founding of this country have had a very homogenous society. Racially, culturally, Religiously and consequently have had a strong sense of unity. This country has been 90% Causasian of ethnic European decent and Christian up until 1965, the year that our immigration policy changed. Americans are these people, the culture and values they had were expressed in the constitution. THAT’S what an American is. Why don’t people just consider themselves American then? Well, they don’t identify themselves as American first. They are Black(insert minority) first, and insist on keeping their black identity. They INSIST on having their own culture, their own values and their own interests. Some minority’s don’t even share the values enshrined in the Constitution. Our Muslim population for instance. The problem is they AREN’T Americans, DON’T WANT to be American’s because they DON’T WANT to share the common culture, religion and values. I don’t care whether you have a piece of paper that says you’re a citizen. If you don’t come here to be apart of what we created in its entirety, don’t leave behind you’re “ethic diversity” and are simply here for a better life economically without taking on the culture and values that were responsible in creating the prosperity you’ve come for.. Then you’ll always be “diverse” AS IN DIFFERENT and will inevitably destroy this country and its prosperity. As has been the trend since 1965. Diversity is not a strength, it is our greatest weakness. Unity, common language, values and a shared identity is what DEFINES a country. These commonalities define a people and its around these people that you draw the border of your nation. America is breaking apart along the lines of this diversity and when the economy reaches low enough, the lines end up being redrawn. You’ll see the Hispanics calling for the southwest back, since they believe it was stolen during the Spanish American War. Why? They identify themselves as apart due to their language and cultural differences and want their own country or unify with Mexico. California is now over 50% Hispanic.. We’ll see how long it takes but once they have established an overwhelming majority, you’ll see it happen. You on the other hand, are white, despite how politics label you for their benefit, and you identify as an American because of our shared ethnic and cultural heritage. If you ask a Mexican, and he’s honest, I think you’ll find he will tell you who he identifies with. Mexicans.

      1. Esteban2 years ago

        America is a continent, not a country. BTW it is the Mexican-American war, not the Spanish-American war. Those are two totally different wars.

      2. Sharon2 years ago

        All great empires rise and fall. America is no different. This country was built upon racial strife and will fall because of it, because we never learned how to accept and value everyone as equals. This country will fail, redefine itself and hopefully emerge stronger, more United, with a greater purpose than racial politics.

    2. Sniper3 years ago

      I think Corrine could be Hispanic and not Latino, because of European background.

    3. B.Great2 years ago

      EXCELLENT. Agreed.

  37. rick collins3 years ago

    Hi Mark ,

    When I examined the 2010 US Census stats on folks who were enumerated as Black alone or in combination with another race, the Black population is listed as 13.4% to just under 14%. The Pew Hispanic Center itself once quoted or displayed figures from the Census Bureau which stated that a\the average age of individuals who were listed as multiracial Black in combination with another race to be – 14-16 yrs old! Person who self-identifies as Black – “wholly or in part- makes as much a cultural/personal/social statement as someone who checks off Irish/Italian/Latino etc.

  38. BiasedLiberalDoubleStandards3 years ago

    Why are Mexicans brown ‘n proud when they’re good citizens but labeled white in crime statistics by the FBI?

    Why is this article calling them a seperate race?

  39. Aliza H3 years ago

    Many Latinos and Hispanics are white so shouldn’t it read “non-Latinos or non-Hispanics.” I realize it is not as catchy but it is more accurate. I am mixed race Dominican of mostly European, African, Native, Middle Eastern and Asian ancestry living in LA.

    1. hello people3 years ago

      Me too! I don’t get it!

    2. Latino in America3 years ago

      Latinos are mixed ethnic peoples from the Americas. Hispanics are Iberians. Spain=Hespania. There is no such thing as “white” or “black”. This is an invention meant to divide. I am LATINO.

      1. Tyler3 years ago

        It is not meant to divide. It is meant for simplicity in statistics. If instead you listed people by every single one of the hundreds of nationalities how confusing would that be. Whites are supposed to be any person who’s ancestors originate from Europe. Blacks are supposed to be any person who’s ancestors originate from Africa.

    3. Sniper3 years ago

      You my friend, would hard to pidgin hole. Thanks for sharing

      M Uncle filled out a job application. We he came to the section that asked what race, he put, THE HUMAN RACE.

    4. J Singleton2 years ago

      That was so funny …but how true….I’m of Norman English Irish maybe Viking on the Norman side and French Dutch..now 3rd generation American as of 1886 to now…We are all mostly of so much different ancestry which is just one thing that is so cool about America.

  40. gggd3 years ago

    it doesn’t matter what race we are we are all kids of the same god

    1. hello people3 years ago

      Yes we are, we are All the Human Race and we All come from the same GOD!

      1. ddmmrr3 years ago

        Yes we are. We all evolved from chimps and emigrated from Africa within the last 50,000 years.

  41. Bryan3 years ago

    Ive had it with CA. I’m getting as far away form this place as possible. Their racism against other groups is starting to be intolerable. Now I know how life was for minority’s back in the early 1900s. I’m ok with them having more kids then they can afford but because of it crime has been on the increase out here for years with no end in sight. I always here a few of them say “Where taking over”. Maybe that’s true for now but even god would have had enough eventually and would make it so that more Hispanic boys are being born then girls.

    1. TheUnknown3 years ago

      I am really sorry i find it wrong that some of our spanish brothers say that i am dominican and i dont like it just because we are growing doesn’t mean we can step on others and make them feel bad i am not like that i think that what makes american special is not the race but it is everyone united and combined we can share languages culture food music dances and so much more the population or races dont even matter and the people that say “We are taking over” think they are the best but that doesn’t represent all of us because i am not like that some people are ignorant -_- i am really sorry Lo siento 🙁

    2. Sniper3 years ago

      Bryan,’we’re not taking over,we’re it back.’

    3. pillpopper2 years ago

      Most of these latinos/hispanics/mexicans spoken of are specifically the brown people from south of border that speak mexican spanish. There is a limit to what these people living in california can take over. Asians will buy out large portions of the state and the Asians aren’t budging where california has some of the top universities and silicon valley that attract Asians in the first place.

      Anyhow, when I first arrived in houston, tx, I was actually made fun of by a mexican working at tacobell; in fact, I think that was the first time I’d actually been the direct target of racism my entire life. But Asians are just smarter, richer, classier, more civilized and educated I’m not too worried about any “taking over” that is supposedly happening by these people coming from south of the border.

      1. Tom2 years ago

        Hey, I take offense to that…I am Asian and I work at Taco Bell. I don’t have a college degree and my parents are not marry into money

  42. Jason3 years ago

    I’d like to know why Hispanics and Latinos are all lumped together? They aren’t all the same race and they don’t all come from the same culture. The largest ethnic group in California might be Hispanics but the largest racial group in California are still whites because Hispanic is not a race.

    1. james3 years ago

      bc most are mixed race and it would be too hard to put down each percent of what they are. Most are a mix of some type of native American/white and maybe a bit black. All mixes will vary in proportionate but if they are enough white to look white then they usually just call themselves white.

      1. luigee3 years ago

        Not all Hispanics are mixed. Many are actually 100% and don’t just look it. For example, Mexico’s population is about 10% pure white. Other Latin countries have higher percentages of White Hispanics. Argentina is about 97% White. It varies. If you include White Hispanics with Non-Hispanic Whites, then Whites are still the Majority by at least 5-10%

        1. Si como no.3 years ago

          “Argentina is about 97% White” thats BS, maybe buenos aires (porteños) but the rest are mestizo, not even Germany has a percentage of whites that high!.


          1. hello people3 years ago

            Yes it does! Stop making stuff up!

    2. Nolan3 years ago

      Wow, irony. White isn’t a race either but the gov’t still marks us as White or Hispanic.

      1. David3 years ago


    3. Charles the fifth3 years ago

      In California Hispanic and Latino means the same thing.

    4. Ralph Jr3 years ago

      It goes something like this: White, Black, Hispanic Spanish or Latino is the same as far as im concerned. So, theres goes my check mark as Hispanic no matter if you are white, black, mestizo, aborigen, mulato or wathever you call yourself. Lately i noticed in Florida have eliminated that option. Last time i visited the Sheriffs office for some fingerprints the official noticed i was having a hard time figuring out the race since Hispanic was not available that she looked at me and just marked Caucasian….sometimes i mark the black or Native American but never Caucasian. Im very confused.

      1. hello people3 years ago

        Why are you confused?

        1. celeste3 years ago

          I went in to get fingerprints too and found myself confused and offended. Why can’t I say I’m Hispanic/Latino– Mexican-American!
          I’m not white, black, Native American….or other! I know who I am and I want to say it! Yes, I’m upset!

    5. steven3 years ago

      Its more about history and food. The Mexican we able to mix and form new races and a culture bases on diversity hundreds of years before the first English colonies. Its just like the English being taken over by the Scandinavians. Eroupenans can’t be real race either but its much more than that right? I mean the Spanish are still eroupenans. We need congressional representation. Latino are Americans and not just from the united stated. From Greenland to south America natives. It’s not about language. Mexico has a bunch of different ones.

  43. Sheila3 years ago

    It’s funny how Governor Jerry Brown made that statement about the population of latinos in California when he is partly responsible for them being here. By signing off on the dream act is what 100% why they are in california today. I have two questions for Jerry brown what are you doing for the native born California’s other than making them pay high taxes and paying for all of these illegal aliens education? What have you done for the veterans other than taxing their army retirement checks also to help pay for the education of illegal Aliens? When native born army retiree’s asked if state taxes can be eliminated from their checks you provided no response but yet you made sure that the Mexican and illegal aliens had the dream act. What a disgrace.

    1. Cynthia Curran3 years ago

      That sounds like a typical right wing response, noticed Texas doesn’t have that many more whites and conservatives like yourself like Texas. What is Rick Perry doing for the white population that is poorer, nothing In fact Florida is the most white of the states but all I here is how great Texas is.

    2. Jose3 years ago

      Good Job Jerry Brown keep up the good work..that’s right I love your last name (BROWN) Not white or black BROWN…

    3. Enrique Cruz3 years ago

      I am a United States Marine Corps. veteran. My wife and I are both Marine Corps. combat vets. I am of Polynesian and Mexican decent and my wife is full blooded polynesian. Both of us feel that our U.S. Vets deserve to be assisted in any way possible before any illegal gets government assistance. It’s not fare that my wife’s cousins and their families have invested years of time and thousands of dollars into getting them here to the states LEGALLY, while others just take the quick way, come here illegally and people say they should expect the same benefits as those that have spent the time and energy to do it correctly. It’s also not fare that my wife, toddler daughter and I have to starve and be homeless for over a year before OUR government would assist us because there were to many illegal and poor immigrants (that weren’t prepared to move here when they did) that had priority over us. When we applied for assistance the government offered us $11 a month in food stamps. Can you believe that, “Here your go American family of three (with a baby) who both parents put your lives on the line for us… Here is $11 dollars a month of food stamps and nothing ells; because, I had an (almost full time) MINIMUM wage job that didn’t even pay our motel rent in whole, much less our Car, Gas, Car insurance, cell phone, food and medical bills. It’s just not fare that our American public is paying for the failures of foreign governments that have their people abandoning their homelands in order to thrive off of our developments that have taken the American people hundreds of years and countless lives to develop. I love my peoples both ethnically speaking (Mexican/Latino and Polynesian) and nationally speaking (American); however, America needs to take care of Americans before we can take care of others. I say, lets clean up OUR act FIRST, then try and help others to clean up theirs; NOT VICE VERSA!

  44. Rob3 years ago

    How is this possible? How can PEW publish such wrong information?

    Most Hispanics are of the white race, so the white population is NOT decreasing.

    The Anglo ethnic whites are decreasing relative to Hispanic whites.

    Come on. You guys have to know this.

    1. james3 years ago

      actually most hispanics are a mix of native american and spanish in different proprtions. If they are like 75% or more percent white they usually just put white. You would be right if you were including those also mixed with native blood as white

      1. Armando3 years ago

        Actually, most LATINOS are of differeing ethnic/racial backgrounds. Why don’t you get your information correct before perpetuating ignorance. Hispanics are ALL white. Brown and black Latinos identifying as Hispanics that are actually people of color are doing so incorrectly. Hispanics are whites from Spain and other southwest European countries, though they can also be decedents from Hispanics living in Mexico. Latinos aren’t a single race. There are black Latinos, white Latinos(Hispanics), and brown Latinos, so the information on the racial percentages of California are confusing. Hispanic and Latino aren’t interchangeable. You CAN be a Hispanic Latino but Latino doesn’t necessarily mean one is Hispanic. That being said, most non-Hispanic Latinos identify as Hispanic because they’re ignorant and aren’t aware that Hispanics are really just Spanish-speaking whites. So, the population of whites—both Hispanic and non-Hispanic—could potentially be less then Latinos of color, since they, too, incorrectly identify as Latino. Please be aware that when I say “whites” I, indeed, mean to say Euro-Americans/Anglo-Americans.

        1. Armando3 years ago

          Correction to typo: Since they, too, incorrectly identify as Hispanic**

        2. luigee3 years ago

          Yes, James isnt’ being accurate. There are indeed White Hispanics / Latinos that never mixed with blacks or native Americans. The percentage varies from country to country in Latin America. Most Americans think that Hispanics are all brown (mixed). Many are shocked that White and Black Hispanics (and some Asian) exist.

      2. Sharon3 years ago

        There is no PURE anything. We are all descended from an Ethiopian African man and woman. Almost all Mexicans have a Sub Saharan African DNA on average 7%. Even your precious Spaniards have 10% African DNA with 5% being Sub Saharan. I really wish more people would get DNA testing. These test only go back 400 years but if you take your raw data and upload it on Gedmatch.com you will get your ancestral DNA and people will be surprised to see how much Sub Saharan DNA we have. Stop with the PURE crap that’s what created Nazi thinking and God knows we don’t need anymore of that. We’re all brothers and sisters who all have African roots. I’m finding though that some Latinos can be more racist than whites. Don’t come over here with that racist superior crap because every race in this great country has made it what it is today, including Mexican Americans. Don’t bring hatred over here. The world has seen enough of that.

    2. Luz3 years ago

      Your statement is factually bankrupt. Most “Hispanics” are not white. Hispanics are the people who inhabit the so called “New World” Mexico, Central and South America and also parts of the Caribbean. I have traveled to every part of Latin America and most people in that part of the world are “mestizo” meaning mixed, some variation of Native American African, European mix. The Native Indian genetic imprint is in some countries the largest component, added with heavy African admixture in places like Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Venezuela, Cuba, Puerto Rico , Honduras, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica etc. The genetic European influences are only dominant in a few countries in South America… Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay Chile etc… Most of who we see on American city streets deemed Hispanic are Native American peoples with specs of Spanish blood, especially from Mexico. And even many Mexicans are ” “zambos” black and Indian mixed. I am Mexican and in my own family like in many Mexican families I have cousins who look black American as well as Indian and some even white. We are New World people like many African Americans who when they do their DNA find that they are African, Indian and white. We are brown, from dark to light brown in most cases and I think like many white Americans you are afraid of the “BROWNING “of this country. Hence your need to rush and place us in the WHITE BOX. Fear creates distortion and your post is a perfect example of this fact.

      1. me2 years ago

        I like the “new world people “term it sounds cool ,we are different than African,euros,and Amerindian for many reasons but at the same time we represent the history of these 3 groups of people .

      2. Adam2 years ago

        Best reply to this so far. For it is the most accurate. I don’t know why so many Hispanics deny their African and Native American Indians roots. These people are far less white than they are convincing themselves of being. (native Americans didn’t evolve here either, they came from around/within India as well).

  45. papa mike3 years ago

    I know and am friends with quite a lot of Hispanics. And it’s safe to say that I really enjoy being around them. It’s always a fun time. They’re so laid back and friendly. They do like to cut-up and have a good time poking fun at each other, which is fun to watch.

    It doesn’t bother me (as if my opinion counts) that the kids are reunited with their families. Keep out the gang bangers though.

  46. Angie3 years ago

    Funny, no one complaints about the millions, yes millions of illegal British, Canadians and Germans who live in Florida and are illegally employed at restaurants or Germans who own business in Florida and do not pay taxes. This does hurt our economy.

    Should I go on? How about Chinese women in Brooklyn who are brought here illegally and have to pay back by selling movies, CD’s and counterfeits on the streets in order to pay their trip and room and board where they sleep on the floor along with twenty other women.

    1. Johannes Schippers3 years ago

      Believe it or not, you barely see any europeans and if you do, theyre tourists. ALL you see are Hispanics.
      I don’t want to be racist, cuz i do have many hispanic friends and i like them and I am white.

      1. david3 years ago


    2. Cynthia Curran3 years ago

      True, but Texas has more people employed here illegality than Florida but few on the right are honest. They just use California all the time. Here’s the population estimates of illegal immigrant in each state,California I think actually lost some since the birth rates are dropping its probably around 2.5 million , Texas is second with 1.7 million and Florida is only 700,000.

  47. Charles Grapes3 years ago

    At what point will it be required that all native born Americans (white and black) learn to speak, read nd write Spanish?

    1. Trail3 years ago

      That will happen after 218 members of the House of Representatives AND 51 Senators pass a bill requiring spanish fluency, AND it is signed by the sitting President, AND is held as Constitutional by the US Supreme Court. This is 6th grade civics, and we are ostensibly grown ups who, despite paranoid rhetoric and ignorant talk radio, know exactly what it takes before some oppressive law is forced upon everyone.
      Here is a review:

      1. Sheila3 years ago

        Yeah right you tell me what 40-60 year old need learn Spanish at this late game? You have to learn this language when you are young

    2. Sheila3 years ago

      Never the United States is a English speaking country they don’t have to if I went to Mexico or any other foreign national country I would have to learn your language. The america people are smart they would not come to your home and claim it, they will come with money, to help them survive until they can get a job, or own a business. But do you really think that Mexico going to allow black and white people to own businesses there? Will Mexico have free programs set up and pay there taxes for our children to get an education? I don’t think so.

      1. Armando3 years ago

        Black and white people DO own buisnesses in Mexico, because black Latinos and white Latinos actually exist.. People don’t seem to understand that Mexico is as much a melting pot as the U.S., with African, European, Asian, and indigenous people living there. And yes, Mexico does have programmes that help those in need. Keep in mind the lower-class primarily consists of indigenous, mixed, and African Latinos.

      2. Rebecca3 years ago

        Sheila – my parents in-law both spoke Spanish as their first language, and both, with the exception of one German ancestor from the early 1800s, have ancestors all of who were in this country before Jamestown and the Mayflower.
        And as for Mexico, my brother lives in Mexico and can own a business there.

      3. david3 years ago


      4. steven3 years ago

        California already has a few bilingual schools. Parents group up. Is better for economic reasons since we are a border state and expect to a least travel.

    3. JCC3 years ago

      That would be great. Most Europeans speak at least 2 languages fluently. It would be great to have our kids all be bilingual. Canada has been very successful educating their kids to be bilingual in English and French.

      1. Charles Grapes3 years ago

        Sorry, but all citizens in Canada do not speak both English and French.

  48. Pinoche3 years ago

    Looking white and being genetically white are two different things. I’m black and have mixed ancestry, as do most black Americans.That is why we come in a variety of skin colors, hair textures, hair colors, eye colors, facial features, and body structures.We are the products of MGM (Multi-Generational Miscengination).

    1. Sheila3 years ago

      I agree

    2. Sheila3 years ago

      I agree with you I am black with mixed ancestory

    3. Wrong2 years ago

      That is completely wrong, Black people aren’t(majority) mixed with anything our phenotype is already made with different genes as we are the first people of the planet, this is why you see us having albinos and no other group isn’t.

  49. Jack3 years ago

    what about latinos who are white (of european descent)??

    not all hispanics/latinos are mestizos

    1. nicole accardi3 years ago

      hispanics are considered white racially, only ethnically are they considered hispanic.

    2. john sacramento3 years ago

      In North America Hispanics, in my experience, are typically considered “honorary” Caucasians. Racially they are mostly of Indian (Native American} ancestry.

      The Conquistadors came as solders is search of gold and silver to ship back to Spain, and priests seeking to expand the realm of the (Catholic) Church. Soldiers and (Catholic) priests didn’t leave many decedents.

      Mexicans of European ancestry are most often of Italian ancestry–descended from the large number of immigrants who fled Italian poverty for the Americas. They arrived in Mexico (and the United States) toward the end of the 19th century {late 1800’s} and the start of the 20th century (early 1900’s}. Also, many shop keepers in northern Mexico, although culturally Mexican, are actually of Ashkenazi Jewish ancestry.

      1. Angie3 years ago

        Throughout history many Europeans went to Mexico not just Italians. A small amount of Italians, Germans, and etc settled in Mexico when comparing the amounts to the Spaniards amounts. Spaniards were the majority of Europeans to settle in Mexico.

        On a different note, just because an American is tired of spending their hard earned dollars on caring for illegals (All illegals…brown, yellow, white and whatever else there might be) doesn’t mean they are a “right winged”. That is a term invented by media, politicians and god knows who else. The majority of these people are average Joe’s of all races and all backgrounds. We work hard for a moderate pay, we love our country and what it stands for. We grew tired of not being heard and started to speak out. Now we are labeled. You are labeling the core of America.
        I can barely make ends meet , yet the government spends money without any concerns for the tax payers.

        Also, If you want to live in America, do it the way my grandparents did. They waited in line, went through the process, and they never took a dime from the tax payers. Yes America welcomes all, but you must come through the front door not sneak in from the sidelines.

        1. BABYDOLLVPLOCAS3 years ago


          1. Richard Barragan3 years ago

            I consider myself a typical Mexican . I am 30 percent spanish 31 percent Native American 27 percent Italian and I or 2 percent Eng,lebon,Jew,fin and Island Boy. I have 14 brothers and seesters and we all have Rosary Beads hanging in our cars ! I also have a German/Irish wife that I have been with since 1989.

        2. Sniper3 years ago

          Angel, You tend to use illegal, very disparaging;
          The Cubans, who dashed to the US, after Fidel Castro, took over the corrupt Bautista Government, did not wait or stand in line. They came in through the back door, like the Vietnamese, and they as well did not wait or stand in line. Do you know how many illegal European enter the US via Canada— many!’. They have less man power to secure their boarder.
          Food for though: “\’ Christopher Columbus, could not have discovered America, he didn’t have a green card or immigration papers.’

      2. luigee3 years ago

        I agree with Angie… Mexico had a huge influx of Spanish, Italians, Germans, and Irish and that immigration to Mexico started way before the 19th century. My Father is White Mexican with Blonds and Redheads in the family. About 10% of Mexico is racially White. About 80% is Mestizo, and 10% Native American.

        Other countries in Latin America have higher percentages of racially Whites with Argentina being 97% White.

        1. Si como+no.3 years ago

          Argentina 97% White? lel nop. Not even Germany has a percentage of Whites that high.

      3. Charles the+fifth3 years ago

        Lol! Caucasian mexican are mostly descended from colonist that came during th colonia era . Italian/ mexican number a few thousand only.

    3. Sheila3 years ago

      I don’t believe any of that

    4. Sheila3 years ago

      They are not of white decent unless the mother is married to a white man and even then they are an mixed decent not fully white. Europeans to me are very fair colored Mexicans, Italians, people from Central America etc are very brown skinned whites cannot get that brown tan without sun tan lotion so Mexicans Latinos are not white and they will tell you in a minute they are Latino.

      1. Charles the+fifth3 years ago

        I think your confusing the term “white” with “Nordic”.

  50. jo3 years ago

    I’m curious if these statistics came from actual legal citizenship or if the immigrants are taken into consideration as well.

    I have no issues with the growing mexican population, but my concern is that fact that I am a California native, tax paying citizen, with no dependents, going to college to better myself, and am denied all benefits that my country created specifically for supporting its loyal american citizen.

    I pay taxes, I work, I am legitimately from this country and am struggling to keep my head above water in this economy. According to the federal government, I don’t work enough to receive the benefits I indirectly pay for, the benifits illegal imigrants of all nationality get to use when they have children.

    Referendum; once was loyal american citizen.
    F this country I’m moving to Europe.

    1. Gitanea3 years ago

      Jo- I understand your issue as it is very similar to Florida, and this site is off by about 10 million in Florida alone. I do have very bad news for you as far as Europe goes, please do your research because Europe, the entire Europe is now in shambles because of the same thing exact thing only different cultures. The first country to go was Greece, then Sweden and the UK and down the list. 48% of UK residents want to leave. chaoticness.com/will-civil-war-b…

      This is not about racism, this is about no assimilation. I understand the sentiment of many that say, we are all immigrants ect ect, but those that never lived in the 3rd world will never understand how the cultures differ. We are in trouble now and each year gets worse.

  51. Sam3 years ago

    We are all Americans. Being American is not about race or ancestry. It is something that dwells in our hearts. It is something that draws people from all corners of the earth. It is the hope of freedom. This is what unites us. We are not united by race but by spirit. We are the United States of America. All that live in this nation are our brothers and sisters and our neighbors and our fellow countrymen without exception. We must live together. We must laugh together. We must mourn together. The color of skin and the accent of a voice are such petty things to use as tools of exclusion. Is your blood red? Is your heart filled with longing for peace, love, and joy? You are like me!

    1. MikeO3 years ago

      Yeah sure. Except Americans don’t boo the American flag and the National anthem like was done in L.A. a while back. Latinos notoriously have more babies than they can afford and expect the taxpayer to pay for them. It’s the same formula in EVERY Central and South American country. Imploded economically by people continuing to have kids they can’t afford. Don’t think it will happen in the US? It already is. 1 out of every 2 Latino children in the US in on Medicaid. HALF of all births are paid by Medicaid. Who do you think is going to pay to raise that child? The parents? If you want to see where the US is headed economically, just look at any Central of South American country. A two class system full of corruption, gangs and mass slums.

      1. Angie3 years ago

        I’ve live in Europe and I have lived in South America and I’m not aware of any country in South America that has a similar welfare system as the States.
        If you are referring to the recent soccer match, they were Mexican-Americans who booed which does make up for the whole Hispanic population.
        According to the department of Commerce 15.7% of Hispanics are recipients of welfare while 38.8 are whites.
        By the way, illegal children do not get a free education or did you think the landlord did not prorate school tax into their rent?
        I wonder where you got your information.

      2. Sheila3 years ago

        I agree with you 100%

      3. Cynthia Curran3 years ago

        Yes, but La kids population is dropping while Houston and Dallas kids populations are increasing and both Houston and Dallas have been known to also have high Hispanic immigrant populations. a County US Census 23.2 undser 18 and under and Houston.Harris County about 27.7 under the age of 18 and under. Latin Immigration increasing in Harris County Texass and deceasing in LA County from birth rate stats.

      4. Sheila3 years ago

        Mike agree with you 100%

      5. BABYDOLLVPLOCAS3 years ago


    2. Sharon2 years ago

      I agree. Very well said. American spirit is one of courage, adventure, exploration, self improvement, building community, etc. Race doesn’t matter because we are all related if you go back far enough. I think there will always be a dividing element in this country and it will be reasonable people who aren’t obsessed with race that will be the ones to hold this country together. We are all a mixture of all races. DNA tests are showing us this. It’s time we learned how to live together and work together.

  52. Rick3 years ago

    Not for long. Asians will surpass everyone. Here in San Gabriel there are birth hotels that’s cater to Asians because of the one child rule in china. Google it. Also not illegal

    1. David3 years ago

      Rick, one thing you don’t understand is that these Chinese are upper class and care about the education and well being of their kids. The today’s reality in China is that most young people cannot afford to raise more kids, unlike in US, the government or society will take the responsibility for raising the kids.

    2. pillpopper2 years ago

      I doubt Asians will surpass the hispanic population in the US any time if ever. they are more educated and care more about money to have too many kids to live poorly.

  53. Kelly Titus3 years ago

    The reason for the Hispanic population jump is because the census does not require legal documentation for their count to be valid. The illegal individuals from a foreign country are given all that I have worked my whole life to build for free. Welfare,Wic,Food stamps…Yes FOOD STAMPS, Cal Fresh really?,section 8 compensation to supplement rent, Free health insurance, free breakfast and lunch in school, an incentive to have children they can’t afford as free benifits increase. The Democrats have to pay people to get votes with freebies as they have no logical ideas ,everything is a giveaway. This has become such a huge problem that the republicans have to subvert their own platform and bow to the ever increasing minority and ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT FELONS . When the money runs out,and it will. inner city riots will ensue because some families have been on the freebie train for generations and think they entitled and everything should be free… The tipping point is just around the corner.

    1. black Diamond3 years ago

      NO Kelly The CONSTITUTION requires an enumeration of all residents. Even though there are undocumented people in congressional Districts that are not citizens, they are counted and included in the maximum number of people in that district. So ALL people are represented in the district

    2. Anonimus3 years ago

      you work for that?

  54. Paul Martel Neuhausen3 years ago

    I am a native Los Angeleno, my Naturalized U.S. Citizen wife is from Peru and our daughter is now a 5th generation Californian. My Spanish is good and my wife has helped me to improve it with her Castellano-influenced New World dialect. We eat mainly beans, rice, vegetables at home (and break down for Pizza sometimes. My European background was mainly Black Irish and L.A. is a lot like Spain so in some I am really Hispanic now.

  55. Pepemagno3 years ago

    It is only only logical that the so-called “White” culture, or “Anglo” culture will eventually disappear in America and in Texas. Why? It is obvious: all cultures that exclude vanish, while all cultures that include grow. Now, the cultural term “White” or “Anglo” excludes any not considered “Anglo”, thus excluding those considered Black, Mulatto, Indian, Asian, Hispanic, etc. In contrast, the cultural tern “Hispanic” includes anyone deemed Hispanic by culture, ancestry or even just the family name, whether they are White, Black, Mulatto, Mestizo, or whatever. It is only a logical result.

    1. Mark Pugner3 years ago

      I didn’t realize this was a competition. If domination is your goal, there are 1.3 billion Chinese and 1.2 billion Indians who couldn’t care less about this “milestone”.

    2. Calo Chicano3 years ago

      “Anglo” culture or the English language will never vanish in America or in the world. There are 1.2 billion Indians and in the next 10 years or so, India will have the largest population. What’s the language that unites India? ENGLISH!! The USA has a large and successful Indian population and that population is bound to grow. Most Blacks and

      1. Sheila3 years ago

        Look at the demographics it’s not Asians it’s hispanics

    3. aksjl3 years ago

      As an American the first time I heard someone referred to as a Mulatto, the person who bothered to make the distinction was Guatemalan. I had no idea what Mulatto meant. And I am white! Also, Black Americans do not speak two languages. They only speak English in America, so English is here to stay.

      1. Sheila3 years ago

        That’s right I am a black native born california

    4. aksjl3 years ago

      Also, not only am I a white Anglo American, but my cousins are half-Black Americans and my other cousins are half Chinese… You are mistaken about Americans excluding other Americans based on their race.

    5. aksjl3 years ago

      Pepemagno you are incorrect about when Anglo is used. Not all White people are Anglo. Italian white people are not Anglos. Anglo is Anglo Saxon, which is not Italian, not Romanian, not Greek, not Bulgarian, not Armenian, not Russian.

      Not all White people are Anglos, however Anglos are always White.

    6. aksjl3 years ago

      Your definition of Hispanic is akin to our definition of American. All Americans are one of us, no matter their race. All other nationalities are not Americans.

  56. Guirao4 years ago

    As an Ethnic group yes. Hispanic has surpassed Whites in California, but racially no. There are Hispanics of entirely European Origins

    1. Mexican American3 years ago

      Most Latinos are of Native American and European descent. Mexicans, of which make up 66% of the American-Hispanic populace are overwhelmingly Mestizo, with a significant minority of purely Native American people, and a very small minority of purely European descendants. Whites only predominate in Argentina and Cuba.

      1. Calo Chicano3 years ago

        Yet, when I watch television programs from Latin America, such as “telenovelas,” most of the people I see look very “white” or “European.”

        1. MikeO3 years ago

          That’s because those are the only people they will hire. Pretty much all cultures from Latino to Asian….the fair skinned people are the most admired. So that’s who ends up on the TV.

          1. aksjl3 years ago

            America is not like that anymore. We welcome diversity. The same can not be said about Mexico and the rest of Central America.

          2. MiaGioia3 years ago

            American isn’t like that anymore?

            BWAHAHAHA. Okay. if you say

        2. Pinoche3 years ago

          Looking white and being genetically white are two different things. I’m black and have mixed ancestry, as do most black Americans.That is why we come in a variety of skin colors, hair textures, hair colors, eye colors, facial features, and body structures.We are the products of MGM (Multi-Generational Miscengination).

        3. Sheila3 years ago

          Not for long once the dream act is gone so are the Latinos from Texas and Mexico. Isn’t this the real reason why they are here because of this benefit and they know california business men will hire them in a heart beat because of cheap labor.

      2. aksjl3 years ago

        Americans are any and every race imaginable in an infinitely varied admixture of race, ethnicity and ancestral origin. What defines us is our culture. American culture is what makes us American. Fixating on white is something most White Americans do not do. Most White Americans are actually mixed with so many things, including Native American, Black and Asian, that we don’t even know what we are anymore.

        1. MiaGioia3 years ago

          Oh, how cute. The white person doesn’t realize his unearned privilege.

          How quaint. And sadly typical!

          1. Alex3 years ago

            How cute, the poster above doesn’t see any of the irony in her/his statement in spite of the title of the article.

            How quaint, and sadly typical.

      3. luigee3 years ago

        Mexico is about 10% White…

        1. D2 years ago

          Not really, I’d say around 30%. But I’ve always lived in the whitest areas and gone to private schools, so I’m not sure.

    2. Sheila3 years ago

      Not for long once the dream act is gone so are the Latinos from Texas and Mexico. Isn’t this the real reason why they are here because of this benefit and they know california business men will hire them in a heart beat because of cheap labor.

      1. Richard Barragan3 years ago

        I am a contractor/developer and pay very well and when I am hurting for for back breaking labor they are right there and I hire them because they work ! I also spent 9 months in New Orleans and we had some good paying construction jobs that were hard to feel half of the time . The whole rebuild of New Orleans couldn’t have been done without these workers from south of the Border !

        1. X180A2 years ago

          That is a lie that is promoted again and again and through which well meaning people like yourself gain a misconception.

          First, any job will be done if the pay is adequate. The truth is that you couldn’t find anyone to do the job for what you were willing to pay. Only illegals were willing to do it for that pay.

          Businesses that need to break the law in order to survive need to change their business model or they need to fail. Failing businesses will be replaced by businesses that can survive and make a profit lawfully. Until we let that happen we are all supporting illegal immigration and taking jobs away from US citizens.