March 10, 2011

Government Shutdown: Who’s to Blame?

35 vs. 36

In the case of a federal government shutdown, the public splits — and sharply so along partisan lines — over whether President Obama or Republicans in Congress are to blame.

Just as with most political issues in the news, when asked who would be to blame if the federal government shutdown as a result of the Obama administration and Congress not passing a budget, the public splits, and mostly so along partisan lines. Overall, if the government shutdown, 35% would blame President Obama, 36% would blame Republicans and 17% would blame both equally. Republicans would overwhelmingly blame the president for a shutdown. Fully 69% say the Obama administration would be to blame for a government work stoppage, while 17% say the GOP would share blame with the president and 8% would blame their own party. Democrats are just as partisan, with 63% blaming congressional Republicans for a hypothetical shutdown, 17% blaming both and 11% laying blame on the president. True to form, independents are split roughly as the nation overall: 37% would blame Obama, 32% would blame the GOP and 17% would blame both equally. Read More

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