October 3, 2013

More white evangelicals than American Jews say God gave Israel to the Jewish people


A majority of white evangelicals believe God gave the land of Israel to the Jewish people, compared with 40% of American Jews who believe the same.

Israel defines itself as a Jewish state, and most Jews in the United States say that emotionally they are either very attached (30%) or somewhat attached (39%) to Israel. But on some measures, Jews’ feelings for Israel are equaled or even exceeded by those of white evangelical Protestants.

FT_13.10.02_IsraelGivenbyGod_1For example, twice as many white evangelical Protestants as Jews say that Israel was given to the Jewish people by God (82% vs. 40%). Some of the discrepancy is attributable to Jews’ lower levels of belief in God overall; virtually all evangelicals say they believe in God, compared with 72% of Jews (23% say they do not believe in God and 5% say they don’t know or decline to answer the question). But even Jews who do believe in God are less likely than evangelicals to believe that God gave the land that is now Israel to the Jewish people (55% vs. 82%).

White evangelical Protestants also are more likely than Jews to favor stronger U.S. support of Israel. Among Jews, 54% say American support of the Jewish state is “about right,” while 31% say the U.S. is not supportive enough. By contrast, more white evangelical Protestants say the U.S. is not supportive enough of Israel (46%) than say support is about right (31%).

White evangelical Protestants are less optimistic than Jews about the prospects for a peaceful two-state solution to conflict in the region. When asked if there is a way for Israel and an independent Palestinian state to coexist peacefully, six-in-ten American Jews (61%) say yes, while one-third say no. Among white evangelical Protestants, 42% say Israel and an independent Palestinian state can coexist peacefully, while 50% say this is not possible.

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    is a senior editor focusing on religion at Pew Research Center.


  1. Asian2 years ago

    Most Arabs, Christian or Muslim, in the West believe in God. It saddens me that the Jews of today lack such faith.

  2. Anonymous2 years ago

    why are they called Jewish if they don’t believe in god

    1. Davida2 years ago

      Humanistic views are not new within Judaism. The shared historical experiences, ethical philosophies and customs are what binds humanistic Jews, not the existence of a deity. It’s much like Buddhism in that regard.

  3. David3 years ago

    What do 82% of white evangelical Protestants consider about Jesus’ statement to the Jews “Therefore I tell you that the kingdom of God will be taken away from you and given to a people who will produce its fruit”?

    1. Jacqueleen3 years ago

      Jesus meant this figuratively. He was referring to the loss of Heaven (Eternal Life) by the Jews (Pharisees) who rejected Him and given to those (Christians) who believe He is THE Messiah and who will lead souls to Christ. Saved souls = Fruit!

      1. suzie3 years ago

        interesting that evangelicals seem to take the “figurative” interpretation of the bible when it suits their purposes, but insist on the literal interpretation otherwise. the recruitment of the American fundamentalist Christian movement seems to be a mid century tactic of the far right to muster the forces of the “god fearing” to the goals of the anti “counterfeit” religions, fossil fuel cabal and the military industrial complex.

        1. Chuck2 years ago

          My understanding of the intellectuals behind the neoconservative movement is that they saw a use for religion as a motivator for war, which was necessary for their idea of controlling global affairs. They weren’t religious, but knew it was important to keep the masses in line behind their efforts. People should check out info on men like Leo Strauss and Irving Kristol (father of Fox talking head, Bill Kristol).

  4. Carroll Price3 years ago

    I’ve never encountered a fundamentalist Christian from the southern Bible Belt who did not believe that God gave the land of Palestine to Jews.

  5. Joe Pesci3 years ago

    Doesn’t matter if anyone believes god gave anything to Israel.

    The land belonged to the Brits after the war, the Brits gave it to the jews and the native arab muslims.

    End of story

    1. LibertyRising3 years ago

      It “belonged” to the bloody Brits by virtue of conquest, made possible only by the entry of the U.S. into the European conflict. They had no more “right” to give away the inhabitants’ homes than I do. Just bigger guns.

      “Live by the sword, die by the sword”. The British Empire is dead and the American Empire is dying.

      End of story.

      1. Ithink3 years ago

        Possession is 90% of the law. So it belongs to whoever has it now. Just like great part of the American SW belongs to the U.S. , not Mexico.

        End of story.

  6. habibi3 years ago

    תחשבו מוגבלים המבוסס על גזענות, אהבה ושנאה של חלק מחלק
    אבל המחשבה שלך הגיבה לMlma נתן Alalah מה שהם אומרים עושר בע”מ קטן הארץ הזאת ולהשאיר את שאר הקרקעות, אשר בבעלותה את כל דברים טובים והעושר לאחרים
    לבסוף, מדוע יהודה מוצא מחוץ לארץ פלסטין
    אם הקרקע היא צייתה Alahia נגנב ממשפחתה, מדוע רובם נשארו בחוץ, חטא שלטענתם רצונו של אלוהים ..

  7. Matthias vd Weide3 years ago

    Dear Friends and Followers of God,
    Clearly we have to put a Salomons Judgement over the 2 states issue. Who wants to cut the land of Israel in 2 is killing it. The real person or people that owns Israel is the person/ people who want to have it all and not only that but also want to care for all.
    Who can this person/people be who present a perfect unity?
    Isn’t it the Son of David about whom David prophecied Psalm 110
    Yahweh says to my Lord, “Sit at my right hand, Until I make your enemies your footstool for your feet.” It is obvious this is pointing to the Messiah who in Himself unites even gentile and jew and the children of Jacub(Israel). The people who serve and follow the Messiah will be Israëls landowners and the enemies of the Messiah will be his footstool.
    Both some jews and gentiles will oppose the Messiah and will together be His footstool.
    All the others who follow Him or gave the least of His brethren some water or treated them well, they will enter the Land and own it. Today we face a transition period. Like Salomon needed to find out who was the real mother of the child, it happens now.
    So think about yourself and how you should behave to become a (one of the many) landowner of the land of Israel.
    Shalom-see you Next year in Jerusalem

  8. John McGrath3 years ago

    How much of this support is based on the belief that the Jewish Temple must be restored on Temple Mount so that the war of Armageddon can start and Christ return? In other words, how much of this support is really a desire to use the Jewish state to set off the Christian Apocalypse?

    How many other people support Israel because it is a democracy, with rights for minorities.

    How many other people believe that Israel has the right to defend itself against attacks in the way it is defending itself?

    How many people who believe that Israel has the right to defend itself also believe that the settlements are not a wise and helpful move?

    1. Ed3 years ago

      Let me add: What percentage of Evangelical Christians believe that only after Israel is totally secured for the Jewish people then ALL Jews must return to Israel before Christ will come to judge mankind? And what percent of these True Christians also believe that it will be their Christian duty to insure that all Jews do in fact return to the Holy Land by any means necessary?

      1. Dieter Heymann3 years ago

        There has been a real and interesting exchange which relates to your comment. Cromwell noticed the good that Jewish immigration had done for the business of the Dutch Republic. At his time Jews were forbidden to reside in England. Cromwell needed a religious argument why Jews should be allowed to live in England again. He began a correspondence with Manasse ben Israel in Amsterdam who gave him essentially the following argument. You Christians want all of us Jews to return to Israel. We want that too but our belief says that we must first spread out over the entire world. As long as we cannot live in England we cannot all return to the Holy Land. Cromwell bought the argument. However, Jews were admitted to England only after his death when his son briefly ruled.

  9. The Brave4 years ago

    The true Hebrew are Black. Do your research, Truth is Truth, don’t dispute it.

  10. John Stefanyszyn4 years ago

    The Jews, The Land, God…but Israel confesses that it is RIGHT (a right) to worship ANY ‘god’!

    The Jews claim the land of Israel because they say it was given to them by God.
    ….people have died because of this claim
    …the Jews are using this reason to validate their taking of land.

    It is written in the “religion” of the Jews that the God of Abraham, of Moses is the One and Only Creator God…i.e. the only God of Israel…the only “religion” (in man’s terms). They are commanded by this One God to acknowledge, worship, and serve ONLY Him.

    However, the nation of Israel says and has publicly confessed that they do not have an official “religion / god” (ref. Ambassador Oren). This is also confirmed in their constitution.

    Therefore, in so doing, the Jews are also saying that they do not recognize the above mentioned God (of Abraham, of Moses) as the official and only God of the nation of Israel.

    What do then the Jews (Israelis) believe in?…it is evident that they believe in and live by the way of life of “freedom”…freedom of rights, freedom of religion, freedom of self-happiness, freedom of self -gain, freedom of self- sexual lifestyle…freedom of self-righteousness… as do all other democratic (self-ruling) nations.
    They, as well as all nations, embrace the desire to serve and magnify oneself (XES).
    And this is the “image” and “god above all fortresses” that they they worship and live by.
    And this way is self-serving, it creates conflict, and it creates death ….for each believes that they are right in their own eyes.

    Why should the True and Only God, whose Son is the Christ, stand for the Jews and defend their claim to the “land” when they have denied Him as the One and Only True God, have denied Christ-the Savior and His Son, and have denied the One True Way of Life?

    PS..God and Christ are not a religion but the only truth…there will NOT BE any belief in the freedom of self-rights, self-religion, self-interest in the kingdom of the Only God.

    Jesus Christ’s return as the Only King will make this evident soon.

    John Stefanyszyn
    …a bondman of the One Lord and King Jesus Christ, Son of the Only Creator God

    1. Anonymous1 year ago

      Judaism in its constitution says it is a Jewish state. Jews not living in the homeland made us into a religion only! Get it!

  11. Weinberg4 years ago

    This seems to be a disingenuous attempt by Pew and certain liberal jews to use White evangelicals as a red herring for U.S. support for Israel.

    Even groups like Christians United for Israel have a Jewish director and get the overwhelming majority of their funding from Jewish pressure groups.

    I must tell my Christian friends to think again about their support for Israel when
    Jewish-Americans want to scapegoat YOU for the U.S. misguided support for Israel.

    They can say don’t blame Jews for the U.S. slavish support of Israel. Don’t blame Jews for a foreign policy that is against the interests of the American people. Blame evangelicals.

    Well, if Pew and Lipka were honest, they would compare the ultra-religious, ultra-nationalist Jews with the ultra-religious Christians.

    Pew decided to compare the ultra-religious Christians with Jews as a whole.

    That is very, very dishonest and another in a trend to blame White Christians when everyone who does a little research knows that all the financial an lobbyist backing for pro-Israel policies comes from Jewish-Americans and Israeli-American Jews.

  12. Samuel4 years ago

    (TITTLE OF THIS POST: I read some of the points though what I say could be invalid based on what is being discussed. Still I offer some suggestion of what I learned by some aspects of scripture and other details which my sources mentioned with thoughts are vague or broad but good for study.

    Not every Christian or belief of some think the same way. And not all are to be persecuted of their ways if so it be right to that of its wrong and two wrongs make no right. Not every modern Christian refers to the Old Testament all the time as much as the new concept which applies to the life and is found true (meaning also a New Testament). They each fail realizing that there was more than the ten commandments at once to follow though this be the amount on God’s Laws. Found strangely why were there two tablets?

    What I believe is also wrong with statistics is this as well though I have to assert something here though I do know little as much as nothing of this discussion or statistics these days. Though what I say here may not be in the order we or some would understand it to be… So I provided my input with three (or more valid but invalid points of this argument some with examples here and others not so listed in the order for which I describe my points or others who had made them before me.)

    (Example 1 = morals known as behavior and not ethics which is manner though they could relate the words the same. Ethics is race or culture compared to moral which is behavior.)

    The difference between the following of the first was that they worshipped nature or divinity in the stars: (refers to the pagans) The nature was not above what manifested that nature and so people referred to the Zodiac. This was a sect of people that were among the first of beliefs to what is now some comparing rituals of practice or applying life applications through mathematics, and science. We go to the Acts of the Apostles here which was written probably around a time period after the death of Christ.

    Here is the order really… I would think one was taught.

    (Please excuse me here as I may be a little confused on the order for which the people actually appeared in timeline as the Act of the Apostles though we know Acts had to be written around some time after the death of Christ for which it was proven he was a godly figure.)

    (Present or Middle Age)
    Kind of like the first of the Crusades in present who were thieves among them but not also were they all holy like the second group which was a no on the scale of land struggles.

    You have the Sadduces and Pharesee which twisted the word and others tried to disprove the truths of a man or the Son of God knowing they could teach the falseness of a land but others hide the truth and some try to disprove what is ture. For today we have on the internet the fact of people basically saying this… with the multitudes trying to make a man a liar when one is not.

    You are a deity or a man thinks he is consciousness of thought. Well the problem I discussed with another though I claim myself human and not related to a deity or idolizing myself or another or devil is that there is a source of life for which life perceives itself though some with even the deepest thoughts are not called human for the truth that is expressed in total honesty or mistaken.

    The scribes wrote down that he worshipped a devil or was one which these three were unforgiveable with that one sin do not blaspheme the spirit of God or the Holy Ghost.

    If there were such an act of a peace based on morals it would be that also stating there is little respect among each for defining this as only behavior to the modern man or us today which is external and not internal as well plus a man as oneself could not live the modern without the past conflict which is sad.

    The fact people misinterpret basically do not understand the difference between behavior or accept the realism for trying to disprove the histories without seeing the connections that actually apply or better to say the Bible as a whole, the canonized situations of scriptures misunderstood about much are the new testament though that would be applicable to the old and people would mostly persecute the mind of honest people or try to bring them to silence.

    They sadly do not bother to read most or take a fragment though one has to say the more you read some people would forget who they are or others to declare they know everything from the common of people.

    To believe on the older concepts would happen to make every man Jewish besides this fact that Jesus was a Jew and Christians be a follower of Christ not for hopefully the Jewish mindset but rather principles of standard and biblical affection, though one can say they are Christian (frag: each one does not know how to act towards the difference of individuals and in what manner, this also including assumptions from the mind to try to clarify a man for his thoughts rather than one actually feels),

    The above problem relates to parents in how they also treat their kids as a reflection of themselves still growing up and preparing for a world of difference.

    We all mainly as Atheist, Christian, Muslim, etc. disregard the fact each one came from a different place at a different time period (or perhaps the same) and the order how it happened mostly would possibly be Atheist, Christian, and Muslim based on the chronological order, though situations could relate to a cause or result from it. In fact a result could be a cause if so it were made manifest to influence a chain-effect.

    And not all of the Jews were wiped out during such a tragedy of events because minimal of the present had survived underground as the desert sand asks us where did the people go, referring to years back or some were mixed among the desert. We think of the Holocaust and it makes most unappreciative to be reminded of the past and cold war thinking, during also a time where people would choose to persecute the good out of people regardless of what was believed among a man which was a bunch of demonic garbage among who knows what was wrong with a man or believed among people called Satanism or sacrifice.

    The fact that there is among a fact that if God did not exist question, people define this as nature to that of the big bang which I think is okay to the fact of they try everything by science and history to rip open a fabric of time they cannot touch or trace for any such matter.

    They see it and they do not believe and that is most of us or some people related to the Atheist which the study of them actually concludes that though there is not a belief on God it is an assumption of believing the concepts of science and history proven to be godly inspired or just created through the aspect of mind with influence.

    That man compares itself to a modern animal denies a way it was made and sadly to understand before that creature was made there was something or a source of life before it.

    When people had taken history, abridged it, burned it, canonized without understanding each first, etc. or words spoken through one language are not translated correctly… it is true that such an argument prolongs here on going broadly. The Quran for example refers to the introduction or such before Genesis. As to me also the Old did come before the new but there was also the Apocrypha books in the middle that states in one how Moses actually died.

    How do I know this though some of it seem inaccurate based on who God stated that he was based on the observations of a world seeing a divine man fall, which sort of reflects the modern day time or past told by a bunch of prophets before, or rather what he was connected to through spirit of a man?

    Well, the fact is this that there is an English copy of the Quran though the situation of God’s name is under discrepancy as people learned this concept. Wow, we discovered the name of the Messiah or Christ.

    Equals we proved he existed though at the same time they discovered one man is not totally God as though each claiming a Deity or one a devil, but a portion of heritage had reflected of the Godhead to that of a Son to its spirit. Meaning this… Because you know the name of God does not make a man closer to it but by that a man be saved. It makes you no greater than that man who was wicked and obtained the mercy of that light convicting a heart to its true desire or goal with purpose.

    In lesson short the unforgiveable sin of a man though a man blasphemes another man and is forgiven is basically this by blaspheme the flesh and not the spirit.

    I told them they do not understand a person, how they feel over how they think, but greater not is it to clarify a man for who he is over the actions of his deeds and mindset focus with the behavior if you cannot compare yourself to the heart of a man or me myself to say that to someone but not know a single thing about them or to relate them wrongly with how they are acting. This is where cultures and practices with beliefs impose on that of a man violating the conscience or the actual thoughts of the individual.

    Here is a little of what I had read though I cannot point some reference points or figure this one out without knowing the reason why it happened anyway and some were of my assumption mixed.

    This whole issue of some heritage backgrounds relating to the Godly and the persecution resulted in total wickedness and that the deeds of the human heart were wicked according to a time of Lot or so dominance of the culture had its times referring that people would not accept whether or not God said who he was or would do accordingly. However like the whole world from Genesis to Noah’s Ark being proven or wiped out though it be impossible to sound to have flooded a world unless it refers to one side of the world and to that point after of Sodom and Gomorrah.

    Why the Bible speaks about the affairs of people, it refers to these connections of main history as I was told the line of Jesus or something started from the Moabites. I had forgotten this lesson how a pure line could have been born through situations of line affairs.

    My statements above might not go hand in hand with this discussion but these are some valid points if we look at the overall behavior and concepts and which some people perceived or acted upon curious or innocent people, or those even with mental conditions.

    There is a difference from a way a person actually feels over how they think but society thinks one should tell the mind of a man how they are before they think a certain way.

    The unforgiveable sin was blasting the spirit of Christ for they called him a devil to where people get confused as this meaning how does Satan cast out Satan.

    Doing so would kill a house or creature from the inside knowing how weak among itself and that lie which people make are this: We think we can join it or conquer it from within. That is what is said in a parable but here it is in plain three words.

    Blasphemy, Ignorance to acknowledge what was true (twisting it to a lie if it be applicable and truthfully correct the manner)), and Idolism for worship of material wealth to telling Christ that one or human was a demon and not a human being as oneself today.

    We go to the scripture of the NKJV that I have and realize that God had taken the name of Jacob (if that be possible) due to the fact of getting into a fight with a man and having his hip bone strained at the same time as another man and in the same location; but also that Isaac under Abraham (cause he is a son of) had given the blessing to Jacob that belonged to Esau (because Esau gave up his whole birthright and blessing for food though somehow was along side many).

    Esau represents the name and is Edom.
    Isreal represents Jacob (his new name and the name of a nation)

    The fact that God blessed Jacob knowingly that he had struggled against a man who claimed himself to be God was a consequence to Jacob who was renamed Isreal. The twelve or so tribes explains this of his sons and daughters really explains this though it is stated by many no man has seen God face to face and lived to tell about it but it states that Jacob actually lived to see God face to face and God gave him a blessing because he prevailed against a pre-incarnate version of God.

    Here is the point though I cannot summarize verses from my head… Found in McAuthur’s Bible of the NJKV. It clearly points out that Peinel was a place where also that place a man has seen not directly a formation but of a man containing God’s spirit or rather to explain who does this below?

    There was sin or even a lie so for Abraham to protect his wife for which he failed Sarah and plagued Pharaoh though the situation here is what does a man do when he is in fear under God or does not rather believe in himself to follow after and why were there so many biblical affairs and such on sexuality?

    The point was not sex as much as it was the origin of where the root cause was to some generations and relationships.

    (Example 2)

    When a man has struggled till the end of daybreak as a man is found asking of a man his name (this being God being asked from Jacob and these keywords: before the meeting with Esau who embraced him though he could have killed him there for lying to the father but mainly the mercy of consequence on a brother gains the sympathy from another brother.)

    Those words were from Jacob please tell me your name and God says his name is Jacob is kind of confusing there to me unless Jacob challenges himself. Again Jacob asks this of a man as he and the man were injured or rather only so could have been one man possibly without some type of instance. The fact of the words,

    “Tell me your name please” “Why do you want to know my name” and he blessed him there. And so God blessed Jacob there though Jacob was injured and could have been killed. And someone said “I will not let you go unless you bless me.”

    And the words are He (God) blessed him there. Basically Isreal being Jacob is of its own and Jacob’s descendants,

    So this would be a mystery that nobody knows though the Great Grandfather Abraham or the tree of such to Isaac was found holy in the name of God. It is interesting to say one cannot exist if so for the fact scripture plainly tells us by the history and many proofs though people can see and not hear and people can hear and not see.

    Today we are digging up artifacts, they preserve them yet do they understand how they got there in the first place. So not that many people know or people can speculate the order of events that are valid and true yet they see them as false because they state proof with unbelief.

    That is the same as me or some not comparing Genesis to Chronicles and other books that relate to one another and say the same thing but it is true not to add or take away from the meaning of scripture.

    (Example = Creation)

    Because the relics are here today in modern time it concerns the world for physical proof rather than believing some on faith and others wanting to claim power which they cannot touch or God prevents that with a mystery I not knowing.

    Therefore the man who believed on faith would have better sight though that man could possibly be unworthy based on life act in order to see God truly for what the Lord is. Fear of the Lord was the beginning to knowledge though a man be blind but can see.

    My problem that I find with that statement is another I found that a man with life and knowledge will die but if you lose your life to gain something eternal which is that of in defense of (God) Christ it blesses based on his way (not our own) access to that of a Godly heart.

    A man looks on their convictions and they feel spirit scar them. That heart a new will heal a man or it will burn with pain based on the act and intentions of how the man truly is. This makes me no better or no less than any man but one plainly is human.

    Not all practice is to be practiced as religion itself of its manner to conduct as much as a thought holds a motivation of manifest.

    They know more than I do yet they fail to understand as much as some other things and life situations so simple. Remind me again why I make the same mistake and that is the reason why is we all fail at something so simple or a lack in directions with priority motives.

  13. Linghong Hu4 years ago

    Interesting facts.

    And that somehow proves Atheism is beneficial to Peace.

    1. joel4 years ago

      before you make statements, make research on Truetorahjews, a group who opoose to existenese of the state of israel from its beginning,
      truetorahjews comprise of 500k deeply religious jews world wide, refuse to serve in its army, oppose any kind of war against any nation

      If u feel good about your athism, i’m rebuting it for that matter

    2. joel4 years ago

      The bible says about Israel to the jews, but truetorahjews believe that is not relevent at the moment, and surely not taking it by force.

  14. مهند السعدي4 years ago

    فكر محدود مبني على العنصرية والحب للبعض والكره للبعض
    لكن هل فكر من أجاب لملذا أعطى الالاه ما يقولون هذه الارض الصغيرة المحدودة الثروات وترك بقيه الارض التي تمتلك كل الخيرات والثروات لغيرهم
    وأخيرا لماذا تجد يهودا خارج ارض فلسطين
    اذا كانت الارض أمرا الاهيا أطاعه بسرقتها من اهلها فلماذا بقي اكثرهم خارجها وهو معصية للإرادة الالاهية التي يدعون

    1. Enzo Nahum4 years ago

      Tell me ya habibi: What is the point of writing in Arabic? The article is in English and if you want to contribute you must write in English. Obviously you want to be read and understoood only by Arabs.
      I think that it is a mistake for the Pew Research Center to publish your writing because it is obvious that you want to disrespect the Westerners.
      I want to ask the Pew Research Center how can they “moderate” an Arabic written comments. Can you, Pew Research Center, confirm that you have some moderators who speak and understand written Arabic (or Pakistani or Iranian)? If not it means that you, Pew Research Center, are failing your Western readers and accept to become an accomplice and facilitator of Arab/Pakistani/Iranian arrogance.

      1. Niels4 years ago

        google tranlate will do most of the trick…

    2. rda4 years ago

      You can obviously read in English, why not write in English so we can see what you are saying?

    3. Niels4 years ago

      Well, if the Jews outside Israel are disobedient to God, then what do I care, me not being Jewish. As well as you obviously are also not. Still I do believe that even though I may own a piece of land in another country, I do not need to be there all the time, for it to be mine. And another comment to your somehow slightly hostile comment; though the Land is fruitful and blooming, it is no so by itself. These people have done an amazing job working the land so well. BTW.: Bless the Jews.

    4. Jay M3 years ago

      India Saadi •
      Think limited based on racism and love for some and hate some of
      But do you think the answer to Mlma gave Alalah what they say this land small limited wealth and leave the rest of the land, which owns all the good things and wealth for others
      Finally, what do you find Jews outside the land of Palestine
      If the ground is Alahia obey stolen from her family, why Most of them stayed outside for a sin which they claim will of ALLAH

  15. SourayaSawas4 years ago

    I am a human been first and I am a Muslim second I read Torah and the Bible and the Quran ,everything’s is the same ten comments , I love three of this religion but I hate the radical of three of them , I think the jewes should think more and the Arabs to do a peas and leave with each other the lands belongs to God not to human been ,

    1. Enzo Nahum4 years ago

      Souraya, it is really refreshing to read your fine and brotherly comments, so rare in comparison to the usual hateful ones posted by Muslims when Jews and other religions are involved. I admire the fact that you, a Muslim, besides the Qur’an read also the Torah and the Christian Gospel. It is very commendable that you have such an open mind. With regards to the Jewish claim that Israel (the land of Canaan) was given in possession to the Jewish people, if you believe that in the Torah and the Qur’an the words and the will of God are sanctioned, you should know that God gave the Land of Canaan to the Jewish people, Israel, because the people of Canaan were evil, idolatreous, practicing human sacrifices and defiling the land. Also in the Qur’an, the part that belongs to the Mecca period, Mohammed wrote that Allah assigned that land to the Jewish people. It is true, as you say, all lands belong to God but God can give it in possession to the people who deserve it as He did with the people of Israel.

      1. rda4 years ago

        Since human sacrifice is so contemptible, why would the biblical god command his Abraham to sacrifice his son? The bible, as well as most religious books, is filled with all kinds of violent and contemptible acts, supposedly in the name of god. It is an ancient book written by a primitive people.

        I am jewish, but logically i do not believe god gave any land to any group of people. If god gave and took land based on moral issues, he would take all land away from every group of people, don’t you think? There are no purely moral countries on the face of the earth.

        1. marjem kalter4 years ago

          Because Abraham’s attempted sacrifice was THWARTED by God, who, in the Torah, sent a ram to be sacrificed instead of Isaac.

          That’s the WHOLE POINT Of the story–that we don’t sacrifice our children or any human being.

          In fact, after the destruction of the Temple, the Jews dispersed into the diaspora and started TALMUDIC Judaism, which prohibited sacrifices of animals and used symbols to remember the past.

          We are not supposed to take ancient books literally. The Oral law, in Judaism, is as strong as Written Law. Oral law….evolves.

        2. John McGrath3 years ago

          Perhaps it was Abraham’s false, pagan notion of God that tempted him to perform human sacrifice? Perhaps the story is metaphorically about his enlightenment, his waking up to the belief that human sacrifice is wrong.

          Perhaps Abraham went up the mountain a pagan and came down a Jew.

          Perhaps the story is not about obedience but about disobedience to false notions of God. Certainly the people of that area believed that it was a pious act pleasing to God to make human sacrifice. Yet Abraham came to reject this pious practice because of his concept of God. Perhaps the process of his conversion came over time but the conversion process is adumbrated in the Biblical story. Perhaps the story is a literary device to make his conversion clearer and more dramatic.

          But this reading would be a literary reading, which is how I read the Bible.

    2. Sara Chana Mandell4 years ago

      Too bad, when Arabs ruled the land they killed and ramped Jews so now Jews have sovereignty and can live as normal humans. Kurdish independence is coming to iraq and Syria very soon, and after that Amazigh independence in North Africa and Assyrian and Druze independence will also happen… One day the region can live in peace with many cultures and religions having respect and tolerance for each other, but this will only happen after pan Arabism is destroyed and everyone can be free to have their own identity and their civil and human rights.

    3. Dieter Heymann3 years ago

      The “Ten Commandments” were meant to save the bickering tribe of Israel from self-destruction. It was not meant by Moses for all of mankind. I doubt that Moses even cared about all of mankind.