December 18, 2013

Public views on 20 big stories of 2013

  1. Photo of Andrea Caumont

    is the social media editor at Pew Research Center.

  2. is an associate digital producer at Pew Research Center.


  1. maeghan19844 years ago

    Time man of the year a major story, I would put twerking teddy bears above that.

  2. cohum4 years ago

    Lies? Loss of respect from other countries? OMG! No list, just ONE lie, Bush’s Iraq/WMDs?

    1. maeghan19844 years ago

      Really ? Blame Bush, seems relevant today. Obama’s lies/foreign policy blunders put up on the brink of war with Syria. Said the Congress have no say, its his red line and votes don’t matter … well until David Cameron was embarrassingly spanked by Parliament. Weakened us, gave Putin political gold.

      Tell me more about Bush’s lies and their relevance today.

      There are two parties, not left vs right. But The Ruling Class vs. the ruled.

  3. Skeeterd4 years ago

    Obama did set a “Red Line”!! I’m beginning to see that this man is probably the most dishonest President in the history of the United States! Why does he have to lie so much, and so many times! Our Country has lost all respect from the other countries of the world, and it’s due to Obama! I can list all of his lies, but the list would exceed my allowable comment space