October 28, 2013

Hispanic or Latino? Many don’t care, except in Texas

Are you Hispanic or Latino? It’s a question Hispanics and non-Hispanics alike have struggled with when deciding what to call the diverse community of 53 million Americans who trace their roots to Latin America or to Spain. Officially, both terms are used by the U.S. federal government to describe this population, and many organizations, including the Pew Research Center’s Hispanic Trends Project, use the terms interchangeably in publications.

However, among Hispanics themselves, many are ambivalent about the two terms. According to a new Pew Research Center survey of Hispanic adults, half (50%) say they have no preference for either term. But among those who do have a preference, “Hispanic” is preferred over “Latino” by a ratio of about 2-1.

But there’s one striking exception: Texas.

FT_hispanic-latino-texasAmong Hispanic Texans 46% prefer the term Hispanic, while just 8% say they prefer the term “Latino”—roughly a 6-to-1 ratio.

This pattern is different from that of Latinos in other parts of the country. For example, in California, the state with the largest Hispanic population, 30% say they prefer “Hispanic” and 17% say they prefer the term “Latino.” In Florida, results are similar—31% prefer “Hispanic” and 17% prefer “Latino.” The pattern for New York and all other states is nearly the same.

Of course, Latinos also have several other terms at their disposal to describe their identity—and these are often preferred over “Hispanic” or “Latino.” When asked which term they use most often to describe themselves, 54% use Hispanic origin terms such as Mexican, Cuban, or Dominican and 23% say they use the term American. Another 20% say they use the more broad terms, either “Hispanic” or “Latino.”

It turns out this is true of Hispanics in Texas as well: about half (47%) say that they most often use their Hispanic origin term to describe themselves, 30% use the term “American,” and 21% use the pan-ethnic terms “Hispanic” or “Latino” most often to describe their identity.

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  1. Photo of Mark Hugo Lopez

    is director of Hispanic research at Pew Research Center.


  1. Anonymous1 year ago

    Who cares? Call yourself whatever the hell you want to call yourself. People should be concerned with the fact that the body is temporary. So now you are latino,white,black but what and where will you be when you die. That SHOULD be what youre concerned about.

  2. Anonymous1 year ago

    Pope says Hispanic are Latin, but not all Latin are Hispanic. He is from Italian mother and father. Latin are Spanish, Italians, French, Portuguese and Romanian. The only people who has a problem with this name are people with little brain power.

  3. Allyson Dee1 year ago

    I have also heard from some folks of Latino descent that many consider “Hispanic” a ‘slur’ and prefer Latino.

  4. Allyson Dee1 year ago

    Well, i am from NYC, and the people of Puerto Rican heritage there call themselves either Boricuas (Boriquas) or Borinquenos (with a tilde on the second ‘n’).

  5. Purdue Pete1 year ago

    What I don’t get is why am I referred to as “Mexican” when my ancestors settled south Texas and have been here since 1760 after having received Spanish Land Grants. Been in this country for over 8 generations and can’t figure this out.

    1. Allyson Dee1 year ago

      For the same reason others are referred to as “Italian”, “Irish”, etc. We are born here, we are Americans–these references are to heritage, I would like to think…

  6. Ricardo Carvalho2 years ago

    I don’t get all fuss about the term hispanic its obvious if you open up a dictionary and look up the word the historical symbology and terminology of hispanic only refers to the countries of Iberia (not spanish speaking countries ).

    1. Alessandro Aguas2 years ago

      That doesn’t make sense, since Iberia includes non-Spanish speaking regions and Portugal.

  7. Jackie2 years ago

    Hi my parents and i were born in cuba,but my great grandparents fr both sides were born in spain,can someone tell me what exactly i am and what prcentige of cuban and Spaniard am i,i hear difrent things,very confused,help,

    1. Claire Marie O’Brien2 years ago

      Did your great-grandparents take immediate possession of a significant tract of land?If so, they arrived to join Cuba’s small, often extravagent elite, having either inherited a plantation or purchased one. Anyway, that makes their children (your grandparents) Spanish as well. But it doesn’t make THEIR children pure Spanish! Your parents are the key to any Cuban ancestry from a biological perspective. But hey, that’s just DNA – you’re a Cuban!
      I mean, you do realize that contemporary Cubans don’t look to race to define who is Cuban. You were born there, your parents were born there – you are a Cuban! I mean, unless you want the family land back or your grandma’s silver, they’ll welcome you.
      Even if your family was politically active against Fidel, you can still go back. Really!
      Hey, maybe your parents will cough up any info about your POSSIBLE Cuban relative, and..who knows?

      P.S. Please forgive me if I’m telling you the obvious, but your parents seem to have unintentionally confused you.
      Most Cubans are a mixture of Indian, Spanish and African. There used to be more “purely” Spanish, ie, white people.
      If you look at photos of Cuba following the Revolution, you’ll notice how many of the people are Black. That’s because the whites left the country in droves after the new government confiscated their plantations. Black people had nothing at all to lose and saw no reason – at least during that period – to leave.

      Forgive me please if you know this stuff – !Lo Siento, por favor!

  8. Alan gambon2 years ago

    Para empezar mi comentario dire lo siguiente : Hispano ,Latino , Espanol ,son identidades de covenienzas y no le caben a Los prcedientes de Los praises del otro lado del rio grande , Es una atrocidad y un abuso de la ignorancia de Ellos.Los antiguos Romanos hablaban latino , Pero eran llamados Romanos . Nosotros hablamos el castellano ( no Espanol ) y nos llaman “Latinos ” con la setupida. Excusa de que nuestra lengua Es derivada de una que ha estado Muerta poor mas de un Milenio y lo peor de todo Es que la gente lo acepta porque posiblemente piensan que Es muy fuera de lo comun y Los hace sentir grande , sin dares Cuenta de que Ellos son Los Unicos Americanos , el hombre blanco o Europeo , no lo es .

    1. Maricela Jimenez2 years ago

      Alan, no te enoges por los cometarios, todos semeos hijos de Dios; y enralida no semos nada en este mundo. Fuimos hechos de la tierra co differente colores. Domas sientete orgulloso de tu raza y dale gracias a Dios por tu vida.

    2. Ocelotl Chimalpahin2 years ago

      ¡Así se habla mi chavo!

    3. Mery Flores1 year ago

      Madre de dios, primero aprende a escribir tu propio idioma, y segundo, menuda cantidad de tonterías que has dicho. El que es hispano, es latino, así que da igual como te quieras llamar o lo que prefieras, esto es así y punto.
      Un español, es español, hispano y latino, y un latino americano, es latino es latino y probablemente hispano también. No es ninguna excusa absurda porque hables un idioma que proviene del latín, como dices, antes de decir semejante tontería, podrías haberte informado. Los franceses también son latinos, los portugueses también, os brasileños también, los italianos también, por hablar idiomas derivados del latín, vosotros no sois ninguna excepción. Y de hecho no sois sólo ‘latinos’ sois ‘latino AMERICANOS’, muchas veces se acorta y se dice sólo latino para decirlo más rápido pero ese término es erróneo si lo aplicas a un americano, y si se dice se tiene que tener en cuenta que se está acortando deliberadamente para más comodidad a la hora de hablar.
      Vosotros sois los únicos americanos, eso desde luego, nadie dice lo contrario, pero en vuestros países hay varias razas y la gran mayoría de vosotros no sois latino americanos puros, sólo de sangre americana, sino que tenéis mezcla con pueblos europeos y muchísimos de vosotros sois blancos, así que ese último comentario es parcialmente cierto.

    4. Anonymous1 year ago

      Aclarando. Los paises latinos son Italia, España, Portugal y Francia, se les llama latinos porque el español, el frances, el italiano son derivados de la lengua latina, ademas sus monarquias eran dirigidas por la religion catolica. Cuando descubren america, estos paises latinos son los que en su mayoria ocupan el territorio desde mexico hasta argentina, implementando la religion y el idioma. Para hacer una diferencia entre el territorio conquistado por los paises latinos, y los paises anglosajones (que hablaban ingles) a este territorio se le denomina America Latina. Ahora no todos los paises latinoamericanos son hispanos, por que en Brasil no hablan español, y tampoco lo serian Italia Francia y Portugal, mas si lo es España. Ah y aunque Mexico es parte de latinoamerica culturalmente, geograficamente se encuentra en Norte America.

    5. Anonymous1 year ago

      This is an ENGLISH article thank you!

  9. David c Rambus2 years ago

    They are Hebrew Isrealites . I say that because you used the word origin

  10. Efra2 years ago

    Incluso algunos europeos como los son Francia, España, Portugal, Italia y Romania vendrian siendo mas latinos que nosotros mismos ya que ese termino viene de los Romanos lo cual muchos paises Europeos actuales son desendientes de ellos yu nosotros solo desendientes de los desendientes. Creo que mucha gente de tez blanca es mas latina que los latino amaerianos

  11. Jeff2 years ago

    Y que pasa con personas como yo. Mis padres son de habla ingles y no saben nada de espanol pero cuando yo era muy joven nos fuimos a vivir en Nuevo Mexico. Aprendi mucho del idioma, cultura e historia. Sin embargo por mi apellido y por mi apariencia muchos dicen que no soy hispano. Bueno, ya tengo paz porque se quien soy, pero mis hijitos que nacieron en Bolivia y son ciudadanos bolivianos tambien tienen que luchar para probar quienes son. He notato al volver a los EE UU que muchas personas hispanos como otros no quieren aceptar que una familia de personas gringas en apariencia tambien pueden ser hispanos. Pero la verdad de las cosas es que en los pueblitos y ciudades por toda la frontera deben estar llenos de personas entre dos mundos. Estos “labels” ya no funcionan muy bien y somos muchos los que vivimos entre dos mundos. No hay palabra para nosotros pero existimos de todas maneras. Quisiera escuchar la voz de mas personas como yo.

    1. Sergio Veyzaga2 years ago

      Argentina y Uruguay tienen un mayor porcentaje de Europeos que Canada o USA, no veo el problema de ser de tez clara y Latino-Americano, si hablas un idioma romance y te identifica con la cultura eso es suficiente, Alvaro Garcia linera, Hugo Banzer son blancos y bolivianos no veo una contradiccion. Talves si una persona habla con un acento es percibida como extranjero, es como aqui en Canada un Ruso si habla con acento es considerado extranjero lo mismo que un aleman, pasa en todas partes.

    2. victor robles2 years ago

      Aquellos que dicen que no eres hispano tampoco son hispanos, por culpa de EEUU el significado de hispano ha cambiado para muchos, originalmente la palabra hispano se refiere a alguien de hispania, peninsula iberica, europa, por lo tanto un mestizo al que vosotros llamais hispano, no es hispano, puede tener algun antepasado hispano (europeo) pero el no es hispano, almenos no al 100%, el es o indigena o una mezcla de nativo americano con español, asi que me gustaria que os entrara en la cabeza de una vez que solo hay un tipo de hispano, el que es originalmente (da igual donde haya nacido) de hispania (peninsula iberica, lo que es españa y portugal), asi que no hay tipos de hispanos, los hispanos de verdad son europeos (o de origen europeo), lo demas son mezclas asi que no deberias tener esos problemas por ser blanco, ya que tu origen tambien es europa, pero ahora todo el mundo(USA) se ha acostumbrado a relacionar la palabra hispano con el immigrante mexicano que va a estados unidos en busca de oportunidades, y que obviamente tiene mas sangre indigena que hispana, si es que tiene. Veras, ayer vi la pelicula gladiator y por eso me he puesto a reflexionar sobre el tema, parece que la gente ha olvidado lo que era hispania, el protagonista representa a un hispano de verdad, no es rubio con ojos azules pero no tiene nada que ver con lo que vosotros considerais hispano, espero que me entiendas y no haber ofendido a nadie

      1. Mery Flores1 year ago

        Hasta hace un tiempo compartía tu opinión, eso es lo que originalmente significa la palabra hispano, pero actualmente la palabra ha evolucionado para incluir a los latino americanos de países de habla española. Básicamente hispano es todo lo relacionado con España. Actualmente no se incluye a Portugal en el término como inicialmente se hacía.

  12. Paulina2 years ago

    I live in Chile and in my personal experience people don’t really care about all this stuff. I never seen anyone get “offended” by being called a latino. Usually we present ourselves to other people as “chilean” but for me latino doesn’t have a negative meaning. It’s like saying “European” instead of “german”. We call the continent as “america latina” or “latinoamerica” so latino is in reference to that. If it ever had a derrogitive meaning in the past right now it is just a word to most of us since we don’t exactly use it that much (we mostly present ourselves by country). I can’t speak for all mis hermanos latinoamericanos, and it is highly likely some of them disagree with me, but this whole debate is kinda… well an american thing. In my experience people who actually care about this debate or are touchy about being called latinos are mostly americans who come from latino/hispanic/insertpreferencehere families. And yes I say american because if you are born in USA you are a gringo by the book over here.

    1. Luis2 years ago

      Estoy totalnente de acuerdo contigo. Soy salvadoreño y asi es como nos presentamos como tu dices arriba por país no como latinos o hispanos. Las personas que mas se molestan con el termino hispano a mi parecer son aquellas que son españolas pero que no quieren ser relacionados con latinoamerica (ironico teniendo presente la invacion española a nuestro continente) como un comentario que esta por ahi arriba. Y dejando a un lado eso de los terminos el sentimiento de hermandad entre latinoamericanos es muy bonito cuando se hace presente.

  13. Nunya-biness2 years ago

    I was born in California to Mexican parents, therefore I am Mexican, I don’t call myself Latina or Hispanic! Where the hell is Hispania? And being called Latino is like being called “Oriental” we’re all being put in a cesspool!!!!!

    1. tiff2 years ago

      Nunya-biness. You said it best. Thank u. At least somebody has some sense. Does African America exist? Does Native America even exist? Didn’t think so. So then why do we use these inaccurate racist terms? I wouldn’t use the hyphenated term “Mexican-American”. Sounds like a fabricated PC term to keep the masses quiet. Like throwing a bone to a dog, and then they run your life & own you. Hell I wouldn’t even call myself American at all. What with all the marginalization & the fact no matter how much you behave and talk & carry yourself & embody like the mainstream Americans, they will never accept you as one of their own. Even if you was born & raised in America & never even set foot into Mexico. Simply because you don’t “look like them”. Something you don’t have control over. Just ask the Asians. Oh btw Americans are not “white”. Because if they were they wouldn’t be “American” then now would they? They would be from some other place.

    2. Richie2 years ago

      I am born and raised in the USA My parents came to America from Chile My parents also came here legally with documentation and played by the laws of this great nation that adopted us yet didn’t have to in order to make for us a better way of life and greater opportunity to raise a family. Something not really possible in Chile. since I am born and raised in the United States of America , the greatest country in the entire free world, I am 100 % American and damn proud of it. So another words I am not Chilean or South American but American . I have and wanted to know and eager to learn American culture , American values, and speak English which every immigrant should learn and know fluently so we can all understand each other. I do not label myself like a piece of clothing as Latino, Hispanic , or Chilean. I am an American of Spanish descent . But American first and foremost. GOD BLESS AMERICA. labeling people is racist. We are one race, the human race. We all bleed Red White and Blue . Happy Birthday America !!!

      1. Yoel2 years ago

        I’m was born in Cuba, but left at a very young age. I’m consider myself american, but of cuban ancestry, that’s all. It has always baffled me when people of different ethnic groups in America usually identify themselves with their parents homelands, when in reality, they would be considered a forener, if they ever went to those lands for a visit.

      2. Anonymous1 year ago

        Now if we could get the rest of the residents in America to see the same way maybe things would start to get a little better.
        If people are proud of their heritage that’s fine, we aren’t trying to make you forget who you are or where you come from. Just understand the choice was yours to make and you moved here.
        Your family’s had their reasons to relocate. If people don’t like the way things are in America they are more than welcome to move somewhere else.

      3. Anonymous1 year ago

        Very well said. Richie, I applaud you! 👏

  14. juan valdez2 years ago

    Who cares. Stop nitpicking. People are to sensitive nowadays.

  15. Gabriella2 years ago

    Hispanic means you have history in Spain or Latin America. It is not denying the part of that person that IS American. The problem with the world today is that we don’t know what we say. People don’t remember what HISPANIC and LATINO means if we are calling people who claim that racist. Pretend you came to America before you were born but both your parents are German. We call them Germans or White. Why do we have to get offended when people who both have parents born in a different country, call themselves what they truly are. People who are not born in Africa but have ancestry in Africa still call themselves African-American even if their parents were both born in AMERICA but have ancestry in Africa. Calling yourself Hispanic is not denying your tie to America but telling other you simply have Mexican in your DNA. The sooner we realize this the better and the less “racist” the world will seem. People are what they are, Hispanic-Latino, Africa-American, German, American, It doesn’t really matter because we all originate from Europe, Where the first people were. I just don’t understand why people care so much. our skin color and race DOES NOT define who we are, what we are, and the choices we make. Thanks for your time and consideration.

    1. cyaruiq2 years ago

      Gabriella you say you don’t understand why people “care so much” about race? And maybe you don’t care just as I don’t. But suppose somebody was born in the USA to Mexican immigrants and that person chooses not to identify as “Hispanic/ Latino”. Can you respect that decision and move on? Or would you have a problem with that? Because if you do, then you would seem to care about something so petty. just like the ones you are criticising for caring so much regarding race. Would he be “denying his heritage”? Or is it no big deal? Or let me ask you this, if I was born in Mexico and my parents were from Europe ( ie; Ireland republic, France, Germany etc.) Or Africa (Senegal), or even the USA (America). can I claim to be a gringo? Or an African-Mexican? Or Anglo-mex? German-Mex? Euro-Mex, You get the picture. After all, you said it’s about one’s DNA right? Or should one claim only Mexican nonetheless, regardless of his ancestry? If you believe one should claim Mexican and nothing else than that would make you a hypocrite. A double standard in your case. I am not making assumptions about you. I am saying these thought provoking questions we should all ask ourselves including myself. I am testing myself just as I am you. Thank you.

      1. Gabriella2 years ago

        I do understand your point and I’m not saying you should’t claim your ancestry. What I’m really trying to get at is we are what we are. Many people come from lots of places and because of how some people feel about what we call ourselves and the fact that words like Hispanic,African-American,etc. is being considered “racist” that I’m starting to feel like I can’t say where my past family is from. Some were from Germany,Spain,Italy,Congo and I’m from Mexico and my point is can I not claim that other than Mexican(Latino or Hispanic, call it what you want)can I not claim the other parts of my race not just the main part? So, can I only claim to be Mexican or can I also claim to be German and Spanish and African where my other family came from also? What I want to say is that despite what other people may say YOU know where you come from and what YOUR past is, therefore only you can say you race so that means it doesn’t matter what other people say you are. To be completely honest I don’t think it matters that much. Being African, American, Mexican, German or whatever race you may be DOES NOT one race better than the other. I think that if we could get past people race and skin color the world would be so much better off and then people wouldn’t find the need to call others racist. Thanks for leaving your opinion.

    2. K Fro2 years ago

      Hispanic is a language based term, not geographic.

      1. victor robles2 years ago

        what about hispania (iberian peninsula, europe) that’s the original meaning, hispanics are the ones from there, that’s it, someone with native american oor indigenous blood is not hispanic, at least not full hispanic

      2. Ricardo Carvalho2 years ago

        Hispanic?Hispania? Iberian peninsula?..
        Sound geographic to me…
        Funny how a quick google search would change your opinion in a second.

  16. VJ Martinez2 years ago

    Simply put, I’m a Puerto Rican-American from NYC that identifies himself as Latino. Honestly, I would deck someone if I’m called Hispanic! It’s a derogatory term created by a bunch of idiots in Washington that wouldn’t understand Latino culture and couldn’t find the right term to identify immigrants from Latin American. I’m sure most of you know the insulting term off the word Hispanic. That’s why I don’t use it. The most dominant Latin language is of course Spanish. Most of Latin America speaks Spanish. They are to be called Latino for men or all, and Latina for women. And no Latino should ever refer to himself as Hispanic! A disgusting racist term that should never be taken seriously by anyone residing in the United States! CASE CLOSED!

    1. Anthony2 years ago

      Can’t find the thumbs down on here.
      No, Latino is an annoying word and I would prefer to be called Hispanic. Latino, from Latin America, Hispanic, from no where but of European and Native American ancestry. Hispanic does not sound offensive to me. If you are a Latino then you are from Latin America. That means south of the border. If you are Hispanic you can be from anywhere and the USA. A lot of people have ancestry from various peoples in this land. I would actually like to be considered Native American but it’s like you have to prove that you are from some tribe which is almost impossible.
      I also looked up where these terms came from. Apparently, the East coast used the term Hispanic mostly while the West coast or mostly California used the Latino term. But who knows. I personally thought the word Latino was offensive because it negates any other ancestry you may have and makes it sound like you are not white. Which white is not an ethnicity but a race. All these words are made up just to make someone feel happy.

      1. victor robles2 years ago

        the word hispanic doesn’t reffer to native american people, if you are native american you are native american, if you are from “hispania” (iberian peninsula, europe) then you are hispanic, if you have native american and hispanic blood then you are mixed, but not full hispanic, the word hispanic is not derogative, it just reffers to someone from hispania, europe, nothing to do with indigenous

    2. Leo el T2 years ago

      1000% agree with you !!! We are latino-AMERICANO !!!! From this continent not Hispanic from Spain even though we speak spanish. We are mixed. Hispanic sounds insulting to me too. It’s like calling an asian guy english because he speaks English lol !!

    3. utryedryftugyihojk;2 years ago

      I thought that “hispanic” was used for people who could trace their roots to spain, and latino was used for like, latin amercia

      1. Gabriella2 years ago

        Hispanic can also be traced back to Latin Amarican

    4. umesh2 years ago

      The dominant Latin language is Latin. Spanish and Latin are 2 different languages they don’t sound the same when you here them talk. just because a few words sound the same don’t make them identical. Latino is bumpy even a real word! It’s like saying the most dominant Korean language is Ukrainian. I’ve met plenty of people like you with a name like Martinez or Gomez & say they ain’t Hispanic but if they run into a guy named Mohammed they will label him an Arab even if he’s not from Arabia. If they speak Arab they automatically an Arab regardless what county they from. But someone with a Spanish name who also speaks Spanish is suddenly Latino & not Hispanic simply because he is from Puerto Rico and not Spain sounds like a double standard on your part. Suppose you meet someone who speaks Latin which I doubt you have since I never met a Latino or Hispanic who speaks Latin and he don’t want to be called a Latin but Spanish instead? And if he didn’t speak Spanish wouldn’t that sound weird?I thought so.

    5. El Jefe2 years ago

      Hispania was the name the Romans gave to the Iberian Peninsula around the time the Visigoths started to sack Rome (and subsequently take over Iberia), so it was indeed a country at one point in history if your leave out the Kingdom of the Sueves (now Known as Portugal). The term “Latin America” was manufactured by diplomats in the era after Mexico’s triumph in kicking out the French.

      There is absolutely nothing racist in the origin of either term, so quite trying to color the world that way.

    6. Ed2 years ago

      That’s funny, I was born in the United States and do not consider myself Latino but Hispanic American as my ancestry is European. In all honesty I consider Latino to be a racist term. Sometimes differences of opinions boggle the mind.

  17. .2 years ago

    I dont like either of those terms (hispanic or latino), because they deny the native American ancestry of those groups.

    1. Leo el T2 years ago

      I agree 100% but latino is a little bit better since it’s stands for latin-american !!! At least in latino you have AMERICAN and that’s the important part ! Latino-americano, americano = native !

    2. J2 years ago

      Many of them also have European ancestry.

  18. Giuseppi3 years ago

    Stop polarizing yourselves into this maze of irrelevance. Why do you even care? Are you not satisfied with your own identities? Do you need a race or origin moniker to be of value to yourself? George Lopez claims to be Latino and no one argues with him. If I am from Italy (Sicily), my roots are black (from the Moore’s conquest of the region), and it shows in some of my families’ physical characteristics- so do I claim black and Latino because I also have Romanian blood. This is idiotic elitism that has no end. Get over your identity crisis and rise above this childishness. We have much larger problems ahead of us and it is going to take ALL of us to fix them.

    1. jose rios reyes2 years ago

      I would like for everyone to have their DNA check to see how many blood lines we have in us only then we will stop all this,about who we are. MY MOTHER AND FATHER CAME FROM MEXICO. JOSE RIOS REYES

  19. Brandon3 years ago

    Many don’t care? Speak for yourself. Us Spaniards care. You are deluting our culture by saying we are all the same. Spaniard’s are Caucasian. If they aren’t they are mixed with something. Probably Arab (Antonio Banderas). Latinos are different than Mexicans too. Very different.

    1. Lawrence Kocurek2 years ago

      Your absolutely right. People don’t realize that the peoples of Latin America today are the children of many years of Europeans mixing with Native Americans; just as there are few people in the United States today who have the exact European ancestry of their immigrant ancestors who came here originally. That is why the “New World” has always been called a “melting pot.” Really if you think about it, calling someone “Hispanic” doesn’t really make sense, other than the fact that they may be speaking a kind of Spanish, but even that isn’t real Spanish as spoken in Spain, that is what is known as “Castillian Spanish.” In reality, by blood, people considered “hispanic” in the Western Hemisphere probably have very little connection to Spain anymore. And calling someone “latino” is even sillier because that is a reference back to ancient Rome. Though the Spanish language is an ancient “Romance” language derived from Latin, by blood, I doubt that any modern day “latino” can trace his or her ancestry back to ancient Rome. I think people should reference themselves according to what country they legally have citizenship (which is not many times the country in which they live). If you are a Mexican citizen, then you are a Mexican. If you are a United States citizen, then you should call yourself a US American (use the “US” because people in South America are also Americans). If you still have majority blood from a European country and you have citizenship in the US, as I do, and you find it necessary to make such a reference, which personally I don’t know why you would need to do so, then call yourself, as in my case, “Czech-US American” (all of my ancestry was from the Czech Republic). Overall, at least in my opinion, it is bad to make blanket references to classify a whole group of people and personally I think it leads to prejudice because when you start grouping people all together, then you eliminate the consideration that everyone has individual differences and needs to be considered as a separate unique human being. This means we need to stop all of these classifications on job applications or every else such as “White,” “Caucasian,” “Oriental,” “Native American,” “Hispanic” or even “Northerner,” or “Southerner,” etc. Why is it necessary to know what race, ethnicity or how old they are? It’s ridiculous.

      1. Anonymous1 year ago


  20. miranda3 years ago

    There is something called South American, Central American, Mexican and so forth. Do not bunch us
    together. There is a difference.

  21. Hely3 years ago

    Hey guys the reason we call ourselves Latinos is because USA call themselves Americans, which we all are. So why not Latin-Americanos.

  22. Hely3 years ago

    You are mistaken, we are Hispanics because we are the descendants of Spanish Europeans also other “Latin people like the French, Italians, Romanians, Portuguese and other Europeans, Native Indians, Asians and Blacks have joint us. But as you know as above so below, and what happened in Canada, USA, also happened in central and south America. Many races join the groups. Now I would call all the people of the Americas no matter where they come from Mixto Americanos or just Mixto to refer to many backgrounds. Not all Latinos are Hispanics, they are also Italians, French, Romanians, Portuguese or are born in Latin America. But we are all souls of God, we are humans from many different backgrounds and locations around the world.

  23. Latino3 years ago

    Latino is my surname originating from Italy. I now experience very disrespectful comments from the Hispanic community when hearing or seeing my name, “you don’t have a lick of latin in your heritage”, “your a Latino huh”, “That’s not really your name”. We are all respectfully Latin.

  24. Hector Enrique+Castillo3 years ago

    Many Mexican states especially the ones close to the Atlantic are mix with Africans as well as the Caribbean islands and Almost every Latin country and Brazil as well with the exception of some of the South American country’s mix with Europeans descendants.

  25. Hector Enrique Castillo3 years ago

    There is a big difference between Mexicans from Mexico or Chicanos from USA now Mexicans from Mexico don’t like to be call Hispanics they are very proud of their Indian heritage The rest of Latin America are hispano americano and the Latinos word god only knows where that came from another word creat it by a us american Now POCHOS are hispanos mix us American person born in USA. And then we have the caribeans or caribenos from the Atlantic Ocean every islander. So it’s a Big pile of rice,bean, tortilla soup, eaten with some white bread (europeos).

  26. Kayla Burke3 years ago

    The way I see it, “Hispanic” is an adjective and “Latino” is a noun.
    “I am a Latino, therefore I am Hispanic”

    1. victor robles2 years ago

      a latino is someone from the latin europe, France, Italy, Moldova, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Monaco, San Marino, Andorra and the Vatican City, their language is derived from latin and they are europeans without being mixed with native american, that’s what a latino is, although that’s not the US sense unfortunately. And Hispanic is someone from hispania, (iberian peninsula, spain and portugal, europe) nothing to do with native american or indigenous people, althoug they can have some hispanic blood in them, they are not full hispanics

  27. Al Rex3 years ago

    It should be forever known that Latino is not a race and is not an
    ethnicity and doesn’t have anything to do with speraking Spanish or
    being mestizo or coming from Latin
    America. European Latins: Italians,French,Romanians,Portuguese and
    Spanish do not call themselves “Latins” or Latinos” because Latin/Latino
    is not their Race and is not their ethnicity but they are Latins
    linguistically,culturally ( their Latin languages,Roman Laws, Christian
    We don’t identify people with the origins of our
    languages,we identify with our races:White,Black,Asian and the same
    should be with the Spanish-speaking people of the Americas. And Latin
    America doesn’t mean Latino as a race because Latino already has a
    meaning and cannot change to something else to please the Hispanics,
    Whether is Latin or Latino, capitalized or not it’s all the same as
    American and Americano. Spanish-speaking people will have to find
    another name if they want to gang up and be known as one group apart
    from the others but Latino is not their name.

    mexica movement d o t o r g

    1. Gloria Rodriguez3 years ago

      Totally agree with you. I just don’t understand why we would want to call ourselves Latino. I also don’t think we should be called by just one name but I would prefer Hispsnic, otherwise, I’m Chicana.

      1. Yoel2 years ago

        How about just American? I mean, I was born in Havana; but just born, raised here in the states. Basically I consider myself American, really, because I really have little cultural history with that island.

  28. Lionel3 years ago

    I dont like using hispanic or latino at all.If you want Americans to quit getting our cultures and nationalities WRONG just say the country you are from or the country from where your heritage is from.For example when I lived in San Antonio,TX a Puerto Rican that worked for me would complain that everyone thinks he was a Mexican (btw Im partially Mexican-American myself).I told him instead of saying hispanic/latino (whatever that means anyway) to say he was Puerto Rican.Wouldnt you know it,it cleared a lot of frustration for him.It would also help if everyone from Latin-America would try to just focus on their own heritage than trying to be pan-Latin American cross cultural.I only focus on being Mexican-American when it comes to my “hispanic” ethnicity.NOTHING ELSE.Peace…

    1. Sandy3 years ago

      I agree, why the US insists on grouping millions of people into one category is beyond my comprehension. You don’t see the US trying to make up a group name for Europeans or Asians? They just state what country they are from. Sounds really simple to me. The US first starting referring to Chicanos, then they took off from there …! The US seems to have a problem and confusion understanding that people from Latin America are just like the US, they may be 100% Causian, or of mixed race – the only difference is they speak the Spanish language – as the US speaks English but US Americans are not English, any more than People from Latin Anetican are not Spanish!

      1. Brian3 years ago

        WTF are you talking about? The terms “Asian-American” and “Anglo-American” are extremely well used in the United States.

  29. Min Zee3 years ago

    There is only one thing I know for a fact, not what my ethnicity is…or my race…(as I am ethnically mixed both on my dad’s side who is “Eastern European and Jewish as well as my mom’s side, who is of Mexican ancestry-both of these groups are very ethnically mixed) so the only thing I know for sure, is that I am an American. And that is how I would like to be identified, regardless of my name, ethnic background, or color of my skin. I am American, that is the only name I can say with confidence, that is the only group I feel I belong too… I can celebrate my ethnic cultures and celebrate world cultures, but being an American, that is where my allegiance lies.

  30. gary3 years ago

    lets be honest, ‘latino’ is just the popular term for anyone spanish speak. I, however, am not ‘latino’ and never will be. My Grandparents are from Guadalahara. I am mexican-American. Latin people have african blood in them-we don’t. that is why you have cubans, puerto ricans, dominican’s who look black but speak fluent spanish. If you look at maps from 1990’s and earlier, you’ll see latin america was cuban, puerto rico, dominican republic. why do hispanics (yea, its hispanic. its a word that brought on because the government wanted one work for spanish speaking people) call them self Latio? two reasons 1. they are more interested in being popular than being accurate 2. many people from mexican american or central american countries are ashamed of their background so they say latino. Its a shame that people have to rewrite history just to be politically correct.

    1. ed3 years ago

      i have no idea what i just read

      1. Greta3 years ago

        Hi Ed,
        I just read your comment and I had a good chuckle as it discribed exactly what I was thinking after reading Gary’s comment. Thank you.

    2. Sandy3 years ago

      Gary – you are either American or Mexican – there is no such thing as a Mexican-American!

      1. Dan3 years ago

        Actually there is such thing as a Mexican-American. Just like French-Canadians are Canadians from French descent, Mexican-Americans are Americans from Mexican descent.

        1. hionj2 years ago

          So then what do you call Mexicans of American descent? Or go ask a Mexican of full blooded Spaniard parents if he considers himself “Spanish Mexican”? Politics differ depending on the spectrum. You’re race cannot just change like that.But as soon as you cross the border from Mexico to America you’re racial classification can be considered different even though you didn’t put on black face this morning. Just buy simply stating you’re Mexican regardless of your skin tone can have significant implications on how they classify you by your race. Oh and the “French Canadian” thing I would drop it. Do all Canadians who speak English refer to themselves as “English Canadians” ? Of course not so French speakers should not be treated different. Especially since its an official language nationally in Canada. not minority status

    3. Long Lance3 years ago

      Actually Gary the Mexicans also have Black blood in them. At least quite a lot of them do. I was a little surprised as I knew that Vera Cruz, Michoacan, Costa Chica, and a few others did. They did a thread on 23andme(Free to join community) started by Mexicans themselves who were shocked when they came back as 4%-6% Black. Mostly though I’ve been seeing about 25% Indigenous to go along with that and the rest was Euro, but some go much higher in Native American and occasionally Black. Dominicans on the other hand tend to be about 50% Black and 49% White with very little if any Native American. You can’t go by the eyes as some Africans have folds, especially African Americans who all seem to possess small amounts of Native and much larger(than Native) amounts of European DNA.

      “In northern Mexico, mestizos have European ancestries ranging from 44-79%, and in southern Mexico the mestizos have Indian ancestries ranging from 51-76%. African ancestry is strongly present in Veracruz and Guerrero. Veracruz Mexicans tend to have an African admixture that varies from 12-18%. Guerrero Mexicans have African admixtures of 7-22%. Some studies (using old admixture-determining techniques) have produces African ancestries of about 25% in Veracruz, about 20% in Tabasco, and about 33% in Campeche. These percentages are based on my interpretation of circle graphs that show these results, but I have found out from a study that mentions them that the actual percentages are between 20-40%. This level of admixture is doubtful however, as this would mean that Mexicans from those states would have an appearance similar to that of mulatto Dominicans or Brazilians. Veracruz mestizos tend to look more Indian, Tabasco mestizos tend to appear more Caucasian, and Campeche mestizos have a variety of appearance. African appearances in the three states are uncommon, but not rare. Only one study so far has shown any discernible East Asian admixture in the general Mexican population – 1%. “

      1. Watts Eduardo (Teddy)3 years ago

        The correct term is African not “black”!

        1. tanker2 years ago

          So what’s the correct term for white? Please enlighten me because I never hear anybody yell out “don’t call me white cuz that’s extremely racist”!!! Oh btw if you are thinking about saying gringos or “Americans” than forget it cuz Americans are not white. No matter how light skinned they are. Cuz after all. If a Mexican can look like a snowman with freckles & all and still not be considered white for simply by his birthplace than than rule can also apply to Americans. Sorry Rush Limbaugh and Shawn Hannity. But you guys ain’t white. And you’ll never be. why? Well you gals have American blood pumping in your hearts and coursing through your veins. And last I check Americans are native to America, the country you love so much. And Americans are not white. Don’t get mad at me ladies, this is what you wanted

          1. AProduceMusic1 year ago

            Hi Tanker… I was reading along and I’m not sure I understood the part where you ceased to address the comment and started to address the definition of a true American, but I WOULD like to address your opening question: ‘So what’s the correct term for white? Please enlighten me because I never hear anybody yell out “don’t call me white cuz that’s extremely racist”!!!’ It’s not about black or white, and I’m not a lady, just in case you are thinking that I’m “mad”… I just want to elaborate on the short comment made by Watts Eduardo about African v.s. Black, which you seem to have taken as a racial remark… It’s not about race, or even about being politically correct… It’s about the fact that Long Lance used the term “black blood”, which does not exist… It’s African blood… “Black” refers to a group of people, which includes any and ALL persons of African descent regardless of whether or not they come directly from Africa… a GROUP… NOT a blood type… Once you add African genes into the mix, you are considered, and SHOULD be able to recognize that you are black, especially if it shows in your outward appearance… This means any Mexican with a sufficient amount of African blood is black and should be able to recognize it… That is to say that he or she, as a black male or female, has what Lance called “black blood”, but now we are talking about a mixed blood kind, because he or she is Mexican… So more specifically, and to avoid confusion, it’s the African part of a persons blood kind that makes them black… Black is too wide a term to use when referring to specific contents of a blood type… “White” blood ALSO doesn’t exist… It’s EUROPEAN blood which, with a sufficient level of, and to a certain degree, can cause a person to be considered “white”, if not among the English-descended whites, then AT LEAST among the black community… Remember that the Taino’s and Africans were BOTH enslaved, TOGETHER on the SAME ISLANDS, in the caribbean, and that it is a historical fact that the bulk of the African slaves were taken to the West Indies, rather than the 450,000 shipped to North America, where “Hispanics” seem to think black people come from… Dominicans, Puerto Ricans and Cubans of darker complexion and thicker hair haven’t the slightest idea of how black they really are, which, TO ME, is hysteria… But, the fault is history, because of the idea that has been sold to them in their own countries for centuries that even if they have 0.1% of European blood in them, they are considered white and meant, during a time of oppression and discrimination, that they had the same rights as the Spaniards did… I know that today we all believe that race is no longer an issue, but I am practically quoting it as it was written in the laws of Puerto Rico… They have been trained to think this way… They are, TO THIS DAY, clueless… They don’t have a clue… That’s Tainos and Africans together in PR, DR, Cuba AND Hispañola (Haiti/Dominican Republic), and not to mention that the Jamaicans are ALSO of Taino origin, which makes us ALL the same people… The process of “whitening” which took Puerto Rico by storm is the reason the people who live there today are almost white… but I’m not… I’m considered “high yellow” in the black community, and called brother sometimes by perfect strangers who think it’s great to see “Black men succeeding today in our country”… I don’t identify AT ALL with Hispania or Iberia or any of that stuff because it’s not who I see when I look in the mirror… And I know the history of what now is considered the Spanish part of the West Indies, so I don’t exactly embrace the Spanish part of me either… I KNOW that my strongest genes don’t come from Spain, but from the Tainos and Africans who were enslaved, cheated, raped and strickened of all their natural born rights by the Spanish conquistadors who took the caribbean, AND THE REST of the Americas by force… P.S. I have nothing against white people, or Spaniards more specifically, but I just wanted to state my own opinion regarding the whole “Latino v.s. Hispanic” debate… I am American, because Puerto Rican is not a race, it’s a nationality, that which I do not share because I’ve never been to the caribbean in my life, and neither has my dad, but if I HAD to categorize myself, preferably, I would have to say “boriken” or what is known today in our modern world as “boricua” because Boriken is the REAL name of the island known as Puerto Rico… I am proud of my heritage, but I KNOW what it means to be “boricua”… To those of you who are like me; American, and you grew up in a Puerto Rican-American home, with grandparents who migrated to the US between the 1940s and 50s, unless you KNOW that you are a TRUE Spaniard, of the bloodline of the people who travelled to the West FROM SPAIN, don’t believe the hype and all of the Latino and Hispanic stuff you hear on TV and in your community… Being Puerto Rican is NOT about being Spanish, and most of us have Spanish last names for reasons that have nothing to do with a rich past and Spanish Royalty… Look in the mirror, read the history because it’s all there… TAKE A GENE TEST if you’re in denial, and then make a decision to either ignore it, or let go of your racial biases… Embrace the TRUTH about who you REALLY ARE.

  31. Will4 years ago

    FACT: Hispanics are the white Europeans from the Iberian Peninsula. I hate the term Hispanic because it reminds me of the destruction caused by The conquistadores, from the Hispanic peninsula in Europe, in Latin America. . I prefer Latin-American. I am from South America.

  32. Derek Flores4 years ago

    I think the best situation for someone to call themselves simply “Hispanic” or “Latino” is when their parent’s are of different origins. For example, my mom is originally from Mexico and my dad is originally from Guatemala. When people ask me, what do you consider yourself, I always respond with “Hispanic American”.

    1. Al Rex3 years ago

      A Latino is a person from a nation whose language derive from the Latin (Latino) of Roman Italy: Italian,French,Romanian,Portuguese and Spanish and nothing else, Latin America doesn’t mean Latino and Latino is not a race and not an ethnicity and everything Latin comes from Italy and not from Spain. Hispanics must use their race and races to identify themselves and not a language which is not even theirs, it originated in Italy.

      1. umensh2 years ago

        If people in usa with Italian background start calling themselves Latino society will assume they mean “mexicans, Colombians, Puerto Ricans”. And no European would want that. it’s too bad but the damage had already been done. I don’t like it anymore than you. But to interpret someone’s race simply by the language they speak is assanine. Besides since when does “yo fagghetabout it” sound like “orale Holmes”? Speaking Spanish or Portuguese doesn’t make you Latin speaking Latin possibly does and that’s not even a guarantee. I hear English is a mix of “Latin, Celtic & German”. Or “Germanic”. To me English and German don’t sound anything alike but if that were true than if a Bolivian indigenous native or a black Dominican is “Latin” for simply speaking a “Latin language” (Spanish). Regardless of their race. Their substitute race being “Latin” Than you have to say Michael Jordan and magic Johnson or Geronimo are “Teutonic Germanic”peoples or “Anglo Celtic” because after all, There native tongue is English, a Germanic language. Sounds foolish when put in that way isn’t it? If anything the British and the Germans are more “Latin” then the Mexicans, Costa Ricans etc. Because Rome conquered those lands and have Roman statues and remains there. Romans never invaded Mexico all the way to Chile. In fact go to Mexico and say “Latin America” & and see if they know what you’re talking about, they call it ibero-america. Latino like Hispanic are both usa made up terms. So who are you going to find more reliable? The Mexicans in Mexico don’t call themselves Latinos, only the gringos call them that.

  33. Alex Ybarra4 years ago

    If your a mestzo.I thought you had to me a mix.of spanish and American indian.only.and not any other mex.
    No other. Not Mexican or any other.

  34. Andrea4 years ago

    Unfortunately, we did not call ourselves “Hispanic”. Some have used “Hispano” which means ancient Spaniard. “Hispanic” was created by the Nixon administration in July of 1971. This term is race specific and denies the Civil Rights Movement! The question is this term “Hispanic” oppressive? According to book written by Nelson Lane Miranda, “Hispanics in Nevada”, he wrote that Nixon strategically marketed the term “Hispanic” over Chicano. He also attempted to do the same to the African/Black community. Some will argue it does not matter, and it does matter because this is means denying history, or burning books. A perspective that does not allow us to be proud of our green chili’s or our red chilis, beans, and corn enchiladas which are primarily not Spanish. There was another term on the table in 1971, Latinos! Viva Los Latinos! Viva humanity! Paz, amor, entiendo! Andrea Duran-Carpenter, Chican, Latina Activist for the Greater Picture!

    1. Luis Alves3 years ago

      there was no terms “on the table” both of those terms are european in origin. hispanic means of spanish origin an it was an old term Romans used for present day spain, other one latino is just a spanish term for LATIN nothing more nothing less, check up dictionary from Real Academia Espanola in Madrid. and that Latin term is implied to the more than 3000 year old culture that originated in central Italy in the region of LATIUM, where the ancient tribe of LATINI lived and they spoke LATIN, and their first king was LATINIUS and they worshipped a goddess LATINIA and those tribe in order to better defend themselves made a federation calling it a LATIN league. now you dont get any more latin than that, and if you dont want to follow that culture from europe just because you have a problem it got passed from spanish who colonized the americas than please stop calling yourselves that. that culture has nothing to do with aztecs, and mayans and incas and we are better of if you didnt call yourself latinos but nativos or whatever.

  35. Wil Ensenat4 years ago

    Thanks for the survey. I am originally from New Orleans, first generation US, parents from Mexico in the early 1900’s Their parents from Spain.
    We usually refer to ourselves as being “Spanish”.
    As a matter of curiousity, why didn’t you include that designation in your survey. Also, if you did, what would be the results for the state of New Mexico where some families trace their ancestries to those of the Spanish Land Grants.

  36. Tara Childress Lopez Hallmark4 years ago

    I am a native of Texas; my paternal lienage can be traced thru the church and family records illustrating a bloodline inhabiting Texas prior to the United States taking possession. Further traces show relatives in Spain. My maternal lienage is traced to the establishment of the original thirteen colonies via English controlled islands. It is discerning to see Mark Williams type the word fact without citation as his remarks hardly resonate educated credentials. Including his comment of “bastardizing” the language used in America that seems to have evolved over the years by many cultures withstanding the legal and medical based terminology of modern latin.
    It is my opinion that the obsession of strong lines drawn on a map has little to do with the natural evolution of our species but everything to do with the delination of our potential progression or individuals. One may call me what they wish, but address me with respect as I am proud of those that walked before me so I can stand here and share with all of you.

  37. Mark Williams4 years ago

    This is what happens when the language is bastardized and for the purposes of manipulating people for political reasons. FACT: Hispanics are the white Europeans from the Iberian Peninsula, who spent centuries enslaving and exterminating the brown ancestors of LATINOS. Outside of the United States to call a “Hispanic” a “Latino” will is a massive insult. Rule of thumb in those societies…. Hispanics can own and live in the casa on the hill, Latinos can only clean the toilets in the casa on the hill.

    1. Mario Giraldo4 years ago

      No, this is what happens when ignorant, racist, sick people like you bastardize your own kind and language for no purpose at all. Thank you though for bringing up the FACT of this matter: discrimination, history blindness, and utter ignorance. Your statement is very offensive and unfounded. It should have been stopped by this publication. But the nature of our democracy allows you and other people to vomit words and actions out to the public, even if they hurt or diminish other people or entire cultures. I am a Latino (prefer Hispanic) who went to Columbia University, own a house in the most expensive neighborhood in town, employ nice white people to do my lawn and my pool maintenance, work in a beautiful office, speak several languages, travel the world, and the most important thing, live in peace with the world, not from the button of the hill or from the top of it, but from the place you would never be able to be: from the soul. Go educate yourself and reshape your thinking for as it is, is very twisted.

      1. Mario Giraldo4 years ago

        I guess I was not in peace with the world when I wrote this. Your statement is very confusing: I agree with you that there is a great level of discrimination towards South Americans in Europe, especially in Spain, but if you think that Spaniards were killing the “Latinos” ancestors when they came to the Americas, then you are dead wrong. Spaniards were killing the natives, the owners of these lands, raping, violating and then loving them and marrying them. Little by little, a new culture started to flourish and they were not Latinos, nor Hispanics back then in the early 1500’s, 1600’s, and even 1800’s, they were the citizens of the new world with their big schools, big universities, organized societies, and creators of their own fates. History tells me that the name “Latin” to indicate peoples and places started in Paris (France) in 1792, more to honor all those students of the most prestigious education establishments of the time (and now), and the place they lived in, who had to use Latin as the universal language for education purposes (like English is now), not to discriminate against people for their ethnicity. This is what today it is a must visit place in Paris: The Latin Quarter.
        It was in the late 1800’s when the term Latin-Americans was created by the then emperor of Mexico to separate French speakers and English speakers from the rest of the population (white, black, brown, mulato, mestizo) of the Americas and the Caribbean Islands. I can’t understand why the word latin was used, as if French, Italian and other romance languages were not rooted in this primary language. This was the beginning of the discrimination we see today and the sad part of it is that we, the people from South, Central and North America accepted and perpetuated the use of the term as a symbol of a culture. From here, the people from the south of Canada and the United States are Latinos, the people that came from those territories 1 minute ago or 200 years ago, are Latinos. Whether or not the Spaniards like it, my language is Spanish, my ancestors are from Spain, therefore, I am Hispanic, not Latino. I don’t think you have history right but your first point is accepted.

        1. Rubén Galiani4 years ago

          Ok Mario I am going to tell you how it is buddy about the whole Hispanic and Latino issue and how to properly define things! 1st example if your black African mother immigrated from Africa to England and falls in love with a white Anglo Saxon from England and gets pregnant from him. The child from this union is born with lighter skin, green eyes but has the facial features of a black person then everyone in the world that is not of African decent will regardless of his light skin and colored eyes automatically associate him with being a lighter skinned black man. How this relates to the difference between Hispanic and Latino is let’s say your mother is from Spain and falls in love with somebody who is a direct Aztec decedent from México and they have a child together that child will be known as a mestiso, unless the child is born looking like his mother with his mother’s facial features and skin color the then could call himself Hispanic. This is what I like to call the physical racial ID because you were born this way and no matter what you do you can’t get rid of it so be happy with yourself cause your stuck this way for the rest of your life.

          1. Mario Giraldo3 years ago

            I wonder what makes you believe that your examples could possibly “define things” related to the question of Latino vs. hispanic. I do not presume to have the answer, neither am I going to level with you in this discussion. I will say that your “physical ratial ID” idea is the basics of the lowest, most outrageous way of discrimination, now used in the United States and other countries in the world. I know who I am, I know what I know, and I don’t need someone like you to “define things” for me. If I need help in defining ideas, I will go to the proper authorities and I will listen to them, and learn. That is what you need to do, as well.

    2. Ari3 years ago

      Your statement is offensive to any Latino/Hispanic coming fromt the Caribbean. You have clearly not been to any of these counteirs bc you would otherwise know how diverse these island countries are and that everyone on them is not descended from the Europeans instead we descend from native indians, africans, and the Spanis. And to help you with some history, the natives of those islands were know as Taino Indians so they were the ones being enslaved and killed off. There were no Hispanics until the savage known as Christopher Columbus landed on the DR and immideately started to kill our native men and rape our native women. Get your facts straight buddy. At the end of the day that is what happend in every Spanish speaking country.

      1. Luis Alves3 years ago

        not everyone who lives in what people now call Latin America is a latino, that only implies if you are following the culture that was passed on from the spanish. if you are a native or black person who follows some other culture then you are something else. Latin America is only term for european descendants that follow the culture that actually came from Europe (latin culture, same as anglo culture). and that has nothing to do with american continent. thats why Anglo america is not fully anglo but rather majority Anglo (european) with some african or asian mix, and Latin america is only majority Latin (european) but also mixed with native and african.

    3. Claire Marie O’Brien2 years ago

      Plenty of people from Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Venezuela, Ecuador, Colombia etc etc are white. That tends to happen with imperialism. I’m not speaking of the millions descended from a blend of white Europeans (Spanish, Italian, and eventually, German Nazis) with multiple indigenous peoples. Rather, I am speaking of people for whom race remains a (rapidly diminishing) central defining characteristic, who took care to remain a “pure” white caste over generations, who owned most of the land, imported a “high” creole culture, and dominated national/local political life as the privileged puppets of their benevolent Uncle Sam.
      When the descendents of these people encounter the insidious, loopy,irrational forms of American racism, they have to find a way to wrap their heads around a form of lunacy, found nowhere else on earth. Once the whitest optometrist in Venezuela, Jorge Ramon Gonzalez is suddenly white only at home. The rest of the time, he packs lenses for shipping, broods about his family’s lost oil stock, and lives in a world that lumps him in with a young Puerto Rican shoe salesman and jazz musician, Raul Ivan-Lopez, lately of San Juan and the Bronx. America tosses Diego Vasquez-Garcia, a dark-skinned Mexican Indian from Chiapas into the mix who speaks little Spanish and works as a gardener in Palm Beach.
      White American culture obscures the differences between these men. They are Gonzalez, Lopez and Garcia, they come from someplace else, and that is enough.
      White doesn’t mean anything anymore.
      Decades later, their children spar guardedly online about issues of definition, carefully side-stepping issues of pain.

      Welcome to America. Land of the Free. Home of the Brave.
      And the bastards are coming after you – again

  38. John4 years ago

    Why are Italians not referred to as Latino when actually all of the “Romance Languages” were spawned out of the Latin “tongue” of Gaul Italy. So with that aspect in mind, perhaps the Italians in the USA should be regarded as a minority group along with the Spanish, Portuguese, French, Greeks, etc.
    Hmm. Perhaps we are upside down with whom is a minority and maybe we can group the minority groups and simply regard them all as citizens. Then maybe we can call all Citizens Americans or US Citizens. Then maybe we could just put all the foolishness and labeling to bed for good. If we can remove prejudice at early ages and in school remove the labels of minority teach everyone to be proud of their ancestry and heritage, perhaps we could start healing and concentrate on the important things like God, Country, Family, Friends and making new friends while helping the less fortunate and making new friends. OMG, its that simple! WOW!

    1. Luis Alves3 years ago

      because sadly US citizens are mostly uneducated and dont realize what their tv shows and movies do by spreading misinformation. personally i didnt think of it until recently, but theres an increasing number of shows which just force you to think that if you are not brown and native american looking then you are not hispanic/latino lol. which doesnt make much sense since being more brown and more native looking actually drives you away from being hispanic/latino in the first place. since hispanic means of spanish origin and no one is more spanish than people from spain and they are mostly white so its a falacy right there. plus latino is portrayad by the pictures of machu picchu and chichen itza behind it while it has nothing to do with american continent at all same as anglo culture.

  39. smorty4 years ago

    A friend of mine, whose family came from Mexico told me that Hispanic and Latino were offensive to him … the family is from Mexico, therefore he preferred to be referred to as a Mexican.
    Seems as though, in the PC world, people are saying they relate to people as individuals, while grouping them in a generic term to make themselves feel better.

    1. Wil Ensenat4 years ago

      Thanks for the survey. I am originally from New Orleans, first generation US, parents from Mexico in the early 1900’s Their parents from Spain.
      We usually refer to ourselves as being “Spanish”.
      As a matter of curiousity, why didn’t you include that designation in your survey. Also, if you did, what would be the results for the state of New Mexico where some families trace their ancestries to those of the Spanish Land Grants.

  40. Marta4 years ago

    What are you if your are from Spain? I always struggle with this question in the US since in my own country I am “white” as a race, but I guess here I am Hispanic???. What are we talking about here our race or our country of origin? Very confusing…

    1. Luis Alves3 years ago

      hispanic is not a race so you are all that you mentioned. racially you are caucasoid (caucasian in USA) unless you are some kind of mix with native which would make you mixed race or mestizo (mezcla=mix), you are white because that is your skin tone, you are hispanic by your heritage or of spanish descent (the real one) cuz you are sure you are from there, next you are a latina because you follow a latin culture (originated in central italy some 3000 years ago and still passing the torch), spanish ethnically because you hail from spain, and lastly by nationality american if you have US citizenship. sounds complicated but it really isnt. i praise the day people stop watching hollywood tv for information and get more educated. so you can be caucasoid(race), white(skin tone), hispanic(heritage), latino(culture), spanish(ethnicity) and american(nationality) all at the same time. let us hope people stop equationg being white with being anglo who came from england.

  41. Ray Dubois4 years ago

    This profiling or not is silly. Since the Latin we know is most associated with the Romans (and Italy), why don’t we consider Italians to be “Latinos” ???????????????????????????

    I don’t see why we call either “latinos” or “Hispanics” as a separate race anyway.

    1. gary3 years ago

      latino is different from say, mexico. Like i said in personal comment, latino people have african blood in them. most people from mexico, central america or south don’t. look at maps and encyclopedia’s from 1990 or earlier. latin america was like 3 or 4 countries. now, its any spanish speaking county. I am mexican american and i am not ‘latino’ i feel that because education is still not a top priority for Hispanics, latin’s,etc, they are more interested in being pc then in being accurate.

      1. Realist3 years ago

        I was educated WAY before the 1990’s. Ever hear of the Roosevelt Corollary? The term “Latin America” was used early as that. When I learned about the Monroe Doctrine, WAY before the 90’s, they used the term to teach me. Every map and encyclopedia I grew up with used the term “Latin America” to refer to the Western Hemisphere south of Canada and the U.S., from the Rio Grande to Tierra Del Fuego.

    2. Luis Alves3 years ago

      you are tottally correct there the real latins should Romans and italians, spanish, portuguese and french only pass on their culture of thousands of years.

  42. Mike Yoder4 years ago

    To me (retired sociologist) Hispanic means of Spanish descent and/or culture, while latino is a bit broader, including Italians and Brazilians, for example. Brazilians (I lived there for three years) are very latino in their culture, but most have no Spanish ancestry.

    1. John S3 years ago

      These are the same definitions I have for these terms. My family has been in Texas from the Canary Islands on my mom’s side since 1731 and my father’s family is from Galicia Spain 4 generations ago. Still, some want us to call ourselves Mexican which while certainly in no way is offensive it does not describe us. Texas was only part of Mexico for 15 years or so, while it was New Spain for 300. Latino is the broad term for descendants of all of the Latin-tongued areas, and Hispanic simply means of or relating to Spain.

  43. Joan in Houston4 years ago

    Ladies and Gentlemen: I am an American of Swedish ancestry. I am commenting because I disfavour the use of hyphenated-American terms. My friend, Michael, is an American of African ancestry. I have known very few Americans who were born in Africa. My friend, Amy, is an American of Chinese ancestry. I think we should think of ourselves as AMERICANS first, and our ancestries are beside the point. My friend, Teresa, is an American of Cuban ancestry. Anthony is an American of Mexican ancestry. My friend, Betty, is an American of Spanish ancestry. FOLKS!!! if we said “American of this-or-that ancestry” then we could also avoid the consternation about Latino versus Hispanic. Joan in Houston

    1. José Ignacio Mora3 years ago

      I was born in America – in the part of that continent that is called Cuba. I later came to the United States. So I am a Cuban who is a citizen of the United States, not an American of Cuban ancestry.

    2. Anonymous1 year ago

      Now, if those who insist on titles can open their eyes and see it this way then maybe we could move past this issue.

  44. Gonzalez4 years ago

    I’m so glad I live in Canada, nobody cares about that stuff up here.

    1. Luis Alves3 years ago

      neither did people in latin america much until it became clear that american media is bringing the racism on big screens at the dawn of the 21st century.

    2. Claire Marie O’Brien2 years ago

      Canadian Indians sure as hell do.

  45. Teresa4 years ago

    Pew must not be asking the right people. Yes, we normally identify with our specific country first (Mexican, Dominican, etc.), but if we have to use a broad descriptor, Latino seems to be the preferred term among those I know in Texas, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, California, Florida, etc., although it seems for those born/raised in the U.S. the preferred term seems to be Hispanic, especially if the family has been here for generations.

    1. Gonzalez4 years ago

      The “right people”? What do you exactly mean by that?

      1. smorty4 years ago

        Ones that speak English?

  46. Greg4 years ago

    Did the survey differentiate Hi-spanic from Hispanic? 😉

  47. Carol4 years ago

    Of course, the fact that many Latinos aren’t Hispanic gets overlooked….what would you call a person of Portuguese extraction?

    1. Luis Alves3 years ago

      Lusitanic. Hispanic refers to people who claim their spanish ancestry and brazilians claim their portuguese which is in turn lusitanic. those are just old terms romans used for their provinces. plus latino in spanish only means latin and since its a culture than you should include italian and french since latin culture originated in central italy. so if you want to exclude brazil then you say hispanic and if you want to include brazil then you say latino. not to mention that theres like 30-40 million of natives in latin america that are neither latino or hispanic because they dont claim the same culture as the ones that speak spanish and follow the mainstream. in other words latinos include hispanic, lusitanic, italic and frankish people in respect and is a much broader term. plus if you were to exclude brazilians than you could exclude majority of argentinians for being of italian stock.

  48. Mario Giraldo4 years ago

    With all due respect Eusebia, if you study the origins of the term “latino/a” you would not be so proud at what you may find. i wrote this sometime ago:

    Does anybody out there know why we South Americans, Central Americans and Caribbean are called Latinos or Latin Americans? Go back to Mexico’s history when expansionist France under Napoleon III rule, commissioned Ferdinand Maximilian as the first emperor of the Americas, who for political reasons had to separate the French and the Anglo American speakers from the rest of America’s population. It was easy then to put us all under one name “Latino”, alluding to the way Napoleon III started the racial discrimination of his European empire. History also tells us how Maximilian ended and why.
    To me, Colombian by birth and a proud USA citizen by choice, to be called “Latino”, is to be discriminated against. It is to be classified as the group whose language came from Latin origin, but who was supposed to be the minority, the inferior, the oppressed, the slave, the plebeian. I personally like to be called “Hispanic “, should someone wants to put me in an ethnic classification. But, what is wrong with being called South American or Colombian, Brazilian, Argentine, etc? Please read history and don’t call yourself Latino or Latina. By doing that you are complying with the wishes of those who not very long ago started the repugnant racial discrimination we all experience today, not only in “America”, the continent, but all over the world.

    1. Pearl Cawley4 years ago

      I fully agree with you. The term “Latino” is and sounds degrading. I referred to myself as a Hispanic, until the climate in America changed sometime in the mid 1970s – 1980s. It became suddenly highlighted that Spanish speakers are non white and therefore not as human as whites. I don’t know, my Colombian birth certificate has Caucasian checked off on it. This is a topic that upsets many because, let’s face it, prejudice and bigotry abound in every mind. “Hispanic” has a more benevolent connotation. Still, it is categorical, and therefore negative. Although our Hispanic population has risen to a level that is not actually such a minority, the mentality of many so-called “whites” has diminished thanks to a lack of education and downright bigotry. This mentality stems from ignorance and fear. This need to categorize people, particularly those fromSpanish speaking countries currently has to do with the present Tea Party temperament of the country. It is not done to Italians, Germans, Irish, or Asians of any country. Asian experience their own brand of discrimination, probably worse than Hispanics.

      The seeds of this thinking begins with those who feel their way of life is threatened by anyone who does not have blue eyes or speaks a different language. It also bothers them that many of us are actually quite beautiful than they are. I wonder if these same people are aware of how many in the Arab/Muslim world also have blue and green eyes. I was born in Colombia as well. I came here as a four-year-old toddler with my parents in 1955. We became naturalized American citizens. My mom married an “American.” I was socialized as an American. I’m married to an American, who refers to himself as Irish American. For me, this is the problem. American whites cannot let go of their European roots and identify themselves with hyphenations, yet are ignorant of everything foreign. There is nothing intrinsically bad about alluding to one’s ancestry, however, I believe that if your birth occurred in the USA, you are, first and foremost, an American regardless of what you look like. Ancestry is secondary. Getting away from cultural and religious oppression is what made this country great. the opposite of that is happening now because of religious white supremacist zealots who claim very much about Jesus but understand little about Jesus. A new kind of hatred and oppression never before seen, is in progress in America today. The election of a black president has brought the vermin out of the woodwork.

      One thing white America has to start realizing is how resentful South Americans and Spanish speaking nations feel towards the U.S. and it’s discriminatory policies. I have cousines who resent the personal imperialism. I, a native Colombian, got into an argument with a Colombian girl on Facebook for referring to myself as an American. She said: We South Americans prefer that you who live in the United States call yourselves “Estadounidences” instead of Americanos because everyone who lives in America, North or South, is an American. She’s right. We are all Americans.

      My children were born here and can refer to themselves as having Colombian and Irish roots. Nothing wrong with appreciating Ariquipe or Shepherd’s Pie. Having lived here since childhood, I consider myself more American than Colombian. My Colombian relatives and their South American personalities are completely foreign from mine. What keeps me tied to Colombia is my perfect Spanish. At the time we arrived, Hispanics were not as strongly discriminated against as they are now. My family looks white and perhaps because of that, we did not encounter discrimination. In the 1950s, we may have been a minority, but there was not that stigma attached. New York Hispanics population was mostly Puerto Rican. South America is populated with as many whites as indigenous peoples. Third world imagery categorizes people with olive skin as inferior. Today some white Hispanics are discriminated against just because they can’t speak English. These very same people consider themselves white in South America where a myriad of races exist. The mixes in South America can contend with those of the U.S.

      I think what irks me more about all this categorization, is that Italians, Portugese and French are all Latin-based languages as is Spanish. However the term “latino” suggests a lower quality of sub human, that I just won’t adopt for myself. Dont’ want to be swept by that broom. It’s a matter of sensitivity that those whites born here just don’t understand. This is a long broad topic that meanders into every aspect of human pride.

      1. Pearl Cawley4 years ago

        The above comment was written off the cuff sometime after 1 AM, November , 2013. I am a writer and exhaustion is my only excuse for lack of clarity in some places. Thus, apologizing for grammatical, spelling and words left out of some sentences in error. Self-editing sometimes creates more errors.

        1. Mario Giraldo4 years ago

          Mrs. Cowley, thank you for your response to my humble posting. I am truly honored. I should be the one apologizing for my grammar, for the unfinished sentences, and for the lack of expansion on some of my ideas. However, we both understand very well the social, economical, and anthropological effects of the current discrimination in The United States and in the world. My only hope is that my American born son (now 25) and all the new generations, not only here but everywhere in the face of this planet, are treated as human beings, regardless of race, color, religion, and socio-economic status. I know very well my hope falls flat in the world of denial because history doesn’t lie, but one can only dream of all the best for fellow man kind. From a Colombian to a Colombian, un abrazo.

  49. paul4 years ago

    How many used the term favored by 1970’s activists – “chicano”? At one time in Texas at least surveys showed 10 to 20% identification with this term. Also absent from your survey were the terms “Tejano” and “Spanish” (favored by many Hispanic New Mexicans).

  50. Eusebia Aquino-Hughes4 years ago

    We cannot call our community “Hispanics” we are not from Spain or “white” in Anti-Latino
    America 2013. We however are “Latinos” we are the by products of a pain racial injustice History in American history. Our people were and continue to be “historically Native” to this Nation. We are “ALL” Latinos we are all in the struggle together in modern day primary center “white&Black”only USA. Whites nor Blacks are Native to this Nation. President Lincoln took our ancestors “citizenship”in 1800’s and give it to “white&Blacks”only now they both ID us all as “Obama/Bush” “criminal Immigrants”for prison$$ and “Ethnic Latino Cleansing”Massive Deportation”Obama has deported 2.9 Million Latino Natives out of the USA .America’s first Afro-President:-( CALL ME “Street Latina” Not “House Hispanic”.PROUD AS HELL:-)

    1. Pearl Cawley4 years ago

      It is one thing to speak in actual Spanish using the term Latino or Latina in conversations that reference i.e. such as “ella is Latina?” When we use it IN SPANISH in that context, it is perfectly fine. Spaniards are from Spain. Hispanics are people who come from ANY of the Spanish speaking nations. Also, the word “Latin” defines all who speak a romance language. These would include Italians, French, Spanish, Portuguese and all Spanish Speakers in the world. Thus Hispanic is more accurate for those of us who speak Spanish, regardless of origin.

      HOWEVER, when Anglo Saxon Americans turn it into a politically correct term that they themselves don’t understand, the word “Latino” become insulting. There’s nothing to be proud of in allowing one’s self to be swept into a category by people who’ve decided to make a certain part of the population check off boxes on forms, when everyone else doesn’t have to do such.

      There is nothing wrong with pride in Latin-American, island or Hispanic or Spanish heritage. BUT, there is very much wrong in accepting labels that German, Irish, Italian, Polish and other nationalities don’t have to contend with. Now I’m not saying they haven’t suffered bigotry, everyone has been picked on.

      The sad part is that American blacks, who’ve experienced all of this and worse, more often than not have the same attitude towards Hispanics as whites do.

      1. Long Lance3 years ago

        That’s how class warfare operates in the U.S. Keep the minorities fighting amongst one another while the wealthy make off with the riches that the poor break their backs for. That makes class warfare become viewed through a racial lens rather than a class based rouse. All American Blacks have European blood and some have Native(actually quite a few according to 23andme DNA samples) so people really overlap all over the map. This is something that has been hidden in American history much in the same way that the FIRST slaves were Native Americans rather than Black. The truth is coming to the light now. The Eastern Indians of the U.S. didn’t all just die off like they want us to believe. They were absorbed into the Black and poor White communities. Americans point to the first interracial marriage between the Black and White Lovings couple of Virginia, but they leave out the fact that she was part Rappahanock Indian as many are in the Carolinas and Virginians among the Free People of Color descendants.

      2. victor robles2 years ago

        Hispanics are people who come from HISPANIA, IBERIAN PENINSULA, EUROPE, without being mixed with native american, then you would be mixed or half hispanic, so, unless all your family is spaniard or from the iberian peninsula i guess, you are not full hispanic

    2. Pearl Cawley4 years ago

      the reason we speak Spanish is because the Spanish colonized South America, much of the Carabean etc. The only real natives are the indigenous peoples who occupied every inch of the Americas, North to South before Colombus. South Americans are more mixed with “indios” than North Americans. The prevalence of our current Latin culture comes from a mix of both native tribes and Europeans, then mix in the African slaves who were transmigrated by force. We are a mix of white and various tribes and peoples in each respective region. It can be said that all tribes, as for example, north American Apaches to the south American Aztecs are one and the same race. Thus, I hope your pride incorporates both indigenous and European blood that runs through you.

      1. Miffyseal3 years ago

        Please be aware that the Aztecs are from North America! Not South America. There are Uto-Aztecan language tribal groups in Mexico, and the U.S., all the way to Oregon, Washington State, Idaho, and Montana. I think you need to study the locations of various North American and South American indigenous tribal groups before you post. As you are aware there are many who might take offense (Mexicans, Hopis, Paiute, Peruvian, Bolivian, Ecuadorian, Aymara, Quechua people) to your casual non-attentive reference mistake, especially you being a Colombiana. Most will say, you off all people should know better. Especially you… in the light of your detailed educative post on the plight of Latino discrimination since the 1980’s.

    3. Joe Lopes4 years ago

      I’m so glad to hear a conscious voice amid the delusional “Hispanics” who for the most part have no respect for our native roots!!!!

    4. Jason3 years ago

      Illegal Aliens were deported not Hispanic Americans. I’m so tired of people like you that act as if it’s just fine to illegally enter a country and then get pissed when the law breakers are caught and deported to their countries of origin. Illegal is illegal no matter the race or ethnicity. Also Obama inflates those deportation numbers and does nothing but tie the hands of the border patrol. Illegals need to get in line and enter legally like the rest of the world. No one deserves American citizenship it should be earned by doing it the right way.

      1. jules3 years ago

        I think the point is that they are indigenous people to this land. This land of resources that was colonized by Caucasians and the indigenous people were violently oppressed and denied human rights and access to resources. Yes nations have laws and borders, but we should be more sensitive to the point of view of people who have been brutalized and this country should adopt policies that allow American economies outside of the US to flourish, and thus solve the problem of illegal immigration. US policies encourage chaos in other countries. These people come here, work harder than you can imagine, and put more money in the hands of wealthy white Americans (1%). They were here in this hemisphere before it was colonized and borders were defined and redefined and expanded! And when the illegal immigrants are white, I’ve noticed nobody minds. When the illegal immigrants are nonwhite thats when it becomes political and people start saying they should “line up.”

        1. Paul3 years ago

          I am a Portuguese, French and Japanese descendent, but I grew up in Brazil although I was born in the USA.
          I don’t consider myself Hispanic, and the name “Latino” is derogatory.
          I have an accent so I can’t hide that I didn’t grew up here. I don’t mind people saying that I am Brazilian, or South American, but not Latino or Latin America. Just my taste.
          The word “Latino” is used by society almost as a joke. I don’t know why people put up with. In Brazil there is no such a thing as a hyphenated nationality, but even in Brazil we have our Germans, Italians, Portuguese, Dutch, Afros, etc. We know who we are. I am very proud of all my heritage. I participate in various Brazilian, Portuguese, Japanese and French events, outside of my normal American life. My kids are also descendents of Danish, German, Welsh and English.
          I understand the discrimination that minorities suffer in this country. I have been here over 30 years and because of my accent it is like I just got off the boat.
          Yes, I consider myself a white person of Portuguese stock since that is 98% of my blood. But I have friends from all over.
          We need to stop with the labels, and yes, America is still very “White vs Black” only. That needs to change, but the black community is afraid to death of being seen as just another community or group without their special status as the “enslaved” people, so they will never let it die out, never mind the other people that suffer as well, like suffering makes people special.
          Anyway, look to the future, embrace everyone, and America, one day, will become what it is meant to be. Don’t stay only within your communities, your barrios, be integrated, mix and share. Do your best and leave resentment behind. That will make this country a better place for us all.

          1. Anonymous1 year ago

            Would that even count?