January 14, 2011

Colbert Fans Prefer News without Views


More than seven-in-ten regular “Colbert Report” watchers say they prefer news delivered by sources with no apparent point of view.

When it comes to mixing news and point of view, at least seven-in-ten NPR listeners, “Colbert Report” and “Daily Show” watchers and USA Today readers say they want news without a point of view. At the other end of the spectrum, about 45% of the audiences regularly watching shows hosted by Sean Hannity, Chris Matthews, Glenn Beck and Rachel Maddow say they want news without a point of view, while almost as many say they want news from their own perspective, according to a September 2010 Pew Research poll. Regular readers of blogs that cover news and politics are split along the same lines as the general public: 59% want news without a particular viewpoint and 29% want news from their point of view. Read More

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